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Monster High: Roasted Elemental

Uploaded: 27 minutes ago

Owner: Zetsu-san

Tags: M/M Cooking roast oven Preparation Male Prey Mr Hyde salt Male Pred Poltergeist Monster High Holt Hyde Porter Geiss

Holt groans as he looks up, Porter opening the oven to a puff of steam. He smirks as he sees the pseudo Fire elemental’s soft blue skin reddening from the eat, big beads of sweat running down his frame. He may have some heat resistance, but even he could be roasted alive if cooked long enough, and while the Poltergeist sprinkled his lover with a dash of salt, he decides he could use a few more hours to slow roast to delicious perfection~

Art by Kattymouse
color by me  

Monster High: Lunch Special

Uploaded: 55 minutes ago

Owner: Zetsu-san

Tags: M/M Drool Cooking roast Medusa platter Preparation Male Prey Mr Hyde Male Pred Monster High Holt Hyde Deuce Gorgon

Holt didn’t think much of it when Deuce asked him to help him out with lunch duty, so stepping into the creepateria and seeing his name on the menu board was almost as big a shock as having Deuce’s thick carrot shoved up his tight little ass

Art by Kattymouse
color by me  

Got into some Starbound modding

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: Royal_Starlord

Tags: Comic Game Non-Vore steam mod Starbound Avali


Pred Quest 3-45

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: Humbug

Tags: Furry Raccoon Bear F/F Otter Rabbit Same Size Skunk Fatal Unwilling Implied Digestion F/FF Swan Interactive Pred Quest Pi Phi Chi Pred Quest 3

>> Send in a saboteur to drive the leader out.

You think it might be time to end this, with all the thinning of the herd. You're gonna make your mark on this group, and they and others will learn to respect your sorority. So now...just gotta drive out Frigga Halfmoon, the president of the club. If you can get a couple others, bonus!
The question, though: Who's going to be your agent on the inside, now that your thespian Liz is immobile?

Zee's really...
[ Continued ...

young man is no older than 21. He has straight, dark brown hair, blue
eyes, and a round, handsome face. He is about six feet tall and
skinny. He wears a black t-shirt and green shorts. He has black ankle
socks and new brown sneakers on.
young man walks to the bathroom of the concert destination he is at.
Because it is intermission, there is a line.The pressure in his
bladder urges him to find another bathroom soon. He hurries away from
the bathroom. Crossing the dark

Hammerspace Girls

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: MonsterObserver

Tags: Digestion F/M Fart F/? Farting gas disposal Gassy Hammerspace Belly Encyclopedia MonsterObserver

Species: Homo sapiens

Monster trait: Stomachs that exist within a different plane of reality, allowing the girl full mobility and ambiguity while digesting prey. They still have a euphoric full feeling when prey is in their stomach. Their stomachs will not empty into the small intestine until another meal is sliding down the esophagus.

Preferred Prey: Humans (Homo sapiens)

Life Expectancy: Same as average human (hammerspace disappears around age...
[ Continued ...

Cammy YCH?

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: Lucky

Tags: Vore Micro Macro/Micro size difference Cammy sucker Lollipop

I'm considering doing a YCH with Cammy.

It'd probably only be a sketch, so the autobuy would be low, like $20. There will be a nude version of Cammy.

Maybe gas too, if someone's interested. I'll edit this if I decide I have time and make it an official offer. Meantime, enjoy! 

Lady_List - 1 hour ago

I'd buy it. :D

Baz - 1 hour ago

I'm tempted. Will have to see how finances are

TheAllSeeingEye - 1 hour ago

I'll buy it =3 <3

RavenXeo - 1 hour ago

such thickness~

calvinj100 - 1 hour ago

Could be cool

Monster High: The art of cooking Holt

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: Zetsu-san

Tags: M/M Cooking Gay Yaoi roast ghost platter Preparation Male Prey Male Pred Monster High Holt Hyde seasoning Porter Geiss

Holt Hyde groans submissively as he felt Porter Geiss gently sprinkle the pepper over his belly, the cool wet pineapple slices dripping their sweet juice down his bare skin. The hungry ghost boy could only lick his lips as he looked him over, thinking what a tasty dish his Boofriend made.

