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Hello friends~ Im just another silly lil artist trying to find out what to do with life itself, but currently, I am just enjoying it :)

My name is GTSdev, and Im just a pony artist who went from drawing small anime and manga drawings, to drawing cute ponies in funny situations in various of fetishes, mainly within vore and sizeplay such as micro/macro <3
If you are curious of where to find my galleries, you can look here if you like: (This site is mainly to share my stuff with my fellow fuzzy furs ~ <3 ) (I answer silly questions and upload mostly ALL stuff here, even unfinished things i normally wouldnt upload to ekas or FA) (Here, I livestream frequently, its very variating when i stream or not, feel free to follow <3 )

I also have a secondary account made only for my OC if he catches your interest ^_^

Behind the artist:

Name: Jonas
Years: 25
sex: m-maybe ..<3
gender: male
status: single <3

I live in the cold north in a small dot on the worldmap called Denmark, a happy little society some don't know about and im fine with that ^^ Im an educated Industry technician with a creative and open mind to meny welcomming faces and events.
Currently, im on grant-money, welfare as most say as im having some issues that I am trying to fix.
My life consists of general trubbles and im not too social when it comes to physical face to face meetings, im more of a calm gamer and artist who enjoys expressing himself on the net.
I have the Aspergers syndrom which gives me social challenges such as thinking differently, socializing, sleeping and loosing energy very quickly thus i give you a fair warning that im a member of:

I've allways loved vore since i was little, and its very unexplainable as why or how i love vore exactly, but it started out with the general feeling of being within someone, and its really hard to explain to non-vore people how this is.
So therefor, i am also a member of:

My love for MLP (my little pony friendship is magic) is skyhigh, i'ts more like a lifestyle for me currently, but im also humble about expressing it, i understand it should not be a tool for topic often in the open society <3
I proudly am a member of:

My skype is: Fabiafidus

I do not take calls, ever, I have my personal reasons and i hope you will understand <3 i will gladly call u myself if i feel my energy is high for it.
I mostly speak, and im really open to any talk at any day of the time, but ill make sure to let you know if NSFW is not a good topic the given time, else, im very free to do silly rp's~

OBS: I may not do it often, but occasionally you will se FATAL or DIGESTION in my works! i just think its a fair warning that i put this link here:

I humbly appreciate any support in both the past and furture works.

<3 People that are very dear to me! and if you ever hurt em i will .. uhm .. u-uhm .. t-throw this bucket of flowers at you .. VERY VERY HARD THO!.. h-heh have a good day <3
They changed my life forever :)

Honorable mention of people that also means alot to me <3
Aluriel (no links)

and alot more, too meny to mention, pls, if i have forgot some, pm me <3

Wanna make a donation? =w= then you can Donate here:

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Hey everyone, this is just gonna be another little rant blog, so if these things bother ya, please just dont read it, i kinda just need to talk about a few things.

since the start of december last year, i've been feeling really great, alot better than i ever remember i've been feeling before. I were through a deppression i've been fighting with for almost 2 years now, but i finally feel im slowly learning how the waves of life move, i feel i can co-exist with more and more of what the negativity the life has to bring, but of course, i could'nt do it without the proffesional help, the meds, my family, and of course, my friends <3

Ive been off the meds for 3 months now, because i was starting to feel a little better, and im glad that its over, that said, i'm never gonna be the same...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by FlutterDash69 2 weeks ago

*boop* I hope you are doing well! <3 Miss you! Feel free to message anytime you need to talk! *hugs*


Posted by nyetinyaho 3 weeks ago

Thank you for watching me!


Posted by supersonicbros23 1 month ago

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAnd here I am. Here too so I can bug you more easily :P


Posted by PonyTime 3 months ago

<< Reply To GTSdev

Go for it! :D I'm sure you'll do awesomely

[ Reply ]


Posted by PonyTime 3 months ago

You are amazing! you should really do more Cockvore!

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Posted by MyLittleFeast 3 months ago

*shouts from atop a high place*


Posted by CakeInferno 4 months ago

<< Reply To GTSdev

Thanks buddy! Really in love with your work as well! (:

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Posted by scootaloorulez1997 6 months ago

<< Reply To GTSdev

Well two stories actually.

1. a vore story involving Vinyl, Octavia, And my OC

2. A more trollfic like story involving this group i helped get a tf2 server to start one time.,d.cWw


Posted by scootaloorulez1997 6 months ago

<< Reply To GTSdev

Nothing much just working on my next story.~

You silly goose.~


Posted by scootaloorulez1997 6 months ago



Posted by PegaSUS 7 months ago

<< Reply To GTSdev

Thank you so much! ^^ You too!


Posted by AugustBebel 7 months ago

Aww, I love you works ^^

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