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Sinking in Satin in the Quarry

Uploaded: 14 minutes ago

Owner: lenscap

Tags: Non-Vore Quicksand Sinking lingerie Mud satin Quicksand/f quarry

Just another personal fantasy drawing that was inspired by someone who contacted me recently. This one depicts a rather busty blonde in some very fine lingerie sinking into the clutches of some rather thick quarry quicksand. Already almost to her stomach, the fine satin of her nighty just begins to float up around her as she eases slowly into the waiting mire. She marvels at the ripples that trace along the surface responding to her every struggle for movement below... both loving the sensations...
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Tonight's cushion(Sketch, Kyleigh, Gifty-art)

Uploaded: 35 minutes ago

Owner: KrasnyiKoiot

Tags: Digestion F/M Fatal doom foxtaur Fatal Vore Human Prey furry/human doomed Digestion Implied Digestion Noises taur pred Kyleigh Arokh implied finality Foxtaur Pred

As seen here:

Before settling in for a long night of gaming our hero (see: Kyleigh) opted to get herself a cushion, of the variety that softens out over time.

This time around, it's courtesy of  Arokh - or the fox's player, if only for the next several hours.


Stepping up to the commissions again, decided to do a warmup! Since  Arokh is next on the list I figured it appropriate to...
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Sticky Chan - Hijacked!

Uploaded: 37 minutes ago

Owner: StickyGlobule

Tags: F/F bathroom Implied Digestion goo girl big tits Bath Scene samesize vore TITS!!! sticky chan Amoeba girl Hijacking aimee

Something I had planned for this OC of mine that she can do. She can Hijack a person, wrap herself around then, and make herself opaque to conceal that they are trapped and helpless inside =3

Then when she is someplace private she can move them into her belly and gurgle them up, yum yum!

Aimee AKA Sticky-Chan is my most versatile pred by far!

Happy Vore day everyone! I know its the 8th but Rupie wanted to post something every day and I felt...
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Pest Control

Uploaded: 50 minutes ago

Owner: BizzareBlue

Tags: Tongue Fatal Female Prey Female Pred Numbat Termites

Numbats don't get used anywhere near as often in vore as they should. Seriously, their tongues make them absolutely perfect predators, yet searching this site brings up only two examples, in both of which the numbat is prey.

Well I'm putting a stop to that now. Numbats are awesome predators and should be respected and feared. 

Building a Butter Dinky Sandwich

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: CleverDerpy

Tags: Giant sticky Non-Vore messy sandwich humping Food play Unicorn peanut butter and jelly sandwich commercial CleverDerpy cleverdinky

Acting is a hard business to get into, unless you're a bit voluptuous and like peanut butter, apparently...

Line work done by a buddy who wishes to remain anon, coloring and post lineart work done by me. 

Coils Full of Friends

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: Mukat

Tags: Vore Macrophilia Soft Vore Giantess Naga Human Prey Male Prey female predator Naga Predator

I’ve decided to start Vore Week off a bit early with a doodle for the most special inspiration in my life - my spouse.

Manda actually found out about my vore kink from my DeviantArt gallery, years and years ago-- I was too nervous to really bring the topic up with her before then. She realized I wasn’t posting to my old account anymore and wondered why I still used the site so much. I pointed her to my Mukat Ki’Kaarn gallery and held my breath.

Fortunately for me,...
[ Continued ...

Realmwars - 6 minutes ago

This is the kind of affection I can get behind. I love her too.

RavenXeo - 53 minutes ago

<3 this is a very pretty story and a pretty naga~

GrinningCheshire - 1 hour ago

Aw, this is really sweet! I'm happy your wife can... Indulge in some parts of this fetish with you.

Though, now I just remembered I have to do something for Vore week/day...

Is it too late to get a girlfriend?

5pbNeptunia - 1 hour ago

Remind me of my friend's relationship except both of them liked vore but they didn't know the other did lol

IFSU issue2, page 9

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: tastysnack

Tags: Vore Comic Giantess weird manga Pre-Vore Funny action IFSU

It's not that she's a cannibal, she's just kind of an impulsive sociopath.

Also I love splash pages it allows me to show off a little. 


Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: VoreLover9012

Tags: shark girl

 NekoBound's Shark Girl OC commission 

ChaoskampfNunc - 1 hour ago

Sexy sharky belly~

Royal_Starlord - 1 hour ago


MeganxMidorixKatie - Together Forever

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: IkazayimAkodon

Tags: Catgirl Digestion bunnygirl Bunny girl F/F/F Big Belly Internal View cow girl big tits Huge breasts Katie vore belly Megan cat girl massive melons Midori Seifuku

Heheheh, the last of the overdue stuff to upload, not that I dont have more this is just the last of the stuff that's been sitting done for a while lol

Woohoo first internal shot ^O3O^ 

steven1950 - 13 minutes ago

very nice sexy and love her face reaction she looks so satified

IkazayimAkodon - 23 minutes ago


GrinningCheshire - 59 minutes ago

Ok, found her! I can't believe I never noticed she was a cat-girl before! I feel ashamed!

IkazayimAkodon - 1 hour ago

Yea it's a little off you try and do comparison. But I drew Megan like that before actually deciding to do the internal shot so it just kinda turned out like that XP

IkazayimAkodon - 1 hour ago

I've done Katie a few times, but she's not common. And they're not really supposed to be floating I just suck at showing it lol. But ja, i dont think it's bad for my first time doing an internal shot :3

Sweet Justice

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: EmissaryOfRainbows

Tags: Vore Scat Digestion Anal Vore Farting Homestuck

A vore/scat/farting story. Very dirty. Homestuck. Yes. 

leonskenedi - 45 minutes ago

i love it

Amethyst the Princess

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: Lady_List

Tags: Princess Cute Non-Vore

Another teaser for the Vore Game  RyanShowSeason3 and I are doing.

The game is looking to be a dating sim, which will have a good bit of some of my art in it. Stay tuned for more sexiness.  

Xinless - 23 minutes ago

Will be looking forward to it! :3

Lady_List - 1 hour ago

Thank you~ And yeah, it was a lot of fun looking up references. Especially since I kinda know how to do pipe folds now! n.n

Liz - 1 hour ago

Very sexy design. ♡♡♡
Regal characters rock ♡♡

Lady_List - 1 hour ago

*giggles* If you pick her locks you might tumble into love. ;3

Apostolos - 1 hour ago

So many innuendos could be made about the keyhole in her bad I'm horrible at them... Gotta find someone who can piece the keywords together to unlock her heart...


Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: Debolte

Tags: F/F Same Size animation Livestream Soft oral vore

Working on that animation =D
Software used is Toon Boom Harmony 10.

Join the stream right here: 

Alex the Bully

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: Lady_List

Tags: Non-Vore Futanari cocks bully

Art for the up coming Vore Game done my me and  ryanshowseason3

Alex can also be seen in this anal vore pic here 

ryanshowseason3 - 1 hour ago

It's not out yet.
We're targeting mid-late September for a demo version.
Too far off to say if we'll make that or if it will be october but we're chugging along at a pretty good clip.

Lady_List - 1 hour ago

Yep, a dating sim school setting game. :3

rexstars35 - 1 hour ago

Where or when is the download

rexstars35 - 1 hour ago

K that sounds awesome

Lucky - 1 hour ago

Vore Game?! o o!

School's in Timm's belly

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: averyhillpeak

Tags: Snake schoolgirl Female Prey Morganna Timm the Snake

Something I made for  Rupie after being inspired by something he was drawing for Vore Boy (I think I might be wrong cause I'm dumb as shit)


averyhillpeak - 47 minutes ago

Snake is a big fave for me.

sirvoresalot - 2 hours ago

I really dig this. Snake vore is very sexy. Schoolgirl wearing open shirt=win. It seems the trend is same size but snake vore is a classic. Good job keep at it.

Hungry Introductions

Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: Lady_List

Tags: Comic H/F omnia redux

It's a comic thing!

There is even a tumblr for it and various random works I do.

Lissa Atlasia is my fursona thing~

Donna is a new character I made. Her design is sort of a tribute to Doug Winger, who passed recently and was a pretty big influence on my art. ._.

If you're unfamiliar with his art, and like big sexy herms, or just high quality art, you should totally check him out.
[ Continued ...

Lady_List - 1 hour ago

Thank you~ x3

Yeah, seriously. ;~;

Lucky - 1 hour ago

Very cool! I love the direction your style is goin'.

And Doug Winger was one of the greats, God rest his soul.

rexstars35 - 3 hours ago

Aww yeah another popular artist noticed me

Lady_List - 3 hours ago

*Cheers!* x3

rexstars35 - 3 hours ago

And favorite

Snug and safe inside (com)

Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: VorishFoxie

Tags: Vore Wolf Stomach leopard Internal View Snow Leopard vorishfoxie pieman24601 Creativecanine zyyphelze

Commission for creativecanine as a gift for Zyyphelze

Zyyphelze keeps his friends close, warm, snug and safe inside his belly, how sweet!  

