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Super Mina Page 5

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: Sinclair

Tags: Cat Cute Non-Vore battle sweater Phone Superheroine housewife

Super Street Fighter II: Genesis version, 6-button controller.  

CGR-7 - 9 minutes ago

Haha... a finely chosen ringtone, I suppose. Good thing she got a call or that cat would've destroyed her. XD

Liz's Edi Dildo

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: Evilpancake

Tags: F/F Unwilling Anal Vore Elizabeth Mass Effect Bioshock Edi

Done as a request during last stream, similar to the liara video its longer, not as detailed, but it gets the job done ;)!g5NnFR6A!joeAPZWRB7e1pweMXBVa2bp82DMX-ZFva7w1lWuflU8 

Evilpancake - 1 hour ago

no problem, and i'm aware that i rule ;)

Evilpancake - 1 hour ago

works fine, for some unknown reason when i paste it into the comments it doesn't bloody copy the whole thing. you have to copy/paste it, clicking does nothing

jackson22222 - 1 hour ago

Sup, this is Bern from the stream. Thanks again for doing the request man. It turned out perfectly. You rule!

jackson22222 - 1 hour ago

Sup, this is Bern from the stream. Thanks again for doing the request man. It turned out perfectly. You rule!

shrunken1ninja - 2 hours ago

I dont think the link works.

welll... he's screwed....

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: kyokon

Tags: Non-Vore Macro/Micro

just got mysketch pad yestarday not bad huh? 

justanothermeal - 10 minutes ago

well she is still about halfway in the esophagus

CGR-7 - 25 minutes ago

She's in there good and tight; not much elbow room. XD

justanothermeal - 3 hours ago

t think she looks close enough, and the shorter muzzle makes her cuter

Camlio420 - 3 hours ago

Her muzzle is a bit too short and rounded for a rat. Rat's have longer, sharped angled muzzled than mice do. Though that's likely what causes the intimidation factor. Also why her muzzle was much longer and pointed in game.

justanothermeal - 3 hours ago

that is because blitzdrachin is an amazing artist


Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: Jiebai

Tags: F/F


damn it, hurry up!” growled a tiny voice.
a sane, normal person were to look in on the small workshop in the
basement of a college building, they wouldn’t remain a sane or
normal person for long. Most of the contents of the room were fairly
mundane. There were a handful of women, one man, a desk, and some
scientific equipment. The most unusual object in the room was an
unidentifiable cluster of metal and components that looked like a
microwave under repair, with a close runner up b

Alternate Funding: HDTF 6

Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: marloweny

Tags: Soft Vore Unbirth F/F Vacuum 69 shrunken woman

Julia and Brit finish constructing the proper equipment to correct the lingering effects of the HDTF. While they're at it, they address the consequences of The Dorm Incident and organize a means to fund further research in a mutually enjoyable way.

I didn't expect to have time to write stories, but I forgot Labor Day. So here's a story. By the way, that part at the end about commenting with ideas for experiments is a bit of breaking the fourth wall. Feel free to submit experiment...
[ Continued ...

Jones - 3 hours ago

I could not be more happy with the direction this is headed. Simply awesome! :D

The serious fiction part of me is wondering if that girl that got flattened could be folded up or used as a garment of some sort, amongst other things... You've created a world with so many amazing possibilities!

Megan's Workout

Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: CapinPlanet

Tags: Fart Giantess BBW Anal Vore Butt gas Macro/Micro booty asshole cheeks internal shots crack endoscopy

for  gassygiantessmegan

For Megan, this happens quite a bit. Her shrunken friends more often than not end up disappearing into her big ass.

Here I was just hanging out on the couch when she sat down and rocked the couch. The force knocked me off and I tumbled into her low riding shorts. Then she worked out after her snack. Now I'm having to avoid getting blown to oblivion. XD 

CapinPlanet - 2 hours ago

And I bet you enjoyed the feeling of a tiny man being slurped up your big booty hole.

GassyGiantessMegan - 3 hours ago

Lol, its a dangerous one! Be careful what you ask for hehe

NekuTheEmo - 3 hours ago

I wouldn't mind disappearing up that ass X3

GassyGiantessMegan - 4 hours ago

I am so sorry I didn't find you sooner :/. Oh well, I am sure you loved every second of it ;)

Royal_Starlord - 4 hours ago

Is this how snoo-snoo works?

