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Maia's Full

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: TaciturnTiger

Tags: Fox Vixen Foxgirl gurgling Post-Vore round belly Oral Soft Vore Vixen Pred

Yeah, I got nothing for the image name. =P Enjoy a vixen with a copious, digesting belly. 

luvboobies - 29 minutes ago

Lovely work

Look good doing it

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: shdingo

Tags: Pokemon Dawn Non-Vore Candice

Alright i should probably plan to paint next time i sit down. I have a violent edit to this in mind but i may put that off for a bit.

Stay Sharp~ 

Exotic Replicants 2

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: DrRobert

Tags: Unbirth Digestion F/F Same Size F/FF Unity Veil

Have you tried an antifungal for that? 

Assistant mishaps

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: Sparky_the_chu

Tags: Raccoon Micro Macro Pikachu Pokemon Paws Feet Stomp Non-Vore Crush Macro/Micro unaware science evil scientist

So Sparky lately really found a sweet friend in Doctor Omega, a cute and very intelligent racoon boy who wants to rule the world with his size-changing machines. Sparky got really fascinated by this and decided to become the cute coon's assistant...this also means some cruel macro/micro shenanigans may happen like in this case |3 sorry doc <3 

Comm - Picnic Part 3

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: EclairsCollection

Tags: Multiple Prey belly bulge Pokemon Vore

Third part of a commission for anonymous!

Ahh, but it's not the last... Stay tuned for one more~ 

Let's chew...Hard Vore

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: luckyB

Tags: Digestion Hard Vore Underage F/M loli Unwilling chewing Shrinking Shota Shrunken man yandere

Well, it's not the continuation from "Let's kiss" but I still wanna go with it. I need more time to make it since I'm still working on my school asgnmt.  

luckyB - 30 minutes ago

Nope! but I'm sure he gonna get brainwash and start to like them got eaten. :D I know I did..

Bags - 43 minutes ago

Do you think the boy is alright of her eating the guy?

luckyB - 45 minutes ago


luckyB - 45 minutes ago

I know.. I know.. XD

luckyB - 46 minutes ago

yup, good enough to chew her boyfriend's stepfather.. :3


Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: canime

Tags: Non-Vore streaming

Streaming in about 10 minutes. SFW for now. 

Traveling on a Full Stomach

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: Mukat

Tags: Vore Centaur Post-Vore Implied Digestion Monster girl Female Pred Centaur pred

Adelaide the centaur has a bit of a problem with over-indulging herself... but when tiny human livestock is so plentiful in her world, and you can pick up a bucket of tinies for pretty cheap, it's hard to say no!

Unfortunately, her belly doesn't like getting so many all at once-- even with each being a few inches in size, all those tinies add up quick and can pack a centaur's stomach quite full. 

RavenXeo - 1 hour ago

She is super cute~

Naga atempt

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: Big_D

Tags: Oral Vore Naga Bulge F/?

Just a quick still I did, Showing a naga type after a nice lunch


Keeping the Snacks in the Family.

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: TheSpazman

Tags: Vore Cock Vore cum digestion Cum Transformation

Got permission to upload the original version of this picture for Teckly !

Even more foxy slurpage! :3 

ZX1993 - 23 minutes ago


Gabriel0813 - 1 hour ago

I hop on in there for fun

MirceaKitsune - 2 hours ago

Really gorgeous :o

ChaoskampfNunc - 2 hours ago

Woohoo foxy slurpage is best slurpage

The Special Day 5/?

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: FidchellVore

Tags: Unbirth F/M vagina Unwilling Pred kishin Mustelid Stoat Nino Stoat Viola Stoat

Requested by Kishin, another semi long-term request featuring the stoat doctors. Takes place a couple days after the last comic "Playing with Food." Comic will center around unbirth.  

Nightcrawler99 - 1 hour ago

I think it would be awesome if after he is inside something goes wrong and he can't get beck out! ^^
Maybe have his wife try to help him get out but instead end up joining him, leaving the patient to her own devices.


Maybe you could make a UB one where his wife tricks him into entering a friend of hers womb, which she then enter herself so as to have some alone time with him. Meanwhile outside the friend would enjoy the feel of being full and go about doing various things while looking all preggers.

