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Hiking RUBEE!

Uploaded: 8 minutes ago

Owner: PedoPuss

Tags: Non-Vore


Cat Breasts

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: MomijiTheDeer

Tags: Non-Vore Breast Feeding Transformation

Havent Uploaded in Awhile...
I've been Short in Ideas and I'm Very Picky with my Ideas..... 

balanced-guy - 41 minutes ago

Nice seeing you do a TF-in-progress image. Looks great ^^. You do feline characters well, they suit your art style surprisingly well. The red cheeks are also a cute touch =)

ZX1993 - 1 hour ago

I understand what you mean, its not easy being picky with ideas as well as having a few good ones. I should know since that happens to me a little too often, but its better to upload every once in awhile than not uploading at all.

wiseguy288 - 1 hour ago

I like this idea. Maybe it'll age regress him to toddler and then she unbirths him till he's her kitten?

Pixie VS Angel Gryph V2

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: HeroSoulSword

Tags: Oral Vore Vore Soft Vore Angel Angelissa F/F Micro/Macro wings pixie Bat Wings Angel prey monster rancher gryphon prey

Same commission I ordered from Dragga, just without the greyscale coloring. Well it looks like this Pixie won't have to eat any potatoes for a while, as Angel Gryph certainly filled her up. And who says monsters can't have angel food cake? Thanks again, Dragga! 

HeroSoulSword - 40 minutes ago

Yeah, they're not the easiest to get, even thought they're available from the beginning of each game. Heck, for me, Hengers are the most common monster I find in my DVD/CD collection, but I have netted a few Pixie mixed breeds here and there, though no pure breed Pixies so far.

RavenXeo - 47 minutes ago

Its so hard to get hold of one though...

I'd love to get hold of one *grabby hands*

HeroSoulSword - 52 minutes ago

I agree. It's surprising how little vore artwork exists for it, especially with such potential, so I thought I'd change that. And Pixies rule, as they've been one of my best monster breeds in-game, so I know how awesome they are.

RavenXeo - 55 minutes ago

I thought it was Monster Rancher<3
Pixie are great!

Pixie VS Angel Gryph V1

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: HeroSoulSword

Tags: Oral Vore Vore Soft Vore Angel Angelissa F/F Micro/Macro wings pixie Bat Wings Angel prey monster rancher gryphon prey

Another part of a commission I ordered from Dragga. Here's something you don't see every day. Monster Rancher vore! Anyway, looks like Angel Gryph decided to check out the Monster Rancher world. She probably thought she could score a few easy meals from the monsters there. But it looks like she became a monster's meal instead. A Pixie decided she looked good and had her for dinner. I would agree that Angel Gryph would be far more filling than just potatoes (to those of you who don't know,...
[ Continued ...

Nina's Victory V2

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: HeroSoulSword

Tags: Oral Vore Vore Princess Soft Vore Angel Angelissa F/F Breath of Fire Micro/Macro wings Nina Angel prey large prey royalty Wyndian Breath of Fire 3 gryphon prey

Same commission from Dragga, but without the greyscale colors. And same as before, Nina triumphs over the so-called "superior predator" Angel Gryph. And once again, if anyone wants to color it, you're free to do so, but please let me see it first. Thanks again, Dragga! 

Nina's Victory V1

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: HeroSoulSword

Tags: Oral Vore Vore Princess Soft Vore Angel Angelissa F/F Breath of Fire Micro/Macro wings Nina Angel prey large prey royalty Wyndian Breath of Fire 3 gryphon prey

Another commission I ordered from Dragga. Well, once again, it's another showdown between the Princess of Wyndia and the girl-gulping Angel Gryph. The results are in: Nina wins yet again, while Angel Gryph doesn't seem too happy about it. Now all that's left is for Nina to relax while she digests her well-earned victory meal. Thanks Dragga! 

Egg Page 2

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: PedoPuss

:P im still STREAMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And she is unbirthing the egg guys in not out.... >:( 

Valerie's New Pet 2/3

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: The Saint of Ravens

Tags: Oral Vore Vore Naga Child Prey Internal View belly bulge purple skin Lamia Pred Emma Lutalika nerd naga

Commission for  Vale666

Upon getting her new pet home, Valerie wastes no time in trying Emma out, the little girl slipping down into the waiting snake belly. Part two of three of Emma looking unamused.  

