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Hack Vore 2

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: Xodiaq

Tags: Pokemon F/? Weavile glorp Xodiaq Hack the Weavile

I haven’t drawn Hack in a while, so here she is after makin a meal out of a yummy lil Dratini.


nnickerson100 - 1 hour ago

nick: hi there.

RavenXeo - 1 hour ago

She is still very cute<3

Strollin' for Ice Cream

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: Lucky

Tags: Breasts Non-Vore hippo Nipples beach fanart Ice cream Canid jugs Tanya Herro tight fit Areola fans Hippodragon TITZ Gazoingas Hippo Dragon Gazongas Fun bags

 Herro and Tanya go for a stroll to get ice cream at the beach.

Herro just tends to draw a crowd.
Fanart for  Herro. Posted as a surprise. So it may come down? *Shrug*
Check out her FA:



PyroOutlander - 7 minutes ago

of course she knows what to strut and show to make all the boys follow

Shyguy9 - 57 minutes ago


martyr - 1 hour ago

Hah, took me a while to see the "I turned myself into ice cream for you!" guy. xD

Ridwanwolf - 1 hour ago

-Seeminglessly joins to never ending fan club-

ChaoskampfNunc - 1 hour ago

Hehehe I'm pretty sure she does always draw such a crowd :P

Daily Stream time

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: Sketchwork

Tags: Sketch streaming stream Sketchwork

Coloring commission comic pages 

New Comic "Great Feast"

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: Malezor

Tags: Comic Wolf Naked Conall

A new vore comic that is been posted on my Patreon. I do believe this comic will be one of my best, if not the best, vore comic I will have done so far.

It will focus Conall as the main character and it will have lots of vore, I mean really really really lots of vore, with both male and female characters in the story.

This is just a sneak peak of the comic of course, as you can tell the image has been cut.

Join and get access to my galleries of...
[ Continued ...

VincentShadowScale - 1 hour ago

hmm... really really really lots of vore? I am intrigued~

ChaoskampfNunc - 1 hour ago

Oooohhh I am hype for this now :3

Stream Vote 3! (Warm-ups, Cock Vore)

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: KrasnyiKoiot

Tags: Wolf Anthro Cock Vore Jackal cum digestion coffee H/H Coffee Shop Casual fluids reformation unknown Implied Cum Digestion precum lewd casual vore Predatory nonchalance nonchalance Fatal?

As seen here:


A side-striped jackal and a wolf out together for coffee decide to have a staring contest!

...In the jackal's defense, it's not cheating if it isn't mentioned in the rules! ...As far as she's concerned.


Thanks again for everyone that participated in the vote, ha. It was a fun one, and pretty relaxing as a de-stressor!

I'm keeping these two....
[ Continued ...

KrasnyiKoiot - 13 minutes ago

Very, very, very high population. Couples have litters, et al~!

Leika - 16 minutes ago

How do they ever get to this age, anyway?

KrasnyiKoiot - 33 minutes ago

Hyeee, thankye' much! They're just too fun to draw, aaaaa~! n//n

Tysia - 35 minutes ago

I've always adored your casual vore pieces. They're so good. Great work as usual!

KrasnyiKoiot - 42 minutes ago

^This is what happens when you type a sentence in the middle of a virus scan, folks ;~;


Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: KrasnyiKoiot

Tags: Cock Vore gurgling gurgles hyper Cheetah Hyperphallic M/multiple prey fluids Implied Cum Digestion hyper cock Hyper cock vore Cougar Pred

As seen here:

Stream commission for Maloo and KiznaOh, featuring Maloo stuck with a case of the 'just one mores.'

...Featuring Kizna's cheetah self and what looks to be a taur and another anthro already stuffed away. What could one more hurt?

Maloo is found here.
Kizna is found here. ...
[ Continued ...


Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: KrasnyiKoiot

Tags: Vore Bulge F/? nekkid Unwilling Prey Poojawa Kitsune Poojawa Naked Female vore belly Anthro Pred

As seen here:

Stream commission for Poojawa, of the purplesune having just done what it is she does.

Character is  Poojawa

Art's by me. 

