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A Nagging Weight

Uploaded: 21 minutes ago

Owner: Lumesa

Tags: Unbirth

Commission for  paraffine 

Ransom Note Part 7

Uploaded: 42 minutes ago

Owner: l3objones22

Tags: Elf nurse threat LordStorm Big Breasts large breasts Eaten Alive elf girl spit roast Impending Death spit roasting cooked alive elf female

The next installment in the of the ongoing crisis with Lord Storm.

The previous page can be found 

l3objones22 - 33 minutes ago

I have a 1 strike policy on trying to kill your Boss. Not my fault I had a contingency plan lined up for traitors.

LordStorm - 35 minutes ago

Well...technically, you never fired her. Not in the job sense at least XD

l3objones22 - 36 minutes ago

She is about to be cut up and eaten while she is still alive... Not the worst?!...
She should have kept the Nursing Job with me. :p

LordStorm - 39 minutes ago

Ouch poor Givina! XD Though...this isin't even the most horrible way she's gone out XD

justanothermeal - 39 minutes ago

shoulda gotten that cherry a few years back, looks like he held a grudge

SplitterPic - 42 minutes ago

i hate that evil bunny but this is so well done ^^

Space Babes 2 Pg70

Uploaded: 46 minutes ago

Owner: LordStorm

Tags: Breasts Comic Omega Human Non-Vore Female swimming Butt pussy Nudity Female Prey pubic-hair red head human female

Unaware of Mina's fate, Omega,Janara,and Zreena continue to enjoy the lake at the oasis. 

LordStorm - 23 minutes ago

Me? naaaahhhh XD

l3objones22 - 30 minutes ago

Stopped again right before the good stuff...
I think you do this on purpose!

LordStorm - 42 minutes ago

Strange alien life form! XD

luvboobies - 43 minutes ago

Thats a funny lookkmg fish I see .

Space Babes 2 Pg69

Uploaded: 48 minutes ago

Owner: LordStorm

Tags: Catgirl Breasts Comic Alien Blood Female Spit Butt pussy killed Nudity Female Prey Sexual content spitted

The Lesson, don't have sex with strange rock formations...they will skewer you. 

LordStorm - 24 minutes ago

Yes, the pink stuff is totally space catgirl cum. It's absolutly not space catgirl blood;)

l3objones22 - 31 minutes ago

I knew it nothing went wrong. Green space cats like having a spit all the way through them right?
and leek pink stuff when they orgasm... right?

Space Babes 2 Pg68

Uploaded: 50 minutes ago

Owner: LordStorm

Tags: Catgirl Breasts Comic Alien Non-Vore Female Sex Butt pussy Oral Sex penetration Nudity Female Prey Sexual content

Mina has sex with a penis shaped rock she found...nothing could go wrong. 

LordStorm - 22 minutes ago

This is totally not something they saw comming. No one is prepared for Mina's labido;)

Jack - 25 minutes ago

The look of the guys in the last panel is just awesome. ^^

LordStorm - 38 minutes ago

Yes, this will totally go well for Mina:)

l3objones22 - 40 minutes ago

I totally agree, nothing could possibly go wrong.

Space Babes 2 Pg67

Uploaded: 52 minutes ago

Owner: LordStorm

Tags: Catgirl Breasts Comic Alien Non-Vore Female Butt Nudity Female Prey Space Pirates

The Pirates plan to skewer Mina goes awry!  

justanothermeal - 3 minutes ago

very true

justanothermeal - 3 minutes ago

there are more, but her fate is intentionally being left ambiguous

Tornadochaser1 - 4 minutes ago

She's gonna need a major bath. Pinkie Pie's ears must be flopping big time.

yes - 8 minutes ago

Yeah, there's that. I guess if there are any more pages we'll find out.

justanothermeal - 25 minutes ago

or she made it out earlier?

Space Babes 2 Pg66

Uploaded: 54 minutes ago

Owner: LordStorm

Tags: Catgirl Breasts Comic Alien Non-Vore Female Butt pussy Nudity Female Prey

Mina lets the sun beat on her naked body...unaware that the Space pirates have plans for that naked body. 


Uploaded: 55 minutes ago

Owner: HungrySuccubus

Soooo freakin' sorryabout being late today! Ugh, my schedule is crazy righ tnow! @___@ 

Never Go To Spiderjail, 3/3

Uploaded: 3 hours ago

Owner: Lumesa

Commission for  kaede


Incarceron - 51 minutes ago

Very Nice Man ^^

joeburp22181 - 1 hour ago

Good work

NekoYuki - 2 hours ago

Do not pass go
Do not collect 200M ?

