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Felice Elaine Choriaz

Uploaded: 56 minutes ago

Owner: Felicekitty

Tags: Breasts Belly Tail Non-Vore Panther kitty purple Demi posing lips fey Nudity steam highlights Felice swirls

No explanation needed, just take it all in~<3

This prrrfect drawing was made by Maximum Impulse a friend of a friend. She's an amazing artist. And although she isn't comfortable with vore things, she loves to do pin-ups and references

Go give her a check~

Felice also known as the original purple kitty belongs to yours truly<3 

Demicus - 11 minutes ago

Eeee, Felice is always such a cutie!

Felicekitty - 13 minutes ago

The floofiest~

Felicekitty - 13 minutes ago

Aww thank you ^^

martyr - 31 minutes ago

So floofy!

Ger-Fox - 46 minutes ago

super sexy^^ <3

Keeps gurgling.... and gurgling...

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: Richter

Tags: Oral Vore Belly Digestion Burp Rabbit Bunny Belch belching Human Prey belly bulge Digestion Noises Digestion Sounds face bulge face imprint Energizer

Just thought the Energizer bunny would make a good pred in a vore scenario.  

Richter - 23 minutes ago

O____O Well I now have motivation for a part two.

Gelus - 32 minutes ago

Makes me wonder if when he takes a shit it's shaped like a big well-packed battery.

iwillnomu - 1 hour ago

He makes a surprisingly sexy pred. Nice job with this one! Your shading is looking really good.

Politoed used SWALLOW!

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: Ceale

Tags: Pokemon Misty Politoed

"It was ineffective..."

I always thought this would be a funny counterpart to James and Victreebell, the joke being that Politoed is too small to actually swallow Misty...or is it? XD

Commission drawn by the ever-talented HungrySuccubus :D 

Morphy - 36 minutes ago

Should have used GULP... ;)

[YCH Auction] Dragon's Food Chain

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: YoukaiChan

Tags: YCH Auction

Where do dragons stand when it comes to the food chain? Certainly not the bottom, as one demonstrates to three unwilling volunteers. ;)

I'm holding a YCH auction over on FA! If anybody is interested, feel free to follow the link below!

Please don't bid here - if you want, then it's suggested you do so via FA. :O
[ Continued ...

YoukaiChan - 1 hour ago

He's just doing what comes naturally. :)

ChaoskampfNunc - 1 hour ago

What a meanie dragon :V

Eat Me

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: Suibelly

Tags: Human Pregnancy Female Big Belly blue hair pregnant prey

Not the most popular garment around these parts for mysterious reasons. 

wiseguy288 - 1 hour ago

...Got that in a mens large?

iwillnomu - 2 hours ago

Oh dear, she basically just gave permission by putting it on. Not a wise move.

IF's Feast Part 2

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: vayne358

Tags: Cock Vore Futanari Red Implied Digestion Domination/Submission deepthroat Unwilling to Willing prey Hyperdimension neptunia iffy Slave and Master

After her first prey, IF goes on the prowl for another meal. Running into a 'special friend' she plans a devious plot for this time.
Cover Art is property of VertGreenHeart! 

Mishi x Oishii - Mishi SIT redraw

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: mirrormind101

Tags: Cute Non-Vore BBW Non-Fatal smother sit MSpaint Mishi Oishii

This is just a redraw of this picture that I did for the artist here

They did not make the request it was me who asked them if I could draw it and they said yes :)

Art by me in ms paint and a mouse BG from google. 

Ophelia Bust

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: Handsome

Tags: Sexy Breasts Micro Soft Vore Drool Saliva Female F/? Slurp pretty Satyr horns sucking Micro Prey Nudity Human Prey Female Pred Fawn female predator Ophelia slurping long hair demi prey Nude Female Naked Female

Quick bust drawing of my satyr girl Ophelia slurping down a small little treat.

If you're curious about the gender of the prey, I can confirm it is butt. 

ChaoskampfNunc - 2 hours ago

What a lovely bust she has <3

Jun Kazama vs Azazel

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: GueiGirl

Tags: M/F ryona Unwilling Prey Humiliation Female Prey Human Prey Demon pred tekken Male Pred Namco-Bandai Jun Kazama Azazel

A ryona pic, with a hint of implied vore. How will Jun get out of this one? Will she come out alive? You decide! 

Veggie Food 2

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: Ceale

Tags: plant/f Penny Gadget

Guess it wasn't such a little surprise after all...