Valerie's New Pet 1/3

Uploaded: 2 hours ago

Owner: The Saint of Ravens

Tags: Naga Non-Vore chained pet Child Prey Purchase Lamia Pred

Commissioned by  Vale666

A new design for Valerie, and the nerdy lamia finding a must buy at the supermarket. Part one of three of Emma looking unamused.  

RavenXeo - 1 hour ago

Such a big butt for a naga~

Meet Limpy - The Grumpy Eevee

Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: can

Tags: Eevee Pokemon Non-Vore

Okay, so those of you who know 'Uncle Mightyena' this is Limpy, Uncle's father's cousin, sometime before... well the odd egg appeared, Limpy was attacked one day, with the evolved Eevee's around, were able to fight off the Mightyena who at the time was mauling him, if nothing had been done, Limpy would have been a Mightyena's lunch.
It did get away with a bit of his leg and an ear, ouch...

Limpy is grump, only because one of this...
[ Continued ...

can - 3 hours ago

Yea, he did get beaten up, at least things are safe now.

bloodwolfvamp - 3 hours ago

This is so sads

Chubby Candy

Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: idolmonkey

Tags: Belly Chubby Non-Vore Pudge

this is why you dont touchLeighs stuff. 

Day 8

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: averyhillpeak

Tags: pirate Tentacle Unwilling Prey octomaid Octopus girl badassery flintlock gun

shoot almost forgot to post this... it's the 8th still in Hawaii when I post this so still on time...

So there ya go  stickyglobule :3c 

Rupie - 4 hours ago

wait a minute.... this was my idea >:U

A Day in the life of a Terra -Bitter Victory-

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: Terraaah

Tags: Comic Non-Vore Super Smash Bros A day in the life of a terra super smash bros for the wiiu

I'll be posting 2 pages of the diary every day! As I got so friggin many entries to post...

BUT YEAH! Anyways. Last week we had a gaming get-together at the school. We played Smash WiiU. And as some of you might know. I'm ''somewhat'' capable in it. So the...entire class teamed up against me....there were more than 4....and they still lost.

So they got a bit grumpy at me from time to time. XD

Luckily they still had tons of fun in the end. 

Terraaah - 2 hours ago

XD Yeeeey.

I like pacman too!

Slimeman64 - 2 hours ago

Yay! Smash Bros!

Lately, I've been getting really good with pacman and toon link.

Terraaah - 4 hours ago

Well atleast ya didn't find yourself upside down in a basketball hoop.

TinyHero - 4 hours ago

Lol that sounds awesome, reminds me when a few gamers got together at our school too for some CoD Zombies, end of the story, I was being spun around in the Gym by my legs XD

Hang in there buddy

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: tastysnack

Tags: Vore F/F F/M Giantess Swallowing F/? Swallowed choke Shrunken man choking

Got bored drew in a different artstyle.  

Balloon Vore?

Uploaded: 7 hours ago


Tags: Vore Digestion Absorption balloon Air Trapped helium balloon vore against will

It's a new experiment in trying please tell me what you think of it.

My daughter Amber is the youngest of the 3 sisters and her being youngest she's childish that being said she likes to swallow people through av only and after digestion she'll reach into her anal and pull out a balloon and once this balloon is inflated it follows amber's desires so the balloon will go out seeking prey and once it's discovered it's prey it will swallow them and as they try to scream and escape...
[ Continued ...

BACKxDOORxPLEASE - 5 hours ago

Is it still good though? Or should i try a better approach

BrickOnAString - 6 hours ago

I gotta admit I read balloon vore and the first thing that came to mind was that episode of Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

Drawlloween 2015 - #8 ZOMBIE

Uploaded: 7 hours ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: F/F zombie

Drawlloween #8 - ZOMBIE

biker zombie girl cause why not. 

Firstfate - 6 hours ago

Tis' the Season :3

Svalbard - 7 hours ago

Instantly reminded me of iZombie, the tv show.

StickyGlobule - 7 hours ago

That background °^° <3

Evil Hungry Vap

Uploaded: 8 hours ago

Owner: Kaheiyattsu

Tags: Pokemon Vaporeon

Well looks like a evil kingpin vappy got a hold of everyones favorite little prey slut rogus247 rogus247 which this is also part of a trade with whom.