...Do as Romans Do

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: DoesNotExist

Tags: Gryphon Gay Cum Unwilling My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Post Sex Gryphon Pred

Of course, the evidence must be disposed of somehow. And what way is better than this?

Second part of this pic: 

ike1 - 25 minutes ago

can we have these with the blood removed?

They're great, but the blood kinda kills it for me.

AnotherAnon - 1 hour ago

Great! Looking forward to it.

DoesNotExist - 1 hour ago

I think there might be one or two coming after this. Basic post, and a little disposal of a type I don't think gets seen around here very much.

AnotherAnon - 1 hour ago

Awesome! Can't believe I'm the only one commenting on your stuff. Should we expect a post-vore picture?

Nurse eating a rectangular breakfast pastry

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: Art$avage

Tags: Food Throat Swallowing F/? size difference nurse throat bulge Sentient Food Sentient Regular Food side view food vore poptart sentient object

A rather large discussion exploded from this one commercial, and I had my tablet active at the time.

Does this even count if it's anthropomorphized food?

For those who check the "latest updates", for some reason my animations haven't been showing up in the feed. 

DireZyre - 52 minutes ago

Wow, they are reaaaally going crazy over there

CratedCheese - 58 minutes ago

The commercial

Shady_Knight - 1 hour ago

Can I get a link to that thread or commercial, please?

TinyHero - 2 hours ago

Thank god for regeneration, otherwise I would have ended up as that guy lol X3

RavenXeo - 2 hours ago

How wonderful...reminds me of the cheese advert where a monster jumps out of a river and swallows a girl listening to her headphones and you can still hear the muffled music outside..

A Present For A Princess

Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: EmissaryOfRainbows

Tags: Unbirth F/F Same_size Bulge Sex lesbian yuri pussy juices Adventure Time belly bulge marceline Princess Bubblegum stomach bulging female predator sexy

Some lesbian sex/unbirth featuring Marceline and Princess Bubblegum as a late Valentine's Day story

Co-written/preview image done by

Sinthearchmage - 1 hour ago

all i beed seeing latly is marceline and bubblegum lesbian stuff like is it a new treand these days?

You heave a loud sigh and turn away
from them. You didn’t want to prove an irritation to ponies like
that. Besides, they were walking away from the smoke. If they’d
already passed that way it had to be relatively safe. You pull
yourself up and watch them slowly become smaller as they walk off and
into the distance. You can’t help but think about that odd couple
and the place they had mentioned: Fort Daisy. You make a note of it
on your Pip Buck so you can ask about it to somepony else late

FOE:DT Part Four (Path B)

Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: Cainiam

Tags: Pony Implied Digestion implied vore My Little Pony Interactive Friendship is Magic choices Fallout Equestria Dusty's Trails

Once again apologies for the delay! This was the second most voted for choice, so since the first ended so badly for Dust, this is the one that becomes the canon path as it were. Also I added the project title to the parts so they make more sense when found through tag browsing and such! Anyway, onto the choices!

Possible Choices:
1. That restroom might still be functional. I mean, it might at least have a clean-ish hole to let Sheilds out in.
2. Always a chance that...
[ Continued ...

DEMONvsOWL - 11 minutes ago

I vote 3A

silverspec - 30 minutes ago


TheGreatSako - 2 hours ago

My vote goes to 4A!

Vraddock - 3 hours ago

4 and A! You own this place now, and you shit where you please!

Softpony - 3 hours ago

I vote 3. I'd vote at least B, but I'd be alright with C. Definitely not A.

Also, I saw that bad end! I vote for having some details from the outsider's perspective. Just not a lot of super graphic sex.

LOVING the story so far! Can't wait to eat somepony!

