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Vorgy 2 WIP 5 (placing the character)

Uploaded: 1 hour ago

Owner: ronniefinn

Tags: Vore Vorgy WIP vorgy wip

Here's the newest wip! 


Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: Lucky

Tags: Non-Vore bros Brofish

'cause we're bros

... and fish...?

 Kenta_Daiki and  Lucky 

miranda_dragon - 1 hour ago

Do you hang out with Broseidon, king of the Brocean?

ryanshowseason3 - 1 hour ago

Love your works, I've never stopped in to say it so I figured I should.

miranda_dragon - 1 hour ago


Redpod - 2 hours ago

nicedigestion,predand cat :D

OC Kenta 12

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: Lucky

Tags: Oral Vore Vore Cat Soft Vore F/M Orca Neko Oral size difference kenta Cat boy brooke nekojin Kenta Daiki Cat boi

Not a real OC, but we used PaintChat on MangaMasters to do some sketching together. MAN it has been a while. X3

Kenta belongs to  Kenta_Daiki and Brooke belongs to me. Enjoy! 

Giga Kim

Uploaded: 4 hours ago

Owner: owlizard

Tags: Cock Vore GTS Vore giga futa dickvore

comm for knowsfran555 

nudist beach

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: tangent

Tags: Unbirth expansion F/M growth Willing vaginal vore

I don't know why it's taken me this long to write UB... Enjoy the lack of plot and general thoughtless smuttery. 

ShadesofBlack - 3 hours ago

Loved this. The simple mutual enjoyment, the finality, the amusement and cavalier acceptance of the world...

Fat goooters

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: PinkHorse

Tags: Oral Vore Vore Soft Vore Male M/M Alligator Goo transparent Child Prey gator Underage Prey Human Prey Male Prey Male Pred young prey

Just some more of Lex. Another sketch i did a while back just finished up and what not 

Gloom - 5 hours ago

Pretty boy with innocent look!

New Secretary of treasure

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: owlizard

Tags: Soft Vore

New Secretary of treasure

Money bag’s resume was received so well she got the job immediately but felt it necessary to get a head start on her new duties. Needless to say owl was impressed…

Money Bags (c) Pram 

Camlio420 - 4 hours ago

You have to factor in magic of creatures in the mimic family, how do you still obtain the treasure the chest should have gotten afterwords? Simple their bodies preserve treasure yet consume non-valuables... like people.

CGR-7 - 5 hours ago

Well, that's money straight down the toilet. XD

Gloom - 5 hours ago

Good way to transport treasure!

Royal_Starlord - 5 hours ago

She scary cute. <:D~♥

Mina Vores

Uploaded: 6 hours ago

Owner: MomijiTheDeer

Tags: Cleavage Vore Mina the Dragon Momiji

i Feel like i could do better  

balanced-guy - 5 hours ago

Nice art dude, I like it. Not Mina's typical vore method, but I do like it. Cute stomach bulges you gave her too.

Shepard vore WP

Uploaded: 7 hours ago

Owner: Evilpancake

Tags: Oral Vore Macro/Micro Unwilling Prey Commander Shepard Momji

I need to do some touchups and a few additions to the video, had to keep the stream shorter tonight with new schedule im on now. But i ended up thinking this particular shot would make a great wallpaper

this was as usual a request during the stream. i should have the video finish by tomorrow or maybe wed. 

jackson22222 - 6 hours ago

The enjoyment of anticipation is probably the closest I come to masochism. A great selection for a
wall paper I must say.

DoubleOSnake - 7 hours ago

Can't wait! :D

Sleepy Belly

Uploaded: 7 hours ago

Owner: mMaffle

Tags: Belly

An old piece I dug up and have started working on again. I wonder what she could have eaten? ;) 

Cinquint - 3 hours ago

Probably a salad. A really big salad. She's watching her weight, you know.

Pred Quest 2-269

Uploaded: 9 hours ago

Owner: Humbug

Tags: Furry Cat Feline Non-Vore Gertrude Hallorhim Interactive

>> Continue.