Art by Kattymouse
color by me 

The Courtroom - TEASER

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: jameshoward

Tags: Non-Vore patreon


I have like, 12 fully colored pages plus a few more sketches, so there's already some action, so make sure to check it out! 

headhunter732 - 1 hour ago

Ouch. Robin Williams joke is still too soon :(

Edward - 1 hour ago

Better then suicide was a dark one. loved it.

ChaoskampfNunc - 2 hours ago


Crushing Canyon~!

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: Tabris

Tags: F/M Imp Struggling Breast Vore Squeezing Cleavage Vore hand demon girl gigantic breasts Struggling prey can't stop won't stop impgirl no really GIGANTIC BREASTS tauntin' with tail


As said before, underestimating Yuriel's mischievous powers tends to be trouble. With her pillowy breasts wrapped around a potential victim, she's using the huge, doughy mounds to crush the life out of him~!

Art is, again, by the amazing  LoliSwitch who is glorious and does adorable things! 

vegeta002 - 37 minutes ago

I just went with "Sakyubasu" for Rami, not like it even shows on the profile anymore.

Tabris - 40 minutes ago

I'll figure something out, it's gotta flow well with her first name though.

vegeta002 - 1 hour ago

I normally just use one of my own names or an existing character I like. There's usually plenty of variety to pick from that way.

Tabris - 1 hour ago

Nah, she'll need a surname.

vegeta002 - 1 hour ago



Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: canime

Tags: Pokemon panty Dawn Non-Vore Butt panties Hikari

Wasn't really in the mood to do anything today. Got myself to at least doodle something.

EDIT: Fixed her back sort of. 

DerangedAvenger - 2 hours ago

A love of butts causing them to draw them over and over until they perfect the art of butt-drawing?

PhoenixCrown - 2 hours ago

I wish my dawns looked like this when I wake up in the morning

RavenXeo - 3 hours ago

How does one person get so good at butts.

The K - 3 hours ago

Oh yes! Sexy Dawn butt.

Trexthepony - 4 hours ago


V A-4

Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: Dracone

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Dragon Blue Dragoness Internal View Male Prey Female Pred

Part 4
Parte 4 

V A-3

Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: Dracone

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Dragon Blue Dragoness Male Prey Female Pred

Part 3
Parte 3 

[Commission] Dragon Eat Dragon World (2/2)

Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: YoukaiChan

Tags: Mouth Dragon M/M Saliva size difference Internal View Purple flesh black insides glowing acids

[ Part 1 Here! ]

Commissioned by: Taluthus + Nylla

Anddd it's as you'd expect. ;)

I'm pretty pleased with how the internals turned out in this one~
Andd, thanks to using some glorious models I can get more out-there poses drawn which is great x3


angel2 - 53 minutes ago


CGR-7 - 56 minutes ago

Excellent, Y.C.. Nice mawshot and neck bulge. And in the last panel, that's some nice leather-like texturing on his wings and he has a really good lookin' butt. =)

YoukaiChan - 3 hours ago

Based on my experience with them, the only model files that work are .obj and .fbx
The latter is better for models that have movable parts, but it really depends on the model itself.

A lot of times I have to rig them myself just to get the basic joints to move (and it really isn't easy - speaking as someone with little to no 3D experience whatsoever)

But most of the time what I'm looking for is just basic posability for the sake of getting good angle shots right. x3 It's all trial and error for this sorta thing.

Rendezvore - 3 hours ago

I like all kinds of skin types for dragons. Hopefully will get my new updated color reference up tomorrow.. it has a mix of scale and hide.

So, they are 3D models that integrate with your art program? And you can pose them? That's pretty cool!

YoukaiChan - 3 hours ago

Thanks~ Even though I personally prefer the scaly texture aproach....I need practice. XD

ANNND the models are from !
To be specific - the Pokemon X/Y ones - I find they work perfectly for Clip Studio Paint and are fully rigged! (I have trouble with four-legged ferals so some of them offer an extra helping hand. x3)

V A-2

Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: Dracone

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Dragon Blue Dragoness Male Prey Female Pred

Part 2
Parte 2 

V A-1

Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: Dracone

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Dragon Blue Dragoness Male Prey Female Pred Dragon Girl spanish Español

This is my first vore drawing here! :D I am not a professional but I hope you enjoy it ^^
Este es mi primer dibujo vore aquí! :D No soy un profesional pero espero que lo disfruten ^^ 

Dracone - 3 hours ago

i never thought of that XD

Rendezvore - 3 hours ago

Interesting wing design, like a kite or butterfly.