You see them walking away and
quickly realise they’re your only lifeline out here. You need
allies, friends! You don’t know anypony, and you didn’t get shot
in the face so they must be somewhat decent! You break into a gallop,
quickly catching up with them. “H-hey! Mind if I… stick with you
guys?” you ask.
The unicorn looks you over again,
his expression more tired. “We do not require a travelling
companion,” he said plainly. “Don’t follow us.”
You feel your lip tremble, bu

FOE:DT Part Four (Path A)

Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: Cainiam

Tags: Oral Vore Vore Fatal Pony Implied Digestion Unwilling Prey My Little Pony Interactive Friendship is Magic choices Fallout Equestria Dusty's Trails

Well, it was bound to happen at some point! Here's our first bad end! Sorry about the delay for a day, had things going on. I'll try and do these daily, but one every two days will happen occasionally unfortunately.

There actually is surprisingly going to be a vote here. You see, I was wondering how much people want me to go into bad ends like this. Mostly related to the acts of digestion and disposal. So this is just the consumption with a little ending paragraph to say what...
[ Continued ...

silverspec - 24 minutes ago


TheGreatSako - 34 minutes ago

My vote is for disposal, B!

silverspec - 1 hour ago

(I am perfectly happy with these types of tangents) ^_^

silverspec - 1 hour ago

Ah yes. I mean, shoot! Shoud've known better than to trust a couple of wasteland strangers. Hehe

DEMONvsOWL - 2 hours ago

B, you do such good disposal endings

A Ship

Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: Alldahluvlybad1s

Tags: Cute Pregnancy Non-Vore ship kiss pregnant with child otp

Ichigo belongs to my Friend Kanra 

New character : Larima

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: Kreeyz

Tags: Character Mermaid Non-Vore Larima

Hello !

TIme to introduce a new character of mine : Larima. She's still in the works for her background and story but it will be a switch char that could be played at human or micro size too :) 

RavenXeo - 2 hours ago

She seems a little ditsy but adorable..

eusuna - 3 hours ago

A mermaid. Didn't see that coming.
She looks nice. with thaat blue color.

Gumdrop - 4 hours ago

I'll be looking forward to that. She seems like a fun gal :3

Kreeyz - 4 hours ago

It's just the character 'introduction' but in fact I have more pictures of her in the works where you'll see more of her :)

Gumdrop - 4 hours ago

The hair makes her look a bit... Well, dense. I like that, though. Wonder what she's like...

Officer Terra on night patrol!

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: Terraaah

Tags: Catgirl Feline Non-Vore BBW latex rubber big butt dickgirl shemale Rubber Suit big ass

YAAAA! I felt like making a quick doodle of officer Terra again!!

So yeah! Here we have...Terra climbing up the ladders onto a helicopter after a successful police mission or something! Or maybe she just went to buy donuts! Who knows. 

lilsexysin97 - 1 hour ago

I didn't even know that was a baton. I thought that was her tail XD

RavenXeo - 2 hours ago

Shes still so silly >.<

Lucky - 2 hours ago

Her butt could use a couple more donuts. <3

Sexy as always! I like how shiny she is. She must spend a good amount of time polishing her uniform.

Terraaah - 4 hours ago

XD Unfortunately ''ordinary'' isn't really a word you can often combine with my designs. And I'm pretty sure you are already aware of that.

SO EH! I dont think its THAT odd! X3

Terraaah - 4 hours ago

Yeeeah. It was like a 2 hour thing. I didnt clean the lineart a ton and stuff like that. It came out fine yes! But it couldave been better if I had put more time into it!

And yes! It's like a second skin! But more durable to protect Terra from the evils of the world! And thankies!! Glad to hear you like it! And well noticed!


Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: Mukat

Tags: Non-Vore Terkati Mukat character profile ter`kati species profile original species

After a bit of thought, I’ve decided to reboot my Understanding the Ter`kati series, improve the artwork, and go into more depth about the world, the culture, and the physiology of my original species. This should give you a hint of what to expect as we move forward!

If you’d like to support me doing more original work, please consider supporting my Patreon! Doing so will allow me to focus on my own worlds and stories and not have...
[ Continued ...

Datahog - 4 hours ago

Very nice! Glad to see more work in that series.

Vore Institute: Joshua

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: calvinj100

Tags: Non-Vore joshua Promotional Art Vore Institute

Life and death means nothing in this interdimensional school, where even the deceased can find the knowledge of a thousand worlds. Why is this guy such a prick though?