ChaoskampfNunc - 4 hours ago


Bunsie Taur Tail Tastes Chris (com)

Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: VorishFoxie

Tags: Raccoon Bunny Erdno commissar prick vorishfoxie pieman24601 bunsie

Commission for the amazing commissar_prick

Erdno the Bunsie Taur happily watches as his naughty tail plays with Chris the fox. Looks like the tail has decided Chris would make a good meal~

I love drawing erdno in all of his different forms~ so cute ^_^  

Wolfknight130 - 1 hour ago

lol i love the funny cartoony feel you give your work ^^

Comm: Ryla Versus Demons! p4

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: CrossCrescent

Part 4 of 4

The action scene in this comic were quite fun to do.  

GrinningCheshire - 1 hour ago

Oh, I like you!

It is Schrondinger's Principle, my friend. It is quite useful for those of us who know how to use it.

That, or I'm a fucking liar.

CrossCrescent - 1 hour ago

What a curious thing,

A cat who knows nothing of proper demons, yet knows what proper demons are not?

What a queer occurrence indeed.

GrinningCheshire - 2 hours ago

What a sorry excuse for demons! Those two deserved what they got! Honestly!

... Not that I know what a proper demon would do... Nope... Not at all.

Anyway, this was a fun series! I love seeing action scenes in vore, as well as Digeston sequences! So... Yeah, I liked this!

Wolfknight130 - 4 hours ago

i'm not seeing a problem with that :3

ChaoskampfNunc - 4 hours ago

Is it really a bad thing they go to her boobs?

Comm: Ryla Versus Demons! p3

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: CrossCrescent

Part 3 of 4 

Comm: Ryla Versus Demons! p2

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: CrossCrescent

Part 2 of 4 

Comm: Ryla Versus Demons! p1

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: CrossCrescent

Not a very clever title, but is gets the point across. Commissioned by the ever so polite  cassyinko, the fox girl Ryla takes care of some demons that planned to take care of her.

Part 1 of 4. 

Spice of Life: Winner Takes it All
The shiny Umbreon smiled happily to himself as he wandered through the town. It was a beautiful sunny day in Clearspring, Summer was in full swing and Ebony couldn't have been happier with how things were going. The air smelled like cooked food, music filled the streets... the town felt like a paradise made just for him.
Ebony grinned as he made his way over to one of the nearby food stalls and leaned up to speak to the pokemon standing behin

Spice of Life Chapter 14: Mistaken Identity

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: TastyTales

Tags: Pokemon Series spanking umbreon ninetales implied vore Male Prey teasing male predator Seismitoad multiple predators liepard Scruff

Ebony was having a great day in Clearspring until someone mistook him for the most well-known prankster in town, leaving the Umbreon running for his hide from a mob of angry pokemon. As he meets the real Rune, he's given a chance to clear his name... but it means hiding at a place called 'The Den'.

This one took way longer than it was supposed to, and it's only the first part of a two parter! Looking forward to writing more though, let's hope things look up for our...
[ Continued ...

Sketch commission stream, 8/2/15

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: Humbug

Tags: commissions streaming stream

Alright, let's get this show on the road. Been doing a bit of linework practice beforehand, so I should be able to get in the groove pretty quickly.

Here are the parameters:
1) First-paid, first-served. Obviously I'll be listening to the first person to present an idea, but the official start time is when money gets transferred.
2) Only up to two panels per person unless I don't have anyone else on the waiting...
[ Continued ...


Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: Suibelly

Tags: Non-Vore Butt Sui suibelly

An alternate version of 

RavenXeo - 3 hours ago

Perfect Suibooty~

sektornet - 3 hours ago

Nicely done! And DAT ASS~

Slimeking - 4 hours ago

Nice butt. :3

Kimiko and Sui

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: Suibelly

Tags: F/F Anal Vore Female Prey Female Pred pregnant prey Kimiko Suzuki Sui suibelly

Kimiko becomes a victim to a rather backwards method of eating.

Kimiko Suzuki belongs to  Emperor_Palpatine

The angle probably isn't the best and I'm not sure this really looks right, but whatever, I'll consider it extra practice. 

Suibelly - 1 hour ago

I'm glad to hear it!

