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Izzy's Assplay

Uploaded: 47 minutes ago

Owner: Richter

Tags: Digestion Rat Anal Vore Infinity Izzy

Part of my trade with  fimp

From Hell part 3
on her stomach on her bed, earphones firmly affixed to her head, eyes
glued to the large-screen TV, Tiffany couldn't have been distracted
by anything short of a straight-up Apocalypse. A leggy, statuesque
woman danced on the screen at her behest, wearing glasses and a black
skin-tight bodysuit, slicing countless weirdly misshapen angels to
bits with a katana.
was not at all interested in the upcoming costume party, dressing up
sexy for some

Sorority From Hell part 3

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: PrinnyDood

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore halloween F/F Blob Bondage yuri Tentacle ?/F Implied Digestion Unwilling Prey Multiple Prey Cocooning Female Prey Human Prey webbing Feetfirst costumes tentacle sex

Here at last, just in time for Halloween!

A young woman and her mysterious, magically-empowered benefactor exact vengeance upon a sorority full of sexy, costume-bedecked ladies using a variety of voracious creatures.

Apologies to all for this taking so long, and we're still one installment away from the finale! Hopefully it's not too much of a letdown after all this wait. xD

Have a spooky, sexy, vore-filled Halloween everyone! ;3 

Val's outfits

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: mMaffle

Tags: Non-Vore mage costume valerie

Just some drawings of one of my characters: Valerie, in a couple of her outfits. I don't know why the first thing I think to draw my characters in is a plain white shirt...Sasha wears the same thing casually.. xD 


Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: Goldy-Gry

Tags: Tongue Human Non-Vore Bird jewel rio parrot macaw

Commission for otterman89 (FurAffinity), him with Jewel from "Rio" being all... tongue-tied. I have no idea how it's happened, any questions to him please. :) Thank you for commissioning! :) 

The Great Pumpkin Speaks!

Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: DarkArtist

Tags: Vore Belly Dark Fat halloween Goddess Demoness ogress foxbat Vlad Drakken Shota night blackclaw

Happy Halloween folks!

Have a safe night and enjoy the Halloween day/night! 

Aponymous - 51 minutes ago

*Bows* It's an honor to be in your presence divine one.

wiseguy288 - 4 hours ago

*Bows* I live to serve, oh mighty gourd.

Harpy Charms

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: NAC

Tags: Elf F/F harpy Cut-away Nudity Dragon's Crown NAC

Wanted to color this but not feeling myself today, I'll keep the file for a while anyway.

Anyway, big fan of Dragon's Crown, I always played Elf or Fighter.
Dunno why I chose the harpy to work with, probably because tits. Of course it's Dragon's Crown so there's other bosses with tits... 

Scaylid00d - 2 hours ago

I love how spacious the harpy's tummy is :3 It's like her body is made to gobble and accommodate plenty of elf meat ^ . ^

NAC - 2 hours ago

She's perfect for it, bite size compared to the other girls with their massive assets!

NAC - 2 hours ago

She's got that tomboy appeal, and hips, I can't resist those features.
Thank you~

Junogray - 3 hours ago

Lol, seems all the dragon's crown vore art ends with elf being a snack

RavenXeo - 3 hours ago

What an odd harpy design...
I never did get around to getting the game..but I figure I'll play Elf too..As much as I like tits and butts something about the Elf is..subtly sexy..Plus I like her hips and the other butt in the game is..weird looking.

Nice art though ^.^;

Have a Happy Halloween

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: UndercoverPone

Tags: Male halloween Non-Vore Pony Stallion My Little Pony pumpkin Pegasus Friendship is Magic carving

Just a non-vore doodle for halloween ^^ have a fun holiday everyone 

CGR-7 - 3 hours ago

Careful with that knife, Flash. =O

Happy Halloween, U.P.. =)

silverspec - 4 hours ago

happy halloween

The Barbarians (1983)

Uploaded: 6 hours ago

Owner: Omega

Tags: Dragon Stomach Human interior Movie M/multiple prey

A really goofball fantasy movie.
Late in the film an evil sorceress and her henchman meet up with a swamp monster. Later the pair of rather inept heroes and their smarter female friend discover said monster is a huge dragon. The girl lures it over a hole the pair are hiding in and they stab it to death.