Gertrude...responds surprisingly favorably. She holds out her hand and starts walking toward you.

"Thought so. Thanks for that. I was tired of working for that goody-goody, but I promised not to try to kill her myself and that I'd be her bodyguard. Didn't have the effect I thought it would, and I didn't really get the fame I was hoping for, so I'm glad someone else took her out. What say we join up and go make a name for ourselves?" ...
[ Continued ...

ironmania2003 - 1 hour ago

>> Accept offer.

TigerClaw - 1 hour ago

ACCEPT!!! Must accept offer to team up with Gertrude, or we will digest!

Sephiroth2727 - 2 hours ago

This feels like a trick... But I wanna know where it leads.
Accept the offer.

Thanatos2k - 3 hours ago

>> Accept offer.

Salvec - 4 hours ago

Shoot Gertrude in the arm.
She'll be much easier to fight if she can't use that scythe of hers.

Pred Quest 2-268

Uploaded: 9 hours ago

Owner: Humbug

Tags: Furry Tongue Fox Vixen Tummy Shinara Evergreen Pred Quest

>> Talk:
...1: Tell her you did and see how she reacts.

...say, "You bet! She was totally delicious!"
You rub your tummy to accentuate just how much you totally ate Samantha and Jacqueline didn't.

>> Continue. 

Cocks N' Licks

Uploaded: 9 hours ago

Owner: Azathura00

Tags: Mouth Saliva Non-Vore Penis licking mouthplay Wrapping sharp teeth

Just playin' around with my mouse and pixlr.

It started with just a random dick, then came the tongue then the mouth and then I just figured I'd practice on my saliva.

And yes, this is a FILLER! I'll post those requests as soon as I figure out this stupid scanner. ARGH! 

YCH01: Travelers' End

Uploaded: 9 hours ago

Owner: Aesir

Tags: F/F Naga Lamia Aelia Aesir YCH

So, now, a friend of mine told me about these Your Character Here things and I thought it might be a neat thing to try. I decided on something very simple to start with, and since I just finished that Aelia redesign, I thought it'd be good to go with her. So here's how it works.

This is basically an auction.

You are bidding on getting one of your OCs put in one of these positions.

Slight changes can be made (Expression/Reaction to the events is up...
[ Continued ...

Latroma - 52 minutes ago


Liz - 1 hour ago

I agree with that one and have had it happen to me.

Neraciro - 1 hour ago

I know exactly what you mean.

Liz - 1 hour ago

Yep Yep :)

HitomiBoy - 1 hour ago


Alberta AV on a bed

Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: MaxTwenty

Tags: Foxgirl F/? Anal Vore Butt Pencil Alberta traditional art

This is a thing that happens o3o 

Gloom - 6 hours ago

Hehe, very nice bondage game!

Lady_List - 10 hours ago

I approve of this thing. :3

Elven belly

Uploaded: 10 hours ago

Owner: mMaffle

Tags: Belly

A skech of sorts that I did in my livestream tonight 

Cinquint - 10 hours ago

Some dwarf decided to chop down all the trees, I see. A very dwarfy thing to do.

reliuskaiser - 2 hours ago


Lukas - 3 hours ago

That is some crafting I support but too bad it just make the current mob more dangerous.

DireZyre - 9 hours ago

ah, okay, couldn't recognize the species out of its blocky artstyle, so was that supposed to be an anthro icon block xD? that's amazing!

DolphySoul - 9 hours ago

Fun for us but mobs have no feelings...

Well, everything is posible.

DolphySoul - 9 hours ago

It's faster because you don't waste cobblestone for furnace or click if there is one near to you, put coal and ores in and mine again.

Hey lookie here, it’s some Serena Vore!

Uploaded: 11 hours ago

Owner: Xodiaq

Tags: Vore Pokemon Comic Belly Serena slosh muffled screaming vore belly squirming belly Xodiaq

Calem’s squirming in her tummy. Need I say more?


hero097 - 8 hours ago

never see her as pred. well you do but its not often enough.