Lumesa - 3 hours ago

Very welcome you are~

Kaede - 3 hours ago

And thanks times three for the third part~

[Now Live!] On-Demand Commission Stream

Uploaded: 5 hours ago

Owner: Lumesa

Tags: Commission Non-Vore streaming

Today's stream will be starting ON TIME! ( 12:00 PM Central )
Commission stream info is posted in the links below, feel free to stop on by and
watch even if you're not ordering a commission, I enjoy the company!

Anything with a green tag on my commissions pricing chart is available for
On-Demand Streaming.

Please look over my Terms of Service, linked below. Thank you.

[ Continued ...

Incarceron - 50 minutes ago

Really digging the new strea advertisment man

im going to eat this

Uploaded: 8 hours ago

Owner: MisterMister

Tags: Unwilling Prey Male Prey Monster Pred

this is fairly recent and concludes what vore art i can find that doesnt suck too much to post. 

Tushie - 5 hours ago

This is going to sound weird o.o but looking at this makes me want to play Don't Starve for some reason.

oh right

Uploaded: 8 hours ago

Owner: MisterMister

Tags: Digestion Fatal Willing Internal View Male Prey Monster Pred

this is... really old!! but i remember it went over well for some reason? 

Lucky - 4 hours ago

Your work is really fun! You should post more of it. : 3

theres scat in this image

Uploaded: 8 hours ago

Owner: MisterMister

Tags: Scat Internal View Male Prey

I moved computers recently so I feel like I've lost a lot of vore art i had sitting around.... I'm going through my files to see what I have still though 

Blot goggle

Uploaded: 8 hours ago

Owner: Drakana

Tags: Oral Vore Belly Soft Vore Dragon Stomach Inside F/M Same Size Bulge Swallowing Dragoness inner view belly bulge Inner shot

Sorry, Blot, Drakana just always wanted goggle same as yours. ))) 

CommunistSenpai - 8 hours ago

Ooh~ Discord vore, its been a while since i saw one of those pictures. Really nice!

Speed284504 - 5 hours ago

Nice! It's cool to see discord as he should be. Very well done! Maybe he could get his claws on a tasty little pony, or even a handler to fill that empty stomach of his. Excellent work!

yes - 7 hours ago

Om nom nom indeed.

Syla's Booty

Uploaded: 12 hours ago

Owner: ronniefinn

Tags: Furry Anthro Non-Vore BBW booty syla

Syla (a nonvore char of mine) showing some nice booty :) 

GunbarrenoClaude - 6 hours ago

I like da bum~

miranda_dragon - 8 hours ago

She is beautiful :)

MarbleMadness - 8 hours ago

They booty is strong with this one.

MarbleMadness - 8 hours ago

The c

WritingZeal - 9 hours ago

This booty makes me wish she was a vore character of yours

Unwilling pt 6/6

Uploaded: 14 hours ago

Owner: Kalnareff

Tags: Vore Big Lizard Tail Human Predator Bulge Cock Vore latex Unwilling Prey Rape Penis hyper Ball Internal View femboy junk interspecie desbjust forcing

Lil Oc made with a fun fella!
He drew his char and I drew mine then I added some shadows for the fuck sake ;)
Guess who's unwilling ;p

kalnareff & desbjust 

Ome - 2 hours ago

Nice of him to take his socks off before entering

Ome - 2 hours ago

Nice of him to take his socks off before entering

desbjust - 3 hours ago

its not like i expected ur to post it when i drew it tho

Kalnareff - 9 hours ago

Desbjust did his ext and I did mine, what you can read is my text, what you read in "chinese" ih his text :p

night22 - 12 hours ago

He's training to be a doctor.

Another Sore Loser

Uploaded: 14 hours ago

Owner: Green_Glutton

Tags: F/F witchy witch strip Female Prey Wonder Woman dc Stripping Female Pred DC Comics Wonder Girl

Witchy won another round of strip poker! This time with a heroine! Wonderwoman offers another heroine to take her place. Maybe Witchy will just eat both.

Commissioned by xfromx 

mawileluvergirl - 2 hours ago

Eat Konata! She's always the pred but she looks so tasty! :3

Bright - 5 hours ago

Heh, I like your cards.

RavenXeo - 6 hours ago

Joker...? in a card game? no wonder she lost..

<3Queen Konata<3

SonicV - 6 hours ago

Konata as the queen, now THAT I LOVE! :D

Any chance she will ever pop up in person in your artwork?

Also, I hope that there is a followup to this :)

SpotLight - 8 hours ago

so can we get a image of just the cards?