[Gift] Taffy's Tummy

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: jaxbeef

Tags: Soft Vore F/? belly bulge blushing Furry Pred steamy soft vore implied

just a little Gift for my badass Furry Tumblr mom flora.

A cute vore doodle of her fursona Taffy who looks like she just enjoyed quite the hefty lunch, lets just hope she's not Planning on having an early dinner.

Taffy © Flora 

Royal_Starlord - 2 hours ago

She's cute. :///3c

jaxbeef - 4 hours ago

gotta live on the edge, in this case the edge of her dinner plate.

ChaoskampfNunc - 5 hours ago

Mmmhhh gunna become nice squishy pudge on her <3 What a fate

Leigh gripped the net, twisting a few
knots around her hands as she hauled. The neko fisherwoman grunted as
she heaved the tangled bundle up, finding a silver scaled mermaid
struggling within the ropes. From a quick glance, Leigh judged this
mermaid to be a four footer. Not the biggest mermaid she’d ever
caught, but certainly up there. Grinning, she set her boot against
the railing and heaved, the mermaid flopping onto the deck with a
slight thrashing. The net had tightened from Leigh’s effo

Little Fish, Hungry Fish

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: Zwanzik

Tags: Oral Vore F/F Giantess Fatal Macro/Micro multiprey Implied Digestion F/F/F F/FFFF Mermaid Prey inside stomach Multi Vore Mermaid Pred Neko prey Neko Pred giantess pred

I decided to accept a prompt from Tumblr, and got something for mermaid vore! I've never had a mermaid in anything I've posted so this is sorta special I think.

Anyway, not too long, quick and to the point, for anyone that wants some snappy vore.

♦♢♦♢Patreon Plug!♢♦♢♦

If want access to some saucier, smuttier fiction and a chance to win a custom story, you should consider donating to my Patreon. I'd really, really appreciate it if you...
[ Continued ...


Uploaded: 6 hours ago

Owner: Nyxon

Tags: Breasts Non-Vore Glasses bust ponytail licking lips Aesirko

Little doodle for  Aesir of their character Aesirko! 

Z57R1K3 - 35 minutes ago

it's fun seeing Aesirko in different styles isn't it?

statideas - 4 hours ago

The angle of the ears and the eyes seem to work together! This is really nice!

SnipsChan - 4 hours ago


DoubleOSnake - 4 hours ago

Nice work! =D

RavenXeo - 5 hours ago


“But that was really cruel,” Valeri said, stepping out from
behind a tree “I can’t believe you.”
“Yeah, judge me,” Moonshaker said, “after you’d watched me
and done nothing.”
Sam had already been thinking it by the time Moonshaker had said it.
And now she felt a growing sense of dread. She sat down and pulled
her knees up. “Sam,” Valeri said, “should be with me.”
“Do you remember, ten minutes ago, when you threatened to eat her?”
Moonshaker asked. “You’re more

Familiar Face and a Familiar Place - SaMa 16

Uploaded: 6 hours ago

Owner: Zwanzik

Tags: Oral Vore Vore Alien F/F F/M Giantess Fatal Macro/Micro Drama sama Giantess Vore Sam and Mara series

Sam receives some guidance from someone familiar...

For those who don't know, the Sam and Mara series is being renamed SaMa. I was going to reboot this whole thing, but instead I'm going to release a few chapters based on the notes I made back in 2013. I might deviate from the notes.

But yes, it continues!

This is the last chapter I had substantial notes for. From here on, everything's going to be new even to me.

[ Continued ...

$10 YCH's Open!!

Uploaded: 7 hours ago

Owner: Corganda

Toy Play
Here: Click

Play Thing
Here: Click

Here: Click

Also there is a $25 spots open with my Dominatrix Ruby!
Click on the link to see!

Jessica Jones: Voracious investigator

Uploaded: 7 hours ago

Owner: nnn4463

Tags: Vore Belly F/? Marvel super hero comic book Avengers bulging belly safe vore pred jessica jones avengers academy

Since watching the Netflix series I love Jessica Jones
And now she's in Avenger's academy and I am in love with her level 1 design, the blue highlights and tank top is beautiful

So of course first thing you do when you get to your new academy, gulp someone down

Here she is post lively meal, she'll obviously let them out later, she may be an alcoholic but she's still a hero 

nnn4463 - 6 hours ago

Nobody bullies you when you're hungry and have super strength

Belloc - 7 hours ago

Got to assert yourself in a new school. Prevents bullying.

