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Mistress's Little Feeder

Uploaded: 3 minutes ago

Owner: Big_D

Tags: Unbirth Foxgirl Unwilling Prey Big Belly Underaged prey 3D Render Underage helper

these work programs start earlier all the time

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NTW ate someone

Uploaded: 10 minutes ago

Owner: GirlsVoreBoys

Tags: Vore Marvel Negasonic Teenage Warhead



Uploaded: 13 minutes ago

Owner: Big_D

Tags: Bear Bovine Non-Vore Female milking 3D Render

Just a bear enjoying some milk

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Contest Entry: Mamadam's Escort

Uploaded: 18 minutes ago

Owner: Uxirusu

Tags: Pregnancy Non-Vore Sex Tentacle Ambush

This is a entry for Madam's Book Club - Writing Contest, commissioned by madamsquiggles on DeviantArt. 

Messy Servo

Uploaded: 19 minutes ago

Owner: Big_D

Tags: Implied Digestion clothing Horse Cock implied cock vore Servothehusky full balls messy. cum equine member

Looks like servo had a good night, and his mate will likely give him a very good morning as well

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Joys of Natural Gyms

Uploaded: 30 minutes ago

Owner: Big_D

Tags: Non-Vore mirror erection spread legs reflection 3D Render cheetah girl Servothehusky Bending over lifted tail

it seems our husky boy is enjoying the felines work out quite a fair bit

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Iron Horse Chow

Uploaded: 50 minutes ago

Owner: Big_D

Tags: Oral Vore Stallion Horse Cock Horse Pred 3D Render Ironmania2003

A stream raffle prize

Ironmania once more slipping down a wet throat

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Hosing Down

Uploaded: 57 minutes ago

Owner: Big_D

Tags: Non-Vore maco/micro 3D Render cheetah girl washing hosing water spray hosepipe

well even gaint cats hate taking a bath

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New pokermans

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: Royal_Starlord

Tags: Nintendo Pokemon Cute Non-Vore sharp teeth hagigishiri


*Don't know it's name, but man do I want to know*

:Edit: It's name is 'hagigishiri'. 

Royal_Starlord - 39 minutes ago

It's like a Vietnamese prostitute in Mardi Gras. :D

Royal_Starlord - 40 minutes ago

The failtrain never stops. :3

Shadowblaze - 1 hour ago

I want one.

Boo54000 - 1 hour ago

This thing is not a pokemon... maybe after 7 gen they will learn... I'm gonna throw up...

Dagger Punk Commission by ChibiBakaViper

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: Shadowblaze

Tags: Furry Sexy Breasts Tongue Commission Tiger Non-Vore Fursona Penis punk White Tiger transgender Shadowblaze trans Punk girl slutty ChibiBakaViper trans girl

An awesome commission of my white tiger punk girl fursona character by ChibiBakaViper! I haven't totally nailed down her name yet, but I kind of like the name Dagger!

This is my first fursona that I've come up with that's properly meant to be a furry version of me!
She's a fun-loving, good-natured but rebellious and slutty punk!

And yeah, I am trans in real life, still super hidden about it though, even though my body actually isn't too far off what she...
[ Continued ...


“I'm counting on you, Angela.” An older man smiled softly and
gently tipped his head as one hand came to rest on the front door to
his home. “Make sure Katie goes to all her classes and gets her
homework done.” The man spoke once more, a firmness to his tone.
Angela nodded her head softly, her index finger pushing up as the
tip of her nail grazed the rim of her thin glasses, only to push them
up slightly. Behind those glasses her crystal blue eyes shimmered as

Blissfully Unaware

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: Sabrina

Tags: Micro Macro Giantess Vacuum Non-Vore Micro/Macro unaware Socks Maid Android Foot Fetish shrinking woman foot crush

Okay so first off let me say, this story may not be enjoyed by all especially here. There is no vore here, so I apologize for that.