Drawn by Alenonimo on Deviantart 

Veggie food 1

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: Ceale

Tags: Peril plant/f Lilim Penny Gadget

Here's a pic featuring Penny Gadget captured by the mischievous Lilim, a character belonging to the artist. She's got a nice little surprise for Penny.

Drawn by Alenonimo on Deviantart  

Queen Halja's third alternate outfit

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: GueiGirl

Tags: Demon Goddess Non-Vore mage Demoness witch devil Sorceress Realms of Alerfa Queen Hel Queen Halja

Queel Halja/Hel in her third outfit inspired by the black mage outfit she wore in my FF crossover art. This was a lot of fun to design, and I love how the outfit and colors turned out.

BTW, her hat is living and has a mind of its own. Thank Tweeny Witches for the inspiration. 

Freyja second alternate outfit

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: GueiGirl

Tags: Angel Goddess Non-Vore Valkyrie Realms of Alerfa Freyja Freyja Vanadies

Here's Freyja Vanadies in an alternate outfit I designed for her. I think she looks good in armor, plus, she's inspired by the Norse goddess of love, fertility, magic and warriors. So it's fitting to put her in a outfit like this. 

Eir's third alternate outfit

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: GueiGirl

Tags: Angel Goddess Non-Vore Valkyrie Realms of Alerfa Eir Gullmannen

It's been a while since I drew Mist's sworn sister. So, we see Eir again, this time, she's wearing an outfit loosely inspired by the white mage outfit she wore in the FF crossover pics. 

Gentle Charmer

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: TheSandwich

Tags: M/F Consensual Willing warm Safe male predator Male Pred TheSandwich

Read this comic backwards the Japanese way! 8D

A short comic based on an ongoing rp I'm doing with a friend on DA. The big guy swallowing Nat is a Cecaelia named Travis. Quite the manly man there, ain't he? ;)

Travis belongs to Wolfdragonblood.
Nat and art are mine. 

More RP moments

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: TheSandwich

Tags: M/F doodles Female Prey Human Prey inside stomach male predator Male Pred blushing Naga Pred Naga Predator naga vore vore sequence Male Naga safevore safe stomach TheSandwich natalee

These come from the final part of the rp where Seth swallows up Natalee gently. There's even the part where he experiences a belly rub from the inside for the first time, and one where he rubbed his stomach muscles around the girl.

Doodles are mine. 

Filled Up Nicely

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: TheSandwich

Tags: Willing Female Prey Human Prey Safe male predator Male Pred Naga Pred Naga Predator naga vore TheSandwich natalee

Goshdarnit, Nat. Why must you be in such situations like this? Darn you and your sweetness! QnQ

Nat: O_o...

Based on another old rp I did with a friend from Deviantart named RedBaronessThe3. This is one of her predators named Seth, and he's quite a scary tease. If you encounter him, you are screwed big time, especially if you're a human female. They're his favorites.

Natalee was lucky to have him as a friend. It's pretty hard to get on his good...
[ Continued ...

Nomming furries - Iron Artist

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: Ncklarsen

Tags: Oral Vore Sketch Dragon Fox Stuffed belly wyvern Naga Pred comissions

For Bruyaglovae! Next one will appear soon.
I am much sorry for delay, will do next works quickier. 

ChaoskampfNunc - 3 hours ago

Dragon snek.. he's pretty handsome


Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: blackrain

Tags: Non-Vore Female latex pussy Big_Breasts latex suit big nipples human pet latex pet seal suit

I've been in a bit of a latex mood as of late. Latex pets, working on a written story of latex pets and vore, but I also been wanting to draw more latex pets. Here are a few of the pets I have come up with so far.

I have drawing six other latex pet girls so far, more to come. I have posted them up at my Patreon page. Just a low as a $1 to join the group. 

Greedy Snake

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: TheSandwich

Tags: Unwilling Prey Female Prey male predator Male Pred Naga Prey M/fffffff (x7) smug pred TheSandwich

Based on an old art trade from a friend on DA. This is one of his characters, Lowell, a tree python naga who just loves to snack on anything he sees. Here he is feasting on some recently shrunk naga girls.

And btw, that's an old signature in the corner if you see those. Some of my posts are quite old.

Lowell belongs to Even-Odd.
Art is mine. 

Kain Vore

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: TheSandwich

Tags: M/F Naga Felarya Female Prey Male Pred naga vore g/t TheSandwich natalee

This big fella here is Kain, a Felaryan naga. Like Anna, he used to be a human but chose to be a naga. He only eats smaller prey that are evil-hearted so not to worry. He belongs to a friend on DA.

Based on an rp, Kain swallows up Natalee to keep her safe, knowing that she is 'protected' just by her scent. How is she safe from being digested? Her magical friend, Aggy, cast a spell on her just in case.