He does look better as a belly doesn't he?

Pokemon © Nintendo

Art © me

Servothehusky - 7 hours ago

You could say he is well rounded

Lucky - 7 hours ago


Every Inch Counts

Uploaded: 8 hours ago

Owner: Variant

Tags: Belly F/F Same Size Anal Vore Non-Fatal Pony Willing Blush My Little Pony belly bulge Friendship is Magic Rainbow Dash Rarity bent over

Rarity is very thorough when it comes to getting accurate measurements. VERY thorough. 

Firefanatic - 33 minutes ago

Probably measuring the surface area of her insides... you know, just to see how much elasticity her next gala dress requires if she's going to bring "plus two" Can't have such an elegant--I mean AWESOME--dress ripping!

maxpayne98 - 1 hour ago

Dark pinkie, you're awesome cx

maxpayne98 - 1 hour ago

This is nothing short of hilarious and awesome all at once

DarkPinkie - 5 hours ago

So thurough she dissapeared in there never to be seen again.

The prophesy fortells of her return when the land needs a hero of fabulosity the most.

Anono1323 - 6 hours ago

your intestines?

Lill Egg girl

Uploaded: 9 hours ago

Owner: PedoPuss

Streaming NOWS! 

TinyHero - 4 hours ago

Adorable X3

BabLe7 - 7 hours ago

daw!!! so cute! so huggable!

VertGreenHeart - 8 hours ago


Firstfate - 8 hours ago

Just cause SOMEONE has to say it... DAH~! SOOOOOO CUTE~! :3

Is she gonna get a name or just a random stream request? Or does she already have one and belong to someone attending the stream?

Mousey ate the cake!

Uploaded: 9 hours ago

Owner: TheAllSeeingEye

Tags: Oral Vore Vore Belly Human Male Inside Same Size Mouse Female mousegirl Demi Big Belly Belly rubs same size vore mouse girl Internal View Human Prey Male Prey Female Pred inside view belly bulge Demi-human pred Demi-Human inside stomach Mouse pred MementoMori inside belly Amira belly loving TheAllSeeingEye Kagero belly juices belly kiss x9comega

A very special bday present for my dear friend Amira who has always wanted a pic from MementoMori, so here's one right here!~ <3 hehe

This lovely & cute mousey wasn't just done with her bday cake, so she got a hold of Kagero close by. Swallowing him down & sending him into her belly where he snuggled up inside. Deciding to give the bday mousey a little belly loving with rubs & kisses~
Seems she likes her additional gift~ <3

Happy Bday...
[ Continued ...

TheAllSeeingEye - 7 hours ago

heh yup x3

ZX1993 - 8 hours ago

I am going for the hug!

Servothehusky - 8 hours ago

Look like she ate more then just the cake.

TheAllSeeingEye - 8 hours ago

x3 hehe She's very cute~ and Im sure you'd be ok .///.

ZX1993 - 9 hours ago

What a cute mouse gal.
I want to give her a hug but I am too shy around cuties like her.

Renaud behind the scenes 2 (sketch)

Uploaded: 9 hours ago

Owner: Strega

Tags: Fox Human Feral Non-Vore needle Silver Fox Renaud

To: Lab.all
Subject: Renaud checkup
Message: People. People, listen. We're a genetics lab. We KNOW who keeps turning in Renaud's semen samples contaminated with their saliva. Stop it.

From: -redacted-
Re: Renaud checkup
Message: The alternative is the electronic ejaculator, though, and he doesn't like it at all. Yes, you can threaten him with boner-killing drugs in his food and water, but you have to get along with the 500-pound fox. The...

[ Continued ...

Skittles209 - 5 hours ago

That should've been clear from the messages bit included. I just took it a different way since my brain was not following that path. Thank you very much for explaining.

Hariken - 6 hours ago

Where... is that needle going?

Strega - 8 hours ago

I know it isn't clear from the drawing, but the shot and the sample are two different things. She's bribing him to let her draw blood with the offer of a blowjob. The problem is that I combined two drawing ideas into one - "Renaud is afraid of needles" and the "Good foxies" one.