CarnivorousVixen - 9 hours ago

Lucky Calem~

The K - 10 hours ago

Yaaaaay! Serena vore! I love Serena with a big sloshy, squirming belly. I hope she enjoyed her meal.

Cammy & Melissa 02

Uploaded: 12 hours ago

Owner: Lady_List

Tags: Unbirth cum digestion Melissa Clover taunting Cammy Beaver Cum Transformation

Looks like Melissa got more then she bargained for.
Poor bunny, she was feeling all pleased with herself and predatory too. ;~;

Looks like Cammy is having fun though!
Sadly, Melissa has kinda fallen apart on her.


Second and final part of this Commission. I really love how it came out,
and how Melissa Looks in  Lucky 's style. x3

Art done by  Lucky
Cammy is also owned by  Lucky ...
[ Continued ...

Gold_King - 8 hours ago

Eaten by a beaver's beaver.

kidclef - 8 hours ago

Raise your hand if you didn't see that coming.


...No one?

Thought so.

Lady_List - 9 hours ago

Funny how paper towels or toilet paper can almost always help you with prey once they're not cute anymore.

miranda_dragon - 10 hours ago

A few paper towels will take care of that.

Lady_List - 10 hours ago

Unfortunately there is no Clover to clean it up this time. The boy is too busy touring the sewers. x3

Cammy & Melissa 01

Uploaded: 12 hours ago

Owner: Lady_List

Tags: Unbirth F/F implied scat Melissa Clover taunting Cammy

After taking care of some business, Melissa walks in to see her precious invention in the hands of an interloper!

When will Melissa learn not to leave her inventions of Earth shattering destruction laying around the house! D:


This is an amazing commission that  Lucky was kind enough to do for me.

To see what Melissa was coming back from look here:

Art and Cammy belongs to...
[ Continued ...

And Next, the World!

Uploaded: 12 hours ago

Owner: Lady_List

Tags: Oral Vore F/F Rabbit Deer mad scientist

A small comic I made for the commission this became a prequel for.

The purpose of this was to help redesign my 'Sona Melissa Altasia,
but it became an fux sexy vore comic in it's own right, not to
mention one of the only times I've ever drawn male prey with a female pred. o.o

Clover belongs to  Lucky , because Clover is Lucky. x3  

viperxvii - 8 hours ago

*Stares adoringly at dat midriff* @u@ ...more Melissa, plz.

Lady_List - 12 hours ago

*Grins* I very much agree~

Lady_List - 12 hours ago

*blushes* Thank you, Sarah~ n///n

Volsar - 12 hours ago

*grins* Very nice

CarnivorousVixen - 12 hours ago

Melissa is so hot.

THink hes taking catch them all to far XP

Uploaded: 13 hours ago

Owner: desbjust

Tags: Vore Taur Lucario luke hyper cock Lukan

a commission for lukan lukan of there Lucario taur character luke  

Mother Brain? 2

Uploaded: 13 hours ago

Owner: mirrormind101

Tags: Alien Cute Non-Vore BBW Metroid fan art Brain friendly mother brain rebooted

A re-try of a cuter sexy and friendly Mother Brain this one turned out better but I still need some practice with the new ms paint so yeah enjoy.


She did have a slender waste but her boobs covered it so yeah lol 

mirrormind101 - 2 hours ago

I don't know sorry

ILLEGAL ALIEN 93 - 5 hours ago

Okay but what is Mother Brain going to do with samus's big pregannt belly ? please give me allot of details

mirrormind101 - 12 hours ago

well she would not attack this one because samus always attacks only if attacked 1st and she knows the difference between good and evil.

is obvious that this is not the bad mother brain that thing is a monster and this one is a different mb shes kind of the what mother brain could have been if she was good and not a defective violent monster btw am doing the alt version of her in a jar.

you never know samus may fall for her there is nothing stopping her from doing something with mb and being raised by aliens herself she would have no problem doing things with this mb.