Now with that out of the way. This is something I have wanted to try writing for awhile, it's rather short! So for those that do read it I hope you enjoy it.

Once more we have an android maid. But this time it's not Lily! It's someone new!

This story is about someone trying to get the attention of an unaware Giantess,...
[ Continued ...

Tsubasa17 - 1 minute ago

Yay. And I'm guessing that there's no real way for non-androids in this world to grow back, even if they use the shrinking technology?
Ooooo, something just popped. Maybe her father dies while she's still shrunk and, in his will, he has Angela be her caretaker, or whatever the word would be, giving her authority over Katie's life and assets until, and if, she ever reaches normal height again.
Thats only if you decide to do the other scenario, of course.

Sabrina - 38 minutes ago

Thank you so much! Im glad you enjoyed it and now I'm glad I went and wrote this.

Funny enough Katie was originally going to survive and Angela was going to find her and just playfully punish her.

But as you can see I went a different route mid-writing.

So keep your hopes up because that other scenario may very well happen in due time!

Tsubasa17 - 53 minutes ago

Don't have a crush or foot fetish, but this was very well done. At least its good to know that there's at least some maid androids in this world that don't go trying to kill their masters and try to do their best. Would have been fun if Katie survived, but somehow ended up with another Maiddroid for punishment, but this is just as good!

Balloon pony

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: fallenandscattered01

Tags: expansion Inflation Non-Vore Balloon animal

Leon got turned into a balloon animal  

Inflation buddies 4

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: fallenandscattered01

Tags: Inflation Non-Vore Transformation My Little Pony

Tikend testing out how Leon's body inflated in another way this time squishing him  

Inflation buddies 3

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: fallenandscattered01

Tags: expansion Inflation Non-Vore Transformation My Little Pony pooltoy Pool Toy

Tikend using Leon as a pool toy  

picnic nomz page 2

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: Jormungandr

Tags: Vore Comic Anthro F/F Female Insect Female Prey Female Pred

commission for NarvanaDraavon 

nnn4463 - 3 hours ago

Theyre the cutest and they have the best bellies from just a tegular sized person
Sadly im 6' so i need some pretty big prey to be considered a tiny pred D;

Jormungandr - 3 hours ago

same here

Jormungandr - 3 hours ago


Jormungandr - 3 hours ago

yeap, indeed

nnn4463 - 3 hours ago

Eeeh, i love tiny preds ^^


Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: Niku

Tags: Belly Chubby Non-Vore Lamia My Little Pony Original Character Friendship is Magic mlp oc

made a brand new lamia oc. she's got quite a few abilities I can't wait to show off, expect to see more of her in the future. 

Derpity - 2 hours ago


picnic nomz page 1

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: Jormungandr

Tags: Vore Comic Anthro F/F Female Insect Female Prey Female Pred

comic commission for NirvanaDraavon 

Svartvinge - 1 hour ago

intresting design on the demi insect! and it is soemthing very neat with smal preds ;3

Jormungandr - 3 hours ago

thank you

Brawn - 5 hours ago

Damn thats gonne be one huge bulge.

Great comic!

Demongo Dining

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: saintheartwing

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Demon Human Prey Soft oral vore demongo

Another wonderful commission from Glacier on FurAffinity, of Demongo, the Soul Collector. Love how this came out, I've a huge soft spot for this Samurai Jack character. And I hope you like it too! 

saintheartwing - 45 minutes ago

Thank you!

eatmeplease - 1 hour ago


Siren family

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: fallenandscattered01

Tags: Pregnancy Big Belly huge belly merman m-preg

Based off a rp with @queen-of-attitude-city
Siren wanted a chance with Leon to have a family  


Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: drpolice

Tags: Pokemon Same Size Post-Vore Gardevoir Pokemon Vore

THERE, DID THE PUN THIS TIME. Eh... I should have put some color in the background. (also, it's better to view the image on full size instead of the resized version. The way this site shrinks the image kinda ruins the aliasing)

Wasn't really planning on making another Gardevoir this soon, but it just happened. Also, (I mean, it's just what I think) it's interesting how I have seemingly improved pretty fast when comparing this to the other Gardevoir drawing. It was like, 3...
[ Continued ...

