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Chasing the kitty

Uploaded: 38 minutes ago

Owner: Katojana

Tags: Catgirl Cat Child Underage M/F Gryphon Pre-Vore Child Prey Underage Prey playground

Little Katojana being chased by a very hungry looking gryphon... even though it seems he had eaten recently.... a lot.

Katojana © Me
Victor Gryphon © htfcuddles
Art by Sprinkles 

Bird food

Uploaded: 42 minutes ago

Owner: Katojana

Tags: Catgirl Cat F/F Gryphon beak Macro/Micro Gilda Cat prey Gryphon Pred

Gilda having a cat snack...

Gilda © Hasbro
Katojana © Me
Sketch by Gideon
Lineart + Colors by me 

Eyup having a two way snack

Uploaded: 45 minutes ago

Owner: Katojana

Tags: Oral Vore Horse Anthro Cock Vore My Little Pony open maw Horse Cock Big MacIntosh anthro horse

Well... seems like Big Macintosh likes himself some kitties... much to the unfortune of said kitties.

BigMacintosh © Hasbro
Keidran © Me
Katojana (inside the cock) © Me
Sketch by Gideon
Lineart by htfcuddles
Color by Me 

Snake Pinup_Sketch

Uploaded: 45 minutes ago

Owner: PonyThroat

Tags: Vore Snake Same Size Pinup My Little Pony Pegasus Fluttershy Ponythroat

Working on pinup vore drawings. Should I make this as a theme? 

SplitterPic - 41 minutes ago

it's lovely, so why not? ^^

Busted Building

Uploaded: 52 minutes ago

Owner: owlizard

Tags: Breast Vore Nipple Vore

comm for knowsfran 

Mushee VS Rangers !

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: Kreeyz

Tags: Catgirl Vore Micro Macro Giantess Naga rampage Macro/Micro Slimegirl Power Rangers Multiple Prey Stomach View F/FFFFF Giantess Vore erry mushee Saphyr Rubbie Emeraud Ebenne Super Sentai kreeyz rangers

Better quality in full-size !!

The Kreeyz rangers were sent to fight a giant Mushee ( ) that was rampaging the city... but before the rangers could call their mecha, Mushee caught all the five of them and dropped them in a place they wouldn't do anything against her : her own stomach !

Will the rangers will find an exit and save the city and themselves...? the answer in the next episode of Power.... errr Kreeyz Rangers !!...
[ Continued ...

Liz - 37 minutes ago

Cute <3 <3

Kreeyz - 38 minutes ago

Well she could keep doing that too yeah xD

Kreeyz - 39 minutes ago

You can see the mecha (myself) on this one :D and about the pred well.... it's because I love that haha xD

Liz - 39 minutes ago

Oh but she loos so happy destorying the city.

Masuo15 - 41 minutes ago

Hmmm I wonder what the mechas and the Megazord looks like; also, why always the pred has to be the prettiest loli of them all? =3= its a crime to moe.


Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: TheUnknown

Tags: POV Dragon Maw smile salvia lagoon

Let me introduce you Lagoon!

Lagoon is a serpent dragon that i created in 2009 while i was writing short stories with some international friends. I left him for 4 years until i got my interest back to dragons! So here he is! All with new design and colors! Ready to yum up some people ~ 

Inside a Stomach

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: Begone111111

Tags: Stomach Inside Acid implied vore

An drawing I did of a stomach, practicing different kinds of outlines.

Bubby, gassy, acidic, steamy, humid stomach! :D 

Little Snake, Big Chest

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: Kaede

Tags: Oral Vore ?/F

Remake of an old Jomela pic

Posted with permission 

Svartvinge - 47 minutes ago

great colouring ^^ one really does miss Jomela's old work XD just shamefully i diden't save any of it ;c

Noka Fyres

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: KitaNarom

Tags: Fox Predator Non-Vore Fursona

Noka Fyres (no·ka fires) I get a lot of Noka Fries from people pronouncing it wrong

My first fursona drawn and colored by my significant other.