Then things get weird. They climb up inside the thing and wander around in its guts till they find the now dead sorceress and retrieve a magic gem. 

Skittles209 - 2 hours ago

That's what this was! Now I know the title thanks to you! THank you!

Starcomet - 5 hours ago

A great film!

LordStorm - 5 hours ago

I used to watch this movie all the time when I was yonger, so crazy. The girls in it were easy on the eyes though:)

Umi's Beach: Showing Off

Uploaded: 6 hours ago

Owner: Gothyk's Deidra

Tags: POV Dragon Non-Vore pussy tailhole Gaping Umiriko presenting Umi Umi's Beach

Alternate version of

Umi and the people she commissioned these pieces with have been so patient with me while I have been working on thiese pieces, so I decided to do an alternate version of Umi's 2nd commissino to give her and her fans an AMAZING view!!

Umi © umiriko

Art is mine. 

Down The Dragon Hole

Uploaded: 6 hours ago

Owner: Gothyk's Deidra

Tags: POV Vore Dragon Unbirth pussy tailhole vaginal vore Umiriko Asian dragon Umi Umi's Beach Qian

Looks like Qian has found his way to Umi's Beach. Probably at his master's advice. Well, this is what happens when Umi comes across someone on HIR beach.

Characters belong to their players

Art is mine.

Alternate version here 

Treats or Tricks

Uploaded: 6 hours ago

Owner: YoukaiChan

Tags: Paws halloween Non-Vore growth house Macro/Micro Glowing Max Kobold

A picturesque Halloween night. The moon is shining brightly in the night sky, happy little children walking door to door in their little costumes collecting candy, while houses all around the neighborhood are decorated for the spooky festivities. All seemed perfect...or does it?


With a rumble in the distance, a devil-horned figure emerges seemingly out of nowhere. His hulking height, which dwarfs the decorated houses, blocks the moon's light,...

[ Continued ...

CGR-7 - 3 hours ago

Nice, Y.C.. Very nice. Happy Halloween. =D

Oh, and your avatar might wanna ease up on the candy a bit; gaining a little weight, there. XD

UltraBubbles618 - 6 hours ago

Aww, poor kids. At least they get some paws instead :D

YoukaiChan - 6 hours ago

It probably all melted by the heat of his paws. XD

UltraBubbles618 - 6 hours ago

So maniacally adorable! I hope the candy was worth the scare ^^

Lucy Unbirth Pg2 (FULL TOUR)

Uploaded: 6 hours ago

Owner: Darokei

Tags: Oral Vore Pokemon Dragon Human Anthro Bulge Anal Vore Dragoness anus Willing lucy Garchomp full tour Human Prey pucker wide hips Prolapse big ass Pokemon Vore

So, I guess i finally found my flow. could have been better with solid linework, however I started out with simple red linework and could really do much to change it, so I just went with it. 

Darokei - 6 hours ago

sigh* I guess its back to the old ninja-samaurai lifestyle.Civilian lifestyle was fun , i have to admit it, but its about time I took my responsibilities a bit more seriously.

The World of Peter Rabbit and Friends

Uploaded: 6 hours ago

Owner: Omega

Tags: Cat Rat Cooking Peril cartoon

Episode 6: The Tale of Samuel Whiskers or the Roly-Poly Pudding.

An old request screencap finally got around to hunting down.
From the animated series. In this episode a pair of rats catch a kitten and proceed to make him into a roly-poly pudding. He is rescued. 

theghost - 5 hours ago

This was my first experience with vore

dragonfred - 6 hours ago

i found the episode of it on youtube :3

lolno - 6 hours ago

I remember this one! I had the book too! :D

Shrabby - 6 hours ago

Omg I was hoping I would find this again eventually!