Kain belongs to BulletBader.
Nat and art are mine. 

A gun?

Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: TheSandwich

Tags: M/F Gun Female Prey Phone Male Pred prey character willing prey? TheSandwich natalee

Okay, I was doodling this based on an rp and I decided to practice some lighting on this. Natalee got herself swallowed to clean out any undigested material her friend didn't cough up, only to find a gun inside of him.

Oh, and say hello to Natalee Grande, a character I love to frequently roleplay with. She’s a nice, 21-year-old who’s very shy and kindhearted. She can be a little naive but not stupid enough to just let someone eat her unless they have her trust. If she is...
[ Continued ...

Jasmine Tea

Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: TheSandwich

Tags: M/F Pre-Vore Jasmine Female Prey teasing Male Pred Shrunken girl realization jessicarae3 smug pred TheSandwich

Had this funny idea when my mom was having some, you guessed it, Jasmine Tea. My big sis teased me saying "You wouldn't like to drink your own essence? 83"

Jasmine is my real name, mind you.

And I'm wearing a swimsuit in this. Me no nude, but me certainly feeling grumpy now. Oh, Jess. Please try to control your Ajarhmi. ;=;

The girl is me.
That big good-looking dummy belongs to  jessicarae

Lemonade Incident

Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: TheSandwich

Tags: Comic Giant Cute Non-Vore Funny tiny woman Lemonade TheSandwich

Based on an rp I did with a friend. Believe it or not, there was vore in the roleplay. This just takes place after Nat was swallowed by Hebi, who was quite grumpy at the time until he felt about it. Natalee let him stay to accompany her at her picnic.

Natalee is mine.
Hebi, the giant naga, belongs to prokatski. 

H-irsch Commission

Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: TheSandwich

Tags: Male Naga m/multiple implied fatality Male Pred Naga Pred naga vore Unknown prey smug pred

Tis H-irsch's character, Dexter. He's a British punk rockstar with a big appetite for humans, and according to this picture he seems to have snagged 2 for lunch. >u>

Dexter belongs to H-irsch.
Art is mine. 

Lucky Or Dead?

Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: TheSandwich

Tags: M/F Pre-Vore Grimmjow Bleach implied vore g/t Jessica Rae jessicarae3 smug pred TheSandwich

This is an old birthday gift for a friend who's also on here. :3

Looks like somebody's got a visit from everybody's favorite Hollow.
Now I know what you're all wondering. I must be such a good pal for having Grimmjow visit one of his fans. I'm quite the angel. :D

Or am I? >:3

For all we know, he probably has some dastardly plans for her, according to that smug grin on his face. 83

But don't worry. If he has plans on eating...
[ Continued ...

Orube Ends Up Being Snake Food

Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: TheSandwich

Tags: M/F Unwilling Prey fan art Female Prey male predator Male Pred smug pred TheSandwich

Uh, oh. Orube got herself shrunk somehow. Could Cedric have something to do with this? >w>

And Cedric is actually a shapeshifting snake creature. Don't believe me? Well, then take a look at this!

Cedric and Orube belong to Disney and Elisabetta Gnone.
Art is mine. 


Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: TheSandwich

Tags: M/F Female Comfy collab Harley Quinn Safe Male Pred Killer Croc TheSandwich

This is not drawn by me, but colored. This is from a collab I did with a friend on Deviantart. I don't know if she has an Aryion or not, but if she sees this... Hiya, didn't know you had an account. :D

Based on a scenario I came up with: Mr J kicked her out for screwing up again and Poison Ivy is still locked up in Arkham so she goes to Croc for some consolation and warmth.

Croc and Harley belong to DC.
Linework is by Rchlisnomsome.
Coloring done by...
[ Continued ...

More Kaleb references

Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: TheSandwich

Tags: Naga doodles Non-Vore facial Human Form male predator Male Pred Naga Pred TheSandwich

I forgot to draw Kaleb's really long hair in the previous entry, and now he's angry at me for it. ^^;

I wanted to draw more of him, so I did. With a face as terrifying, it can also be as goofy in comedic situations. It's always funny when you see something scary looking have hilarious facial expressions. Also, Kaleb and Natalee are not lovers. They're close friends. 

Kaleb Reference Sheet

Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: TheSandwich

Tags: Snake Monster Naga Non-Vore male predator Male Pred safe pred TheSandwich

Another one of Covah's Children, Kaleb is a large, monstrous snake creature with 3 forms like Lucius.