Vore Institute is a brand new webcomic from AVI Art, a group of friends seeking to change the conversation on this fascinating trope of fiction. But we need your help to make this a sustainable reality!

Come by for the launch of our Patreon page! Also be sure...
[ Continued ...

Karma's a Bitch

Uploaded: 6 hours ago

Owner: Straxacore

Tags: Unbirth Digestion F/M Fatal seduction cunnilingus teacher Unwilling Prey Oral Sex Paralysis Student disposal femdom Student/Teacher human/human high school Drugged Painful death.

After taking out his aggression on not only some poor love struck kid but also his long suffering Jeremy was due a lesson in karma and isn’t that what teachers are for, at least a certain chemistry teacher thinks so.
It doesn’t take much to get a horny high schooler alone and vulnerable and Miss Winters is very adept at it.

A fatal unbirth story about why it’s not only bad but deadly to be mean to others.

Please comment and fav if you like it. Also...
[ Continued ...

madsci - 1 hour ago

This begs for a sequel - honestly! Fantastic!

puck5 - 2 hours ago

Good story.

Tysia - 5 hours ago

Oooh, an unbirth story. Awesome!

Beware, the pony babies are back!

Uploaded: 6 hours ago

Owner: Chrysaor

Tags: Belly Cute Drool F/M My Little Pony dummy adorable kid Learner the draggy Lilyah the wyverness Starbeam the potionist Leanne the Ponyvern Reyson the tri-Pegasus

Good evening ^.=.^! Here is a new idea featuring the possible children of Chris and Lilyah 83! For the new ones, they are called Reyson (The left one) and Leanne (The right one) =3. This time, our Chris decided to keep the concept of ponyvern only for Leanne, he let Reyson quite more normal x3. This is in fact a little wink to Lilyah, since Reyson is also a name she used to call a Seraphim in one the story she wrote (actually my favorite one).

So, about Chris' son, you noticed that...
[ Continued ...


Uploaded: 6 hours ago

Owner: creamdrops

Tags: Vore M/M Same Size hair vore femboy Male Pred

Commission for Tabris  

Bitter - 4 hours ago

Oh my, *yes*.

Bright - 5 hours ago


ironman362 - 6 hours ago

Love the hair :)

protoka - 6 hours ago

Not a hair vore fan, but absolutely beautiful artwork.

ChaoskampfNunc - 6 hours ago

Oh Faviel~ Such a tease ;3

Gia Ref

Uploaded: 6 hours ago

Owner: cows

Tags: Tongue Pokemon Belly Stomach Slime Chubby Gut Maw Non-Vore Female BBW Butt lady hips Pokemorph Gia Axlwisp goodra Goodra girl

Artwork by  Axlwisp

SO I've had a Goodra gal in mind for a while, and, well, it was finally brought to life thanks to the talented paws of Axlwisp.

Any questions feel free to ask, and hopefully there'll be more of her soon~ 

cows - 4 hours ago

Not much~

jonathan123 - 4 hours ago

do you ever rp?

cows - 4 hours ago

careful how deep you sink~

jonathan123 - 4 hours ago

Daaaw must huggle

cows - 5 hours ago

I for one praise our new goodra queens

Trisha Ref

Uploaded: 7 hours ago

Owner: cows

Tags: Furry Breasts Pokemon Belly Stomach Anthro Gut Maw Non-Vore Female BBW Reference lady Mawile Pokemorph reference sheet trisha expressions Axlwisp

Artwork by  Axlwisp

A coloration and edit of the old ref, to better lend itself for future pics~ Enjoy some funfacts about her on there as well~ 

SizzleAndMelt - 5 hours ago

In that case, I'll stay put. Besides, she gets more out of it than I do.