Tastes As Good As She Looks - part 6

Uploaded: 15 hours ago

Owner: XarcesTheDelicious

Tags: Scat Wolf Anthro Kitsune Post-Vore disposal Aiyaka

After winding her way through the digestive tract of the wolfess, being thoroughly processed and stripped of all usable matter. The kitsune would end up as any other meal. Reduced to little more than solid waste, to be released and disposed of in the usual manner. Squeezed from the rear of her devourer, laid to rest as a filthy pile, left steaming on the ground below.

Aiyaka ©  xarcesthedelicious

Kit and art ©  KitTayoski 

Brunette request

Uploaded: 15 hours ago

Owner: DarkCloset

Tags: F/F Toilet bathroom sweater brunette Stomach Bulge face prints sweatpants

My request done for recoome5555. sorry for not posting this earlier but I was called in for work unexpectedly today and I worked for the whole day which lead me very little time to finish, sorry. 

DarkCloset - 5 hours ago

Thank you very much. Ironically I was rushing myself to get it done yesterday.

CGR-7 - 13 hours ago

Already sitting on the toilet while still finishing a meal; now that's a time saver. XD

Neat, D.C.. =)

Lineart, Naga and Catgirl

Uploaded: 15 hours ago

Owner: Silrath

Tags: Vore Tail Bulge Lamia Scales Cut-away Silrath Catgirl prey see through Coils belly bulge Naga Pred See-Through

Just something to try and berak the hiatus of making images. Here we see a naga having consumed a catgirl. 'Nuff said. Will probably colour it later to be Silrath and Zarin 

Liz - 1 hour ago

My my she does have the Silrath <3
Regardless its very crisp and clear line Art Silrath - well done :D

Silrath - 2 hours ago

thank you

walkingbyself - 4 hours ago

Lovely work Silrath

Silrath - 6 hours ago

She's always been a long one

RavenXeo - 6 hours ago

That is alotta naga<3

Chrysalis AV's Fluttershy colored

Uploaded: 16 hours ago

Owner: karps

Tags: Anal Vore Butt shiny Changeling My Little Pony Fluttershy Queen Chrysalis Changeling Queen lubed

I wonder where the changeling discovered this new method of feeding the queen. Clearly, this changeling is experienced at shoving entire living beings into other butts. Meanwhile, Fluttershy is easily slipping in with little resistance. If you're gonna eat someone with your butt for the first time, gotta make sure they don't struggle that much!

The original author of this awesome sketch is  rawrcharlierawr for an anon on /mlp/. Thanks for letting me color it! As soon...
[ Continued ...

karps - 9 hours ago

Oh yes she can, she is the Queen after all~

karps - 9 hours ago

Yep, I love the original so much, just had to!

karps - 9 hours ago

*Fluttershy starts slipping in deeper*
Chrysalis: Ahhhh, much better! I need a helper to push her in deeper!
Chngeling: "Yes, my Queen."

Fluttershy: "Please.. not in there..."

Also, Thanks!

Gabriel0813 - 10 hours ago

Damn she really can take it up the butt

MavenOfMisfortune - 13 hours ago

Incredible! I was hoping to see this! Amazing work!

Loser's Game Page 1 **Scat Warning!!**

Uploaded: 17 hours ago

Owner: The Saint of Ravens

Tags: Breasts Scat Soft Vore Anthro BBW Panther Anal Vore wings Demoness Stockings dirty Endosoma Soline fluids Bellzeh

Commissioned by the wonderful Soline, this is the first page of a comic sequence~

The demoness Bellzeh and Soline are friends, and one day the playful demoness came up with an idea for a game. The details of that game are currently unknown, but the conditions were quite simple: the loser would have to spend a week inside of the winner's body.

Well... Soline ended up losing the game, so Bellzeh gleefully forces her up her ass and into the remains of one of her...
[ Continued ...

XarcesTheDelicious - 19 minutes ago

Oh my, this is quite lovely! Excellent work Saint!

UnattainableSnack - 1 hour ago

I love this ^^

Lucky prey & can't wait to see how the comic progresses ^_~

Kanosint - 8 hours ago

I bet she doesn't mind too much ;3 I know I wouldn't mind :P

TheAllSeeingEye - 14 hours ago

wish there was a non-scat version...

wiseguy288 - 15 hours ago

Nothing like the hot bowls of a demoness to make you apretiate fresh air. Looks great saint :)


Uploaded: 17 hours ago

Owner: MisterMister

Tags: Internal View Male Prey

this is old but i decided to finally post something yes hello. look at this hetalia fanart (i dont usually do fanart) 

Elements of Harmony 3

Uploaded: 18 hours ago

Owner: Humbug

Tags: Furry Digestion F/F Hard Vore Inside Fatal Micro/Macro chewing mild apple My Little Pony

And thus Twilight ate of the Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, and lo! she gained the knowledge of good and evil. And decided that evil was pretty cool, so she continued on to gobble up Pinkie Pie with three of her friends already stewing away in her belly.