Nina and Mary

Uploaded: 7 hours ago

Owner: nnn4463

Tags: Vore Belly Burp Female F/? BBW Belch urp Big Belly Nina Mary multiple preds Original Character saravore

Here's my half of a trade I did with of her OC's Nina and Mary

seems the ladies have had quite a big meal...but kinda looks like Nina isn't quite full yet... 

Gabriel0813 - 3 hours ago

love it

Snek Snak

Uploaded: 7 hours ago

Owner: Asaneman

Tags: Snake Pokemon Dragon Digestion Fatal dragonite Fatality Snake Vore milotic Dragon prey Pokemon pred Pokemon Vore pokemon prey digesting alive digesting prey

Stream request, Milotic digesting a Dragonite into chub. Thanks for those that came out!

Milotic, Dragonite © Nintendo  

Bliss - 4 hours ago

it is, actually. the bulge is all in the center rather than hanging bellow.

Asaneman - 4 hours ago

More hydrodynamic?

moonlightshy - 6 hours ago

*rubs belly*

DimensionalKitty - 7 hours ago

One of my favorite water types eating the psedo legendary from gen 1 and w

Bliss - 7 hours ago

oh yes! Love a big bulgy snake~

Imp-ressive Bustline!

Uploaded: 7 hours ago

Owner: Tabris

Tags: F/M Bulge Imp Struggling Breast Vore Cleavage Vore demon girl gigantic breasts handprint Struggling prey can't stop won't stop impgirl

Wuh-oh~! This is why you can't underestimate a lowly imp! If they get the upper hand, they'll do terrible things to you!

Most of the time it's just paizuri, but my impgal Yuriel is a bit stronger than that, and an intrepid hero (or intrepid Daishi!) is now boobfat. Well, pending boobfat. He's still got some fight in him!

Art is by the awesome  LoliSwitch! They're amazing!

Yuriel's based on the imp style from Monmusu Quest, but she's mine! 

Royal_Starlord - 2 hours ago

It's better to take small dips in the pool. And in this case... Someone is drowning in titties. XD

Tabris - 4 hours ago


vegeta002 - 4 hours ago

Green: This CPU is hyped!

Tabris - 4 hours ago

Next upload of her is coming! GET HYPE

vegeta002 - 4 hours ago

"Fakes weakeness"? There's something you don't often find associated with the Imps...

Sounds like she's on her way to becoming a full-blown Succubus.

Bon Rests After the Hunt

Uploaded: 8 hours ago

Owner: Bludgeon

Tags: Vore Belly Anthro Pony dress Original Character Bon Appe'tit

Bon's now relaxing after her meals out in the wood, enjoying how full her gut is~

Done by 

Bludgeon - 2 hours ago

Artistic liberties~ ;3

spyrodoesminecraft - 3 hours ago

Such a great hunt~ I just noticed her breasts grew incredibly large during the hunt...hmm....odd...

On top of the World

Uploaded: 8 hours ago

Owner: RenaAyama

Tags: Furry Macro Non-Vore Female umbreon yumi Earth

Yumi is just the most awesome umbreon on this planet! literally~

Bday gift for Tyrix (Furaffinity)

I told him that I won't be able to finish a bday gift in time just a few hours ago... that was not even a lie <.< I really had nothing done at this point. Really no idea how this one happend... I just thought maybe I'm at least able to start sketching something and suddenly BREEEEEEEEE~

That actually makes me happy, its unusual for me just to draw...
[ Continued ...

CGR-7 - 16 minutes ago

Ha! She's gonna get a frosty tush from sitting there on the Arctic. XD

temporos - 5 hours ago

But look at the view Northern Russia gets! <3

Leothefox69 - 5 hours ago

Eat me goddess

MirceaKitsune - 6 hours ago

Cuteness <3

ChaoskampfNunc - 7 hours ago

She's crushing Canada under her beautiful thighs

Ask Ryla and Felicity (#5! 4/4)

Uploaded: 8 hours ago

Owner: CassyInko

Tags: Sexy Breasts F/F Kitsune Weight Gain Foxgirl Ryla Female Prey Female Pred post-digestion Naked Female

Not the worst place to end up! :3

Really need to lay off the demons and stuff. >.> Always end up...'up top'.