ChaoskampfNunc - 5 hours ago

The consequences are likely to be severe and totally unseen <3

cows - 5 hours ago

Probably pretty panicked~ She's not really a pred by her choice, but, if you were adamant about staying, it'd be easier for her to resign~

SizzleAndMelt - 5 hours ago

Well, what would she feel about me refusing to get out?

cows - 5 hours ago

Well, she'd try to get you out, but, if things got complicated, mhmm~

Breaking (bones) and Entering (Heaven)

Uploaded: 7 hours ago

Owner: cows

Tags: Breasts F/F Bunny Cow loli IkazayimAkodon schoolgirl Bunny girl Breast Vore size difference cow girl tits vore Megan loli prey owlizard Cowdemi bunnydemi

Artwork by Owlizard

A short little comic by Owlizard, showing Megans dedication to helping her little bunny friend out~ Pushing her way in when she's sad to try and comfort her!

This Comic was funded by, and Midori belongs to,  IkazayimAkodon

testuser - 5 hours ago

Yup ^^

cows - 5 hours ago

For everyone involved~

cows - 5 hours ago

She's lost in that deep valley now~

testuser - 5 hours ago

What a happy ending ^^

LillyBells - 7 hours ago

poor little bunny girl, smashed by giant breasts xD


Uploaded: 7 hours ago

Owner: Alastair

Tags: Macro Giant Feet destruction Giantess foot Blood Non-Vore Fatal city Crush crushing walking mega macro City Destruction Casual rubble footprint Footprints megamacro mega-macro stride senseless

Over the horizon, an uncaring titan strides towards a helpless city... without a single concern for its people or well-being.

A quick, non-vore story which was inspired mostly by the wonderful mega-macro art of Ochiko Terada. If you don't know of his (I assume he's a he) art, you owe it to yourself to check it out. He's pretty much without equal in the field of mega-macro, IMO.

I wanted to capture a similar sense of causal mass death-and-destruction so frequently...
[ Continued ...

A Loving Hug

Uploaded: 7 hours ago

Owner: TheAllSeeingEye

Tags: Furry Love Non-Vore mousegirl hugs mouse girl loving hugging Amira TheAllSeeingEye Sally Hayes

A special pic done for my friend Amira! aka x9comega
Featuring her & her friend Sally Hayes x3
What better way for 2 friends to show their love for one another than to give each other a nice, loving hug~

Did this as a request they made, an gave it a valentines theme since it was around the corner x3
Actually like how this came out, being the first time I've drawn an anthro. Also messed around with some other techniques >w<

Art ©...
[ Continued ...


Uploaded: 7 hours ago

Owner: SeekGr

Tags: Non-Vore animation Rape Tentacle penetration gif Internal View nipple fuck aniamted


Draegonx - 1 hour ago

Bad 80s movie joke XD

hero097 - 4 hours ago

you're enjoying making these animations arent you?

Drizztt44 - 5 hours ago

Lil R&R never hurt anyone

SeekGr - 5 hours ago


SeekGr - 5 hours ago


Open Up

Uploaded: 8 hours ago

Owner: owlizard

Tags: unaware Breast Vore

comic com for  IkazayimAkodon 

HeroSoulSword - 7 hours ago

How utterly ridiculous! *shot*

ChaoskampfNunc - 8 hours ago

Silly moo cows, always so oblivious when someone gets shoved up into their boobs

Games page 2

Uploaded: 8 hours ago

Owner: Jevera

Tags: Comic Non-Vore Pre-Vore Centauress woods medieval mountains Bright Jevera

Commission for Bright featuring my character Jevera. 

Little Witches 4 (F/M, Absorption, FTP)

Uploaded: 8 hours ago

Owner: negi

Tags: F/M Absorption vagina loli Transformation Willing FTP shota prey

Madame <Butterfly> Beatrice: Lieutenant, what's the progress?

Lieutenant: It's complete Madam, Magus #256 Samuel has been successfully integrated into Lillinette <the Sparrow>, no abnormalities (can't believe that drooling sex was once a boy).

Madame <Butterfly> Beatrice: Excellent, release her from those bindings and make sure that she reports in for Archwitch special training tomorrow morning 6 AM sharp.

Lieutenant: But Madam......
[ Continued ...

dagar - 1 hour ago

That seems to work out, but it just feels very... bleak. Just a dark way to go about it. Still great art and story behind it though!

negi - 2 hours ago

On a localised level, yes. On a global scale, no. Vagrants are typically motivated by selfish reasons and are typically disorganised. If The Order is the government, then Vagrants are criminal gangs. However, there are powerful Vagrants throughout history that have posed a serious threat to The Order, both in strength and leadership.