Horribly evil and horribly melting ponies belong to Hasbro. 

vmoartet - 5 minutes ago

Stealth Rick & Morty reference!

baville - 56 minutes ago

Cool series so far! I guess on AJ's hat will be reminder of her? looks like a sealed fate in the last scene? ;)

baville - 57 minutes ago

Cool series so far! I guess on AJ's hat will be reminder of her? looks like a sealed fate in the last scene? ;)

baville - 57 minutes ago

Cool series so far! I guess on AJ's hat will be reminder of her? looks like a sealed fate in the last scene? ;)

baville - 58 minutes ago

Cool series so far! I guess on AJ's hat will be reminder of her? looks like a sealed fate in the last scene? ;)

Samus at the slave market

Uploaded: 18 hours ago

Owner: GueiGirl

Tags: Nintendo Non-Vore Metroid slave slavery piercings Samus Aran Damsel in distress chastity piercing slave market

This is where all the heroines go when they devolve from badasses into chickified damsels in distress. They end up in the inter dimensional slave market.
Keep your eyes peeled for more. 

The Snow Skank and some Skeksis

Uploaded: 18 hours ago

Owner: GueiGirl

Tags: Succubus Non-Vore ariel Disney snowman The Little Mermaid The Dark Crystal Skeksis seaweed The Snow Skank F/M+

A Scene from my fanfic where the Skeksis fuck Ariel in her Snow Skank form. Normally, shallow girls like Ariel would be complaining about this, but since she's a super horny, sex starved succubus, she doesn't care anymore. 

AthleticDashie - 6 hours ago

Nice work, can you make more Rainbow Dash vore pictures?

Date Masamune - 9 hours ago

awesome! <3

Gabriel0813 - 10 hours ago

She really liking it

Tornadochaser1 - 15 hours ago


ike1 - 15 hours ago

really well done, great pic.

H-ops Michelle

Uploaded: 20 hours ago

Owner: Darokei

Tags: Catgirl Breasts Cat Anthro Non-Vore Michelle Female Pred

Michelle eventually decided to enroll in H-ops so I figured I would lend her a helping hand. 

Gabriel0813 - 10 hours ago

She is looking sexy

jonthehuman525 - 19 hours ago

Dang I need to make my self into a vore so u can do me next XD

jonthehuman525 - 19 hours ago

Dang I need to make my self into a vore so u can do me next XD

luvboobies - 19 hours ago

Now to wait for my next meal^^.

Darokei - 20 hours ago

I am sure you will ;)

OC FIGHT!: Miro Wins...? (Cinquint)

Uploaded: 21 hours ago

Owner: SomeGuy1294

Tags: Non-Vore crossover Original Character Joseph Cho OC FIGHT! Commandant Miro

Outcome #2 to my First OC Fight: Cinquint's OC, Commandant Miro, kills Joseph... several times. It appears he's going to kill him again now. Let's see that fight analyis, RF!"

Recap Fairy: "You got it!"

-Miro wins because unlike Joseph, he's a hardened combatant with extensive military training and experience.
-Miro's Imperialist Rune is incredibly destructive and dwarfs Joseph's offensive capabilities. The only spell Joseph has that even...
[ Continued ...

NekoYuki - 20 hours ago

These seems like a smaller scale version of the Somme. "Are they gonna run out if men or are we gonna run out of bullets?"

Cinquint - 21 hours ago

"Oh God, they just keep coming T~T;;"

is an erotically and fetish-based story.
you are underage or against the vore-fetish, do not read!
Corp. does not take responsibility for twisting
innocent soul or making you like new, strange things!
is a rather unoriginal tale, but one I decided to put on paper
is the first chapter of "Boss Arin Ericsson" and his
every-day life.
every-day as a life in a anthropomorphic society where the bigger
able to eat the smaller ones can b

A day at the office

Uploaded: 22 hours ago

Owner: Komodo

Tags: Vore Story Sex Anthro Dragon Cat Digestion

A vorish story in an anthro universe. The desire and abusive power that comes with not only being a top predator, but also the lead chief of a major business.
Warning, does contain digestion and sexy-times. 