They would probably fall for each other in a flash and get right at it hay weirder things have happened to samus before remember her baby metroid?

ILLEGAL ALIEN 93 - 13 hours ago

Okay but what would ahppen if a heaily pregnant Samus Aran had showed up to kill Mother Brain because she thinks that Mother Brain is a horrible monster ? please give me allot of sexy details

mirrormind101 - 13 hours ago

well she is my take on her so she is not evil like in the game so only vore sex were her lover lives and she can ub and fore a new type of vore what I saw from dr who once (not into dr who btw I live in the uk that crap is all over here so yeah I can not escape it) that is brain vore.

Brain vore is just the person/lover sinking into the divide of the brain and going into the stomach non death of cores it may all so be related to head vore when the pred has a large head that divides to swallow it's pray but mother brain well my one would not kill or digest her lover just slowly suck them in to her soft brain.

She would more then likely be into brain vore and kissing rather then ub though but it still leads to her belly in the end so she can birth them or trump em out.

Commission for Leaf-Mithras (2)

Uploaded: 14 hours ago

Owner: LoneCatboy

Tags: Oral Vore Catboy Lick Feet Fox Toes Leaf Reoku

Reoku isn't much for the whole foot thing, but if others want to give it a go, he's more than happy to oblige! Least his feet are nice and clean, now!  

Misa and Belinda by FeistyDelights

Uploaded: 14 hours ago

Owner: Shyguy9

Tags: Human Slime Non-Vore Female Misa Belinda cat girl

And another.

The gang's all here! 

x9comega - 12 hours ago

Misaaaaa!!!!!! I don't think we have seen her since VOCT!!!! I would pounce and hug her tight, just snuggle her all over, but as I recall that can be, who am I kidding, I STILL wanna snuggle her~!

Humbug - 13 hours ago

Good thing that glove's on. Misa's body can start to dissolve stuff pretty quickly, as I recall.

Gloom - 14 hours ago

Completely running into each others there! Those rascals!

NekoYuki - 14 hours ago

Are they fighting~?

probably over Sophie...

Sophie by Feistydelights

Uploaded: 14 hours ago

Owner: Shyguy9

Tags: Vore Soft Vore F/? Sophie the Dragon Girl Post-Vore fan art feistydelights

Out of the blue gift from a really cool guy. 

vorefanatic314 - 8 hours ago

Woah, someone was greedy...

keyblademark - 12 hours ago

hehehe he did it super ^_^

Lucky - 12 hours ago


So much personality captured so well!

Royal_Starlord - 13 hours ago


Redpug987 - 13 hours ago

I'd love to meet him sometime, he does seem pretty cool. Alsoholycrap this is nice.

Feeding Time!

Uploaded: 14 hours ago

Owner: YoukaiChan

Tags: Pikachu Multiple Prey gabite Pokemon Vore Alek Dryagan Gen the Calico

As someone in the vore scene, it is my duty to make sure that my predators are kept well-fed.

...what, did you really think I'd feed them with my own self? :P I'm just as able of being the observer too! ...Okay maybe observer isn't the right term, maybe 'Enabler'.

I've been in the mood to draw some personal Pokemon vore stuff so I decided to draw Gabite again. Actually, judging by the markings and tongue stud, it's actually Alek! And he seems to be having a good...
[ Continued ...

TheDarkOne1001 - 2 hours ago

Are they gonna be ok ?! D:

CGR-7 - 5 hours ago

Like lemon drops, but with a lot more zap. A LOT more zap! XD

Oh how silly, Y.C.. And lookin' good, Gen. =)

RavenXeo - 8 hours ago

'Chu's seem to fill them up well...i should try feeding my Lopunny some...

SplitterPic - 8 hours ago

yup yup ^w^

YoukaiChan - 8 hours ago

He is ain't he~? <3

Sophie by hypnofood

Uploaded: 14 hours ago

Owner: Shyguy9

Tags: Vore Soft Vore F/? Sophie the Dragon Girl Post-Vore fan art hypnofood

A gift from an awesome artist. 

vorefanatic314 - 8 hours ago

A full Sophie is a happy Sophie.