A little early to introduce him but I thought why not.

Age: 19
Species: Fox
Fur colors: Black and blue
Interest: Music, Rave parties, having fun.
Favorite food: good food especially food that squirms 

Tough choices

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: A3gwinn

Tags: Mouth Anal Maw Saliva Cock Vore Cum Mawshot Anal Vore Sperm Butt Pre-Vore anus Pony stripes My Little Pony aegwinn Stripes Gullet

Oh wait this kind of choices :O
Well it’s up to you guys !
Which point should I rush ? tell me in the comments <3

A - Anal point

B - Belly point

C - Cock point 

Big_D - 7 minutes ago

A, all the way

powerplayer01 - 28 minutes ago

Ok reverse the A and B please I mis read

Hereforvore - 37 minutes ago

Also, B is the ASSet- terrible pun, I know

Hereforvore - 38 minutes ago

But if we can hold point C, we can expand to the others much more easily!

Hereforvore - 38 minutes ago

I was going to say that exact thing!

The Game 41

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: Bright

Tags: Non-Vore The Game comic

I have no idea why this took so long to make.

I kinda like how it turned out, and kinda not? It is hard to explain. 

bigbig - 47 minutes ago

green hqaired barbarians haha xD

iwillnomu - 1 hour ago

Lemmings reference?

iwillnomu - 1 hour ago

Lemmings reference?

Topazert - 1 hour ago

Sweet the next page is up!:)

Mulan (Digestion 1st)

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: Binge

Tags: Soul Vore Oral Vore Digestion F/F

Mulan (Digestion 1st)
12/01/14 *Early Release*
Mulan is desperate to stay alive while being hunted in the woods. 

Redpod - 57 minutes ago


Binge - 2 hours ago

I've scrapped the series for the time being to keep things simpler, so I can write more.

ecufan360 - 2 hours ago

what happened to the pregnant mulan awsome story btw

Livestream (VORE)

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: bigbig

Tags: Vore Livestream bigbig zuzana

redesigning Zuzana and her profile 

So much for Angela

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: unknownwolf

Tags: M/F Implied Digestion Female Prey Male Pred Gargoyles Implied oral vore Lexington

kinda a part 2 to Lex ate Angela, looks like she gurgled up nicely and turned into a lovely paunch on the little gargoyles middle.  


Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: unknownwolf

Tags: Oral Vore M/M Lion Skunk Implied Digestion Male Pred

Something I drew as a gift for Stank when we met at a convention. I do so love lion vore 

Shellfish - 3 hours ago

DARE! Dare to believe you can survive! You got the future in your hand!

That kind of dare?

Positions filled

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: unknownwolf

Tags: Belly Male Digimon Oral gabumon implied vore M/? Gabumon Vore

But I am soon another opening will come up soon. 

Majin Sala

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: Mist

Tags: Character Commission Non-Vore shorts chocolate majin Huge breasts waiting ponytail tentacle hair black eyes

Drew this for HaraMiya to use as a character image. Done with mechanical pencil for initial lines, and PaperMate Write Bros. 'disposable' ballpoint pen for the lines and shading. 'Cause I never got used to my tablet before I stopped using it for a while, and then it died. Sads.

If you like it enough to want me to draw something for you, poke me on my Deviant Art or look for one of my characters in the chat and talk to me.


chimchar vore

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: unknownwolf

Tags: Oral Vore Pokemon M/? monkey Male Pred

A chimchar enjoying his trainers pokemon in the middle of the forest.  

Seba Trade

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: unknownwolf

Tags: Oral Vore Cat Paws Feet M/M Lion Adult Penis Macro/Micro hyper

A trade that i made with Sebafox over on FA. Paws, cocks and vore. A winning combo 


Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: Sharue

Tags: Sharue Male Female Giraffe bun Erez RMWX

A surprise order from RMWX. I was rather happy to take this one on and gave me a chance to work with a new species. 