FoxSequence - 17 hours ago

I know English is not easy to write (even for a natural born speaker), but there are some grammar errors scattered throughout the story. However, it does get the point across pretty well.

All that Glitters

Uploaded: 22 hours ago

Owner: PaunchyVore

Tags: Belly Slime Stuffing Naga Non-Vore Lamia

Decided by popular choice to start making a slime OC.

Also painting practice. 

MetalNazo - 18 hours ago

your slime oc is cool and this pic is cute^^

48th agent - 19 hours ago

See? It IS cuter with words~

Bright - 20 hours ago

Hah, nice tsundere.

I like your style. NIce predator too.

Lady_List - 21 hours ago

It's not like I think Tsundere are the cutest or anything~ >.>


Uploaded: 22 hours ago

Owner: Sharue

Tags: Vore Snake Soft Vore Sharue F/F Naga wow Jungle worgan kayle65

Part 2 of the naga series ordered up by Kayle65 

Gabriel0813 - 10 hours ago

She really let her self go on the food

Canace - 18 hours ago

Did she get turned around in the belly?

kayle65 - 22 hours ago

I adore everything about this. The sleepiness of the huntress, and the "oh crap I'm screwed" look on the worgen. <3


Uploaded: 23 hours ago

Owner: Sharue

Tags: Vore Snake Sharue F/F Naga wow Jungle worgan kayle65

Commission from Kayle65 of a worgan from wow getting nomed on up by a naga.  

Terrafox - 14 hours ago

how much would a pic like this cost?

LordStorm - 21 hours ago

Goo choice in meals;) Though, those breasts are gonna be tough getting down XD

mawileluvergirl - 22 hours ago

Pretty good, though color would be nice too

kayle65 - 23 hours ago

Love it!

Artemis and pet 01 Color

Uploaded: 23 hours ago

Owner: DemonioBlanco

Tags: Vore Pig Artemis Smite

here is the colored version....
yea, is just plain color, because i dont know how to add light and stuff.

i bearly color my own stuff.

so... which is the way to go? 

CGR-7 - 14 hours ago

Haha... doin' the Queen's dirty work. XD

Very nice, Charlie. =)

Tornadochaser1 - 19 hours ago

Hope you make an unbirth version of this.

karps - 21 hours ago

Awww gosh! <3

MavenOfMisfortune - 22 hours ago

Nice! Hope this gets colored sometime!

Homage - 3 hours ago

I shall do as you command!

vorelectric - 17 hours ago

Suspicious sprinkles? What about that belly!

Almost like she could fit a whole pony in there! Unless she did~ X)

GigaRoy - 23 hours ago

I'm a fan now. :3

Delicious Donuthorse

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: rawrcharlierawr

Tags: Anthro Pony Unwilling Prey Female Prey Internal View Original Character

Looks like she got herself into quite the predicament. 

GigaRoy - 23 hours ago

Sexy. :) Love it man. :)

Did I smell something sweet?

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: rawrcharlierawr

Tags: Sketch Maw Saliva Non-Vore Female Mawshot Original Character

Leigh has a terrible sweet tooth. 

CGR-7 - 14 hours ago

Has she gotten any cavities in that tooth? XD

Bright - 20 hours ago

I like this predator.
Nice touch with the hands.

rawrcharlierawr - 22 hours ago

blaaaah okay i'll add the other version

48th agent - 22 hours ago

This was much cuter with the words .3.

Donut Horse and the Marshmallow Pones

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: rawrcharlierawr

Tags: Oral Vore sequence Pony Macro/Micro Multiple Prey size difference Female Pred Original Character belly bulge

Strawberry Sprinkle needs to learn some restraint or she's gonna get a lot more bellyaches in the future. 

vorelectric - 17 hours ago


pseudo - 20 hours ago

Love that mischievous look as she's eyeing up the next one

Welcome to vore!

Uploaded: 1 day ago

Owner: Rupie

Tags: Vore Monster ebony worm?

So recently I have been poisoning the minds of my artistic close friends and I got a few of them hooked on vore, so this is a welcome to vore pic for her c: 

Gomez - 3 hours ago

Cute. I can just imagine her thinking "So THAT'S how it works. Huh."

Dr_Gog - 5 hours ago

Epic keep going and draw more black girls we need more gore of them

Dr_Gog - 5 hours ago

Epic keep going and draw more black girls we need more gore of them

Rupie - 1 day ago

yes that's true but she can handle it >u< now I need to work on my other friend c:

Angel - 1 day ago

Yeah, but it's hard to draw if some monster is busy digesting you. ;-)