LordStorm - 6 hours ago

Yikes, now thats one heck of a role reversal XD

Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids

Uploaded: 6 hours ago

Owner: Omega

Tags: Snake Human Bulge cartoon ?/M

Season 4 episode 2. Its only a Game - Sport. A weird contest between the kids with one of the villainous brats in the end being eaten up by a snake. 

JD750 - 6 hours ago


ublover1 - 6 hours ago

haha lucky lucky brat nice find ^ ^

FrankenVel in technicolor

Uploaded: 6 hours ago

Owner: Ome

Tags: Oral Vore Akravator velvet frankenstein H/?

The color version of the previous piece, lets ya see more detail. Also there's 3 easter eggs here, one to a game series, one to a previous pic of mine, and one to a TV show. Wonder if anyone can get them all. 

gulpin - 39 minutes ago

One is from family guy with little Cleveland. Hmmm I can't figure out the other two.

Yasa and Josie - forward!

Uploaded: 6 hours ago

Owner: Saftkeur

Tags: halloween Giantess Non-Vore ocean mage Demoness landscape 3D Render seaside

"Forward, Yasa! We'll collect enough candy to, um... to... we'll just get a lot of candy!"
It's Halloween in Paeratopa again! Though the more nuanced details of this human holiday haven't all quite made their way into the Paeran's little version of it, the "important" bits - tricks, treats, and dressing up - are always out in full force. And for human Josie, this little reminder of her childhood is especially important; even Yasa, who would normally be perfectly...
[ Continued ...

lukmansihebat - 2 hours ago

nicely done, m8

RavenXeo - 5 hours ago

She is so cute...I kind of want to hug her nose...


Uploaded: 7 hours ago

Owner: Ome

Tags: Oral Vore halloween Akravator velvet frankenstein H/?

A new pic? And a Halloween pic?! AND ON TIME!?! AND COLORED AND EVERYTHING! Also holy frig I am slow as crud when it comes to coloring and shading, I think I died inside abit. But I'm really happy how it came out, really need to get back into drawing steadily. 

gulpin - 42 minutes ago

Nice one *look in hair* no cobwebs in there.

Female Feces Friday

Uploaded: 7 hours ago

Owner: BottomlessBelly

Tags: Scat Digestion Cock Vore Female Prey Male Prey Female Pred Male Pred Pissing

I have been wanting to upload this all week, but my word application has been on the fritz, I wanted to get it uploaded this week however, so here it is, sorry about the format. As soon as I have it back I will upload it in a better format.

Neither the image nor the Simpsons of are my own creation.


“Wooh!” shouted Vivian, “It’s finally Female Feces Friday!”
She let loose a mighty wet fart, trumpeting the...
[ Continued ...

Knee-jerk Reaction

Uploaded: 7 hours ago

Owner: Rendezvore

Tags: Sketch Tongue Dragon Humanoid Struggling head first Human Prey Kicking Legs Sea Dragon fins gums traditional drawing water dragon unhinging jaw

Another water dragon with a good sized meal, this time alive and kicking, literally. Not sure if the person had an involuntary knee-jerk reaction from the dragon biting down on the knee joint or if the tongue is going places.. probably both. :3

The humanoid could be whatever species and gender you want it to be. I leave that open to you.

If you've seen the original scan, you may notice it's a bit cleaner. I do like a sketchy style, but not necessarily a messy one....
[ Continued ...

OC Concept Art - Sora

Uploaded: 8 hours ago

Owner: crazyasianfan4

Tags: Non-Vore Sword panties sora boots concept art short shorts Original Character necklace Katana ponytail blue eyes green eyes hoodie tube top Thigh highs hotpants

Here is the concept art for another OC I had commissioned from Yggdrasill-Studio. Her name is Sora

Role: Pred or Prey

She wields two katanas which have special abilities. By focusing her attack, she can use her katanas to directly attack her target's soul/spirit instead of attacking their body. Her swords can capture the soul/spirt of her target, leaving their body as an empty container (which she then usually devours whole). Her swords can sever the connection...
[ Continued ...