Suibelly - 1 hour ago

I'm glad to hear it!

Emperor_Palpatine - 1 hour ago

Hehe. I love it! <3

Royal_Starlord - 2 hours ago

Slurpy butt! \o/

RavenXeo - 3 hours ago

Gonna get those boobs stuck if your not careful~

Commission sheet

Uploaded: 6 hours ago

Owner: Audax

Tags: Commission Non-Vore My Little Pony

why not.
if someone is intrested can contact me on pm 

Got My Eye On You...

Uploaded: 6 hours ago

Owner: DoesNotExist

Tags: Belly Post-Vore Blush My Little Pony belly bulge Friendship is Magic glare batpony bat pony Tatzlpony Glaring

Looks like a friendly batpony has had enough of our resident tatzl snacking on ponies, and is making sure this next meal makes it back intact. 

Rothar - 6 hours ago

That's mean.. And everyone's gotta eat sometime! But just because they don't eat other creatures they gotta look down on us, that's plain discrimination!

zekromNLR - 6 hours ago

I agree. She is a meanie who won't let me put rude ponies into their rightful place.

Rothar - 6 hours ago

Sounds like friendly batpony is no fun :(


Uploaded: 7 hours ago

Owner: FoxKai

Tags: Micro Underage Cock Vore Penis Macro/Micro sitting Underage Prey bedroom My Little Pony erection Underage Pred Friendship is Magic ambiguous prey Button Mash

Well here is my first CV draw, hopefully its good

So i have had an idea like this with button mash for a while now, the idea behind it is button spiked his friends drinks with shrink powder and once they had shrunk he had his way with them...

So i never used to like CV but lately i have been getting into it, but its still low on my list >//<

Im both very proud and dissapointed with this drawing, i think button himself came out great but the...
[ Continued ...

scootaloorulez1997 - 1 hour ago

Your amazing. I was always hoping someone would do this and here it is.~

Frazone - 5 hours ago

I imagine Button keeping them in there and going on to challenge others, if they lose they are added to the collection, if they win, well perhaps they get the pot :3

WretchedRaccoon - 6 hours ago

That could be XP

Rothar - 6 hours ago

N'aawww. How cute. A predator starting up at an early age~

Rothar - 6 hours ago

I think its the ball from Toystory actually (at least i think its where i believe it originally comes from, pixar puts it in here and there as a cameo thing in a few movies.)

Sketch-Alice Vore

Uploaded: 8 hours ago

Owner: JiroKatsu

Tags: Vore Stomach Giantess Maw Macro/Micro alice

Real fast doodle comic I did of Alice eating a guy. 

hero097 - 3 hours ago

been a while good to see your stuff again

Giantess Green Heart

Uploaded: 8 hours ago

Owner: JiroKatsu

Tags: Giantess Non-Vore maco/micro Butt crush Vert Green Heart

I did a giantess poll a while back, of which video game girl I should do a giantess picture of next. And Vert from Hyperdimension Neptunia won. So here is a giantess picture of Vert! OwO 

5pbNeptunia - 48 minutes ago

OMG yes!!!!!! Yes!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!

RavenXeo - 7 hours ago

Shes so pretty~

Ashley's BIG Issues

Uploaded: 8 hours ago

Owner: JiroKatsu

Tags: Giantess Non-Vore Maid Ludivene Alshey Destructive

It can be hard being tall sometimes... like recking almost everything you touch... or walk by... 

hero097 - 3 hours ago

second question... how'd you get some clothes that big

Ashley and Ludivene

Uploaded: 8 hours ago

Owner: JiroKatsu

Tags: Giantess Non-Vore ashley Ludivene

A mega giantess and a girl is has more wealth than any one person needs. The best of friends! 

Kreeyz - 7 hours ago

Cute one :)

SilentWarrior - 8 hours ago

Is so cute :)

Plush vore

Uploaded: 8 hours ago

Owner: Ayashe

Tags: eating Oral Vore Vore Belly Soft Vore Digestion Burp Swallowing plushie belching plush belly bulge Plush vore

Plushie eats and digests the prey. This will be a good new... stuffing ;) 

Ayashe - 8 hours ago


ChaoskampfNunc - 8 hours ago

Now even fluffier and squeezable

You WILL Listen!!

Uploaded: 8 hours ago

Owner: JiroKatsu

Tags: Feet Giantess link Non-Vore Zelda Fairy navi

Something I did a while back on dA, but haven't posted here yet. A mistake I shall rectify now! 