Novalori - 26 minutes ago

out of all the gardevoir vore pics on this site, this is on of my favorites. It looks nice and the coloring is good ^^

9kirby99 - 4 hours ago

Hey, I rather like this, it's very cute! Keep it up!

Didn't get the special offer

Uploaded: 6 hours ago

Owner: Asuna82

Tags: Vore Anthro Same Size F/? spider Big Belly Spider girl Female Pred Unknown prey vore belly Undertale Muffet tea cup

Special offer: If you buy one of our delicious spider treats, the possibility of us eating you will be 40% rather than 100%. If you want 0% then you must buy all of our spider treats. That's the spider guarantee.

Muffet belongs to Toby Fox 

vegeta002 - 2 hours ago

A compeling offer...

vegeta002 - 2 hours ago

A compeling offer...

Sui Butt

Uploaded: 6 hours ago

Owner: Suibelly

Tags: Belly Female F/? Butt rear view Sui suibelly

Just a quick pic from a sleepless night. 

ChillMistressFreia - 1 hour ago

And Sui gut!

Royal_Starlord - 2 hours ago

Very touchable looking butt there. :///3c

Like mother like daughter preds ♡

Uploaded: 8 hours ago

Owner: PoctoPuss

Tags: Furry Cute Child family Non-Vore Reference Neko purple Little girl cat ears cat girl

Poctokitty aka Yuka and hrr daughter Yuki :)

both preds.

will update with a backstory at a later date.

used a reference from google for the pose qwq

so kewt!! nyaa~ 

Kreeyz - 6 hours ago

Really cute ones :3

PoctoPuss - 6 hours ago


TheBlueDevil - 8 hours ago

Can I cuddles Yuka?~ <3

001 c

Uploaded: 8 hours ago

Owner: DarkDesire

Tags: Vore Cooking roast Lioness roasting Insertion Preparation on platter

A beautiful lioness served on a great silver plate.
After a turn in the oven, her shaved skin is crunchy and her meat tender. Her gorgeous body is covered with honey and some garnitures accompagned her.  

DarkDesire - 5 hours ago

Yeah I see, I'm not good with tags, thanks for your help :)

Rendezvore - 5 hours ago

Even better! Oh, and the tags were all on one line, so I split them up for ya.

DarkDesire - 5 hours ago

There is meat for every one, take a piece !

DarkDesire - 5 hours ago

Thanks a lot, Yes she is proud, after all, she is a royal meat !

Brawn - 5 hours ago

Mmmm this makes me hungry.

Really well drawn and beatifull lioness

Xex the alien pony

Uploaded: 9 hours ago

Owner: Digmaleon

Tags: Alien Non-Vore Reference Pony Xex


Shelly And The Snails

Uploaded: 9 hours ago

Owner: dokudoku

Tags: Underage slug implied vore Multiple Prey size difference Underage Prey Hermaphrodite Pred Snails Age Difference

One of Shelly's biggest hobbies is gardening. Because of this, she gets a lot of pests. However, that doesn't bother her as she usually eats whoever or whatever pops up.

Snails are a favorite for Shelly, so anytime some come up in her garden she's more than happy to help herself to some raw escargot... even if it sacrifices her waist line.