Thanks a ton to  replicated ,  demonicprofessor and  nuclearstardustcell for the questions! ^_^

Thanks a ton to  rupie for the arts! 

Hijii - 5 minutes ago

So my RP OC, Felicia, is basically able to split her mind from her body, leaving the old body as basically a husk, but I kinda wonder if she would be able to escape Ryla's tummy if it's so powerful.

PhantomAsh - 57 minutes ago

Would have preferred her booty, but hey this works too ;)

Very nice sequence X3

Paradox - 1 hour ago

Personally, I'd prefer to end up on the butt! XD
Anyway, my question: If she is immortal, does that mean she is now immortal boobs?

Mech__Warrior - 1 hour ago

I should fondle that demon too.

almindore58 - 1 hour ago

*sucks Ryla's boobs*

Bon Snacking on Wildlife

Uploaded: 8 hours ago

Owner: Bludgeon

Tags: Vore Belly Anthro Pony dress Original Character Bon Appe'tit

Seems Bon Appe'tit has gone out and began asserting herself as the dominant predator of the forest close by her manor~

Done by 

Ask Ryla and Felicity (#5! 3/4)

Uploaded: 8 hours ago

Owner: CassyInko

Tags: Breasts Digestion F/F Kitsune Foxgirl Demoness Ryla full belly Female Prey Female Pred belly bulge Naked Female demoness prey gurgle sounds

Looks like she didn't last as long as she thought...>.>


SnipsChan - 4 hours ago

There's that nice soft tummy >w<
That demon went right where she belonged xD

DrashaTheImmortal - 7 hours ago

All hail the power of the fox tummy

ceraphtheomnibus - 7 hours ago

Well, here.

*(Makes the kids all 15, 16, 17, and 18 at random)*

CassyInko - 7 hours ago

Mm-hmm...>:3 Well, she THOUGHT she was, anyway...

Just turns out, foxy tummies work differently. XD

CassyInko - 7 hours ago

Likely in the 15-16+ area! Depends!

Ask Ryla and Felicity (#5! 2/4)

Uploaded: 8 hours ago

Owner: CassyInko

Tags: Sexy Breasts F/F Kitsune Goddess Foxgirl Demoness Ryla smaller pred Female Prey Female Pred larger prey belly bulge imprints outlined bulge Digestion Implied


Spiky food is generally a little tougher to get down, but as this demoness figured out...not impossible!

'Queen of the seventh layer, yaddayaddayadda...' sounds like exotic food to me!

Might look a little uncomfortable, but Ryla's stomach is capable of resisting slashes from claws, blades, and various other things that might seek to do her harm from the inside! Simple spikes, no problem! They'll digest just as easily as the rest of the yummy...
[ Continued ...

SnipsChan - 4 hours ago

Nice and full >w<
Even though it looks... hard to swallow down >3<
Ryla can do it though! She's a champ x3

Zephyr42 - 5 hours ago

Is there anything it can't take?

CassyInko - 6 hours ago

Now she needs to eat some kinda ice-person as a snack! XD Cool off!

CassyInko - 6 hours ago


And...well, acid, most forth! :3

nnn4463 - 6 hours ago

I bet, must be spicy though, im not a fan of spicy food XP

Ask Ryla and Felicity (#5! 1/4)

Uploaded: 8 hours ago

Owner: CassyInko

Tags: Breasts F/F Kitsune Goddess Foxgirl Demoness Ryla Nudity Female Prey Female Pred

Another 'multiple answers in the same set'!

 nuclearstardustcell asked -- "Ryla, does your stomach consist of a black hole? Your stomach seems to be completely unstoppable. Can ANYTHING escape it's deadly grip? "

The short answer to this! At least, not yet!

The longer answer - Trying to escape my stomach is generally an exercise in futility! The stronger a being, the 'tougher' I become, too! Being in the vicinity of powerful or...
[ Continued ...

TheShepard256 - 3 hours ago

Can Ryla absorb power from technology (by which I mean modern day and later tech e.g. electronics)? Does it make a difference whether or not said tech is part of a person (e.g. cybernetics)? Or has she not encountered such things yet?

vegeta002 - 4 hours ago

Their style of immortality probably makes them some of the hardest immortals to kill, second only to the Hourai Elixir.

I wonder if the constant deaths are why the faries rarely look older than kids?