Eurodex - 12 hours ago

It's always wonderful to see Sophie doing well. ^_^

Lucky - 13 hours ago

Yup, confirmed. She looks great in this style too. <3

keyblademark - 13 hours ago

what a nice belly ^^

Royal_Starlord - 13 hours ago

Cute Sophie! ~(>w<)~

ych veemon vore/worship

Uploaded: 14 hours ago

Owner: DrakeX

Tags: Paws Soft Vore Digimon Veemon YCH Auction

hello :) this is a ych auction im doing over FA, it will end next sunday, contains vore and paws ^^ if interested on participating head over FA in this link

or if you dont have a FA account just comment here if you wanna participate, and for wich slot and ill update your entry bid over there 

Bazel's Biggest Fan 3/3

Uploaded: 16 hours ago

Owner: Richter

Tags: Scat Digestion Fart Unicorn Post Vore Scat Bazel

The final part of the commission for  iceninja

wiseguy288 - 11 hours ago

More like number two fan now XD

Redpod - 15 hours ago

Nice digestion :D

croc chow

Uploaded: 16 hours ago

Owner: learner

Tags: Oral Vore Soft Vore Bulge Swallowing Dragon prey Learner croc pred

A little gift for MrDarkseed on FA I had started when he asked me if I still drew stuff. It took me a while to come back on it, but here it is

I tried a thing or two, but I feel like I still have a looooot of practice to do with shading. Oh, and sorry I was too lazy for the background^^

hope you like it =3

croc belongs to MrDarkseed 

Silly sketches

Uploaded: 16 hours ago

Owner: Chrysaor

Tags: Tongue Belly Dragon Cute Drool Unwilling Butt Silly Soft oral vore Endosoma struggles Learner the draggy Sayke the pit viper Ponychris the pony Lilyah the wyverness

Here are some vore sketches, it has been a while that I did not do some ^.=.^! The two on the upper side, it is our Chris, one of the first time he swallowed our friend Learner, and got back in his home with him inside his belly. But when his wyverness Lilyah saw hiw with a swollen belly and yelled at him to spit his loading ^.=.^'. But she was not clear enough, and the pony tries to get him out... by the other 'exit', Lilyah was not very comfortable in front of this scene XD.
The two...
[ Continued ...

learner - 16 hours ago

you really made chrys look cute in the first, a bit less in the second XD
And I told you this wasn't my intention, I never digested anyone!

dokudoku - 15 hours ago

Can't believe I almost missed this one in my scrolling through the recent posts.

Great job. ^^

Royal_Starlord - 15 hours ago

*hugs goodra* ~(>//w//<)~♥

Amnael - 16 hours ago

o-o needs some filling

Snack at the Beach

Uploaded: 16 hours ago

Owner: Sukanar

Tags: Gulp Mouth Tongue Fox Giantess Commission Throat ocean Sphinx wings Uvula Teeth Macro/Micro beach summer Male Prey Female Pred vore comic umbrella big hips big butt Huge breasts BBW pred

A commission for the very awesome Vertical-Misfit (on DA)! <3

He wanted his own rendition a picture from the very awesome Sheela:

He wanted a Nerina to eat his character Vex. :3 teehee looks like he's enjoying himself! lol

Art & Nerina belongs to  sukanar
Vex belongs to Vertical-Misfit
Inspired by Sheela (on FA) 

AcevisElecion - 13 hours ago

So much love for this character <3

RavenXeo - 16 hours ago

she is utterly beautiful...<3<3

Sukanar - 16 hours ago

teehee indeed! XD

Gloom - 16 hours ago

Uh oh! Deep dive down!

