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Coloeus Chyme

Uploaded: 55 minutes ago

Owner: Ian_Naxieas

Tags: Furry Oral Vore Soft Vore Digestion M/M Same Size Bird Fennec belly bulge jackdaw

Naturally, this is what ended up happening.  

Redpod - 32 minutes ago

nice je

Marge and in Charge (GIFT!)

Uploaded: 55 minutes ago

Owner: LordVIP3R

Tags: Oral Vore Belly Fat Bulge Mother Nipples Gift gurgle gift art Implied Digestion Big Belly F/f/m Big Breasts Simpsons Bart Simpson Mother/Daughter Lisa Simpson Mother/Son Brother/Sister Mother Vore Torn Clothes torn clothing marge simpson side view

Gift to BleedingStalker


For their Simpsons vore collection of stuffs. (cuz really there isn't much vore of the mainstream cartoons o-o).

Took about 30mins to make cuz I'm jesus like that and yeah. Enjoy! :) 

Curious Canidae

Uploaded: 59 minutes ago

Owner: Ian_Naxieas

Tags: Furry M/M Bird Pre-Vore Fennec jackdaw

Fenc was quite curious about just how much that bird's beak could stretch and Adrian was more than happy to show him. >:3

Art by

Adrian is my own birdbutt!

Fenc is 

Bedtime snack

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: FlynnCoyote

Tags: Furry Vore Micro Fox Male Anthro coyote Female Willing flying hazel Barabi

Flynn and Bara have a little playtime, using a little snack named Hazel.  

Love Juices!

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: Corganda

Tags: WIP vore unbirthing c-boy uusky snolf want to

Let me know what you think! 

Shinn Asuka's Destiny

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: GP007

Tags: Vore Feet Male Child Hard Vore Anime Boy Young Cooking Naked Fatal head roast Guro Penis manga Balls roasting cannibalism extreme Shota men cooked Dismembered testicles body parts pieces Gundam Seed Destiny Shinn Asuka

Shinn Asuka from Gundam Seed Destiny as requested by someone. Feel free to point out any mistakes and I'll fix them later. Sorry it took so long to complete.
I do NOT own the character. 

GP007 - 2 hours ago

Thank you, I agree. ^_^

XDDX - 2 hours ago

Hehe, yummy ^^

Kunoichi - Target Enhanced

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: Debolte

Tags: Oral Vore Sketch Soft Vore F/M Commission Mawshot flash kunoichi Implied Digestion Big Belly Internal View improved. Pred smaller than prey Slideshow clothes ripping growth expansion

Enhanced version of the previous commission, for DthB4Dshnr.

While working on it, I had so much fun drawing it that I couldn't help adding its and bits here and there to get a more fluid storytelling.

I'll be adding, some time in the future to my commission info, a "Storytelling Upgrade". Where one would pay a given extra amount to let me improve a sequence commission as I did here. I'm not sure yet how pricing for this will work. But this is definitely...
[ Continued ...

angel2 - 17 minutes ago

love it~ XD

[CM] Kunoichi - Target Attributed

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: Debolte

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore F/M Commission strip kunoichi Implied Digestion Big Belly Pred smaller than prey clothes ripping growth expansion

So some female ninja assassin happens to have found her target... However she has her very own way of "assassinating".

4 panels Sketch sequence commission for DthB4Dshnr.  

Pixel - 52 minutes ago

"The job is it's own reward." Lovely art!

Ransom Note Part 22

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: l3objones22

Tags: Vore Snake Breasts Comic Soft Vore Digestion Elf Bondage Rape fighting Nudity Female Prey Slave Girl LordStorm Big Breasts large breasts Implied Rape l3objones

The next installment in the of the ongoing crisis with Lord Storm.

The previous page can be found 

l3objones22 - 30 minutes ago

Wouldn't you rather have a delicious bit of Lord Storm?

Redpod - 32 minutes ago

Your welocme food:D

l3objones22 - 1 hour ago

Thank You, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Redpod - 1 hour ago


Bar bet.

Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: wulfy1993

Tags: Macro Fox satisfied Female Cum Muscle vagina Anal Vore raven tall buff cigarette Smoking Smug Tuff lube Butthole mega vixen pants down bent over counter

Raven: Told ya i could do it! >:3 now fetch me sum beer or your joining him. >83 

anotherew - 4 hours ago

Way to go!

was dark and quiet. Deanna hadn't had any human contact since they
told her to stay in this room until further notice. It would've been
nice to get up and see where she was exactly, but they made it a
point to cuff her wrists and ankles together. She was never even
given a change of clothes, still wearing the tank top and skirt she
had put on before this whole mess.
alone, she wondered to herself why she was in this situation. Why did
those soldiers arrest her? Why did they take her

100-Foot Loli 3

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: Cuddlekins

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Stomach Human Cute F/F Inside Giantess Adorable Swallowing loli Macro/Micro lolicon mouthplay Underage Pred undressing exposition loli pred lots of exposition even more exposition how do helicopters even work

I apologize dearly for the shitty name. If you have an idea for title that isn't shit, I'll happily hear it and proceed to never use it ever.

So, here it is, and it's a fucking behemoth. 30+ pages in Google Docs, nearly 15k words, several weeks of endless toil, all of it is now here for you to read. For all of the work I put into it, I really hope it's a worthy conclusion to the 100-Foot Loli Trilogy, because if it's not, then I'll just go jump off my balcony (not that the fall...
[ Continued ...

VoreLover9012 - 2 hours ago

This was a magnificent finale to the Loli Giantess trilogy, kinda wished Eva secretly got Deanna out though. Now that the series is finished I'd like to get started on the comics as soon as I am able.


Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: mMaffle

Tags: Non-Vore Cube

Dis muh fren Kyoob. the only thing that came to mind as inspiration tonight for painting xD 

VoreLover666 - 2 hours ago

Evil hamster. No time to explain.
Gotta go. Worlds to save.

Debolte - 3 hours ago

Dis Kyoob fren happuns to b Kyoot. c:

lol nice job, I giggled a lot.

mMaffle - 3 hours ago

dont die you guys!!

VoreLover666 - 4 hours ago

And your comment made me think of the Sock cartoons. Huh. Dammit, contagious heart attacks! *dies*

Cinquint - 5 hours ago

Oh no. Memories of an old flash cartoon are flowing back to me. *nostalgia heart attack*

kego first pery

Uploaded: 6 hours ago

Owner: Kego115

Tags: Oral Vore Vore Feet Kiki Harek Kego

Kego first pery

Art done by  harek

Perd  kego115
Pery: kiki own by  harek

PS kego first comic


kego second kego vores doki

Uploaded: 7 hours ago

Owner: Kego115

Tags: Oral Vore Vore Belly Same Size doki belly bulge mid vore Kego

To my great friend doku I been through bad times and doku made me this thanks man your the best

Art & oc by  dokudoku

Perd :  kego115
Pery: doki own by  dokudoku

P.s. thank doku for it :) 

Jungle Rustle - 02

Uploaded: 8 hours ago

Owner: Sketchwork

Tags: Breasts Comic Jungle Lola Ape

Part 2 / 3 ?

Thing is i've got only one panel of an in the belly pic for part 3 i could leave it at that or we could do some digestion

Speak your mind and vote here 

Eight Girl Belchathon 2

Uploaded: 8 hours ago

Owner: DarkArtist

Tags: Burp Vanilla Non-Vore Belch tikal tron bonne Jenny Wakeman Nina Cortex angela cross Sonics mom Fake Sally Acorn

Aka, the ones that didn't get posted.

Not long after the first, I did a second. I didn't like how they came out so I didn't post it. But...since I thoguht "Why the hell not" I figure Id show anyway. 7 months later. 

vmoartet - 5 hours ago

Hahaha. Love the Jenny in the corner.

deathknight - 7 hours ago

he next face.... the animatronics form FNAF.