Offering 17/17

Uploaded: 6 hours ago

Owner: Radar

Tags: Pokemon Digestion F/M Unwilling Lucario rai Male Prey Female Pred head-first zoroark ff/m ceres Mega Lucario sabah


again, this was done by xxxx52 over on tumblr: 

CGR-7 - 29 minutes ago

This was a pretty good series, Radar. Xxxx52 did a nice very nice job. =)

SuperSlosh - 5 hours ago

Love the squishy-looking belly.

CGR-7 - 42 minutes ago

Now that's a neat x-ray-like view. =)

Naubol CV

Uploaded: 6 hours ago

Owner: ChibiBakaViper

Tags: Furry Cock Vore naubol

The prize for my most recent raffle. Congrates  naubol again for winning and I hope you enter my next raffle <3 

Naubol - 6 hours ago

A really Nice raffle picture! Think Verkie will like it to^^

2012-12-11 23:54:18 [Buwaro -> Lunetta_Foxbrush] Heya! How's it going?
2012-12-11 23:55:47 [Lunetta_Foxbrush -> Buwaro] pretty good you? :)
2012-12-11 23:58:36 [Buwaro -> Lunetta_Foxbrush] I'm fine myself, thank you! I just started RP'ing again recently, and I recall we discussed a scene in the past if you'd be interested in an RP.
2012-12-12 00:01:27 [Lunetta_Foxbrush -> Buwaro] yes I still am
2012-12-12 00:03:51 [Buwaro -> Lunetta_Foxbrush] So if I remember correctly.. it ha

Lunetta of the Damned

Uploaded: 6 hours ago

Owner: hiddenprey

Tags: Furry Angel Digestion F/F Kitsune Demon F/M domination torture Pain Unwilling Pred teasing teasing prey Role Play Webcomic Corruption Furry Pred slightly damned

PS, yes there's actuall vore in this one, digestion too.

Oooh boy this one's a doozy. quite literally years in the making.
Buwaro was an awesome partner, the best thing about role playing based off of a webcomic is unless the comic ends you never run out of source material.

this started off way before page 633 when it was unknown why the demons were co-existing with angels, and lazuli of all demons was told by someone to go there.

I on...
[ Continued ...

Offering 1/17

Uploaded: 6 hours ago

Owner: Radar

Tags: Pokemon F/M Unwilling Lucario rai Male Prey Female Pred handcuffs zoroark ff/m ceres Mega Lucario sabah

A series i got from xxxx52 over on tumblr:

Not generally a vore artist, but does do it on commission.

Just one of a few series i've gotten for my mega lucario, Sabah :v 

So not worth $4 an hour

Uploaded: 8 hours ago

Owner: ShadyPixels

Tags: Furry Cat Non-Vore Deer Impending vore animatronic Five nights at Freddy's honey badger impending cuddles

A commission from my dear sweet big brother  fentonio

Five Nights at Freddy's. A game that a kinda enjoy and kinda wanna set on fire and push into an abyss. Fuck that game...after i play it a bit more.

Fen wanted he and his wife cornering me (in fursona form. I'm a honey badger and yes, i don't give a shit.) right after i ran out of power...Darn...I was only a few minutes away from 6 am...

Done25 - 3 hours ago

I think you did quite well with how the suits are falling apart!

ShadyPixels - 6 hours ago

Thanks~ I was worked it didn't come off as unsettling ;w;

ShadyPixels - 6 hours ago


Ome - 7 hours ago


carendei - 7 hours ago

LOVE this. Nice mix of terrifying and plushiness.

$120 Might Not Be Worth It

Uploaded: 8 hours ago

Owner: fentonio

Tags: Furry Cat Fat Deer Impending vore animatronic Five nights at Freddy's honey badger

YAAAAAAAAAAAY I'm jumping on the 5N@F (five nights at freddy's) bandwagon :D Thanks to  shadypixels for yet another fantastic piece of art

I don't know what it is about this game, but it has me hooked... Well more so that the idea to the game has me hooked. I think the animatronic characters are really neat, and the ever growing pile of fan art is fun to browse as well.

Looks like little Dee has decided that she needs a part time job, and what better way to fit...
[ Continued ...