Kaleb had a personal hatred for humanity, even going so far as to kill them for food. However, he doesn't tease nor hunt them down for fun. When it comes to surviving, he gets to the point. And he doesn't digest them alive because he believes it would make him crueler than the humans so he kills them by either breaking their necks or poisoning them.

However, after...
[ Continued ...

TheSandwich - 3 hours ago

Thanks :D

CassyInko - 3 hours ago

Really cool! :3

Lucius Reference

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: TheSandwich

Tags: Non-Vore Werewolf pred reference sheet red riding hood Wolfman male predator Male Pred TheSandwich giant wolf

One of my monster lineup, Covah's Children. He's a charming traveller who likes to flirt with girls, especially ol' 5 foot 5 inch tall Natalee here. :3

He has 3 forms: a human form, a werewolf form and a giant wolf form. Lucius can be quite the sucker for puppy love but likes to be a big tease towards his prey.

The red hood and the axe are shout outs from Little Red Riding Hood, and I really wanted to draw the amalgamation of Red Riding Hood, the huntsman and the...
[ Continued ...

A day at the beach...

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: Kreeyz

Tags: F/F Non-Vore Sex kiss lesbian yuri 69 Sexual content erry annetta reese Erry Reese

Both of the girls were on the beach today, it was Erry's first time going there and Annetta was more than happy to show her lover the beautiful sea. During a short walk, they were now in a special place and no one would disturb them there... Annetta was now looking at her wife's body... desiring it more and more... Erry turned around and could see this in Annetta's eyes... slowly putting away her swimsuit to 'reveal herself' to the brown haired girl... Erry laid on the warm sand... ready to...
[ Continued ...

NagavoressQueen - 1 hour ago

ok wondering out of the blue here but is this a nude beach and this is a great piece as well

hentaiaiai - 1 hour ago

im in love with it~ lesbian 69 is the best

eusuna - 1 hour ago

Seems like they are enjoying eachother. :)
nice peace

Caden In Lucius

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: TheSandwich

Tags: M/M Non-Fatal Unwilling Prey Big Belly same size vore Hairy Wolfman safevore smug pred TheSandwich

From a YCH bidding contest, a certain winner got to have their character in Lucius's belly. No worries, he shall be fine. 

Meal for La Voraciosa 02 of 02

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: imaginaria2

Commissioned by 

Android 18 gets absorbed

Uploaded: 6 hours ago

Owner: Ceale

Tags: cell Tail Vore Headfirst Android 18 Dragon Ball Z Cell Vore

First submission! 18 seems to be in a bit of a bad position :D

Drawn by Onichan on Deviantart. Go check out their gallery! 

Nitsej - 2 hours ago


no_one_you_know - 5 hours ago

She seems to have had some upgrades

A Weakness Exploited

Uploaded: 6 hours ago

Owner: tyrion13

Tags: Vore F/F wolfgirl loli Macro/Micro shrink Underage Prey Underage Pred Beatrix

Took me a little while to get it written out, but my second story for Beatrix.  

Mist's third costume design

Uploaded: 6 hours ago

Owner: GueiGirl

Tags: Angel Goddess Non-Vore Valkyrie Realms of Alerfa Mist Elmbarn

A character sheet of Mist's third alternate outfit. Like I said, I love drawing this outfit. 

Mist's third alternate costume

Uploaded: 6 hours ago

Owner: GueiGirl

Tags: Angel Goddess Non-Vore Valkyrie Realms of Alerfa Mist Elmbarn

I had this idea spring into my head. I remember doing my female OCs as the classes of the first Final Fantasy game and there is where I got the idea: Re-design the outfit into my own original outfits and use them as alternate outfits for my female characters.

I had fun designing this outfit for Mist Elmbarn. It was inspired by the Red Mage outfit I designed last year. I personally like this re-design a whole lot more. 

GueiGirl - 3 hours ago

It is one of my many inspirations.

necryel - 4 hours ago

The colors, patterns and style in many ways remind me of some of the Final Fantasy IV, V, and VI original concept art I have seen.

"Oh divines. Spin the bottle?" Erendelle complained, looking disgusted. "If I knew we'd be having a vorgy picked by spin the bottle, I wouldn't have attended at all.
"Oh settle down, Erendelle, it'll be fun! I'm sure you'll get a couple people before you end up in someone's tummy." Bindi said, having dragged Erendelle here. There were three other people sitting on the floor, around said bottle, whom they joined, which produced a couple of loud greetings from Kar

Another Game of Spin the Bottle

Uploaded: 6 hours ago

Owner: DestinyLust

Tags: Soul Vore Oral Vore Digestion F/F Random Weight Gain Breast Expansion party Cock Vore Cum Willing orgasm Melting Tail Vore Vorgy F/H H/F hair vore H/H Pile melting into cum casual vore cum everywhere Lustflame Pile Disposal Balls Absorption

Another beginning for the Vorabloom interactive. A big-ass vorgy this time.