Readasaur - 2 hours ago

Would the Vagrant Witches ever try to conquer the Silver Order for their Magi?
Or would they realize that would be short-sighted?

negi - 3 hours ago

Hi Dagar, I guess I did not explain the whole concept clearly. The soul is not destroyed per se, which is why I avoided using the term "soul digestion". To put it simply, the soul is repurposed. Imagine if you were reincarnated as a cat, won't you identify as a cat (and indirectly your soul)? Now imagine if you were reincarnated as someone's pussy, won't you identify yourself as one both on a physical and spiritual level?

dagar - 7 hours ago

As much as I love absorption and soul vore, the total disolution of the soul into nothingness is a sad way for these to end. I'm always a fan of soul vore where the prey stays at least sometimes conscious inside the body or even the mind of the pred.


Uploaded: 9 hours ago

Owner: Suibelly

Tags: Post-Vore Miya

A birthday gift for  Vorelover9012 

VoreLover9012 - 9 hours ago

Thank you~ I love it Sui

The rub down(gift part 6/?)

Uploaded: 9 hours ago

Owner: reliuskaiser

Tags: Digestion F/F Post-Vore married couple massage Belly Rubbing Ivalice Miles King suibelly Struggling prey Sui Springfield Virus Kitsune

*moans* "You always know where to rub me, Miles~"

"Heh, well I have been doing it for ten years straight now. Honestly would be kinda discouraging if I didn't by now."

"I...guess..ahh~..that's kinda true~"

-gurgle-...." of here!"

more idle conversation while halpless victim digests. 

CassyInko - 6 hours ago

Have to love a tummy rub during digestion! XD

Spice of Life: Chapter 9: A Royal Meal
'Three rubies will seal your fate'
The words continued to echo through Cyn's mind as she puzzled over them in an attempt to decipher them, though she tried to not let herself get distracted as they went deeper into the canyon. They had passed two more floors and fought a few wild pokemon, which had given them the chance to feed. Of course Auric and Leaf had settled for apples and berries, but Cyn wasn't about to judge... she just felt tha

Spice of Life Chapter 8: A Royal Meal

Uploaded: 9 hours ago

Owner: TastyTales

Tags: Vore Pokemon Lucario Luxray Leafeon Mystery Dungeon liepard Persian tyrantrum Pyroar

The Winners have finally made it to the center of Crazy Canyon, and have found the home of the tribe that Xatu told them has the Rainbow Lense. But as they approach, they find that the banners marking the Luxray tribe's territory are burned and charred... what could have happened here? Is the Rainbow Lense even safe?

Pokemon © Nintendo, Game Freak
Rune the Umbreon belongs to furryshapeshifter
Volt the Manectric belongs to changelingflash 

Quina King

Uploaded: 9 hours ago

Owner: reliuskaiser

Tags: Non-Vore age progression Virus Kitsune Quina King

Ivalice and Miles' "daughter"(hehe). I decided to draw both the child form of her along with her 16-17 year old version when she went off to America to study in school.


reliuskaiser - 9 hours ago

Thanks Sui.

Suibelly - 9 hours ago

Very cute!

Spice of Life: Chapter 8: Crazy Canyon
The group had been walking for about an hour now, and yet Cyn still continued to be distracted by the presence of her Persian ex-partner. She couldn't bring herself to smile at him, only to glare a little less than she otherwise would have. Her eyes drifted over to the Leafeon, “How much further do you think it'll be, Doc?”
“I can't really know that, Cyn. I've only been taking notes of the path we've taken to get to where we are.”

Spice of Life Chapter 7: Crazy Canyon

Uploaded: 9 hours ago

Owner: TastyTales

Tags: Vore Pokemon adventure umbreon Lucario Leafeon Gulpin Mystery Dungeon liepard Persian tyrantrum xatu

As the group travel deeper into the Crazy Canyon on their quest to find Xatu, they- ...encounter Xatu. But their mission isn't completed just yet, as Xatu tells them of a mystical gem called the Rainbow Lense which can grow a Reviver sapling in a day. With their new quest in mind, the Winners descend further into the canyon to find the Lense, and more recruits...

