This is the demo of a new RPG Maker game I'm currently working on. It has full CG images and it contains many, many fetishes, including (but not limited to): vore, scat, fulltour, crush, insertion, unbirth, goldenshower, etc.

I would really appreciate if you left some feedback on one of the pages below. I will use to improve my work at the best of my capabilities. Thanks you very much!


For more informations, please check the following links:

Watch those pages for updates on the game! I'll try to do my best to release new content frequently. Please enjoy!


Sonic Boom: Tails pet octopus

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Scene from the end of Episode 4 "Buster", in which tails asks the gang if he can keep an octopus he found promptly before it devours him and regurgitates his googles.

Gruffalo: Brown mouse encounters

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A brown mouse searching for food, encounters several predatory creatures along his journey seeking to make a meal of him, including one creature he though he would never encounter. Contains many near, and a few actual vore scenes.

A great little british short, Credit goes to Jacktherabbit for pointing me in its direction with some recent uploads!

Resolution should be original, but I did have to compress the file size a bit. I tested on my own computer, and it doesn't differ, so I hope you all get similar results.

Midna vore

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porly audio edited

Elizabeth vore

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this is my first vore video.

please give feedback so i can be better making vore animation.

Tokyo Pig Edit

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Just a small edit I created of the Tokyo Pig clip posted earlier today. Just added a few sound effects and gave it a happier ending.

Splatter beach (snake vore)

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A game with some of gore but i like me some vore scenes

Anal Vore by Big_D (edited)

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All credit goes to Big_D for his recent AV animation- all that is changed is the audio.

Link to original: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWjDQ1z0Dco [1]

[1] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWjDQ1z0Dco

Daz 3d Vore 1

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first try at vore using daz3d

Poptart Adventure Demo ver. 1.1

A demo to my game "Poptart Adventure", containing micro/macro scenes, sex, smothering, and vore.

Currently, only 1/4th of the game is complete, and a lot of the images are placeholders, but it is fully functional for what it is.

Requires ability to launch RPG Maker VX Ace games to play.

See here for discussion


How to be a Predator - Beta

Forum Link: http://aryion.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=79&t=34908 Join the discussion!

Version Updates and known bugs posted there! 


If you want something to be added to the FAQ, send me a note!




Q: Can I play as Prey?

A: Pretty good question to begin with... YES, you play the Prey.

As the Title implies your final goal is to become a predator, you don't start as one right ahead and as you know, nothing works as straight as you hope it to be. 


Q: Can I play as Predator?

A: Not yet, but once the Wolf will be playable, you can play the Storyline from the perspective of a Predator. 


Q: Does it contain Adult vore? 

A: It does not contain Adult vore in it's current state. If Adult content will be added, there will be a option to disable it. 


Q: Can you explain me something about it? 

A: I rather not, as it would spoil the experience no? 


Q: What Minigames are contained?

A: Again I would see it as spoilers if I mention it, but all Minigames are vore centered. 

Current count: 1 


Q: Are Screenshots available?

A: Yes, in the Forum Post linked at the top are Screenshots linked. 


Q: I reached the Credits, does that mean it's over?

A: It's only over when you found every single death scene or secret that is already in. But the Credits only mean you reached the end of the current build. It allows to to explore the Pet-Shop a reward system I build on and get your first Pet as reward for having reached that far. : ) 



Pauliness Productions Live Stream Session: Trip 1

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Part 1 of a Livestream by Pauliness Productions on YouTube, where she takes an endoscopy camera and takes her viewers on a trip down to her empty, pulstating stomach. I own nothing in this video, and if you would like to see more, go here: http://www.youtube.com/user/PaulinessStudio/

The Devil's rock

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You guys can thank brainstorm for this one. He found it the "nom" scene. I just got the vid and "clipped" it to upload here. This is the only vore scene in the movie, unless you are into hard vore and horror, in which case you should enjoy the movie. If you plan on watching the movie, this vid has spoilers. I did cut out as much of them as I could. I was going to include an extra bit showing the demon girl in human form, but the vid would be closer to 5 minutes and I'm sure everyone wants to see the vore scene. This is from the guy who apparently made Eel girl, so I guess I'm going to have to watch his movies more often. lol. Enjoy. Also, I enjoyed the movie in general. The most suspense was at the beginning and I felt it could have been darker maybe with some more "ahem" scenes, but in general an enjoyable movie. Remember to comment!

Inyouchuu Shoku vol. 1 eaten by the floor

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I actually thought this scene was kind of funny and wish they would have gone more into depth in the animation like the game it's based upon. In fact if most hentai's involving tentacles actually followed the games they are based on we would have a lot more vore content. Oh and if you are looking for the name of any clips I put up I usually put it in the title or description.If not comment and whenever I look I'll reply to tell.

Skyrim vore mod

Jajuka Hypnotism 3D! (Intel OSX)

Move your mouse to move the camera. The camera will slowly zoom in on Jajuka's eyes. Shake your mouse to unzoom the camera. Press space to have Jajuka devour the camera. Pressing space once the screen goes black will reset the scene. To quit while in full screen, just hit escape to window the application and close out of it.