ItsSomething - 4 hours ago

Gensokyo fairies are tied to a certain aspect of nature. So, as long as that thing exists, they'll come back from death. This pisses Shirou off, because people die when they are killed.

Of course, there are different types of what is considered "immortality", but that's a massive and crazy topic to cover.

PhoenixCrown - 5 hours ago

;-; low tech weaknesses. This kills the Ryla, but power sponging is always useful so I can't knock it despite this issue :P

CassyInko - 6 hours ago

That's...kinda what she is! It's kinda a two-way sword, though. Normal person with a crossbow or bows are her biggest enemy, cause she doesn't have that 'boost'. x3

Foxy Innocence

Uploaded: 8 hours ago

Owner: CassyInko

Tags: Catgirl Vore F/F Kitsune Burp Foxgirl Neko pirate multiprey Ryla Multiple Prey F/FF F/FFF Bulges Female Prey Angel prey Female Pred multiple preds belly bulge imprints Digestion Implied Felicity fatal implied

I...MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE...eaten a couple of angels. Or...okay. Maybe three. Assuming I did it in the first place. Which, I mean, there's really no evidence, right!? Those bulges mean NOTHING!!!


See? A halo. That is PRIMO innocence right there!

Dangit, Felicity is having none of it...D:

Totally gonna keep this halo to show just how innocent us foxes are. >.> Keep getting blamed for eating people and stuff...

[ Continued ...

CGR-7 - 1 hour ago

Angel food cake, Ryla? And that "innocent" appearance you were going for with the halo was totally spoiled by your erect ears lookin' like devil horns. XD

Gabriel0813 - 3 hours ago

she is so going to hell for that but then again she just eat the demons

SnipsChan - 4 hours ago

100% innocent ^w^

CassyInko - 4 hours ago

She ate some too! totally doesn't! XD

Soroxas77 - 4 hours ago

I didn't think a pirate would care about angels.

Planet Silly On Discord!

Uploaded: 9 hours ago

Owner: CleverDerpy

Tags: Non-Vore genie golden Discord server CleverDerpy Planet Silly Summer Oasis (SFW)
Meet Summer Oasis, Genie Mascot #1 on Discord Server Planet Silly! Join me sometime, it's SFW with the option to join NSFW channels Just a PM Away~ We have Levels, we have a Pokedex, we have custom commands, we RP, we can even trade art here!
Planet Silly:
Fun is just an Orbit away!~ 

C'mere, you~

Uploaded: 9 hours ago

Owner: TotenkreuzEX

Tags: Pokemon Post-Vore zangoose Neil

"Nyeheheh~, your buddies filled me up rather nicely, but I think they miss you already~. Why don't you come over here and let your friends see you again before they become lovely Zangoose pudge?" Neil said in a teasing yet also inviting tone.

They couldn't get away from him. No matter how fast they ran or how many sudden turns they made, they couldn't escape his sights. He never seems to actively follow them, but yet just when they think he's out of sight from behind,...
[ Continued ...

UnderTheIcestars - 6 hours ago

I-if I can't run, I may as well join in~

ChaoskampfNunc - 9 hours ago

Taunting is the best~

apophra lips now

Uploaded: 9 hours ago

Owner: Crocface

Tags: Multiple Prey F/FFF Naga Pred Larger pred Apophra Lamnia pred Harpies prey

Hungry snek devours harpies, loots their clothes.  

Layab547 - 7 hours ago

It took me way too long to get the 'taste and tasting' comment...

I blame the snake tits...

Also, I love her hair! I seriously want hair like that.

joe354 - 8 hours ago

Man Croc, loving this pic man! <3

Early morning meditation

Uploaded: 9 hours ago

Owner: Lukas

Tags: Vore Soft Vore Digestion Cock Vore hyper Sergal Unwilling Prey Digestion Implied Sergal Pred nonchalance hyper sack hyper sheath Northern Sergal Lukas Nutesh

Lukas standing 5 in the morning making pancakes, wondering where his life went so wrong, maybe it was after last night and some experimenting with some strange pills his date had with them but atleast he got the whole morning to think about it.

Art: Min
Sergals is© Mick39 on FA  

JacktheDragon - 2 minutes ago

Someone wants to have some fun with the fluffy Sergal~ *chuckles a bit*

JacktheDragon - 4 minutes ago

Mmmrr ooh it must feel wonderful to have a full balls sack in the morning~

Anyways awesome art~

moonlightshy - 6 hours ago

poor guy.. do u think i could empty him out of u? p-plz?