RavenXeo - 7 hours ago

She is really beautiful...<3

Silversepiroth - 8 hours ago

She...doesn't look too happy with her work

x9comega - 8 hours ago

PLEASE let me be wrong about the theories running around in my head, that would crush me if they turn out to be right ;.;

Shyguy9 - 9 hours ago



Uploaded: 9 hours ago

Owner: RikuHidanza

Tags: Non-Vore Female fallen angel

This is the main character of a story i'm working on

Her name is Lusia Amadea she is the aspect of death in her universe.

Art is done by Sukiik
Character is copyright me rikuhidanza. 

Sonata's Meal Pt. 3

Uploaded: 9 hours ago

Owner: FlutterDash69

Tags: Throat Swallowing My Little Pony Internal View Equestria Girls Lucius Heart Sonata Dusk

Well here's part 3. Cause there needs to be more Sonata Dusk vore! Sonata is best pred! :D *squee! 

48th agent - 6 hours ago

Aw, this is cute!

Chibi Rinne

Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: Sergit

Tags: Girl Tail Cute Succubus Non-Vore Naked chibi Tailcubus Naked Female Nude pred

Drawn with the mouse of my laptop. I managed to make it look cute, so I decided to upload it.

It's just a quick sketch of my Tailcubus, Rinne. 

CGR-7 - 4 hours ago

Cute, Sergit. And done with just a mouse. Nice work. =)

Sergit - 7 hours ago

These are easy to draw and it's easy to make them look cute. That's why it's so fun! ^w^

RavenXeo - 8 hours ago

That face deserves cuddles though<3

Liz - 9 hours ago

Chibi Chibi <3 <3

Sergit - 9 hours ago

That's how she tricks her preys. With sweetness. ;3

There's only room for one of us

Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: mMaffle

Tags: Pre-Vore marth tongue play lucina

The final product! I'm happy with how this came out. As always, I tried lots of different things. Hope you all enjoy~ 

VoreStories - 30 minutes ago

Indeed they do ^^

mMaffle - 3 hours ago

thank you x)

mMaffle - 3 hours ago

thaaaaanks :)

CGR-7 - 4 hours ago

Excellent, mMaffle! Just excellent. =D

joeburp22181 - 7 hours ago

Nice work!

It's a trap

Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: bigbig

Tags: Vore bigbig


I told you it's a trap ...
umm ... you should probably turn around

and this here ... this is also a trap ... but a more nice one x3 

bigbig - 36 minutes ago


bigbig - 37 minutes ago

seriously ? :D

bigbig - 37 minutes ago

cause halloween ... i thought americans like to be scared in this season x3 (hope you are from usa xD

bigbig - 38 minutes ago


Umbrage00 - 1 hour ago

haha I will :)

Raise Your Bottles

Uploaded: 11 hours ago

Owner: Sibon13

Tags: Soft Vore Fat BBW ssbbw Female Pred fatty FATASS Sibon13 fat belly fat pred BBW pred SSbbw pred

*tink* ...that was me tinking my glasses after my toast. Now you know that I tink glasses against one another in my spare time. Go me!

Anywhoosers, here's Hedvig, nomming someone who seems to be taking this "Oh shit I'm getting eaten" part with a grain of salt... or drop of whatever liquid was in that bottle.


Hedvig (C) Meeeeh 

Sibon13 - 3 hours ago

Thank yoo! Might do that... maybe.

Sibon13 - 3 hours ago

Now now, language!

Argh - 7 hours ago

Wonderful picture! Would love if you'd write an accompanying short story for it!

ublover1 - 9 hours ago

damn 0///0

Sibon13 - 10 hours ago

Just a normal fat gal who dresses up in weird clothes and eats people... super normal yo!