Shelly belongs to me. 

kernac - 7 hours ago

Great comic, really like it^^

YCH "New Friend"

Uploaded: 9 hours ago

Owner: Digmaleon

Tags: Tongue nom Macro/Micro YCH Auction

2 Slot
Any race
Any gender
Only PayPal

SB- 10$
Min.Step- 1$
AB- 35$

YCH End 06.07.16
On all the issues in personal correspondence 

Digmaleon - 9 hours ago

Slot "B"

Digmaleon - 9 hours ago

Slot "A"

Digmaleon - 9 hours ago

Slot "A"

Digmaleon - 9 hours ago

Slot "B"


Uploaded: 9 hours ago

Owner: Digmaleon

Tags: Tongue Alien Pony nom Macro/Micro Xex

Xex want this pony 

The Alien

Uploaded: 9 hours ago

Owner: Digmaleon

Tags: Tongue Alien Mawshot Pony

He like you)  

MirceaKitsune - 3 hours ago

Gooood alien <3

Stuffed animal

Uploaded: 12 hours ago

Owner: Ursa

Tags: Male Pred dorohedoro

dorohedoro-inspired character
i need to do some actual dorohedoro fanart, there's so many neat characters and creatures there 

ChaoskampfNunc - 12 hours ago

Two mouths, double the hunger~

Eaten Twice

Uploaded: 12 hours ago

Owner: MementoMori

Tags: Belly Stomach Human F/F Tummy Female Pre-Vore Acid Demi Blush Nudity Female Prey Internal View Human Prey Female Pred stomach acids Demi-Human Demi Pred Demi-Wolf

Commission I drew, ordered by Zwanzik. :3 Despite both her and her prey being eaten, the wolf girl isn't letting that stop her from making a meal out of her company.. ;3 I can enjoy this multi-vored concept, so I was glad to have a chance to draw it. ^^

Art © Me  MementoMori
Commissioned by Zwanzik 

Rawr534 - 3 hours ago


Kreeyz - 6 hours ago

Really nice one !! (I really missed your pictures haha ;p)

justanothermeal - 7 hours ago

are you sure it is just twice?

Z57R1K3 - 8 hours ago

might as well be well fed if you don't know if you're going to get out

Kulimbor - 10 hours ago

THe best kind of eating.

The Obligated Watcher 12/13

Uploaded: 12 hours ago

Owner: FidchellVore

Tags: Comic Wolf Fox Anthro Vixen Saliva Michelle sheila Little Bad Wolf

Sheila and Michelle have wandered in the wilderness, seemingly lacking an aim, at least in Michelle's mind. Sheila, however, may have had a plan stored for a long while, and she finds herself unable to leave behind a piece of her past.

Sheila and Michelle belong to me. 

MirceaKitsune - 3 hours ago

It's rare to see vore artists who both have an appealing style, and get storytelling done right. You are definitely one though :)

Thagrahn - 9 hours ago

Would be funny if the Fox desired she wanted to eat him now.

reliuskaiser - 12 hours ago

He's just sour he lost a meal.

Reversing Roles (1.5/2) (Sketch)

Uploaded: 12 hours ago

Owner: Daraxerxes

Tags: Sketch Female Pred f/snake pregnant pred snake prey double belly Unwilling prey?

Tablet came in today and this is the result. I played around more than I finished the sketch so It's going to be little rough.

Ok, a lot rough. I'm trying ok?

Hope you like it, random things and all. Might do one more thing for this series then call it good. We'll see.


Comm - Matsuke and Harley

Uploaded: 12 hours ago

Owner: EclairsCollection

Tags: Furry Micro Cat Paws Soft Vore Willing Stomach View throat bulge

$65 commission for Matsuke!  

MirceaKitsune - 3 hours ago

Very cute :)

Adventure RPG 2-127

Uploaded: 13 hours ago

Owner: Rayen

Tags: Non-Vore ARPG

Read this post on the website, if you like:

> Take your things

You decide to grab a few of your things. You consider the potions as well, but you'll leave them for now.


With that, you decide to head back to your tent to get some rest. It's going to be a long...
[ Continued ...

Lordpisces14 - 1 minute ago

Personally, I like to eat the things I love.

If we are stronger than them, maybe we can get her to eat the deer lady.

Lordpisces14 - 3 minutes ago

Or if they give up something in return, I suppose.