Skittles209 - 9 hours ago

Sample through a needle. Call it, checking for blockages.

Cougar - 9 hours ago


Rubees egg?

Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: PedoPuss

Streaming now! 

BabLe7 - 7 hours ago

I agree with RavenXeo, very cute. I also ask the same question, is that going in or out?

VertGreenHeart - 9 hours ago

Miracle of birth

RavenXeo - 9 hours ago

aww~ so cute!
But going in or coming out? x3

Little's Dilemma

Uploaded: 11 hours ago

Owner: FidchellVore

Tags: Wolf Soft Vore Fox Vixen F/M M/F Michelle Internal View sheila Voreception Little Bad Wolf Rythven

Sheila tries to convince LBW to let her vixen friend go with one of the best methods she knows well..

Requested by Raksha-Jareth.

Consider being a patron too! Check out my patreon link: There are still open request slots, so get 'em while you can!  

BL1GHT - 9 hours ago

Well you pulled it off. Nice work.

FidchellVore - 9 hours ago

Indeed, it was quite difficult, but fun nonetheless. ^^

Strega - 9 hours ago

Nested vore is really tricky to draw. You end up having to leave body parts out unless the swallowed pred is one big stomach. 83

Nomad - 11 hours ago

Whoa, that's deep Voreception

ChaoskampfNunc - 11 hours ago


Texting for Dinner

Uploaded: 11 hours ago

Owner: Artistdragon

Tags: Monster Female Prey Human Prey see through

I like him, sorta? Kinda? Ehh?

I'm not sure what I was doing. I was drawing up some lizard-slug critter, and this is what came out. I've been seeing the whole see-through belly predators, and I wanted to give it a go. I'm not sure if it turned out the way I wanted it to go. I may or may not keep him, I don't know. If I do, I might do some editing with him.

But I've been calling him Victor.

Art and character is mine. 

jace - 37 minutes ago

wow that is seriously cool

Diving in!

Uploaded: 12 hours ago


Tags: Vore sister Swallowing Cum water Anal Vore pool

Well it seems JJ was hiding in the pool waiting for LC to dive on in.. To her hehe while she has a little fun with herself as she sucks her sister down into her scrumptious rump ;) and who knows maybe one day when your diving into your pool she'll be there waiting hehe  

BACKxDOORxPLEASE - 7 hours ago

Thank you :3

maxpayne98 - 9 hours ago

That's magnificent... <3

BACKxDOORxPLEASE - 12 hours ago

And for those who can't really see it she's pulling her pussy open which is why she's cumming out the side.

After unbirth(day) party

Uploaded: 12 hours ago

Owner: SplitterPic

Tags: Vore Unbirth party Pony full belly My Little Pony Internal View happy pred Teb the masked pony

i know it!

your party was a trap ç^ç

it’s a good thing (i think) that probably i pic the wrong hole, since there is nopony here….damn me and my bad sense of directions >3>”
happy birthday ^w^

- pre-party pic : 

Dukinu - 48 minutes ago

his is why I always get a gun on me

SplitterPic - 12 hours ago

sorry but you have to wait to have this lil pony in your big belly <3
for now, is your cute friend to have him in her ^/^"

i'm really happy that you like it ^w^

HappyDeadPony - 12 hours ago

You are just delaying the inevitable >=3

Thank you Split, this is super awesome ^3^

Skinny-dip gone wrong.

Uploaded: 13 hours ago

Owner: tinysupervicki

Tags: Vore Tongue F/F Giantess Saliva Female Prey Internal View Female Pred Giantess Vore Multiple tinies

Wow, Vicki. You have three commissions to work on (most of them nsfw) and you spew out this in the hospital?

So so sorry. My grandma took a nap and I had inspiration for an Halloween vore pic for inktober. I love horror. I love vore. I love this time of season. I had 20 minutes to draw this before my grandmother stirred in her sleep! AH.