Happy Halloween :3

Uploaded: 11 hours ago

Owner: anndygirl

Tags: halloween Non-Vore witch Anndy anndygirl

my favorite halloween songs :3

【東方Vocal/Halloween】 Never Ending Halloween Night 「IOSYS」

Soul Eater Amv This Is Halloween 

VoreStories - 30 minutes ago

No problem!

CGR-7 - 4 hours ago

Awesome job, Anndy. Happy Hallowenn. =D

Yeah, I love that amv, too! I've seen it dozens of times, it's a YouTube classic. Nice choice. =)

hero097 - 4 hours ago

yeah i came across it by complete accident while trying to get in the mood for Halloween

Suibelly - 6 hours ago


anndygirl - 6 hours ago

。◕ ‿ ◕。 Thanks!!


Uploaded: 11 hours ago

Owner: harek

Tags: Non-Vore Livestream stream

Watch as I draw some commissions while putting on some videos! I've got a slot open for a chance to be part of this multistream! 

Slimy Kiss !

Uploaded: 11 hours ago

Owner: Sergit

Tags: Slime F/F Same Size Non-Vore Slimegirl kissing Enda Emeraud

A picture drawn for me by  Kreeyz Thanks a lot!

Two Slime-girls, Enda and Emeraud, hugging and kissing each each other. They might mix together if they keep going, but they don't seem to care. :9

Enda belongs to me, Sergit.
Emeraud belongs to Kreeyz 

CGR-7 - 4 hours ago

Enda and Emeraud... they certainly "complement" each other. XD

Nice, Sergit. Kreeyz did a great job. =)

Sergit - 9 hours ago

I don't think they'll mind if she joins them XD

Miyu5 - 9 hours ago

Miyu looks at her "I wanted to kiss Enda"

Sergit - 11 hours ago

Maybe it will happen! Maybe...

RavenXeo - 11 hours ago

I think the world needs to see these 2 mixed up x3

Pokemon V. Edition #6

Uploaded: 11 hours ago

Owner: JAG2MLP

Tags: Pokemon Male Non-Vore Female Interactive

You’re a boy. At least that’s what you and probably many other people think. Unlike that old man right there.
> > >
((And there we have our player character. Look at that begging-for-practise human anatomy. What about the female character? We’ll see her soon, but not now :D )) - Mod J
[[Why didn’t I do 100 frames, shoot me please]]
- Mod W 

Slimy kiss !

Uploaded: 12 hours ago

Owner: Kreeyz

Tags: Slime F/F Same Size lesbian Slimegirl kissing Enda slime vore Emeraud

Better quality in full-size !!

Emeraud and Enda ( ) weren't the same color.... but both slimegirls... after having some time together they got along well and were happily kissing each other... both of theirs slime body wanting to melt the other girl's body inside... in a cute mix of colors...

Enda used with  sergit 's permission, Emeraud belongs to me :3 

hentaiaiai - 49 minutes ago

grope their butts and lick their lips from the side

Kreeyz - 4 hours ago

Well what could she do here ? :p

Kreeyz - 4 hours ago

Thanks ! That was the whole chalenge on this one :3

Kreeyz - 4 hours ago

Ty ! :)

Kreeyz - 4 hours ago

Thank you :3

Birthday Surprise

Uploaded: 12 hours ago

Owner: Staple

Tags: Dragon Eat Inside Otter Swallowing Birthday Echo surprise

What's the big surprise? A party in Echo's belly.

Happy Birthday, Oceanotter! 

nightmare night plan(t)

Uploaded: 12 hours ago

Owner: SplitterPic

Tags: Plant Cute halloween Non-Vore moon Pony costume piranha plant My Little Pony Original Character Nightmare Night Split wind Splitterpic

nightmare night is coming, ponies and monsters are going to search for candies or somepony to eat.
so, if i dress up like a pred....the other preds won't search for me...right?
*moon rises*
uh! photosynthesis =w= 

Reiku - 1 hour ago

Nyupe~ *Wiggles his tongue out, pressing it to yoru face as he drags the last of you into his maw, sending you to his tummy, with a big belch to follow. Now it's his head in the costume* Oof, this pipe for really tight all of a sudden~