Lordpisces14 - 4 minutes ago

We could rock bind the satyr and have Bluebell and Myla wale on her. That might demoralize the lamia.

Lordpisces14 - 8 minutes ago

Maybe if we beat the deer lady(satyr?) really quickly she will surrender and join us. We could have her prove her loyalty by eating the satyr.

It might not work, but we won't know unless we try.

Lordpisces14 - 11 minutes ago

This story already has a distinct lack of fighting, and the comment sections seem to be generally in favor of submitting to others before risking a fight. That doesn't seem to be in the spirit of a brave hero to me.

Everyone knows adventurers love to fight. Even if that's not the case here we shouldn't give up anything to avoid a fight(like our duty, in this case).

In short, even for a peaceful character, only avoid a fight when you don't have to give up anything important.

Carol should’ve seen it coming.
Hindsight is 20/20, but her foresight was supposed to be 20/20 too.
The questions he asked her were obvious, really. “Is this place
haunted?” He asked. She responded, “Not right now, but I can see
it will be soon.” “Will I be satisfied soon?” “I see you with
a full stomach not too long from now.” She was too busy looking
down at her crystal ball and seeing his bloated belly, to see his
salivating and gaping mouth. “Will I prosper?” Her crysta

Ghost Hunting

Uploaded: 13 hours ago

Owner: Lightness0001

Tags: Digestion M/M F/M M/F Fatal ghost drinking Melting Human Prey ghost girl Digestion Implied Invisible Pred

In which a ghost hunter tries to manipulate the ghost hunting market.

Man, I have no idea if this story is actually that long or not. It seems longish in GDocs but doesn't appear as long on the gallery. Oh well.

On a side note, with this story, I had half a mind to keep going, adding soul vore to the mix. The pred would continue to digest after the body was digested, including the soul. But that felt too mean.  

Lightness0001 - 9 hours ago

Probably! Another issue was that man, the story was getting long. Adding another digestion sequence seemed a bit much.

Magaso - 10 hours ago

Too mean? He would've deserved it.

Get Up Kino

Uploaded: 13 hours ago

Owner: HungrySuccubus

May's monthly Patreon pic for Tzelle.

WTGGs Tumblr | Patreon | Donate 

Lurkergonnalurk - 1 hour ago

I spot a Kayleen! : D

player1 - 12 hours ago

Kino's ability to put himself in fucked up situation is sometimes beyond my comprehension. Oh well, at least that cute taur will have a two course meal.

Lady_List - 12 hours ago

Silly Kino, getting caught by a taur. x3

Fathers Day with Malice by SVM

Uploaded: 13 hours ago

Owner: DarkArtist

Tags: Giant Fat Large Muscle Penis Balls Macro/Micro marshmellow Nudity Male Prey Musclegut Male Pred malice blackclaw

Late fathers day pic commissioned by Marshmellow. The pic was drawn and colored by SomeVelvetMorning. 

Drunk Night by NewStuff4U

Uploaded: 13 hours ago

Owner: DarkArtist

Tags: Belly Fat Bat Goddess Large Non-Vore ogress Drunk night blackclaw Vodka

Drawn by Newstuff4u

I commissioned them before the last pic, but it didn't get finished til now. 

Bare feet & Crocodiles

Uploaded: 13 hours ago

Owner: Fishmouth

After a hiatus I'm slowly getting back to drawing again.

Earlier this year  DressedforDinner asked if I would draw some barefoot prey. So here are sketches of crocs and sockless humans! 

Farian - 2 hours ago

Looks great I am so turned on by barefoot prey, more so if I imagine it is me! Feet are very well drawn

Gloom - 9 hours ago

Cute! You have a delightful style

Fishmouth - 11 hours ago

Thank you! I'm glad you like how they turned out :D

Fishmouth - 11 hours ago

True! Everyone looks better in these kind of crocs XD

Thank you!

DressedforDinner - 12 hours ago

This is awesome. You draw feet very, very well. I quite like going barefoot whenever I can.