Pokemon © Nintendo, Game Freak
Rune the Umbreon belongs to FurryShapeshifter 

More vore doodles

Uploaded: 9 hours ago

Owner: reliuskaiser

Tags: Oral Vore Alien Digestion Rose Absorption Swallowing Pre-Vore Post-Vore dolphin Internal View Melona Mid-Vore ralts Steven Archlight dizzy prey Seris Undyingknight62 reliuskaiser Ahika Akisoba serpent form mimic? Rei-atha

Me drawing a bit more of my characers and even a little of ones that aren't mine. We have Melona eating a unsuspecting ?Mer with Ahika slowly sinking into a slime of some form as Undyingknight62's Rose sits inside someone's stomach.

We also have the prey girl, Seris wrapped in the coils of Steven in his serpent form along with a new rp character I've been meaning to draw. Her name is Rei-atha, a Scout class of her alien race that i don't believe I've named yet.

[ Continued ...

GrinningCheshire - 9 hours ago

That slime looks so happy... And slightly lobotomised.

Spice of Life: Chapter 7: New Members
“So, you needed the Reviver seeds for...” Auric began, raising a curious eyebrow as he rested against the desk.
“Yes, for the Den.” Cyn finished his sentence with a nod. The 'Adventurer's HQ' part of the building had gotten more use in the past week than it had in months, she actually needed to ask the pokemon who walked through the door which business they were here for. She cleared her throat, looking the Lucario over once more a

Spice of Life Chapter 6: New Members

Uploaded: 9 hours ago

Owner: TastyTales

Tags: Vore Pokemon Lucario Leafeon Mystery Dungeon liepard Persian

Cyn thought the worst part of her day would be Auric coming by to tell her the mentorship plan was going ahead after all, but things began to look up when he suggested a way to find out how to grow Reviver seed saplings. Of course, first they need to find the only Pokemon in the surrounding area who might be willing to part with the information, the elusive Xatu.

Pokemon © Nintendo, Game Freak 


Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: Avezola

Tags: Dragon doodle pleasure Dragoness feeding

Random Images which came to mind while roleplaying :)  

Chrysaor - 9 hours ago

I try to look good at those sketches, I do not find where is the proper study... Oh I know, it is a behavior study! Indeed, this dragon is opening his mouth, emitting the message of hunger! And his dragoness, the receptor, understand she had to feed him, is that it x3?

Verona Institute - Charlotte Isley

Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: DoubleOSnake

Tags: Non-Vore Female Prey Charlotte Isley Vore Webcomic Verona Institute

Everyone has to start somewhere, and Charlotte is at the bottom of the food chain. What awaits this timid shut-in in the campus of Verona Institute...other than a hungry stomach, of course.

Vore Institute is a brand new webcomic from AVI Art, a group of friends seeking to change the conversation on this fascinating trope of fiction. But we need your help to make this a sustainable reality!

Come by for the launch of our Patreon page! Also be sure to follow...
[ Continued ...

You Were Delicious (Melty Digestion)

Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: MementoMori

Tags: Furry Oral Vore Belly Soft Vore Stomach Digestion F/F Kitsune Same Size Female Unwilling Humanoid Melting Female Prey Internal View Female Pred Stomach View Stomach Bulge vice melty digestion

Sighing in afterglow, Vice rubs her bloated, full tummy, which bounces softly at her touch. She can feel her stunned prey, Leshana, beneath her skin, slowly getting soft and pliable as she begins to turn into a puddle. The feel of her gently squirming bulges as she still tries to fight her fate sends sadistically gleeful shivers down Vice's spine. Inside, the walls are alive, soft, slippery, and shifting beneath Leshana's weight, gently churning against her, melting her like ice cream. The...
[ Continued ...