A Day in the life of a Terra -Substitute-

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: Terraaah

Tags: Comic Non-Vore Female Silly Dloat A day in the life of a terra

I dont like to have a ton of games to play at once. EVEN 2 IS USUALLY TOO MUCH! I prefer to enjoy one game at a time! BUT that usually means that I need to wait between games from time to time. Like NOW! With pokemon ORAS coming out later here in Europe than in US and Japan. And Smash4U coming out at the exact same time...

SO! I thought I could manage with Freedom Wars until the games are out! BUT DARN! THESE TWO WEEKS HAVE BEEN AGONY!! Freedom wars ran out of content way...
[ Continued ...

Masuo15 - 1 hour ago

Sue, buy Sonic Boom, I heard is cheap.....and terrible too

Mage4hire - 1 hour ago

I really gotta smash you sometime

Terraaah - 2 hours ago

XD I dont really have any unfinished games... Its a lot less fun than having many unfinished games. I FINISH GAMES TOO WELL! And theyre left with nothing to do. I totally beat monster hunter 4U in about 3 weeks too. XD So its kinda played out for me too...

RavenXeo - 2 hours ago

Same problem...i have so many uncompleted games and yet i'm sat here with my face in my arms 'pppffffffffft'ing while i wait for Pokemon..then smash...then i'll finally have spare money to buy Bayonetta with..then Monster Hunter 4U next year...i have to wait so long for stuff T.T

Terraaah - 3 hours ago

XD Yeah but generally speaking! Its way harder to find girls interested in smash than guys! And I dont have a ton of MAN-FRIENDS!


Battle frontier was AWESOME! I really loved the feel and variety to it!! So I hope they let it return.

Alisen meets Titania 9

Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: xblurp

Tags: F/F Absorption Post-Vore Simpsons Alisen Stocking Manuela Les Lascars Titania

And there goes the last of Titania into Alisen. She will be remembered. lol . Not that anyone could forget her accomplishments and "contributions" to society on a more personal level. Ok I'll stop.

Soo here's the last pic at the moment between Alisen and Titania. I'm considering where to go with it after this. One part of me wants to just have her go after another girl, perhaps with oral vore, or another absorption, while the other wants to have a lil more fun with it....
[ Continued ...

xblurp - 2 hours ago

Alisen agrees with ya. It's been noted!

RavenXeo - 2 hours ago

Oh yeah~ those hips could do with widening a bit~

xblurp - 2 hours ago

Think she can handle anymore? XD

RavenXeo - 2 hours ago

Wow...thats alot of...everything. <3

Chaos Slurp

Uploaded: 6 hours ago

Owner: PonyThroat

Tags: Vore Macro/Micro My Little Pony Salad Applejack Rarity Discord Ponythroat

One of my illustrations for Villainous Delights. One of my personal favorites that I worked on.

Get the Villainous Delights pack for FREE or donate to get higher res images and alternatives. There’s an xray and nsfw edits on this one. 

RavenXeo - 2 hours ago

Love that annoyed pepper pot XD

scootaloorulez1997 - 4 hours ago

i see you in the background screwball.~

ublover1 - 4 hours ago

lucky ponys :P this is looking very good :P

Katojana - 6 hours ago

I love that tongue out of the straw xD
Yesh it really came out awesome

Flush a Fuck Ch. 10 Reluctant Swirls

Uploaded: 8 hours ago

Owner: solarix

Tags: Pikachu Wolf Fox M/M Sex Gay Cock Vore Cum Toilet piss gurgle Hyperphallic cum digestion Flush Flushing Pissing commode

Another special Request for YoshiFarts over on FA. This time featuring Zypper the gray pikachu. Zypper sets out to get revenge for Latrina. He briefly gets the upper paw but fate is cruel and eventually he takes a swirl.