Windows version here [1]

[1] http://aryion.com/content/jajuka-hypnotism-3d-windows


Jajuka Hypnotism 3D! (Windows)

Move your mouse to move the camera. The camera will slowly zoom in on Jajuka's eyes. Shake your mouse to unzoom the camera. Press space to have Jajuka devour the camera. Pressing space once the screen goes black will reset the scene. To quit while in full screen, just hit escape to window the application and close out of it. The Windows version also works with Nvidia 3D with red/blue glasses and, I'm assuming, fancy shutter glasses as well. :D


Intel/OSX version here [1]

[1] http://aryion.com/content/jajuka-hypnotism-3d-intel-osx


"VORE" is an Iranian Persian eld word in origin and its main meaning is "eat"

آیا می دانید واژه "ور" (به ضم واو) (وور) در اصل و ریشه و سرچشمه یک کلمه قدیمی ایرانی فارسی بوده است ؟! و معنی اصلی آن خوردن است و امروزه چنین تلفظ میشود و بن اصلی آن "خور" است و جالب اینجاست که هنوز هم در منطقه بلوچستان ایران این لغت به شکل باستانی آن به کار می رود و "وور" تلفظ میشود و مثلا به "خوردن" می گویند "وورتن" و به "خورد" می گویند "وورت" و "ووری" یعنی "خوری" یا "می خوری" و جالب تر اینکه کلمه "قورت" به معنای بلع یا بلعیدن نیز تغییر شکل یافته "ورت" و از همین ریشه "ور" است که در حال حاضر امروزه در زبانهای اروپایی با املای "vore" نوشته میشود ولی در اصل یک واژه پارسی است Do you know the "VORE" word is an Iranian Persian eld word in origin ?! and its main meaning is "eat" and nowadays this word used in "khor" (xor) pronounce in Iran ! , But in "Balouch" area in Iran that word called "vor" yet !

http://aryion.com/forum/blog/aaa/do_you_know_the_quotvorequot_word_is_an_iranian_persian_eld_word_in_or_b-8400.html [1]

vore = khor (xor) وور = خور

vored = khord = ate ورد = خورد

vortan = khordan = eating ورتن = خوردن

vorey = khori = you eat ووری = خوری

vort = ghort = Gulp وورت = قورت = بلع = بلعبیدن = فروبردن

[1] http://www.apollo.aryion.com/forum/blog/aaa/do_you_know_the_quotvorequot_word_is_an_iranian_persian_eld_word_in_or_b-8400.html

something special fore ekas portal

Watch this video!

Yes guys and galls this video can only be fown on ekas portal because I made it and its one of a kind! Its a slug girl unbirthing a human!


  • Stuffing: Definition*

Stuffing is a sexual fetish in which one or more of a certain person or animal's body cavities are progressively and sequentially filled up such that they bulge outward in a round shape. The exact identity of the stuffer, the stuffee, and the stuffing material, is variable.

  • Examples*

For example, under the heading of this fetish a furry wolf might gobble up 100 mice, or a human woman might be tied up and have 10 eels forced into her uterus, or a man might eat 20 hamburgers, or a woman may swallow another same-size woman whole. There are many possible variations, but as long as the end result is someone with a bloated belly, then you can safely say that stuffing has occurred.

  • Relationship to other fetishes*

Stuffing is tightly linked with maieusophilia in that the end result is almost always a pregnant-looking belly. It is also tightly linked with vore in that the stuffing material is very often a live animal or sentient creature--and in same-size vore, the predator's belly is almost always bulged out, making the stuffing category automatic. However, vore need not occur for something to be stuffing.

One major difference between stuffing and vore is that, under the heading of stuffing, the stuffee is quite often in some degree of pain from minor to major,  be it stretching pains, or a stomachache. In contrast, in a standard vore scenario, the predator is usually comfortable and in total control of the situation. In fact, many stuffing scenarios involve force-feeding, in which the stuffee becomes an 'unwilling predator' or a 'subordinate' character, not something seen often in vore.

Digestion and scat is not necessary in a stuffing scenario but is optional, as is any benefit or transformation that may happen to the stuffee.

Staple's Vore-Sound Collection

Perfect for games or animations! Some of them you might have heard before, whereas others I'm certain you haven't ;D.

I did not make these sounds, I have collected/recorded them from all over. I'm pretty sure this includes ImaginaryZ's sounds as well, or at least some of them, so I will go ahead and credit him there.


Lan's Tight Squeeze!

Watch this video!

Watch me in my first vore preview!

Professor Oak's Lecture: Ekans

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The original Japanese anime included a bit at the end called "Oak's Lecture" which was cut from the American dub. It followed a traditional format of Oak providing some facts / useless trivia about the Pokemon in question, appearing with the Pokemon in his lab, and more often than not, getting comically hurt by it. In this case, his lecture was on Ekans and its ability to swallow prey several times its own size. . . Yeah, take a wild guess what happens to him from there. :p

Senya Ichiya Monogatari clip 2

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 Clipped from a Japanese soft porn film Senya Ichiya Monogatari. A giant devours the sailors new shipmates but fails to catch the sailor.

Senya Ichiya Monogatari

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 Clipped from a Japanese soft porn film Senya Ichiya Monogatari. The lamia/naga of the island at first make love to the stranded sailor (not really shown) during the day, but as night falls, they disappear and soon start to hunt the poor/lucky guy. One lamia/naga (leader?) first eats a goat, and during the hunt one of the half changed women turns on another of her kin and devours her.

Killer tomato eat girl

Godzilla-Innerspace edit

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I made a little edit from the "Vore" szene in Godzilla GMK movie and one litte sequenze from the Innerspace-Movie. It has, however, no sound since i screencaptured every single frame, than i "glued" it together with an Gif-Kreator wich i konverted into an WMV to shrink down the file size.

I hope, someone here like it anyway.

Monstera Deliciosa (GOBELINS 2009)

Watch this video!


GOBELINS is a talented French Animation house.  They can be found at:


FMA Brotherhood Absorbtion

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envy's parasite form gets eaten by a mannequin. he then takes control of it before absorbing more of them, then returned to his regular form

Scooby-Doo! and the Legend of the Vampire

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 From the titled film, and the only vore scene on the movie.

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