SapphyAngely - 8 hours ago

Kinda cute :3

Wyrm's Victory [M/?]

Uploaded: 8 hours ago

Owner: SilkMoth

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Digestion Same_size Post-Vore Fatality M/? World of Warcraft Dragon/? elf/?

Atheros Sunblade © SilkMoth
Commission ©
WoW © Blizzard

Snap! A sound that come not from a bone broken on the one who flailed and writhed with no more than an ash-tasted hope to escape such horror when confronted to it in person, but from the jaws of the one that dined so, for the bones had unlocked, so to speak, so as to yawn over the last precious inches of his victorious spoil and seal them once more, tongue lolled out so...
[ Continued ...

Redpod - 1 hour ago

your welocme:D

SilkMoth - 4 hours ago

Thanks :)

Redpod - 7 hours ago


Rosalee/Reginald Ref

Uploaded: 8 hours ago

Owner: SkitchCougar

Tags: Character Non-Vore Reference Wolverine Character Sheet genderfluid

A new character of mine, this is Rosalee/Reginald the wolverine. They are genderfluid and can present as either male (Reginald) or female (Rosalee) depending on what they prefer at a given time. Regardless of their gender, they are always a very hungry pred. They're a bit smaller than my other preds though, so they have to find more... ...creative ways to eat their prey than simply swallowing. 

Husky In the Sack

Uploaded: 9 hours ago

Owner: Corganda

Tags: jerk off fun time alone vore balls masturbati

Commissioned by the ever lovely Servothehusky for him and his mate, Seems like hes having a little bit of fun with his Husky, wonder how that tastes. ;D



Servothehusky - 8 hours ago

I love it, I really love how you draw my boyfriend, he looks soooooo cute haah.

kego vore

Uploaded: 9 hours ago

Owner: Kego115

Tags: Vore Belly

This was done by  Skyillis 

Sketch 2

Uploaded: 9 hours ago

Owner: Shyguy9

Tags: Sketch Non-Vore Shyguy9 rough comic page old commission

Page 5 of "The Hunt", which I'm not sure I even posted here.

Still rough, but slightly more coherent. 

x9comega - 8 hours ago

Nope, as i remember it ended with a cameo appearence of your gooy catgirl.

Sketch 1

Uploaded: 9 hours ago

Owner: Shyguy9

Tags: Sketch Non-Vore Shyguy9 rough comic page thumbnail old commission

Rough thumbnail from page one of "The Hunt":

I actually drew the final page right on top of these scribbles. 

Debolte - 2 hours ago

True comic book author at work here. Doing layout thumbnails n' shizz.

Helps so much, I wish I could discipline myself into doing these before hopping into a page... :S

Lucky - 9 hours ago

Wow, that's pretty impressive. I wish I had that much vision.

In Serpentia, 4/?

Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: Lumesa

Tags: Cock Vore

Commission for  Kaede


Mage4hire - 8 hours ago


ublover1 - 8 hours ago

please god me next :3

reliuskaiser - 8 hours ago

I love how relaxed she looks right now.

Lithalya - 8 hours ago

I can't imagine that helmet feels good in there >_>;;

johnyouman - 9 hours ago

I like how most of your preds are smaller than the prey.

Kid Strolled Too Close...

Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: KinderFire

Tags: Fox M/M Predator Prey Anal Vore Husky Penis Balls Willing Canine Siberian

This husky fellow takes advantage of some fox in the most fun way imaginable. ^^

Just a silly little sketch. I like doing these, and I plan on doing more like it in the future. I'm open to all requests, but I'm not guaranteeing that I'll do them - only ideas that I love the most. ~ :) 

KinderFire - 1 hour ago

Haha, why thank you C:

KinderFire - 1 hour ago

Definitely! :3 I do love bulges.. ^^

CGR-7 - 6 hours ago

*Rubs and pats husky's belly* Aww... who's a good boy? Who's a good boy? XD

Not bad, Kinder. Looks great. =)

Herc1995 - 10 hours ago

Ooooh cute AND hot! Love it! :) I hope to see more from you like this! (Maybe soe huge bulging bellies too, I hope~)

The THING from Another World

Uploaded: 11 hours ago

Owner: GUISARME2012

Tags: Alien Vampire Monster Non-Vore Movie erection Vegetable giant cock The Thing plant man

North Pole:1951
Considered dead, the THING's severed organs still manage to show signs of life.  

