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Science. It was a
big thing in the mega-city known as Apex. The Apex Labs and Research
Center had been the guiding light of scientific inquiry for over half
a century. It was mandatory that all graduating students in Apex take
a rigorous exam for admission to the Center. Those with the best
scores were granted the great honor and privilege to become a
scientist at the Center, those with adequate scores became assistants
and technicians. And those who didn’t get a good enough score were

The Apex Age

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A not so little rp between me and roog16 . We're currently doing a sort-of continuation of this one; if the response to this one is positive enough I may post that too. 

Apostolos - 3 weeks ago

Ah okay then

giantessfanx - 3 weeks ago

Well I say continuation because it takes place in the same setting at a later time, the focus is on new characters.

But the context of how things go for these characters the octalings don't remember their previous lives.

Apostolos - 3 weeks ago

Cool, do the octalings remember their previous lives?

giantessfanx - 3 weeks ago

Yeah roog16 and I are doing a bit of a continuation of this. The rp is in progress right now so it'll probably be a while before I can post it.

Apostolos - 3 weeks ago

Oh this was rather nice any possibility of a continuation?