Naga Story, Rika´s introduction to vore 36

Uploaded: 13 hours ago

Owner: Natsumemetalsonic

Tags: Vore F/F Naga Lamia Rika Melinda

Hello people here you can see the page 36 of Naga Story, where Melinda is working hard to put in her site her prey. Ganbare Melinda!!!

This week I was a little overloaded so the next page will be finished, the monday 11, sorry about that but I must work in the rest of the commisiopns before.

More about my commisions here: 

darklord42 - 1 hour ago

Hell they could be a family

darklord42 - 1 hour ago

Please have them live

darklord42 - 1 hour ago

Ah hello the baby who is rikas daughter and her sister is the aunt and the daughter needs both

arion20 - 3 hours ago

Vote Natsume for president!!!

Natsumemetalsonic - 4 hours ago

Yes, probably.

Silence is Mandatory

Uploaded: 13 hours ago

Owner: Retr0spectre

Tags: Oral Vore Dog Pokemon Mouse Fatal Oral Houndoom raichu library Implied Digestion Unwilling Prey Male Prey Female Pred fat fur Pokemon Vore

Be respectful to the librarians! Night Vale ain't the only place they're hazardous to your health~!

So, I've decided to start using this site, spread myself to new markets besides FurAffinity. Lurked around here for years, but only just now worked up the courage to make an account and submit content.

Started writing vore smut last year because good vore smut is hard to find. Like, really hard to find. I enjoy the work of TastyTales over on FA, but that's about it....
[ Continued ...

ChaoskampfNunc - 12 hours ago

Trouble makers just can't help themselves I guess~

Retr0spectre - 12 hours ago

Hoh yes, her jeans can barely hold her thighs as it is. Eating misbehaving readers has really added to her figure. Naughty houndoom might make her go up a pants size, he should know better! =//P

ChaoskampfNunc - 12 hours ago

I mean I don't understand why this houndoom is struggling, he should be happy to add to her thighs <3 I imagine as a raichu she already has some pretty prodigious thighs as is though so maybe he'd be better off adding to her gut~

Retr0spectre - 13 hours ago

Very yes! There's not enough (never enough), so I went ahead and made my own. ^.^ And yes, fatty chu is best chu. Everyone should be happy to help a chu get even fatter~ <3

ChaoskampfNunc - 13 hours ago

It's a nice story :3 Not a whole lot of raichu out there so it's nice to see more well done stuff <3 Fatty chu is best chu

and Gentlemen! Children of all ages! (Even though you are only
allowed to be here if you're eighteen or older.) Sponsored by the New
International People's Panel of Lactation Enthusiasts, I am glad to
present to you…the first annual Breast Vore Olympian Duel!" 
  The crowd roared in delight, plus impatience since the event
was supposed to start an hour ago. But with contestants like these,
people were willing to sit in their seats and wait. That is, ex

Contest of the Bounty Huntresses

Uploaded: 13 hours ago

Owner: CompactorFlame

Tags: Breasts Nintendo F/F Bat Breast Expansion Milk samus Rouge the Bat lactation competition bounty busty contest Hunter Breast Vore Nipple Vore SEGA aran Breast Milk Samus Aran Object Vore Bounty Hunter huge tits bounty huntress

As far as websites like this one are concerned, Rouge the Bat and Samus Aran have a lot in common. They're sexy, suave, and large-chested bounty huntresses. So I was surprised to see that very few things paired them together. Well, time to correct that.

I've considered this one in my head for a looooooong time. Samus and Rouge have been, in my mind, the two mainstream videogame characters with the greatest potential for breast vore of any kind. So I figured, why not put them in that...
[ Continued ...

CompactorFlame - 3 hours ago

Well, what kind of "second part" are you talking about? I left the conclusion open ended for a reason, so are you referring to someone trying to take the winning trophy from her?

Breastex - 7 hours ago

Please do a second part to this!