Hmm, I think this is a new oc of mine. I need to think more of her bio but her name is Julietta and she's a sizeshifter that...
[ Continued ...

tinysupervicki - 9 hours ago

Hehe thank you!! :)

Kreeyz - 10 hours ago

So lovely :3

tinysupervicki - 11 hours ago

Omg xD

ChaoskampfNunc - 11 hours ago

tinysupervicki - 12 hours ago

Mmmmhmm you know it boo boo

StBH Part 2 teaser collage

Uploaded: 13 hours ago

Owner: Groblek

Tags: Unbirth F/F Giantess Absorption Fatal Lesbian sex female growth

Redfiredog just posted part 2 of Satisfying the Boss' Hunger for sale on e-junkie here:
Like Part 1, we're charging $6 for Part 2, but I think it's well worth it. RFD did give me permission to share a couple of the images (without story text) here as well, but I won't have a chance to get those up until tomorrow at the earliest.

When last we left Jen, she had let her crush on...
[ Continued ...

Groblek - 8 hours ago

Glad to hear you like it!

joeburp22181 - 13 hours ago

Worth every penny! :)

If you were eaten by a snake. (Male version.)

Uploaded: 14 hours ago

Owner: kernac

Tags: POV Soul Vore Snake Soft Vore Male Digestion M/M Feral M/F Same Size anaconda Unwilling Prey Male Pred Digestion Noises

A short story of how it would feel to be devoured and digested by a snake. This is a slightly altered version were the predator is male, you can see the original version with the female pred here:


--If you were eaten by a snake.--

You had been exploring the jungle for days when you came upon an ancient temple, the ruin well hidden among the
dense vegetation. Your guide book...
[ Continued ...

Stefani6268 - 5 hours ago

I appreciate you making a male version of this and it was amazing. You should totally write more!

Redpod - 11 hours ago


kernac - 11 hours ago

The difference is the snake is referred as a god instead of a goddess in the second paragraph... its very minor really X3 But I'm glad you enjoyed the story^^ What did you liked most about it?

temporos - 12 hours ago

I don't see the difference between this and the previous version. The predator (snake) is referred to as "it."

The story itself is good. A few grammatical errors here and there, but overall a fun read. :)


Uploaded: 14 hours ago

Owner: Nope

Tags: Meloetta

>Make thing
>"You know what implication would be kinda hot"
>Get this 

Indighost - 4 hours ago


Rac0r - 5 hours ago

Your artwork is so damn inspiring! So much small detailing and love the latex!
Also... MMMM, Pink Frosted Donuts... *droool*

JeanetteV - 9 hours ago

It's troll comments like this that put YOU on the autism spectrum, friend...

MementoMori - 10 hours ago

The reflected light on this is very well-done, good work! :3

MementoMori - 10 hours ago

Or "Pusspi" XD

TinyHero - 4 hours ago

Lol this looks awesome XD

scarletsteam - 10 hours ago

good luck

Elven Seafood (Vore in Rhyme)

Uploaded: 15 hours ago

Owner: Komodo

Tags: Vore World fishing Soft Vore Digestion Elf Warcraft Monster Fatal rhyme World of Warcraft Song emotions - Freezing komodo bard mating sea monster prose Nessie Threshadon Circle of life Parenthood

Been a while since I wrote a World of Warcraft story, and even longer since I wrote a story fully in rhyme! There's no tempo, tune or melody to any of it, just told in a bardic manner. Anyone should be able to follow along, even if a few words might needs to be Googled -^_^-

World of Warcraft is Copyright Blizzard Entertainment.

(Editory note. I realize upon re-reading it that the vore got a bit short. I wanted to break loose from the drawned-out and overly...
[ Continued ...

ouphe - 9 hours ago

I prefer longer digestion scenes, but they're not normally as poetic, so this was quite nice :)

Sugarskin Snuggle

Uploaded: 15 hours ago

Owner: KuroWazaRMX

Tags: Non-Vore latex Bondage suit gag sugarskin sticky stuck clever derpy

A brithday present I drew for a frend of mine.  

What will you be for Halloween?

Uploaded: 15 hours ago

Owner: FoolyFox

Tags: Catgirl Cat Comic Fox halloween Bunny Bunny girl scientist wide hips costumes Hermaphrodite FoolyFox

These are all outfits that I wanted to show to you guys.

Sakura is a wearing an outfit that's suppose to represent an old comic I did a while back. This right here --> She's prabably the most adorable werewolf out there!

Fooly is wearing a gauntlet given to him by his dear Scientist colleague.  Chrysaor

32 is being sarcastic here. This outfit that she is wearing was actually suggested by Chrysaor as well. So...
[ Continued ...