SplitterPic - 1 hour ago

p.please, stop ç^ç
c.can we talk about it? we can find a deal çwç

Reiku - 1 hour ago

*Noms and slurps up your body, tugging your forelegs out of those leaf arms* Mmmmf! <3

SplitterPic - 1 hour ago

*try to block his mouth with his "leafs hooves"* s.stop it!
you can't eat me like this >/<
i have this leafs and the head it's too big, it will get stuck in your throat >/>

Reiku - 3 hours ago

*Slurps his way up your legs and into the suit himself* |3

Hexed Halloween 3/3

Uploaded: 13 hours ago

Owner: Lampton

Tags: Pokemon Calem hex maniac

More time went into the planning of this comic than into its creation. The original vision was very different to what I ended up doing. I considered drawing Serena instead of Calem, but I've drawn her a lot lately, and I forget the last time I did f/m so there. I'll save Serena for next Halloween. hoho

Again, happy Halloween!

Next time: Parasite Eve. Honestly! 

CGR-7 - 5 hours ago

She is spooky. But damned if she doesn't have a cute smile. =D

Nice comic, Lampton. Happy Halloween. =)

statideas - 8 hours ago

Well this was just fantastic. <3 Amazing work. Hex Maniac is adorable as it is, and then you ramp that way up AND stuff her senseless. 10/10.

ublover1 - 9 hours ago

lucky calem ^ ^

OmnicidalZero - 9 hours ago

I can't believe how much this reminds me of the song 'Lullaby' by The Cure. Look up the lyrics, they're perfect for this comic.

recoome5555 - 9 hours ago

This is a perfect comic for halloween! Good job, lampton!

Hexed Halloween 2/3

Uploaded: 13 hours ago

Owner: Lampton

Tags: Pokemon Calem hex maniac

Using the Lick move wasn't my own idea. ThatAss forced me to include it in the comic at gunpoint.


book-remote - 3 hours ago

Stupid sexy Hex girl!

Kego115 - 9 hours ago

You did great love it to death

bigbig - 11 hours ago

this is high quality my man !

VoreStories - 12 hours ago

I like where this is going =D

Hexed Halloween 1/3

Uploaded: 13 hours ago

Owner: Lampton

Tags: Pokemon Calem hex maniac

Happy Halloween! Here's something different for y'all. I bet I left some line uncolored or unshaded, but whatever! I'm spent.

(i'm sorry for all of the words. probably should've spent more than one evening on them :p) 

VoreStories - 12 hours ago

I was wondering when you'd post this XD

Bags - 13 hours ago

This probably took a loooong time. It's awesome!

Lusia Commission

Uploaded: 14 hours ago

Owner: SukiiK

Tags: Angel Non-Vore fallen angel lusia

This is Lusia and she was commissioned by RikuHidanza.I hope everyone likes her! 

Suibelly - 13 hours ago

Very sexy, I like the touch of the broken halo.

Alternative Reaping

Uploaded: 14 hours ago

Owner: Xodiaq

Tags: Belly F/? Pony moonlight reaper My Little Pony glorp churn vore belly Mulberry Xodiaq

"Hope you all have a nice Nightmare Night!"

Happy Halloween, everybody!  

Xodiaq - 11 hours ago

Danke ver moosh, Sui. I'm happy to know I did well! ^u^

Suibelly - 13 hours ago

Nice work! I love the belly!


Uploaded: 15 hours ago

Owner: Shyguy9

Tags: Mouth Female Shyguy9 Parasite Salamander Eekamouth

For Eekamouth. 

SeekGr - 2 hours ago

oh yeah~! how lovely~!!