GUEST19216 - 2 hours ago

....he is lucky to have such a good wife :3

Panorama ?! by Zapor666

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: Zapor

Tags: POV Tongue Stomach Swallowing animation Teeth point of view 3D Render 3D Animation

Yeah, baby! I made a new step in the evolution of vore-video! Now you can not just watch - you can decide where to look - right in the throat, which is now on the go, or throw a last look out ...

Download the file:

- Unzip the file to any folder
- Set KolorEyes_win32_141_2015-03-09.exe (do not worry, the program is small and does not take up much space)
- Start...
[ Continued ...

bartek21 - 24 seconds ago

KolorEyes error kernel32.dll

Zapor - 1 hour ago

Just use a upper decoder. Default decoder suck.

ian66613 - 2 hours ago

The controls seem to be inverted for Kolor, much like controlling a plane of sorts, a bit annoying, but okay. Nice work so far though.

ian66613 - 2 hours ago

Just so you know, Windows Media Foundation (The default video decoder) will not work with the MP4 file you provided using Kolor Eyes without a codec package that integrates with WMF (IE: CCCP, ffdshow.)

Realmwars - 2 hours ago

Absolutely wonderful. Glad to be food for a lovely young woman.

Commission opened

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: Laughinman

I decided to take on some commissions so I opened 5 Slots.

This pic shows some pricing.

Lineart only is 20 USD and includes 2 character (prey and pred). Every additional character is 10 USD

Color Version is 40 $ and also includes 2 character. Additional character are 15 USD.

You can choose any character, I even offer myself as prey character if you want. 

Laughinman - 1 hour ago

Yes, thats me.

Onepiecelover - 2 hours ago

the profil picture are you this ? :D

You Like it?

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: Levin

Tags: Belly Soft Vore Big Belly Bulges Female Pred Big Breasts belly bulge boobs.

Just wanted to draw a lady, flaunting her stuff. So here you go! :D 

Don't Eat the Blue Candy - page 06

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: ndnode

Tags: Comic Inflation Commission Red Wolfette Ndnode Gamer314

Story Time Kiddy's!

commissioned by Gamer314  

Gabriel0813 - 1 hour ago

Oh dear fucking god she going to be come a giant purpile blimp

GUEST19216 - 2 hours ago

...welp.....seems it was never perfected

testuser - 2 hours ago

Gah gotta think up a murderous candy song to go with this DX

Paraffine - 3 hours ago

Wolfette sitting there, with her slowly expanding belly. There is something special to that scene, great stuff.
My guess is, the unending chewable gum works by turning the one chewing it into gum as well. But, that's just a guess >_> Now, are there other colours of gum and what do the other colours do... <_<... >_>...

kidclef - 3 hours ago

I'm getting absolutely glorious mental images of murderous hordes of Oompa Loompas.

Don't Eat the Blue Candy - page 05

Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: ndnode

Tags: Comic Inflation Commission Red Wolfette Ndnode Gamer314

first a colour change now Red's belly?! what's Going on?!

commissioned by Gamer314 

Firstfate - 1 hour ago

I totally saw this coming :P

GUEST19216 - 2 hours ago

.....hmmmm this seems familiar from a certain movie XD

runner - 3 hours ago

Never eat strange food

Don't Eat the Blue Candy - page 04

Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: ndnode

Tags: Comic Commission Red candy Wolfette Ndnode Gamer314

uh oh.....looks like that was a bad idea Red...

commissioned by Gamer314 

Firstfate - 1 hour ago

Called it! ^.^


Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: Sharue

Tags: Non-Vore

Lost in thought:

It was early morning, the sun had not yet come up over the lip of the horizon. The band of Marines were loosely gathered out on the tarmac waiting for their freedom bird. It had been nine long months and one major operation, some claim that it was the heaviest fighting since Vietnam. Everyone was eager to head home.

I was upbeat and had a smile on my face, today my unit was being cycled back state side. I would get to see my mate as well as leave this...
[ Continued ...

thedragon - 3 hours ago

God bless the soldiers that fight for our freedom God bless

SkyCastle - 3 hours ago

Such a well written piece. Everyone should read this today.

thedragon - 3 hours ago


Project: Pinup summer 1/4

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: Malyna

Tags: Non-Vore Pinup swimsuit

Yada yada swimsuit pinups for friends, characters Zaniah belonging to Zalzas and Ryla to Gregore. Beach fun! 