Done25 - 3 hours ago

Heheg. So which one of those big bellies will she be staying in for the rest of forever? Or will the anamatrons pass her around like kids and their favorite toy dolly? ^_^

hiddenprey - 5 hours ago

Freddy, if only for that music box version of Carmen Overture "Toreador"

Oh god I just thought of something, what if Freddy was put in charge of a test, and he played that music to help them focus/(put them to sleep) the instant someone's head hits the desk, lights go off, freddy sneaks up to the snoozer eyes alight. and SCREAMS!

Freddy: Is everyone wide awake now class? *ignoring the fact once the lights turn on a seat is empty*

iswallowyouup - 7 hours ago

Definitely not worth it. But could be a fun ride~ (if I was nommed, I'd be nommed by the deer ^^)

Surge - 7 hours ago

There should be a gigantic hole in the wall behind them, shouldn't there? :T

ShadyPixels - 8 hours ago

Still not worth 4 bucks an hour :I

[Commission] A Small Disagreement

Uploaded: 9 hours ago

Owner: VivamusDraconem

Tags: Dragon Male Anthro Naga Blood Non-Vore Montiga

Another hard drawn commission for the ever so lovely of his sona having a small argument with this flame-heart fellow right there whom belongs to me (and after a couple bandages and some pudding will be right as rain)

Montiga belongs to himself and Ivandus belongs to me. 

Doodle Dump: Back to the basics.

Uploaded: 9 hours ago

Owner: Qwuzank

Tags: Vore Male Fat bellies Bulge Female Butt Balls thong Undies

Just a couple doodles to try and get back into the swing of this art thing


CGR-7 - 46 minutes ago

By law, that wide load had better go "beep, beep, beep..." when it backs up. It's a standard safety measure, I'm sure you understand. XD

Neat, D. =)

Metalforever - 3 hours ago

I really love the face on the doodle in the bottom left.

AlienEagle - 7 hours ago

The uber booty

Judgement pt10

Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: Darokei

Tags: Oral Vore Vore Alien Stomach Digestion F/M Demoness Cut-away Unwilling Prey intestines Internal View Human Prey fluids Kyomenga Gigarekei spinchter

Well, sadly this has been on pause for many months, so I am going to continue it the same way it was started. 

UnidentifiedTurian - 5 hours ago

It's nice to see a lot of thought put into this. I wouldn't mind an RP with Kyomenga in the future. ^-^

If you'd like to go into gigareki biology more. Drop me a PM and we can discuss it. I wouldn't want to clog up the comment box. :p

FoxSequence - 5 hours ago

Yay! Alien stomachs! Multistage digestion! I would commission you if I had the money! Blerg, can you accept a simple plea for more instead of monetary units?

Darokei - 6 hours ago

Well Gigarekei, much like the majority of life created on Gryphondune were based mainly of metallic substances and minerals. Kyomenga, being a gigarekei has a digestive system optimized for the consumption of prey native to the forgotten world, which basically digests them in processes or stages. the first stage isthat the prey would be ingested as she widens her maw to accomodate it. Once the prey has slid down her throat and into the first chamber, the fluid present there makes quick work of any inorganic substances present in the prey. If in this case the prey was a creature that possessed mineral like spiked growths exposed on he outside of thier body, their skeletons, comprised of the same substance would also be dissolved. now after this all dissolved materials flow into a sieve like spinchter on the left side to be carried to other parts of the body after being transported and absorbed in her small intestines. Any larger, un dissolved materials would be left behind to be carried down the other spinchter leading to the second chamber. The second chamber specializes with the digestion of organic substances, and since it is made for containing armored/ dangerous prey the acid present there is unlike anything ever seen before, capable of rapidly dissolving human flesh in mere seconds. in the event that the prey has entered this chamber alive and is still fairly active there is a large sac of poisonous gas located to the right side of the chamber. If the victim struggles too much the spinchter retaining the poison will loosen and they will suffer a quick and painless death from a deadly neuro-toxin that paralyzes their body as they are worked upon by her digestive fluids. The rest of the process is very similar t that of known digestive systems, with maybe a few variations,but the overall concept is quite the same. Now in this scenario, this guy would have landed inn the first chamber unharmed, maybe loosing a couple clothes from the fluid, but once he reaches the second chamber, its all over. If you want I can go a bit more in depth with gigarekei biology, behaviour, variants etc. in future concepts in relation to Kyomenga. Besides I find it very interesting , then again this would become a huge series of its own one day, but only time will tell. ^^

UnidentifiedTurian - 7 hours ago

Well that's an interesting digestive system... ^-^ What might those two chambers be?