This one is pretty much okay. I like vorgies to have a bit better of a climax, but this was pretty nice regardless. The pacing could have used a bit of work, but hey, I write these things, then I post them. Editing is for nerds.

Results of this story: Erendelle is dead, Karen and Dorabella have fused together, Bindi is dead, Vanessa is dead, Orianna is dead, Mary is dead, and Audrine is...
[ Continued ...

The Rippling Tide of a Dragon's Care

Uploaded: 7 hours ago

Owner: Emberell

Tags: Vore Dragon Unbirth Male F/M Female pleasure Story Dragoness Cave Blush size difference womb Internal View Western Dragon sexual fluids

Spicy strawberry scents lingered in the air, deep and catching in their inviting scent. The scent was almost as red as the blush on both their faces.

On her back, the verdant dragoness rumbled, a musically deep song. She looked with a distinct blush under her scales down at her little black dragon, eyes full of care and love both.

“Come, my little dragon. You know how I want you,” Ayla said, twisting her tail beneath him. With a curl, it’s spaded...
[ Continued ...

ChaoskampfNunc - 7 hours ago

Seems nice in there.. now I want inside too :<

[CM] Mawile ate Mudkip

Uploaded: 7 hours ago

Owner: GirlsVoreBoys

Tags: Vore Pokemon mudkip Mawile

Commissioned by MudkipGuy114 on deviantart 

[COM]cheery314 - Stolen Soul

Uploaded: 8 hours ago

Owner: Handsome

Tags: Soul Vore Tongue M/M Demon Absorption Cum Fatal Teeth orgasm Fatality erection Demon pred ejaculation panting arousal Absorption Vore male predator Male Pred Monster prey alien prey soul stealing

This was a commission for Cheery314 on FurAffinity, of their character Silent having his soul devoured by my demon character lovingly named Trash.  

SapphiraArmageddos - 3 hours ago

Yay xD

And yup! The writers there are awesome~! I'll be sure to letcha know when I have something up that's along those lines (in terms of dialogue style for one of the characters). Just working on a few other things at the moment that need wrapping up.

Handsome - 3 hours ago

Awwh thank you again! <3 I do hope you continue to enjoy my work! :'D

That's a really good idea! Borderlands has always had amazing dialogue writing, and looking over Jack's lines is certainly a great way to get warmed up for a caustic onslaught. 8T And the free giggles don't hurt, either!

SapphiraArmageddos - 3 hours ago

You're welcome! :D I'll be sure to check out any future updates you have.

And that's the same (regarding why I like Handsome Jack too). His lines are quite fun to read to myself when I need giggles or inspiration for a biting speech style. (<- since I write stuffs)

Handsome - 3 hours ago

Wow, thank you so much! ;-; I'm very flattered that you would compliment the art here despite not being into the subject, it means a lot! <3 Just ahhh you are too kind!

And I suppose the answer would be along the lines of what you just said there, he's also one of my favorites from the series (and just in general, he's a piece of trash but at least he's funny about it). I also really love the particular expression he has in this gif so I was like, "yeahhhh, alright yeah i need an icon of this." Ahaha.

SapphiraArmageddos - 5 hours ago

I'm not into this sorta thing (kinda complicated to explain), but I'm dropping by to comment on the artwork. The effects definitely stand out, even when in thumbnail view!

The style here's also refreshingly different from the other pictures I've seen around here.

Keep up the good work!

Also, random: Why's your avatar a picture of a holographic Handsome Jack? T: Just curious, but he's one of my favorite characters from the Borderlands series.


Uploaded: 8 hours ago

Owner: Handsome

Tags: Evil Male Demon Monster Non-Vore wings Teeth horns smile Smoking grin male demon

The title isn't so rude- this character of mine is actually named Trash. Yep. A+. He's a weakling demon born only to serve higher demons, but he has a jealous personality and desperately wishes to rise to power. Mostly by eating souls and bodies. Eyy.

This is an older piece of art, made... over a year ago, I think?  

ChaoskampfNunc - 8 hours ago

He looks.. friendly

ChaoskampfNunc - 8 hours ago

I'm willing to volunteer <3

Handsome - 8 hours ago

Haha, probably. xD

ChaoskampfNunc - 8 hours ago

She's quite big.. might need more than one meal <3