Dragonjaj - 6 hours ago

The reason he lessons the bitchy little glow dot.

Kreeyz - 6 hours ago

Nice one :D

HyperlinkError - 2 hours ago

*used to go to raves

It's alright though... Dash always was shit, in a way

mallowsal - 3 hours ago

not a fan of trolls

Rothar - 3 hours ago


silverspec - 4 hours ago

Poor Dashie, in the end she became fast food.

Audax - 6 hours ago

Well now we know that Dash goes to rave party's.

^that is the important thing.

Entering the chatroom

Uploaded: 8 hours ago

Owner: ItsWibo

Tags: Vore Comic Gut Female

Well. This mainly happens to me whenever I enter the room.

100% certified edible.

Darn you people - 3- ~

Also it's rather dorky so I'm sorry for poor quality or anything.  

Sarbiton - 5 hours ago

I know that feeling.

Felicekitty - 8 hours ago

I can confirm this right here~

Too Late For Heroes (Vore Day Sketch #2)

Uploaded: 9 hours ago

Owner: Silent_E

Tags: Hard Vore M/F Bondage fork Trolls amputation MMM/F dinner table

Just a couple of forest trolls, feasting on an unfortunate young lady who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Vore Day sketch for Kharon. 

Canime Alt Colors

Uploaded: 9 hours ago

Owner: canime

Tags: Non-Vore Canime alt colors alternate colors

I’ve always wanted to see what Canime would look like in blue for the longest time. I threw on some purple too since it’s become my top favorite color as of late. I think the purple looks really good on her. The blue looks nice too.

Which color do you think Canime looks best in?

EDIT: Updated with a green color just so it looks like LoZ: 4 Swords Adventures. 

Savagerush012 - 6 hours ago

She looks nice in red and green, I think.

Ashley_Urikoshima - 7 hours ago

Strawberry, Blueberry, Grape and Apple flavours.

sirvoresalot - 7 hours ago

Sexy, what is her favorite way of cooking and eating women. Boiled,roasted,skewered? I love it when she boils them and swallows them whole. Oh and I like the red first then blue. Red feels like I am going to eat you.

saintheartwing - 9 hours ago

Personally, I'm more into the Blue canime. Blue is classy.

Oh no...!

Uploaded: 9 hours ago

Owner: youngflesh

Tags: Underage jaws Boy Vore

Freely inspired by HoD 

youngflesh - 9 hours ago

Well, even if the vines were more resistant, I think is fate is inevitable

AsherTye - 9 hours ago

Made worse by the fact that such vines tend to be very slimy, so he can feel himself slipping down.


Uploaded: 9 hours ago

Owner: youngflesh

Tags: Boy Underage Blood piranha boy prey

A boy goes fishing 

AsherTye - 8 hours ago

musta been good bait.


Uploaded: 9 hours ago

Owner: youngflesh

Tags: Boy Underage gator boy prey


Mauled in the night

Uploaded: 9 hours ago

Owner: youngflesh

Tags: Blood Preds boy prey Boy Vore

A good dinner for two 

AsherTye - 8 hours ago

Wasn't quick enough with his pokeball.

youngflesh - 9 hours ago

Yes, fresh young flesh! XD Thanks for the comment

ChaoskampfNunc - 9 hours ago

Looks delicious


Uploaded: 9 hours ago

Owner: youngflesh

Tags: Boy Predator Blood Underaged boy prey

A blonde boy get lost in the desert... 

youngflesh - 9 hours ago

Thank you!

ChaoskampfNunc - 9 hours ago

Brutal... I love it~


Uploaded: 9 hours ago

Owner: youngflesh

Tags: Boy Underage boy prey quarry

Quarry Monster 

youngflesh - 8 hours ago

boys will be boys, you know

AsherTye - 8 hours ago

throwing rocks always leads to trouble.


Uploaded: 9 hours ago

Owner: youngflesh

Tags: Underage Tentacle boy prey Boy Vore

Quarry Monster II 


Uploaded: 9 hours ago

Owner: youngflesh

Tags: Boy Underage Tentacle Boy Vore

Quarry Monster III 


Uploaded: 9 hours ago

Owner: youngflesh

Tags: Digestion Boy Underage boy prey Boy Vore

Full Digestion I 


Uploaded: 9 hours ago

Owner: youngflesh

Tags: Digestion bones skeleton

Full Digestion II