Latrina and Zypper are the exlcusive property of YoshiFarts and were used with permission 

Steel of witch An'neroze 04 Witch of the cras

Uploaded: 8 hours ago

Owner: canime

Tags: tentacles/vines Plant vore female alien plant Steel of witch An'neroze 04 Witch of the cras

The title is what Google translated it to. The original name is 鋼鉄の魔女アンネローゼ 04 魔女の墜落:Witchbad.
It's too rapey and dark for me. 

Sketchwork - 3 hours ago

and i believe you need to be logged in to see this

you can find it on most torrent sites by searching for " Koutetsu no Majo Annerose " basically 4 episodes 3 subbed one raw though it's kinda meh that's the only scene of that type in the whole series i believe

ublover1 - 4 hours ago

i so wanna see more!!

Lawrence Craft - 5 hours ago

The title is, like canime wrote in his description:
鋼鉄の魔女アンネローゼ 04 魔女の墜落:Witchbad
(Kōtetsu no majo an'nerōze 04 majo no tsuiraku: Witchbad)
Or like the title is saying:
Steel of witch An'neroze 04 Witch of the crash: Witchbad

Did a quick google search, here is the site were you can buy it:

KEAL - 5 hours ago


Junogray - 5 hours ago

I think this one is from: Koutetsu no Majo Annerose

Caught in the Act! (Part 5 of 5)[SCAT]

Uploaded: 8 hours ago

Owner: LordVIP3R

Tags: Scat Fat Digestion F/M Same Size Anal Vore caught Post-Vore asshole Implied Digestion Anal Sex Big Belly Post Vore Scat Big Breasts big butt implied fatality Simpsons Bart Simpson Incestuous Vore Motherly Vore marge simpson boobs.

All done :D!

Bart is reduced to... yeah what you can see there and Marge gains even better curves ;)

Sorry if I have been slightly inconsistent with the Simpsons art style, I keep trying new things x)

Hope you Enjoy! 

wiseguy288 - 2 minutes ago

No, do that with Lisa.

Hereforvore - 36 minutes ago

Yes please!

Nocturn - 44 minutes ago

you should redo this comic with a unbirth version

where bart is left in too long and becomes a baby again after homer unloads on him

FoxKai - 1 hour ago

okay well i look forward to it.
The last lisa vore i saw the artsist stopped drawing it just when it got good.

LordVIP3R - 1 hour ago

I don't do m/f D: ... however, do expect some lisa stuff :3

pissed off (with piss)

Uploaded: 8 hours ago

Owner: shdingo

Tags: Non-Vore Pony piss Watersports My Little Pony Pinkie Pie Pissing Pinkamena Diane Pie

2 hour speed paint. just working on making sure it gets done fast. apologies for atrocious anatomy

stay sharp~ 

ublover1 - 4 hours ago

mmmmm can i be under her? :P

pissed off

Uploaded: 8 hours ago

Owner: shdingo

Tags: Anthro Non-Vore Pony My Little Pony Pinkie Pie Pinkamena Pinkamena Diane Pie

2 hour speed paint. just working on making sure it gets done fast. apologies for atrocious anatomy

stay sharp~ 

Lucky - 6 hours ago

That hand looks great though.

Simpsorama Bunny Vore

Uploaded: 8 hours ago

Owner: canime

Tags: M/F Transformation Futurama Simpsons

Newscaster from Futurama gets devoured by a bunny. 

four_fleets - 1 hour ago

By the look of the individual frames, I'd say a Xenomorph head-humper egg.

ublover1 - 4 hours ago

in need too see this what episode? lol

Misasura - 4 hours ago

What does that rabbit turn into after this?

reliuskaiser - 4 hours ago

What sorcery(and episode) is this?

BIGBIG-mart V2 (C)

Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: bigbig

Tags: Gulp Vore Sexy Stuffing F/? meat blonde Post-Vore Big Belly Female Prey Male Prey Female Pred Big Breasts big butt Mini Giantess belly bulge tight fit hand prints print High Heels greedy commissions bigbig huge pred face imprint

also sorry guys if i m moveing slowly with commissions but there are to many projects i wana make quickly before i go back to school o.o

Sinister asked about a nother version of dat sexy bellah with some prints on it x3 hope you like

an awsome commission for MrSinister1990
thanks for comming DOOD !!! high five for awsome commissions !!! o/

Sophie belongs to MrSinister1990
the butcher belongs to Sophies belly
all the nomy meat...
[ Continued ...