Oven roasted Lucy

Uploaded: 11 hours ago

Owner: GueiGirl

Tags: Gore Non-Vore Fatal Cannibal Guro oven lucy cannibalism implied hard vore cooked alive elfen lied Nyuu

Lucy/Nyuu getting roasted alive in a giant over somewhere. The oven has shatter proof glass, so escape is impossible.
Sorry fans, but there is so little Lucy/Nyuu guro where Lucy is the prey. So voila, I shall solve that problem. 

NekoBound - 2 hours ago

I'm an otaku, who happens to love Elfen Lied. OP things are what I enjoy *shrug*

GueiGirl - 10 hours ago

The writers kind of made her overpowered. It wouldn't hurt to give her a weakness or two. Or are you a fanboy?

NekoBound - 10 hours ago

I disagree with this....largely cause when Lucy is pissed enough she's strong enough to destroy the damn planet :P i'd be pissed inside an oven, wouldn't you?

Angelica gets squished

Uploaded: 12 hours ago

Owner: GueiGirl

Tags: Gore Blood Non-Vore Fatal Guro crushing crushed to death Rugrats gorn Angelica Pickles All Grown Up

Angelica getting squashed by a giant foot. Who does the foot belong to? You decide! 

GueiGirl - 10 hours ago

Who knows. I might do that...just so many ideas...hooo!

Gtsvore18 - 10 hours ago

can you do barefoot with pink painted toenails next time if it's okay?

Mayarie's titty meal

Uploaded: 12 hours ago

Owner: GueiGirl

Tags: Nintendo Dragon F/F Absorption Dragoness Metroid Breast Vore Female Prey Female Pred Princess Peach super mario femdom Samus Aran Realms of Alerfa Princess Mayarie

Mayarie has a titty meal. Today on the menu: Samus Aran from Metroid and Princess Peach from the Mario series. I just can't get enough vore of these three. 

Gracia and Mayarie after one big meal

Uploaded: 12 hours ago

Owner: GueiGirl

Tags: lesbian yuri bubbles Female Prey Female Pred Powerpuff Girls shoujo-ai nickelodeon Realms of Alerfa Samurai Warriors Princess Mayarie Gracia Sengoku Musou F/F+ Rugrats Angelica Pickles All Grown Up

Princess Mayarie cuddling up with her loyal subject Gracia after they finished off one huge meal. The two prey include Angelica and Bubbles, since there is so little (if any) PPG nor AGU guro, let alone vore. 

Mist has a soul snack

Uploaded: 12 hours ago

Owner: GueiGirl

Tags: Soul Vore Angel F/F Unwilling Prey Female Prey Female Pred femdom Valkyrie nickelodeon Goddess Pred afterlife Realms of Alerfa Mist Elmbarn Rugrats Angelica Pickles All Grown Up

After all the times Angelica pissed off the wrong people, she gets eaten over and over again. However, as Angelica tries to make it to the heavens, Mist Valkyrie swoops down and swallows her soul. How long will it take for Mist to digest Angelica's soul? You decide! 