Liz - 7 hours ago

Oh Leshana looks like she is in a bit of trouble as usual XD

VoreStories - 8 hours ago

This looks really nifty!

angel2 - 9 hours ago


SuperMatt001 - 9 hours ago

I love how lustrous you make the eyes look! It's like, your trademark feature! I can look at those eyes and KNOW that you made the art piece!

Kulimbor - 9 hours ago

Looks good!

Morning stream!

Uploaded: 11 hours ago

Owner: Rupie

Gonna do some morning doodling and make some new icons for junk :P 

reliuskaiser - 12 hours ago

Thank you Grumpmonster.

A Wolf's Favorite Food Pg 2

Uploaded: 12 hours ago

Owner: GrumpMonster

Tags: Furry Vore Wolf Tail Vore Human Prey belly bulge schoolgirls pregnant prey Furry Pred

Second page of a comic commission for  suibelly 

The heavy droning
sound of the rain falling against you rang loudly in your ears. Your
feet shuffled through the mud, your hands wrap around your chest as
you tried to keep yourself warm under your soak clothes. You grumbly
think to yourself, “Go to the forest, they said, it’s a beautiful
sight to see.” What your friends seem to left out is don’t get
lost in it and hope to god it doesn’t rain. Then again, it was
probably your fault of not making sure your smart phone was fully
charge o

A Traveler's Rest

Uploaded: 12 hours ago

Owner: Omega_Code

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore F/M Unwilling Dragoness Non-Fatal

You're A traveler hiking through a forest and got lost it in. Now, in the rain, you are looking for shelter and just so happen stumble across a cave. That should do, right?

My first attempt at writing a vore story and doing so in the second person. I apologize in advance for any grammar and/or spelling mistakes.  

Omega_Code - 3 hours ago

Thank you very much! :) I got a squeal for this in the plan, though knowing my writing speed it might take a while until it's finish. Still, thanks for the watch and the fav!

Camlio420 - 5 hours ago

Very Nice Story, Saving to read it again and again, take my fave and my watch. Looking forwards to more from you~

Omega_Code - 6 hours ago

Thanks :)

Bookie - 12 hours ago

Very nice story, quite enjoyable ! The gentleness of the pred alonide with her 'hammock' stomach properties make this story great, and the writing is very correct, if not good.
Keep up the good work ! :D

The Growth

Uploaded: 13 hours ago

Owner: Levin

Tags: Oral Vore sequence Soft Vore Fat Digestion Weight Gain fatty WG Male Pred fat pred fat man BHM BHM pred fat male ssbhm ssbhm pred

I know, weird title. >.<

Here we have a sequence of a blue-haired gentleman discovering that eating people and gaining a ridiculous amount of weight might not be too shabby. :D 

(cm)Convention 1

Uploaded: 13 hours ago

Owner: BleedingStalker

Commission for

Jill and Samantha at some convention cosplaying as Mirage and Violet from the Incredibles. There they bump into part of the real Incredible family. This doesn't go too well for Mr. Incredible and Dash

Part 1/3 

EmissaryOfRainbows - 5 hours ago

Good stuff, and loving the bulges, as always

vore2412 - 7 hours ago

I like where this is going!

sharkdude40 - 10 hours ago

Love your Mrs. Incredible pieces! She's one of my favorite preds, can't get enough art with her. Keep up the good work!

Vacuum Press

Uploaded: 14 hours ago

Owner: smiley

Tags: vacuum vore Mugen Android Maid

Maid Smash! 

Exdeath27 - 12 hours ago

Can you make her hug her victim while inside her vacuum hose?? :P

testuser - 13 hours ago

Wheee -bumph-

ublover1 - 14 hours ago

ive always loved your design of android maid nice too see improvements keep up the awesome work

Vore Institute: Kego

Uploaded: 14 hours ago

Owner: Kego115

Verona Institute accepts all, even the mysterious and the peculiar. Who is Kego and what does the College want with her?

Vore Institute is a brand new webcomic from AVI Art, a group of friends seeking to change the conversation on this fascinating trope of fiction. But we need your help to make this a sustainable reality!

Come by for the launch of our Patreon page! Also be sure to follow...
[ Continued ...

recoome5555 - 12 hours ago

This looks AMAZING!