The Game 39

Uploaded: 16 hours ago

Owner: Bright

Tags: Non-Vore nightingale Merry Curry Bright The Game

Nightingale enters the comic.
She belongs to kingdomofgray. 

bigbig - 7 hours ago

HAHA :D diplomacy on you universe !!!

LordStorm - 10 hours ago

Ahhh the classic enemy joining party as soon as the battle ends trope. An RPG classic;)

1ring42 - 11 hours ago

Love how you tweak classic video game cliches throughout this series.

Topazert - 15 hours ago

Hurrah for diplomacy!

One last look before you go [Micro prey]

Uploaded: 17 hours ago

Owner: dokudoku

Tags: Vore Tongue Giantess Micro/Macro Maw shot GTS Vore Cougar mouse boy

"Time to say "bye-bye" to the outside world and "hello" to my insides. Nice knowing ya, cutie~."

Doki is usually pretty bubbly and flirty, but few things get her going more than a cute little kid all shy and helpless to her devious plans. Especially a cute little mouse boy. So if you're any of the above, don't get locked up in the same room as her. >>

This is a micro prey version to Doki's maw shot. To see the maw shot without...
[ Continued ...

DarkArtist - 14 hours ago

Hehe, very cute!

TheAllSeeingEye - 17 hours ago

You know I'll be in that position sooner or later right? X3 lol

Open up and say "ahhhh" [maw shot]

Uploaded: 17 hours ago

Owner: dokudoku

Tags: POV Tongue Non-Vore Female Mawshot Cougar

"Ahhhhhhhh~.... I can go wider if you want a closer inspection."

I assume this is what a lot of people see before they end up going down the hatch. >>

I wanted to give Doki a mouth that was as close to a cougar's as possible. I am actually surprised as to how different it can be compared to a human's mouth.

I also wanted to make two versions, one with her showing off her maw, and the other her showing off what she does with it. I put...
[ Continued ...

TheAllSeeingEye - 17 hours ago

Something more to explore!~ x3 XD

RavenXeo - 17 hours ago

How beautiful~

Nina's Revenge

Uploaded: 18 hours ago

Owner: HeroSoulSword

Tags: Oral Vore Vore Soft Vore Angel Angelissa F/F Breath of Fire Micro/Macro wings Nina Ryu Overstuffed Wyndian Breath of Fire 3 gryphon prey BoF 3

A commission I ordered from Goldy-Gry and a continuation of Angel's commission from her (

In a turn of events, Angel Gryph has been gulped down by Nina, much to Angel's (and Ryu's) shock. Guess that's what she gets for gorging on princesses, as not all of them are damsels in distress. Some can be fighters, and size doesn't always matter, as Nina has proven here. 

cr055x - 8 hours ago

Yes, some new Nina pics! I've been hoping you would get some new ones soon. ^^

Nina's Revenge

Uploaded: 18 hours ago

Owner: Goldy-Gry

Tags: Oral Vore Belly Soft Vore Angel Human F/F F/? Breath of Fire Nina Ryu belly bulge

Commission for HeroSoulSword. Thank you!) Kinda sequel to this - Also, I think my first time drawing a belly THIS big... Oh well.)  

HeroSoulSword - 14 hours ago

She's Nina from Breath of Fire 3, this is the third incarnation of her (every game has a character named Nina). She's the princess of Wyndia (Wing Clan) and the main female protagonist.

And don't worry, Breath of Fire is a lesser-known RPG series, so you're not the only one who doesn't know who she is right off the bat.

player1 - 14 hours ago

maybe am i uncultured but.. who's the princess actually? from what game i she?

All in all, that'll teach those gluttonous gryph not to binge on everything :o

Imrhys - 16 hours ago

Awwww, she's so perky, excited, happy, FULL. How adorable. Such a big grin of joy.

You did an excellent job of her hair, facial expression, and making her look princess good girl/heroine and utterly adorable. Well... and snackable, but we see where that got Angelissa *smirks*

Imrhys - 17 hours ago

Awwww, but she seems to perky and happy, she can't be an evil pred ^^ Perhaps she just hadn't had breakfast yet? *smirks*

Imrhys - 17 hours ago

*giggles* Now didn't we warn you. Gobble gobble all the time. Told you one day you'd run into a meal that didn't appreciate you trying to eat her. And look where it got you! In a tight, dark place...