Shyla - Animated Pinup

Uploaded: 12 hours ago

Owner: HungrySuccubus

Tags: Non-Vore

This is a bit overdue, but I've finally got the time to work on this sort of stuff! This was the animated pinup for Shyla for donating to my Cintiq fundraiser drive! <333 I know the textures sort of ruin the immersion here but I wasn't in the mood to spend 3 hours individually adding tabby textures/stripes to each frame for the tail animation. I cheated! Yay! \o/ 

HungrySuccubus - 12 minutes ago

Thank you! The avatar was actually a gift from a friend and I just love the crap out of it <3

Liz - 7 hours ago

Absolutely fabulous darling <3
Love the animation and your cute new Avatar <3 Venus <3

Slimeking - 9 hours ago

Real smooooth~. :3

miranda_dragon - 9 hours ago

Oooh <3

HungrySuccubus - 9 hours ago

It turned out more fluid than I had hoped so I'm pretty happy with the final product <3

Moves Many Shadows

Uploaded: 12 hours ago

Owner: shdingo

Tags: Non-Vore argonian The Elder Scrolls

My illusionist Argonian. I’ve always had a love of illusion type magic ever since my friend showed me a magic expansion mod that made illusion a viable offensive school (with personal mental horrors and debuffs) i’ve been pretty much as addicted as possible. i think this may be the only character reference i’ve ever done. I’m gonna do an expression page for her next. then it'll be time for her to feed and be fed to stuff. Not to mention fucked by everything that moves in at least 2...
[ Continued ...

Gelus - 4 hours ago

All that Argonian hotness <3

SplitterPic - 6 hours ago

not bad, i like her ^^

Zond - 11 hours ago

you saw Devourment [Skyrim mod, F /?] ?
  in a forum section Vore game

Bliss - 12 hours ago

huh, reminds me of my own argonian thief/archer/assassin, Stands In Shadows.

looking forward to seeing her feeding/fucked/fed!


Uploaded: 12 hours ago

Owner: Stabbings

Tags: Snake Male Naga Non-Vore Prey Male Prey Naga Prey

Davie is a 16 year old male cotton mouth naga dude, who is roughly about the same size and length as an average adult cotton mouth snake. He's also one of the few prey characters that I have, since I've been long overdue to make some.

Davie is a big dumb idiot. He acts like a cocky know it all, even though he really doesn't know a whole bunch. He is feisty and tries to be a really cool tough guy but usually just ends up embarrassing himself or getting himself in trouble. Also he...
[ Continued ...

Bungle in the Jungle II

Uploaded: 13 hours ago

Owner: Staple

Tags: Snake Belly Stomach Digestion Jungle anaconda buldge staple bungle

As per your request, here is the second part of "Bungle in the Jungle". 

sharky - 13 hours ago

wow !!

[COM] SilkMoth

Uploaded: 13 hours ago

Owner: Stabbings

Tags: Oral Vore Belly Soft Vore Male Drool Same Size Commission Stuffed Post-Vore World of Warcraft Blood elf Male Pred

Commission for SilkMoth of their dragon in the guise of a blood elf, sitting on a throne and enjoying his most recent "victory" of sorts. Thanks for commissioning me!

Still have slots open for these kinds of commissions, only 4 more left! 

SilkMoth - 9 hours ago

Haha! Oh adoring this in each and all aspects, from the most content smirk on the facial features to the chubby tub sign of a conquered inferior prey <3

Ath sure is one content black wyrm xD

Thank you for this epicness! ^^

Gotta feed em all

Uploaded: 14 hours ago

Owner: RenaAyama

Tags: Furry Pokemon Fox Male Anthro Drool Macro/Micro Leafeon

I just like Leafeon and there is not enough omnom :/ 

Amnael - 7 hours ago

Bad swift ._. next time strip before she eats you so she doesnt have to spit out clothes x3

Also totally fair since you tried to put her in a tight ball :3 she should have put you in a more tight enterance though n.n

Kiala_Tiagra - 8 hours ago

oh the irony....

shadowwolfgp - 9 hours ago

Happy to see more from you Swift

FaceInCrowd42 - 11 hours ago

I know, right? There have been instances of vore that, while not at all turning me on, have been REALLY funny to me. It's a more than valid niche.

soulless chao - 12 hours ago

More humor in general would be nice.