Chrysaor - 3 hours ago

Woooohhh you nailed the rig, dear colleague, I just showed you a little pic of that weapon, this is amazing ^w^! Hihi we could be a pair of evil scientist, I just need the time to draw, but I am not sure I will...
And awwww I completely forgot we had that conversation about Halloween costumes, and so I proposed such a good looking for 32 x///3! So nice of you, my friend, it warmed up a lot my heart ^.w.^.

Sayke: What a lovely company (-.lwl.-)

CGR-7 - 6 hours ago

Okay, got a couple of jokes for this one...

*1st panel* "Wherewolf"? *Points to Sakura* Therewolf. XD

*2nd panel* So basically, Fooly, you're going trick-or-treating in your work clothes. XD

*Last panel* Careful, Sakura, or the cat's gonna be [i]in[/i] the bag. XD

...And I'm through. Happy (early) Halloween, Fooly and company. =)

HowlaWolf - 7 hours ago

*giggle* I'd like to say that you all look cute :3

HowlaWolf - 9 hours ago

(I myself haven't dressed up for Halloween for years, hehe)

FoolyFox - 9 hours ago

Yea just kinda casual with this. It's not too serious.

It is to be expexted. I did just call her a demon. XD

Kyre - Moogled

Uploaded: 15 hours ago

Owner: Dragga

Tags: Male Non-Vore Butt Moogle booty femboy kyre pin up demi-moogle

Commission for  gelus

Kyre's sporting a demi-Moogle look~ And a plump rump as always <3 

DireFaux - 10 hours ago

Mrrrf i love him, no matter what form ;///; or im just addicted to cute butts..

Gelus - 14 hours ago

I still love how this one came out~ So sultry and seductive, and of course my big fat butt.

ChaoskampfNunc - 15 hours ago

Adorable, I wanna hug that plump rump

Comm: Crash Course Meal

Uploaded: 15 hours ago

Owner: Dragga

Tags: Vore Wolf Fox Male M/? Big Belly object swallowing ten Object Vore Movler

Commission for Movler and Tashkara over on FA.

I guess they really needed more iron in their diets? 

Firstfate - 12 hours ago

There are better and more 'fun' things to eat than metal objects >.< but those 'people' tend to make pred's fat xD

A Cat and her Toys (Pokemon Vore)

Uploaded: 15 hours ago

Owner: Smuxray

Tags: Oral Vore Scat Pokemon Unbirth Digestion Feral Weight Gain F/M Feline Sex Fatal Lucario Post-Vore Absol Cum Transformation Persian

A Persian has some fun with a couple Pokeboys she meets on a hunt... Contains oral vore, sex, unbirth, fatal digestion and post-vore scat.

My first full-length story! A collaboration with a friend of mine, ASaneMan on FA. He did an awesome art to go with the story, which you can see here:

Please enjoy and tell me what you think. I probably won't do another one of these for a while, but I do frequently write...
[ Continued ...

KinderFire - 10 hours ago

What a nice read. :)
Persian is an underrated pred. ;3

Comm: Nokia and Noka's Mousetrap

Uploaded: 15 hours ago

Owner: Dragga

Tags: Oral Vore Vore Cat Soft Vore Digestion F/F Mouse Collar Leash Unwilling Prey ocelot Siblings nokia Davette Noka

Commission for  kitanarom

Her kitties Nokia and Noka team up to make a snack outta my Davette~  

Redpod - 11 hours ago


ChaoskampfNunc - 15 hours ago

Always good to see a fellow feline fill her gut

Firstfate - 15 hours ago

Lol! I wish I knew something clever to say about this... but it's CATS.... what more needs to be said xD

Rey's first Cockvore

Uploaded: 16 hours ago

Owner: Servothehusky

Tags: Vore Male Inflation Digestion Bulge Cock Vore Cum Husky messy Penis hyper corgi cuntboy Servo cumigestion rey

There is a first time for everthing even for Cockvore

Commission for DogRey 

CGR-7 - 7 hours ago

And how nice of you to give him a crash course in it, Servo. =)

Not Of This Earth

Uploaded: 16 hours ago

Owner: GUISARME2012

Tags: Alien Disguise Vampire Non-Vore blonde Movie nurse Big Breasts giant cock

"Mr. Johnson" is looking a little pale and insists he needs another blood transfusion.