Scaylid00d - 14 hours ago

I immediately recognized the character ^o^ Tantalizing pic, and a gorgeous maw she's delicately poised in~

And slick tongues FTW :3

Snake Practice Sketches

Uploaded: 15 hours ago

Owner: Azathura00

Tags: Snake Sketch

(Drew this within a period of two days without internet.)Some attempts at drawing a snake. 

ublover1 - 6 hours ago


Azathura00 - 8 hours ago


ublover1 - 9 hours ago

lovely sexy snake ^ ^

EuroFurence 2014 badge ((gift))

Uploaded: 16 hours ago

Owner: Umiriko

Tags: Vore Tongue Soft Vore Dragon Feral Maw badge Big Belly Bulges Umiriko doruvon Eurofurence

So 2014 was my first ever Furry Convention and was a completely mind blowing and incredible experience, but one of the most surprising and heart warming moments over the entire week was receiving this surprise gift from a very sweet red dragon, Doruvon.

Though we had hardly spoken before I hadn’t let on that i needed one this tasty tred artist decided to drawn, print, laminate and cord a wonderfully full belly plump Umi persona badge for me to wear while i was at the...
[ Continued ...

Dungeons & Dragons Sheet ((commission))

Uploaded: 16 hours ago

Owner: Umiriko

Tags: Dragon Anthro Feral Sheet Non-Vore Umiriko Dungeons and Dragons Derilect

As a big fan of role-playing board games like Dungeons & Dragons and pathfinder when I found out Derilect was making character sheets for your personas i couldn’t help but stick my snout in to take a look, and here we have the wonderful outcome of said curiosity (^. .^)

Just by explaining Umi’s personality, abilities and giving a few other details he came up with a representation of my persona using the D&D 3.5 rules, and i have to say i’m very happy with how...
[ Continued ...

CGR-7 - 5 hours ago

You are a very skilled water manipulator, Umi. However, you are not truly skilled until you've mastered the forces of... heavy water. >=)

mallowsal - 7 hours ago

i havent played DnD in so long i forgot the rules, but this character looks powerful

ublover1 - 9 hours ago

hehe love it!!!

greyfeather - 10 hours ago

I'm 98% helium.

Umiriko - 12 hours ago

(^. .^)

Water Bending ((commission))

Uploaded: 16 hours ago

Owner: Umiriko

Tags: Anthro Non-Vore water Magic Dragoness Umiriko yinyang

A little YCH I came across and ended up being so glad I got my paws on it (^. .^)

It’s always been a part of my dragon’s persona to have the ability to manipulate and control water, but oddly i have very few images depicting this, well this beautiful picture goes a good way to fixing that.
Big fan of the cartoon Avatar the last Airbender and i fell in love with the costume designs for the entire show, but especially those of the northern water tribes whose garbs...
[ Continued ...

mallowsal - 7 hours ago

nice! what type of bender would you picture a multi headed changeling being? XDXD

Halloween Party - 2 (hardvore)

Uploaded: 17 hours ago

Owner: Ka-Atis

Tags: Princess Human F/F Hard Vore zombie witch Ugly

The party is over.

..for the Princess, that is. For the other two it has just begun, and quite nicely too.

Halloween Party - 1

Uploaded: 17 hours ago

Owner: Ka-Atis

Tags: Princess Human F/F zombie witch Pre-Vore Ugly

Halloween, and that means Party Time. This happy one dresses up as a princess, meets some other people, eagerly comments on their costumes... only to realize that... oh well. 

Alisen meets Titania

Uploaded: 17 hours ago

Owner: xblurp

Tags: F/F Absorption Pre-Vore Simpsons Alisen Stocking Titania

Hehe so I was doing some surveys and saved enough to commission another page from Moaja which will eventually lead to some vore yum yum. I had some difficulty deciding what I wanted to commission, but I decided to continue following Alisen's absorption of Manuela though it would appear Manuela might still be around with that lil bit of struggle I see ;) . Still it seems apparent that Manuela won't be alone for too long.

I hope you guys enjoy and happy early/later Halloween! Sorry...
[ Continued ...

xblurp - 14 hours ago

I feel the same way :) .

Peterdens - 14 hours ago