Uploaded: 14 hours ago

Owner: RenaAyama

Tags: Fox Slime Anthro Goo kishin

Small gifti for Slime_Demon_Kishin even I still think its selfish to put myself on most pictures I draw for other people x3 *shrugs*

I knew there was something wrong with the water... 

Kiala_Tiagra - 8 hours ago

that's a fine little ambush


Uploaded: 14 hours ago

Owner: RenaAyama

Tags: Dragon Maw Umiriko

Tiny little gifti I've drawn for umiriko during a vore meet at Eurofurence 20. 

reliuskaiser - 12 hours ago


Sophie Concept Art

Uploaded: 14 hours ago

Owner: crazyasianfan4

Tags: Breasts Tail Futanari Futa heart pigtails panties skirt Sophie boots concept art Stockings Original Character bra gloves Ribbon red head Red hair ponytail blue eyes Thigh highs Twintails

Here is the concept art for my new OC, Sophie


Taunted and bullied as a kid for her unusual tail, Sophie has been terrified of children ever since. The younger and cuter they are, the more terrifying they seem.
During her junior high days, she discovered her tail had a "special ability". After her bully's "mysterious disappearance", none of the other kids dared to make fun of her tail again.

Be careful not to...
[ Continued ...

Jachan - 12 hours ago

Wow... she is so beautiful and so cute... What you said about her toward cuteness is just what I could become prey to Sophie! Dx Yes yes, I really love her looks as if i wish i were the one to draw her for my OC, :P

If you don't mind, can we do roleplay futa x futa? :D <3

crazyasianfan4 - 13 hours ago


RavenXeo - 13 hours ago

She is incredibly beautiful<3

Bowser Vore

Uploaded: 14 hours ago

Owner: Dannekoon

Tags: Vore Micro Macro Tongue mario Throat Alligator Mawshot scalie Uvula Teeth Bowser gator Voraphilia

Been a while. My last tablet effing broke :v 

eatmeplease - 11 hours ago

Nice work! I'm sorry to hear about your tablet though.

Mayvore - 14 hours ago

Well done! ^^

want to be there :P

Tifa & Jessica (Patreon September Sketch)

Uploaded: 15 hours ago

Owner: Starcrossing

Tags: Micro Lick Tongue Tifa Pre-Vore Macro/Micro jessica licking Female Prey Female Pred Final Fantasy Tifa Lockheart

My Patreon sketch lottery winner for September was Jessiah, who requested Tifa from Final Fantasy getting a little taste of his OC Jessica.

This was a lot of fun to draw, and I can't wait to see what next months winner ends up requesting. :)

If you'd like to enter the sketch lottery yourself, or just garuantee yourself a custom sketch from me every month, head on over to my Patreon page and check out the rewards. 

CGR-7 - 6 hours ago

Fine work, Star. Nice detail on Tifa's eye. =)

BabLe7 - 10 hours ago

How many licks to the center of the mini? the world may never know.

Done25 - 12 hours ago

How cute! :D

RavenXeo - 13 hours ago

How cute >.< <3

Debolte - 14 hours ago

Cute ! :3 (Have to say you've become one of my favorites around here quite quickly as well ^^)

Foggy pumpkin patches

Uploaded: 15 hours ago

Owner: PinkHorse

Tags: Oral Vore Vore Soft Vore Stomach halloween Bunny Orca size difference Internal View pumpkin Snow Leopard Larger pred

My YCH auction i did over at furaffinity.
First time trying a ych and i think it turned out rather successful.

Looks like its not really safe to be wandering late night through foggy pumpkin patches. Unless your looking for a meal

Large pred feline is Nines
and the orca being stuffed into the maw is Pilar05
And the bunny already in the oven Anashibun 

WretchedRaccoon - 6 hours ago

"Bunny in the oven"

PinkHorse - 6 hours ago


WretchedRaccoon - 12 hours ago

Heh, I see what you did there XP

Anashi - 13 hours ago

Uhh ohh. :3

Servothehusky - 14 hours ago

Look like those two are going to have quite an adventure inside a leopard.