Malyna - 13 minutes ago

Bad Grey kitty D:

Demicus - 31 minutes ago

Cute kitty! She and my kitty Grey would get along well I bet~

...till my kitty gets hungry anyway. :P

Firstfate - 1 hour ago

I swear I've seen that over on tumblr somewhere....

nomnomvore - 4 hours ago

Kitty going to get nommed =3=

Kreeyz - 4 hours ago

Cute ones :D

incoming Muscle Growth

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: MomijiTheDeer

Tags: Pec Vore


[RFE] Darya Scene_Animation

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: mephistoVII

Tags: animation Sprite Human Prey RPG Maker Harpy Pred [RFE]

Well everyone it's been quite a long time since I posted something here, so here's a Scene_Animation from my game. Will probably post more of these on the future as I progress in the game, hope you all like it. 

coldsteelj - 2 hours ago

Omg, this awesome sprite animation you want to use in the game? Woah! May I ask if it would be real to play like predator in this game or only like victim? ^-^

mephistoVII - 5 hours ago

Yeah that block was bad, but this time I already planned all the game in advance, so it won't happen again.

Ryuu27 - 5 hours ago

Okay, then I'm happy. Anyway, you seem to push much further than the previous version. Be careful not to end up blocking a second time. x)

mephistoVII - 5 hours ago

No need to worry about it, there will be text. Glad that you liked it.

Ryuu27 - 5 hours ago

it's nice, but just a quick question. In the game in question, this will just animations like this one, or there will be text? Personally I prefer when there is the text. :)

Halloween Fun Slide

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: BronzeBanana

Tags: POV Mawshot sora M/? kingdom hearts Male Pred giant male

I'm not good with American holidays, so I'm just going to assume this is season appropriate. 

BronzeBanana - 1 hour ago

It's always time for spookiness.

BronzeBanana - 2 hours ago

Enjoy the ride!

BronzeBanana - 2 hours ago

Yeah I know. I was just joking around because the choice of costume is kinda random. ;)

TransDimetroPolitan - 4 hours ago

Eh, close enough c:

milkysuisei - 4 hours ago

actually october 31 is halloween but nice work

Daz AV "Climbing in"

Uploaded: 7 hours ago

Owner: Big_D

Tags: Anal Vore human/human female/female vore 3D Animation willing prey?

My second Daz creation, this time with hair and clothing


Pinhead2212 - 6 hours ago



Uploaded: 9 hours ago

Owner: chubbyjam

Tags: Vore My Little Pony Pinkie Pie Fluttershy

Coloured upon request! 

Taggyy95 - 7 hours ago

yay, nice!! ^3^

ublover1 - 9 hours ago

pinkie has one irrestable ass :3

Killing the Undead

Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: ilbv

Tags: fire Dragon Predator Non-Vore zombie wings Undead Killing arrow steampunk Cinder ilbv

Taking a break from traditional means of Dragon Abilities, Cinder went all steampunk-ish to do away with the zombie furs.

Art © aptainzepto
Cinder ©  ilbv


Uploaded: 11 hours ago

Owner: ilbv

Tags: Giant Male Anthro strong Bovine Non-Vore Muscle minotaur bull buff bare chest Beefy Garth

He is either going to throttle you or take you into his body. Either way, take me! My body is ready.

Art © skaylez
Garth ©  ilbv

Where is that kid

Uploaded: 11 hours ago

Owner: ilbv

Tags: Giant Male Anthro strong Bovine Non-Vore Muscle minotaur bull buff bare chest Beefy Garth

Garth doesn’t exactly worry, but when I don’t show up for him, he can get annoyed or a little concerned. The only reason I’d not show up for Garth would be if I was detained and unable to get away, so yes basically if I was eaten.

Art © shakingbacon
Garth ©  ilbv  

Talon Experiment

Uploaded: 11 hours ago

Owner: ilbv

Tags: Predator Non-Vore ocean Fish Shark Aquatic talon Great White Shark ilbv

I drew Talon with a pencil on a sheet of lined paper and then went over it with a black marker and scanned it and contrasted out everything and only the black marker lines stayed and I colored it all up with GIMP 2 

Leaf (Cutaway)

Uploaded: 11 hours ago

Owner: Lampton

Tags: Pokemon F/M Red Leaf

Here's an extra Kanto pic! Wanted to have one of Leaf as pred after all those gym leaders.