ChaoskampfNunc - 9 hours ago

Don't worry, soon you won't be feeling your whole body

How to feed your serpent - Part 3

Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: Freimgul

Tags: Vore Snake Stomach Digestion Fatal Fatal Vore Snake/F Snake Pred vore comic Elf prey

Last page of this anonymous commission with some fatality that I don't realy like to be honest ^^". I love the vore soft as possible. But for an extra, I would do fatal commissions too.

If you want, you can support me on Patreon!
Even a little help is amazing! :) 

Freimgul - 47 minutes ago

Hehe no problem! And no problem at all :D. Patreon is only a way to gain some help from those who can help with money. If you can't, nice comments like this always help. In fact I have been working only for this comments for years :D. It's just recently I decided to get some support to my art.

Freimgul - 50 minutes ago

Ohh so death or visible dead person is not hard vore yet? Good to know. I'm not familiar with the terms on this part of vore. I'm bending to the soft side. Did you remove the hard vore tag? Thanks for the correction! ^^

MasterFXLXL - 9 hours ago

beautiful, simply beautiful, thank you for show this

i dont have a way to support with money, all i have its my crazy imagination, so if you want ideas im always at service

WorkInProgress - 9 hours ago

This isn't hard vore. Hard vore involves devouring in more than one piece.

What are you look'n at?? -Sketch-

Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: PhantomAsh

Tags: Blood Non-Vore Cannibal Original Character chubby pred tight pants chubby girl chubby belly giant weapon

I seem to love posting Alice here the most out of all my OC's. I guess because she's the most relevant to my fetish of vore :P

Once again, here is Alice. Trying to give her a more finished design. I will probably digitally touch this up when I get home.  

How to feed your serpent - Part 2

Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: Freimgul

Tags: Vore Demoness Nudity Snake/F Snake Pred Elf prey

This is actualy the first picture I done as a personal project. But anonymous commissioned a prequal and a finish page.

Self advertisement here:
Any help is apreciated :) 

How to feed your serpent - Part 1

Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: Freimgul

Tags: Comic Demoness Pre-Vore Nudity Snake/F Snake Pred vore comic Elf prey

Anonymous commission

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The orcish huntress eats an elf

Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: Freimgul

Tags: Vore F/F orc size difference vore comic Mini Giantess Elf prey vore belly orc pred

Just a quick comic before I start working on bigger projects. Also a little bulkier body type practice. Enjoy!

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Freimgul - 37 minutes ago

You wanna see more of her? :D

Freimgul - 37 minutes ago

yap :D

Freimgul - 37 minutes ago

Cheaper? I don't know if understand you the way I should XD. But thanks for checking out the options! Even more thanks if you pledge! I will try to keep up with my submissions here btw. I don't want you guys to be non-up to date compared to deviantart.

Werewolf-Hero - 6 hours ago

Now you are food.

stomachfriend - 8 hours ago

There is nothing cheaper than "please" from an unknown person, I will see my supportive options... :)

The girls locker room was in its usual
state of borderline chaos. Not that the boy’s was any better, of
course, but there were the added complications of more people
washing, conditioning,drying, and brushing long hair and more people
applying makeup. All the more reason, Samus Aran thought as she
touched up her eyeliner, that she enjoyed having short hair.
Next to her, her best friend since

Helpless Harem

Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: immortalsane

Tags: Oral Vore M/F Sex Rape Magic Non-Fatal Macro/Micro Non-Consensual Shrinking Mind Control Oral Sex Female Prey kidnapping Footplay Oral Soft Vore Tifa Lockhart Samus Aran Male Pred Foot Fetish Shrinking Prey Juliet Starling Felicia Hardy Nami Doboro

One of the rapiest things I've ever written and published. Seriously, not for the faint of heart. Like, the rapiest thing I've ever written went down with y!gal, so this comes along to take it's place. So rapey that the commissioner was uncomfortable with how far I went and asked to remain anonymous.


You Have Been Warned.