You Are What You Eat

Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: Rac0r

Tags: Vore Same Size BBW F/FF Big Belly Teenager implied fatality belly bulge Cheerleaders nerd girl face imprint

Damn those misleading posters! ^-^

Drawing some BBW's for once and also practiced some face imprints, which turned out well, at least in my eyes :D

Hopefully you gals and guys enjoy! ^-^ 

panolito - 12 minutes ago

Thats some great logic right there.

TW - 26 minutes ago

Fantastic job here.

Pixel - 1 hour ago

give her another dozen cheerleading squads, sooner or later she'll turn into a giant skinny cheerleader!

DoubleOSnake - 3 hours ago

Excellent Work! :D

VoreStories - 3 hours ago

Cheerleaders make the best meals ^^

Samurai Champloo Comic Page 3

Uploaded: 11 hours ago

Owner: SukiiK

Tags: Vore Digestion Inside F/M squish Crush Oral Micro/Macro gas Endosoma fuu

This is page 3 of the Samurai Champloo comic commission featuring Fuu!
I hope everyone likes it!

I wonder how this will turn out.... 

UnattainableSnack - 2 hours ago

Love this ^..^

Really can't wait to see the rest of this fun! ^<

Jaxed - 4 hours ago

Digestion and endo are mutually exclusive terms.

Redpod - 5 hours ago

nice digestgion= eje

89gierl - 6 hours ago

Also, not Endosoma.

89gierl - 6 hours ago

Sigh... It had promise too.

having fun

Uploaded: 13 hours ago

Owner: bigbig

Tags: Non-Vore Pony Pinkie Pie bigbig

never was a pony fan ...
but now she looks more fun

just a fast dummy sketch

soth_87 - 2 hours ago

Hah iz makes me laugh

gigaredpanther - 3 hours ago

Personally, my mind went to 'Havel'. Then again, it has been a little too long since I've last played Souls...

Xodiaq - 3 hours ago

The best pony of all time!

mMaffle - 4 hours ago

yes good.

Topazert - 6 hours ago

Dark Souls Pony! Very nice.

Ryla Kaiju

Uploaded: 16 hours ago


Tags: Monster Non-Vore Ryla Kaiju bioluminescence Multiple Tails Dreadlocks

Updated reference for the form Ryla took in the first chapter of 'The Rift Chronicles', and may or may not be able to take on again.

While most of her transformations are deliberate designs, this sixty ton behemoth was the result of raw emotion piecing together a form straight from her subconscious, designed solely for the purpose of battling other giant monsters.

The many spikes protruding from this form's joints are muscular anchor points, granting her enough...
[ Continued ...

DoubleOSnake - 3 hours ago

Awesome! Now I feel like watching Pacific Rim and Cloverfield. :D

Gabriel0813 - 9 hours ago

Now that is one awesome kaiju

DemonessClare - 15 hours ago

Really nice.

Queen's Bday "Cake" (internal)

Uploaded: 17 hours ago

Owner: TheAllSeeingEye

Tags: Vore Breasts F/M Big Belly full belly Internal View Male Prey Female Pred aria X-ray belly bulge Nude Female nude female vore Bday pic Queen Aria Birthday cake pieces

An another bday pic for my friend Wicked! Done by the fabulous Rose from her drive-thru stream!~ <3
Happy birthday Wicked! ^^ <3

And it's me! x3 lol
Who else were you expecting?