Now I'm going to take a break from Pokémon and draw other stuff for a while.

Woo messy cutaway. :> 

OmnicidalZero - 4 hours ago

You're getting really good at this. And you're stepping away from Pokemon to draw other stuff? Good, I'ma throw in a casual suggestion of Final Fantasy girls, then.

Artemis - 6 hours ago

This just made my morning. Love it, love it and love it.

The K - 7 hours ago

Those stomach juices. They are so amazing.

VoreStories - 7 hours ago

Lampton is the king of PokeGirl vore. No doubt about it,

VoreStories - 7 hours ago

He looks so confused.


Uploaded: 11 hours ago

Owner: Lampton

Tags: Pokemon F/M Red Leaf

Here's an extra Kanto pic! Wanted to have one of Leaf as pred after all those gym leaders.

Now I'm going to take a break from Pokémon and draw other stuff for a while. 

DeadStrategicCactus - 2 hours ago

Didn't expect you to give Leaf a break like that. So since you're taking a break from Pokémon, what's next on your agenda?

CratedCheese - 4 hours ago

She's finally on the right side of the fork!

RavenXeo - 5 hours ago

I love her 'struggling to walk' stance~

The K - 7 hours ago

Through her Kanto travels, Leaf learned the move Vore. Her belly looks great. Nicely round.

VoreStories - 7 hours ago

And the prey has become the pred!

No Survivors - Cover Art

Uploaded: 12 hours ago

Owner: satanhymn666

Tags: Non-Vore Title cover art

The thumbnail for this series. Figured I may as well upload it along with the stories. Kinda like the album art to the songs, you know? 

Aurati Muscle Attempt

Uploaded: 12 hours ago

Owner: ilbv

Tags: Sexy Sketch Dragon Anthro drawing Predator doodle Non-Vore Muscle Hot Hungry pet buff shirtless bare chest abs Predatory ilbv Western Dragon Pecs Beefcake Aurati Draetlan

Wanted to see how well I could do at drawing muscles without any kind of visual references…turns out I really need them, and even then I may not be good at it.

At least Aurati really liked it *embarrassed human is embarrassed*

Art ©  ilbv
Aurati © aurati~draetlan


Uploaded: 12 hours ago

Owner: deman

Tags: Non-Vore Taur lulu magical mindy sad

RIP Mindy. we will all miss you so much

just so we know i mean the character, not the player  

ZX1993 - 25 minutes ago

You will be missed mindy.

ublover1 - 11 hours ago

rest in peace mindy

piioniic - 11 hours ago

oh no how this happend?

Gunbot1333 - 11 hours ago

Bye bye Mindy :(

x9comega - 11 hours ago

Mindy v.v

Tumble her

Uploaded: 12 hours ago

Owner: PedoPuss

Tags: Non-Vore

Hey guys, im going to be posting most of my non-vore related content on tumbler, so be sure to check that out <3 

RavenXeo - 5 hours ago


xblurp - 12 hours ago

Tumbler-chan? I just really like the blue.

Slime Booty

Uploaded: 13 hours ago

Owner: Suibelly

Tags: Belly Slime Pregnancy Non-Vore Female Butt Slimegirl

The bootiest slime girl in all the land. 

TinyHero - 1 hour ago

*stares* "a slime is slime, so it's best to not fall for any of it's tricks, or else you'll fall into it..." *poke* *poke*

VoreStories - 1 hour ago

Nice =D

Suibelly - 2 hours ago

Like a 3.7 on the booty scale.

Suibelly - 2 hours ago

You probably also wouldn't get your hand back.~

RavenXeo - 5 hours ago

So much jiggle... if i slapped it i dont think it'd stop for weeks~

Eating A Mouse

Uploaded: 13 hours ago

Owner: Azathura00

Tags: Wolf M/M Mouse ejaculation belly bulge cock erect Ballsack

Yup. Om nom nom. Cheesy :3 

LightSpeed - 4 hours ago

Murrr... hawt Wolfy! ^w^ Wouldn't mind being next. ^.~

Azathura00 - 4 hours ago

Oh yes! <3

Azathura00 - 4 hours ago

>xD! <3!