Alone in the dark, next to us *tentacle snuggles*

Stream request

Uploaded: 19 hours ago

Owner: A3gwinn

Tags: Non-Vore aegwinn

Here's the request stream result~ in order of apparition :

- Cinnamon Cake
- Crimson Moon
- Choco Cherry
- Painted doll
- Errieboy
- Citizen
- Belvia and Wintergreen
- Shadow Frost
- Thunder Flicker

Here you go guys :)

CGR-7 - 6 hours ago

Nice lineup of characters, Aegwinn. =)

A3gwinn - 15 hours ago

np ;)

powerplayer01 - 17 hours ago


Fart Bottle YCH

Uploaded: 20 hours ago

Owner: Volsar

Tags: Fart Non-Vore volsar Abra YCH

This is a YCH where you can have your character added into the bottle to suffer Volsar's stink. The artist is inisuu and it will be full color shaded. The Bottle will grow to accommodate more characters if needed.

There are unlimited slots.
Price per character: $2 +2 if character is complex (lots of tattoos or random stuff)

If you want in: Send me a PM with character reference and what you want to be doing in the bottle. Also if you enjoy the stink or are...
[ Continued ...

cobra food

Uploaded: 21 hours ago

Owner: GloomWolf

Tags: Tongue Feet Fox Stomach cobra Blue Soles boots Footpaws teasing prey pads gloomfox

tasty fox feet are tasty >:3 kalek the cobra enjoying his meal 

WPBcrazy - 16 hours ago

damn o3o

Paraffine - 20 hours ago

Aaaaaand she's gone...

WPBcrazy - 16 hours ago

me next OwO

RavenXeo - 19 hours ago


Two Horses...

Uploaded: 22 hours ago

Owner: Heartman98

Tags: Big Belly Fat Fur Large Non-Vore happy horses Elder Dave junior jr Scrolls Pencilman 2014 Shadowmere

By Pencilman

A little doodle of my two favorite horses, Junior and Dave just laying around.

So sweet! 

Heartman98 - 19 hours ago

Reply by Pencilman: Thanks.

ublover1 - 20 hours ago


"Be careful what you wish for... "

Uploaded: 22 hours ago

Owner: Tabris

Tags: djinn genie Huge breasts Daishiro totally might be cleavage vore

"... because you might end up trapped in djinntits.

Wait, is that not how the saying goes? Sorry, my mistake!"

Daishiro was hanging out with his friend Shahrazad, and he made some sort of quip about wanting a more comfortable seat. And he got it!


Oh, wait, that's not so bad. For now, at least!

This was a birthday present from me to one of my best friends, Dark! Happy birthday, man (even...
[ Continued ...

angel2 - 9 hours ago

Yes.. *w* may I hug her? xD

Tabris - 11 hours ago

I know, right? Dark's got a way with making good-looking gals, and we found a good couple of artists to represent her.

angel2 - 11 hours ago

omg she is so beautiful! ^w^

Tabris - 19 hours ago

I know, right?

Solomon - 19 hours ago

Nice looking djinn, but that smile really makes it.

Helen size reference

Uploaded: 23 hours ago

Owner: miranda_dragon

Tags: Furry Horse Fat Predator Non-Vore Mare quadruped

Relative size reference for Helen. (

As per my usual modus...she is very unsmall.  

darc22005 - 7 hours ago

lotta new characters lol. i remember when you just had miranda

Xenenderson11 - 14 hours ago

I haven't seen any of your new chars in action...hope this ones different :)

Stalbon - 14 hours ago

Mmmmf. <3

miranda_dragon - 17 hours ago

I don't know about that.

Doge - 17 hours ago

Quite unsmall? Eleanor could fit in that belly! (maybe) lol