For 1000 Years

Uploaded: 12 hours ago

Owner: NezumiNom

Tags: Oral Vore Vore M/F Macro/Micro drinking tea Female Prey male predator Male Pred teapot Legend of Korra vaatu raava

I mean, if Vaatu won this way, Raava would've been stuck in him for 1000 years! Oh dear.

I always wanted something like this idea since seeing that episode, with Raava so small and weak and inside the little teapot (and Wan having to carry her around lol).
Raava kinda looks like Korra in this makes sense, I think. And I was too lazy to come up with a good human Raava design.
It was a nice change to try doing this heavily-lined style, too, like....I...
[ Continued ...

Hariken - 5 hours ago

10,000, not just a thousand!

But dayum.

EVB: MISTY! vs. CARNICTUS! - Complete

Uploaded: 12 hours ago

Owner: nyte

Tags: Vore Nintendo Pokemon Worm Misty worm vore Internal View vore comic pokemon trainer king kong carnictus Worm/F Pokemon Vore epic vore battles of history EVB

Donations via Paypal using</a> are welcome. :)

The entire comic in one file for easy viewing. :) 

ouphe - 6 hours ago

We love you so much...

emalee - 7 hours ago

Amazing stuff! Glad to see a lovely ending to an amazing comic! Keep up the awesome work ^^

naraku1201 - 8 hours ago

This was a great comic. Personally I like the graboid one better but this was great to. I vote jake the dog and princess bubblegum from adventure time or marris brood vs the bull rancor from Star Wars the force unleashed. Keep up the good work. Can't wait to see what you do next

nyte - 8 hours ago

Wow, that's saying a lot considering how many people said Lara was the best one yet! I hope I can keep putting out great stuff for you guys.

temporos - 9 hours ago

I'm not a Pokemon fan, so honestly, I wasn't expecting much out of this one. But this beat even the Lara Croft vs Graboid one. Best EVB so far!


Uploaded: 12 hours ago

Owner: nyte

Tags: Vore Nintendo Pokemon Worm Misty worm vore Internal View vore comic pokemon trainer king kong carnictus Worm/F Pokemon Vore epic vore battles of history EVB

Donations via Paypal using are welcome. :)

Enjoy the final two pages, everyone! And to my fellow Americans, hope you have a wonderful labor day Holiday! Sir Nyte needs a break. 

CGR-7 - 1 hour ago

The wild carnictus has some mad skills. XD

Another great battle, Nyte. And you have a nice Labor Day, too. =)

somedude601 - 7 hours ago

Carnictus gainted 100 xp!
Carnictus grew to level 50!
Carnictus wants to learn Acid, but it already knows 4 moves..
Delete a move and make room for acid?
Swallow Stockpile
Crunch >Embargo
Carnictus forgot embargo
Carnictus learned acid!

naraku1201 - 8 hours ago

Lol I love the pokemon reference in panel 3

nyte - 8 hours ago

Ha, thanks! Such a simple panel too. :)

xblurp - 9 hours ago

I know I was just saying that to reference the last panel. lol


Uploaded: 12 hours ago

Owner: nyte

Tags: Vore Nintendo Pokemon Worm Misty worm vore Internal View vore comic pokemon trainer king kong carnictus Worm/F Pokemon Vore epic vore battles of history EVB

Donations via Paypal using are welcome. :)

Enjoy the final two pages, everyone! And to my fellow Americans, hope you have a wonderful labor day Holiday! Sir Nyte needs a break. 

naraku1201 - 8 hours ago


Revenge of the bacon

Uploaded: 13 hours ago

Owner: fentonio

Tags: Furry Fat BBW Pig Essen Breakfast in Bed

A commission from the rather awesome (albeit silly) Sibon13

Who doesn't like a nice serving of bacon for breakfast? That's right, the bacon itself... okay that's a lie... she'd totally nom on some bacon and pork sausage if it was on her plate.

ANYWAY, A very fine piece of work of my first and finest pred Essen the morning after a night on the town with a(n) (un)lucky lady that caught her eye. The big pig always loves to share...
[ Continued ...


Uploaded: 14 hours ago

Owner: KuraudoHydra

Tags: Vore Human hydra

Felt the need to draw a Hydra. 

ublover1 - 14 hours ago

:3 so sexy you need too draw these sexy beast more maybe with a big dragon too feed there hunger hehe ^ ^

Turning tables pt1

Uploaded: 16 hours ago

Owner: Darokei

Tags: Breasts Pokemon Rabbit Bunny M/F Bondage Unwilling Penis Butt Balls Lucario Canine Pre anal vore Darokei Akhatari boobs.