A little exercise would help get the blood pumping--the nurse says it's only a case of poor circulation.

Well, Traci Lords wouldn't lie, would she?


Bedomica the SSBBW unbirthing bed recolor+

Uploaded: 16 hours ago

Owner: mirrormind101

Tags: Sexy Unbirth BBW bed ssbbw Monster girl edited recolor

Its just a recolor of Bedomica with a bit of editing around her vagina to make her look better.

All stats and text removed. 

Jacquelope - 7 hours ago

On, or inside? :D

gulpin - 8 hours ago

I want to sleep on her~

Alexander_the_ant - 15 hours ago

She looks very cuddly, that's for sure. ^^ <3

If you were eaten by a snake. ( Digestion.)

Uploaded: 17 hours ago

Owner: kernac

Tags: POV Soul Vore Snake Soft Vore Digestion F/F Feral F/M Same Size Female Fatal anaconda entrapment Unwilling Prey Female Pred

This is a short story about how it would feel like to be devoured whole and digested by a giant snake.

Please let me know what you think of it, it is a fairly simple and short story... but that is just my style X3


--If you were eaten by a snake.--

You had been exploring the jungle for days when you came upon an ancient temple, the ruin well hidden among the dense vegetation. Your guide book didn't...
[ Continued ...

MrQuarantine - 4 hours ago

Nice short story with great detail, but I prefer more character interaction personally.

RileyTheVampire - 4 hours ago

Quite and good story

komaru - 10 hours ago

I think I've said it before on another story of your's, but in case I didn't, I love the way you write digestion!

Redpod - 11 hours ago


John - 11 hours ago

Oh my, wonderful little story. Love the mention of digesting for days, alive and conscious inside the anaconda.

A Day in the life of a Terra -The Strip-

Uploaded: 17 hours ago

Owner: Terraaah

Tags: Comic Non-Vore comic page A day in the life of a terra

I'm back from school....we have a week long vacation.... But to end the school week with a bang. We had to draw 24 comics within 24 hours.

So I drew my comic diary! So yeah....Now I'm utterly and completely worn out....I drew 5 pages to Personal Heaven this week...and 24 pages to ''A day in the life of a Terra''

So I have a giant backlog of things to post...! So I'll be posting the diary daily.

I hope it's a fun read! It was exhausting to draw!...
[ Continued ...

TinyHero - 4 hours ago

Cool :)

Terraaah - 5 hours ago

Pretty much! But weirdly enough my left hand was actually more tired than the right one...even tho I don't draw with the leftie. XD And yeah. Thanks for the advice. I'll keep my eyes open.

LordStorm - 15 hours ago

That must have killed the hand XD Watch out for hungry preds looking to take advantage of the weakness XD

Vored by a Sea Bunny 05

Uploaded: 17 hours ago

Owner: imaginaria2

Requested by in Patreon 

New monster girl Guttona WIP

Uploaded: 17 hours ago

Owner: mirrormind101

Tags: Sexy Fat BBW ssbbw Monster girl WIP

Hey so yeah she is a WIP at the moment and this is to let you all know I am still drawing but at a slow pace because you know am ill and junk.

Well anyhoo she should be completed in an hour or to or maybe later in the week I started to draw her about 2 hours ago but my brain started going meh so yeah am getting lazy to.....

Well see ya. 

gulpin - 8 hours ago

I like it ^_^

Monster Girl Day 8 - Octo-Maid

Uploaded: 17 hours ago

Owner: StickyGlobule

Tags: Vore Struggling Implied Digestion F/FFFF Big Belly Bulges Octopus Pred tentacles/vines octomaid Octopus girl vore belly Digestion Noises Swallowing alive TITS!!! rasta pred

More like Rastapuss =3... literally. Well... Im not huge on AV/UB but Octopus have mouths... (whispering) .. down there. So.. I thought this is legit, doing it.


P.S. One day i'll draw hands sexy. One day.

P.P.S  averyhillpeak the ball is in your court. 

averyhillpeak - 17 hours ago

OMG I love this, not sure if i can top this one