How To Deal With Door-To-Door Sales Workers

Uploaded: 15 hours ago

Owner: Sibon13

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Same Size Milf Mother Big Belly same size vore Female Pred Human Pred Soft oral vore

1) Invite them in
2) Don't buy anything
3) Nom them
4) Eat breakfast
5) All the profits

Just follow all these simple steps and your life will become a lot easier.

Bea is (obviously) very happy to invite anyone knocking at her door, especially if they're small, or snack sized, as it were. Not to mention, there's no way she can complain about having a little appetizer before breakfast. =3

Oh, and Sam is not amused.
[ Continued ...

Sibon13 - 6 hours ago

Bea isn't picky, so just line 'em all up. >:3

essedess - 9 hours ago

Can she take care of the "church people" that keep coming to my door?


Uploaded: 15 hours ago

Owner: PinkHorse

Tags: Vore Soft Vore Human Horse Child Cock Vore Cum Unicorn electricity Underage Prey Glitter Cum frankenstein young prey Horse Cock shota prey Glitter sparkles

ITS ALIVE!!!!! Well Lloyd is. Seems my friend Flowen was trying to create his own Lloyd this halloween and is now paying the price for playing god!  

Fun container

Uploaded: 16 hours ago

Owner: AugustBebel

Tags: Cum Balls Post-Vore My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Pinkie Pie Horse Cock Twilight Sparkle

Twilight release Pinkie… at least, she's satisfied. 

GilPix - 9 hours ago

Time for State Mandatory Impregnation Party

Servothehusky - 11 hours ago

I don't know why, but, she should be that filled condom.

Lucky - 13 hours ago

Very sexy and well-done CV series. <3

thorondraco - 14 hours ago

it seems a qwaste not to use that to make foals.

Voslar - 14 hours ago

Wonder what she's going to do with all that...

Out ya Go (full tour/AV)

Uploaded: 16 hours ago

Owner: Darokei

Tags: Furry Vore Pokemon Human Anthro Rabbit Bunny F/M Anal Vore Butt anus Lopunny full tour Human Prey

well, what do you think. Its quite a step up from my usual stuff really, but as I progress, doing this should be a bit easier.
I finally think I earned this this XD : 

Darokei - 1 hour ago

Yeah, I used wand. That explains it.

TheDJTC - 1 hour ago

Hmm. DO you color by like selecting an area with a wand and then filling in or something?

Cuz those white spots shouldn't show if one of the layers is multiply or anything not normal/dissolve

Darokei - 1 hour ago

Yeah, messin around with both multiply and screen for shades and tints/highlights respecively. I didnt necessarily apply it to the line art layer. Those white line patches were really something overlooked.

TheDJTC - 2 hours ago

Pretty good, do you have the lineart layer set to multiply? I see a little white around some lines.

Slimeking - 9 hours ago

My pleasure. :)

Slave Elsa fingers and rims Mayarie

Uploaded: 17 hours ago

Owner: GueiGirl

Tags: Dragon Non-Vore Dragoness lesbian yuri Disney Mind Control Fingering femdom Frozen The Dark Crystal Realms of Alerfa rimjob Elsa Empress Mayarie

Another part of my Disney x TDC x RoA crossover. Now, slave Elsa is going to please Mayarie. Thank goodness for mind control device and life essence draining! 

GueiGirl - 16 hours ago

Thank you.

The Skeksis sure do know how to make fine slaves.

Xethoner - 17 hours ago

What would the world be without mindcontrol ^^ Im realy into dirtier thing so well done

Halja and Oyu dominate Sephiroth

Uploaded: 17 hours ago

Owner: GueiGirl

Tags: Non-Vore Unwilling Demoness sephiroth Non-Consensual BDSM Humiliation femdom FF7 FFVII Final Fantasy VII Realms of Alerfa M/F+ Queen Hel Oyu Kamio Queen Halja

My OC (Halja) and my friends OC (Oyu) dominating Sephiroth. He kinda had it coming, don't you think?