So T501 requested that Natasha becomes prey to the rear end of a certain pink Lucario. Lucky for this canine pokemon, Natasha is restrained with very strong ropes. 

t501b - 6 hours ago

That he to you my dragon loveing friend

blooberbloob - 10 hours ago

This looks interesting.

ublover1 - 15 hours ago

anytime griff :)

Darokei - 15 hours ago

Yeah, thanks Jeremy ^^

ublover1 - 15 hours ago

haha lucky bunny ^ ^ :P nice job my brother im sure she will like this

doodle 6

Uploaded: 16 hours ago

Owner: Jormungandr

Tags: dragon gun cigar sunglasses reriding hood big


Erry's Tea Time !

Uploaded: 17 hours ago

Owner: Kreeyz

Tags: Micro cup Non-Vore gentle tea erry teabag

Better quality in full-size !!

Hi again !

Time for a last drawing for today and time time with Erry alone.

The story of this pic no : When I'm on the OOC I often talk about tea since I drink a lot of it when drawing (and I did for this one too xD) and I had an idea with Erry enjoying some too :D

Hope you'll like this one ;D 

Kreeyz - 5 hours ago

Yup ! :3

TiffanyIsa - 5 hours ago

Erry and tea. Simply delightful! X3

Kreeyz - 14 hours ago

Hehe ty ^.^

Kreeyz - 14 hours ago

Maybe that was because I started to watch them over again yesterday xD

Masuo15 - 15 hours ago

By some strange reason, I was expecing a K-On! girl to drink that tea cup XD. very cute :3

giggled naughtily to herself as she looked down the hallway. It was
late at night and she had a plan. Her Aunt cheerilee was passed out
down the hallway in her room, drunk after a night of drinking with
her mama, Berry Punch. So just like ever other time this happened,
Ruby was gonna have some fun.
little filly quietly opened her door and looked down toward the
living room. She could see her mom still on the couch drinking and
eating snacks. Perfect. Ruby quietly walked in the other

Ruby's fun.

Uploaded: 18 hours ago

Owner: Hermlover21

Tags: Underage Cock Vore Cum Hermaphrodite foalcon

Ruby Pinch decides to have some fun with her sleeping Aunt Cheerilee but things don't go as planned.
(I'll be writing two seperate endings for this one in the next couple days. Decided to let those who read it first decide there own ending!" 

CrayZayJay - 4 hours ago

Both of which I can't wait for :)

Dark_phoenix - 6 hours ago

So I was right in one regard, didn't expect the the condom one. I'd like a womb story more, but that is personal taste.

Hermlover21 - 7 hours ago

Well as a spoiler: I plan to write two endings. One where she is swallowed by her mom and turned to poo and the other she is turned to jizz and cummed out into a condom.

CrayZayJay - 7 hours ago

Would be hot if her aunt wakes up and has some naughty fun with her sister causing ruby to be sent into her mothers womb, whole or cumdigested ^^

loved it so far btw

Dark_phoenix - 13 hours ago

Well... that could go several ways
I can see the endings of Oral, Anal, Vaginal, Breast and those ending in Cumtransformation or Ruby just being contained. so 10 endings if Cheerilee doesn't shoot Ruby out and another neutral ending where Ruby is discovered and doesn't end up inside her mother.
Berry could also join her inside but I don't see that happening at the moment.

Celia the skunk-taur Cut's in!

Uploaded: 20 hours ago

Owner: ndnode

Tags: Belly Skunk Taur Multiple Prey generationslayer Soft oral vore Ndnode belly swing

Ok, so theres a little background to this one

about a year or two ago (i cant remember) me and Generationslayer were gonna do some RP and came up with a character to do some potential RP with. A skunk-Taur pred fighting against her instincts to devour others with some success (she was gonna be a non-digestive, carry around pred)

now the RP didnt really go far (heck i forgot the name, Celia is something i came up with now), but i did do a sketch for it as a bit of...
[ Continued ...

statideas - 7 hours ago

Hey, non-digestive carry-around preds are some of the best. It looks like it was a good concept, even if it didn't go very far! She's cute!

soth_87 - 9 hours ago

Looks great! and GS did a fantastic job on the colouring you two always seem to make a good combo

WPBcrazy - 12 hours ago

-has a bit of a stiffy from seeing this-

MisterEbony - 12 hours ago

If it becomes one... my novella "My Lover, My Lunch" sooooo would work!