Oh, and I wrote this before I stopped taking commissions, so this is a year late. I'm still tripping over commissions...
[ Continued ...

immortalsane - 4 hours ago

LOL, IDK if I'll do more with it, since the commissioner was kinda "oh, gods no!" about the whole thing.

immortalsane - 4 hours ago

LOL, :-P

atreides213 - 4 hours ago

Oh my god, this story contains rape? Why didn't you label it more clearly? Shame on you, sir!

ilikefunnystuff - 5 hours ago

There's enough here for a series or at least a sequel!

ilikefunnystuff - 7 hours ago

This is perfect. The foot fetishism, the mass boring, the enslavement. Perfect

Into the sunset [By Alovion]

Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: DiannaGallops

Tags: Oral Vore Unbirth Horse Digestion Cock Vore Big Belly Hermaphrodite Pred large balls

Re-upload of the original Alovion had made for me for others to see here in case they missed it x3

Here we have a gorgeous image of my horse OC, Cressandra, strutting her stuff as along the sunset as she migrates from one farm to another. Bit of information about her:

Cressandra was born a normal, albeit exceptional mare for her stamina and strength that was eventually purchased to participate in a breeding program to take already amazing equines and breed them in a...
[ Continued ...

JacktheDragon - 7 minutes ago

Ok then and cool~

Heh I'm going to add you on my watch list just cause you are awesome~!

DiannaGallops - 1 hour ago

A lovely sight indeed~ And I always enjoy taking the chance to provide information about my characters to provide context for any images x3

JacktheDragon - 2 hours ago

Mmmrr still a lovely sight~

Also nice back story is nice to know more about your characters~

Long Grass [By Alovion]

Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: DiannaGallops

Tags: Cock Vore Tentacle cum digestion Latios huge balls m/?????? tall grass

Re-upload of the original Alovion had made for me for others to see here in case they missed it x3

Through the tall grass we come to see my Latios OC, Vehrax, stuffing himself silly and having a good time doing so! He's a glutton if anything, and loves to pack just about anyone he can into his sac. Speaking of said sac, it can get rather biog... As depicted above. While other predators who enjoy CV may need to be concerned about the weight they accumulate in their balls, this is...
[ Continued ...

JacktheDragon - 8 minutes ago

Mmmrr I'm glad to hear that cause this sexy Latios needs more praising~

Anyways i wonder...could he shove a dragon down those mighty balls of his?

DiannaGallops - 1 hour ago

Who's to say you can't~? He'd have room for sure, and feel free to imagine yourself travelling down his shaft to reside in his sloshy sac.~ x3

DiannaGallops - 1 hour ago

I plan to do more with him in the future to show off more of him and his fantastic balls.~

HiddenInPlainSight - 2 hours ago

This OC is just amazing, Wish i was the one going down into his sac <3

JacktheDragon - 3 hours ago

Heh so far he is my favorite Latios pred out there~

I do hope to see more of him and your awesome animations and arts of course~

Lola messing with Jim

Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: Jimjohn101

Tags: Non-Vore Lola Humiliation jim

Lola can be very mean to the poor boy. She loves to dress him up or do other things to him. Today she put him in a maid's outfit and told him he couldn't take it off until her store was all clean... Her store isn't small either, poor Jim. 

CGR-7 - 32 minutes ago

I suppose she could've picked a French maid's outfit that was even more revealing. Would that have worked better, Jim? XD

Jimjohn101 - 8 hours ago

Well Lola does need a new pare of panties soon ;3

DanzoLegend - 9 hours ago

That's always how it starts. X3 next is the toyes


Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: MrDemo

Tags: Digestion Game Alpha Big Belly slosh big butt Digestion Implied

I know what you are thinking.
Did this son of a bitch take Alpha’s glorious game, Slap an irritating meme and a stamp on there? Bastard!

Answer: Yes I did. Here’s why.
(Please don't eat me!..Wait.., That'd be swell)

 Alpha is probably the Vore-Fanatic, Artist and the like I am most fond of around here.
(With of Course to the acception of  bigbig We’re Bro’s ^^ It’s something else)
[ Continued ...

Alpha - 2 hours ago

Go ahead. Idgaf lol

Insanity7 - 4 hours ago

Im a little interested in Rp

WIP Kurapika Vacuum Vore

Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: tightenheart

Tags: Unwilling Prey vacuum vore Vacuum Cleaner Barefoot Prey Hunter x Hunter kurapika

a work in progress where kurapika is swallowed alive by his enemy's voracious vacuum!  

tightenheart - 5 hours ago

it made an exception in order to swallow up kurapikas bare soles =3

Spunkomatic66 - 7 hours ago

You always draw the tastiest toes.

anema_sesuna - 7 hours ago

I thought shizune's vacuum only ate the dead