Amnael - 11 hours ago

looks like someone really enjoys eating x3

DeathRize - 12 hours ago

awww... destroy the mouse <3 <3 c:

Wink from Within

Uploaded: 13 hours ago

Owner: ilbv

Tags: Vore Belly Dragon Human Male Anthro M/M Inside Predator Master Muscle Prey Swallowed Hungry pet shirtless dragon/human abs ilbv Western Dragon Pecs

Eaten by a Dragon that likes to have me as its Master, figure that one out.

A really sweet gift by my Dragon pet though.

Art © dakotapup
Me ©  ilbv
Aurati © aurati~draetlan

Dreamings of Ira

Uploaded: 13 hours ago

Owner: ilbv

Tags: Macro Tongue Belly Dragon Human Male Anthro Predator Large Prey Slurp dream bed Pre-Vore Hungry friend scared bedroom ilbv ira

So I had a dream where I was sitting beside Ira and we were talking about the life of his creator and we were having friendly conversation. Then I woke up in my dream and was sitting on my bed wanting Ira to be real.

I was going to attempt that in this drawing but right as I started I knew I wouldn’t have enough space on my paper to fit in Ira’s whole body (I am the worst for trying to get a full body on a page) and it turned into this, so…yeah my fantasies with a good friend...
[ Continued ...

Varg Cuddle

Uploaded: 13 hours ago

Owner: ilbv

Tags: Macro Love Dragon Human Male Anthro Non-Vore Prey Pre-Vore cuddle snuggle muzzle nuzzle ilbv friendly Varg

I tried to draw some different Dragons today and it was a lot harder than I thought.

At least in this one Varg will understand what is going on, we have muzzle snuggles frequently.

I need more art of this wonderful soul!

Varg © va0027
Art ©  ilbv

Eissen - 13 hours ago


steelbrony13 - 13 hours ago

he's cute~

had be a strange day after the Gala. The news of Discord and the
Smooze was speading across the kingdom, being the major topic between
many, a mare was almost sent to another dimention, can you believe
that? But, the mare that had nearly been thrown cross-dimension was
here in Ponyville, off behind Fluttershy's cottage, and I was staring
at her. She was...oddly cute, with her hums...and Eeeeeeeeeeee's.
Heh...I wonder how hard she hits the maple.
with that, I shook my head and trotted

Mango Munchies

Uploaded: 14 hours ago

Owner: Eissen

Tags: Scat Digestion Same Size Unwilling writing My Little Pony Original Character disposal treehugger

Whelp, to celebrate the opening of muh Eka's (Gasp.) I'm posting the only story I have saved to this comp :D Enjoy. I'll be writing more (With different FETISHES.) I Know, not just vore, and what not. ANyway, contains same size noms, digestion, hippie horses, and descriptive disposal. Read at your own risk, and did I mention hippie horses? 

Eissen - 5 hours ago

Yush, Shes awesome :D

SmaxTheDestroyer - 5 hours ago

Tree Hugger makes a surprisingly good pred. She's adorable!

Eissen - 6 hours ago

Who knows, maybe. Just depends. I'm kinda wanting to do more stuff then just with Eissen. Y'know, more canon pones and what not.

Braeburnt - 8 hours ago

Hmm cx I just wanna say, I really like the writing and all, it was a really good read, I loved the description in it and everything, just, hmm, I'm weird x3 I'm not really a fan of F/M, and I've been always kinda weird with Eissen prey, however, I know it is your thing x3 so I'm not asking you to stop, just seeing if you'd consider doing like a M/F with Eissen pred. However if you don't, that is perfectly fine, I'm not gonna force you or anything, especially cause I'm not sure if you even like it, keep up the good work! I'm glad to see more Tree Hugger pred is showing up

Eissen - 13 hours ago

-nod- Alot of my stuff tends to be short as of now, as its what I'm comfortable with writing. Hopefully it'll grow bigger as I do more!

Cleavage Absorption

Uploaded: 14 hours ago

Owner: Nitro_Titan

Tags: F/M Absorption Demoness Cleavage Vore Mini Giantess naked prey large woman

Commission for Tabris 

ZX1993 - 24 minutes ago

Me next!

ZX1993 - 24 minutes ago

I agree.

TinyHero - 1 hour ago

I bet you there is a story behind this one XD

ublover1 - 11 hours ago

time too become the best breast ever :3

DeathRize - 12 hours ago

lovely way to die... *///~////*