Generationslayer - 14 hours ago

it was pretty good even for back then :D

Mushee Fanart !

Uploaded: 20 hours ago

Owner: Kreeyz

Tags: Vore Micro Macro Stomach F/F Giantess Macro/Micro inside view inside stomach erry mushee

Better quality in full-size !!

"So...who's the tiny one now ...?"

Hello !

A new fanart and this time done for Mushee ! ( ). This character is really interesting since even if she's a micro, she can grow really fast so I shouldn't underestimate her :D

Mushee character used with her permission :) 

Kreeyz - 16 hours ago

Weeeeee :3

HiAmMushee - 17 hours ago

The pouting tyrant wins again! Ahahahaha!

RavenXeo - 19 hours ago

A face like that needs a cute nose poke~

Kreeyz - 19 hours ago

Yup that was a detail she asked for the picture :D

RavenXeo - 20 hours ago


My First Prey page 2

Uploaded: 21 hours ago

Owner: Malezor

Tags: Wolf Non-Vore Naked monkey Ndnode Malezor Conall

Here is the second page of "My First Prey".


Conall and Script © ~Malezor
Art © ~Ndnode 

Malezor - 19 hours ago the comment. Tis is not my art, this was draw by Ndnode. I did the story.

DireFaux - 20 hours ago

w-why does your art have to be so adorable?! ,~,

ublover1 - 20 hours ago

wish i was the monkey :P

Food Chain [Request]

Uploaded: 23 hours ago

Owner: Rac0r

Tags: Soft Vore F/F Same Size Naked raven Unwilling Prey F/FF Big Belly Internal View Kat gravity rush Yunica

Request from  CrimsonShadow

Birds eats bugs, cats eats birds, nuff said :D

To clarify for people who may not know, Kat, Raven and Yunica are characters from a game called Gravity Rush. Kat has a cat theme (obviously), Raven a bird theme and Yunica a wasp theme. So it pretty much screams for a food chain ^-^

Hopefully you gals and guys enjoy!

Kat, Raven and Yunica (Gravity Rush)

Also Crimson wrote a story about this...
[ Continued ...

CGR-7 - 1 hour ago

Hmm... now where's a hungry dog themed gal when you need her, huh? XD

Awesome, Rac0r. Very awesome. =)

Rac0r - 2 hours ago

True! I do love the idea of a prey inside of a another prey, kinda like being a stuffed thanksgiving turkey :D

Rac0r - 2 hours ago

I'm pretty sure there is a vore comic from that too, can't remember the artist right now unfortunately

Rac0r - 2 hours ago

I do prefer digestion personally, but I also think a non-fatal vore can also be fun in a playful way :)

DethXev - 9 hours ago

Hehe, I always do enjoy a vore within a vore scene...not too often you come across it, great job!

Day-68 Delicious Tears

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: MagnificentArsehole

Tags: Oral Vore Sketch Tongue Alien Pre-Vore licking Female Prey qu'eii mustafol

Just so you know, he is not wearing a bib that the Qu'eii girls tail.

Try as she might, she is still going to be eaten. 

CGR-7 - 1 hour ago

"Your anguish sustains me." XD

MagnificentArsehole - 16 hours ago

I like the way you think!

Metamatt - 18 hours ago

Who's to say what is/isn't eatable? Or what is/isn't a bib?
Tails are nature's bibs and butts are eatable. And sometimes do the eating... :9

ublover1 - 1 day ago

who would cry i would be happier then anything if that was me ^ ^ might be doing naughty things not crying though lol


Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Thunder

Tags: Non-Vore thunder rw rw thunder Calista

Did a basic color for the pic. Had all 4 names ready just in case, and looks like her name will be Calista.

Thanks for all that voted ^_^ Hope everyone likes the now colored pic of Calista! 

psychoboy07 - 11 hours ago

Excellent work as always, Thunder.

PyroOutlander - 14 hours ago


Vore boy - 18 hours ago

Looks awesome! Can't wait to see her in action

Soffix - 19 hours ago

Verrrrrry lovely gothy girl. <3 Love her lipstick.

ian66613 - 20 hours ago

Dem huge lips :3