Art ©  VoraciousRose
Queen Aria ©  TheWickedKing 

Queen's Bday "Cake" (external)

Uploaded: 17 hours ago

Owner: TheAllSeeingEye

Tags: Vore Breasts F/M Big Belly full belly Female Pred aria belly bulge Nude Female nude female vore Bday pic Queen Aria

An another bday pic for my friend Wicked! Done by the fabulous Rose from her drive-thru stream!~ <3
Happy birthday Wicked! ^^ <3

Looks like Queen found her bday gift~
I wonder what it was....

Art ©  VoraciousRose
Queen Aria ©  TheWickedKing 

RavenXeo - 17 hours ago

Such pretty breasts<3

Legend of Jane Gif by BichNiga

Uploaded: 17 hours ago

Owner: xblurp

Tags: F/F Gift gif inside out vore Jane Porter Queen La Possession vore

Sorry it's not any new content, but some of you may remember that I had uploaded this onto my blog a while back. As of recent I felt it might be forgotten so I decided to upload it to my gallery. Hope you guys enjoy and it brings back fond memories XD.

Gift courtesy of BichNiga. Thanks again. 

xblurp - 7 hours ago

That is definitely true lol. Very surprising how well it does.

xblurp - 7 hours ago

I knowz sorry!

brandoismynameo - 9 hours ago

hahaha it works so well forward and in reversed

bichniga - 10 hours ago

Ey, took you quite some time to upload it :3

nephilim - 6 hours ago

Haha and he reserves the head for a kiss. This is amazing

raivun - 10 hours ago

Not my kinda thing

bigbig - 14 hours ago

i doo i doo xD latly only f/m xD

Ursa - 14 hours ago

do it dammit XD

bigbig - 17 hours ago

you making me want to draw lots and lots of f/m x-x

nephilim - 7 hours ago

Ah god yes. More of dis. Not enough people do this

Eaten alive

Uploaded: 18 hours ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: Snake Soft Vore Naga Skunk Lamia Post-Vore anaconda Nyoka

The host of a very silly upcoming Discover Channel special apparently got just what he wanted. Of course, he expected to be wearing an armored suit and not to be accompanied by the other three men of his crew, but hey, at least the program lived up to its name!

Now, if only someone had survived to film it. 

sharky - 2 hours ago

LOL.. I can only hope this is the outcome of the real special

MirceaKitsune - 4 hours ago

I laughed out loud... nicely put :)

Gloom - 5 hours ago

Hehehe, nice topical one ^^

Kiala_Tiagra - 6 hours ago

would be interesting to see the real life viewing of eaten alive though

Strega - 7 hours ago

The smart money says they will be lucky to get the snake to swallow the guy's head. There is virtually no chance it will manage to swallow him whole.

Cho is Waiting

Uploaded: 18 hours ago

Owner: Moon_Princess_Yue

Tags: Sexy Anime Night Non-Vore Female Naked manga moon Original Character

An OC of my werewolf, Cho. I'm trying to get used to drawing nude and smexy pictures. I swear vore art is on the way! You can find her profile here:

I also signed this with my deviantart name, for it is posted there too. 

DMDracoMoondragon - 15 hours ago

She's a real beauty! My main character Draco would likely get along well with her. ^^

acrylic - 15 hours ago


Page 1

Uploaded: 19 hours ago

Owner: PedoPuss

Tags: Non-Vore

And so the plot thickens. Hey!!, im working on getting my own site up, one that will help me keep up with my work and make it tons easier for you guys to keep up with my latest stuff, but don't worry, ill still be posting on her too <333 If you want to see the Demo site, go to im still working on it, and nothing works yet, but stay with me and ill have it working here soon <33 

Fenfen New form and present

Uploaded: 20 hours ago

Owner: silentfox

Tags: Unbirth Male Kitsune size difference Internal View Male Prey Female Pred Fennec Fox

A birthday gift picture for a friend on Second Life of their character and my character who she calls 'kitsy' since I'm a kitsune

Happy Birthday

Metal (another name my kitsune self goes by sometimes is my character)

Fenfen belongs to her respected owner 

Royal_Starlord - 18 hours ago