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About me:

I'm GTSdev. A Micro mlp artist of the Eka's portal website.
I recently returned to the site after 1.5 years of absence, but i no longer do anime, manga or underaged vore works anymore.

I'm a brony, an enthusiastic fan og Lauren fausts MLP FIM show.
As a fan of the My little pony: Friendship is magic series, i enjoy the art and i adore the animation style of the show itself.

MY FA: Also! Feel free to add me on Skype! <3 : Fabiafidus

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Im sorry for my complete silence in replies in my other blogs, but thank you. I wish i could just throw the depressive void away, and if i could do poetry well, i would have been uploading that on other sites to vent out, but i cant so, i kinda only has these random blogs and such. I listen to everyone of you, and i see your indivudual replies as heartfelt and deep, so im really thankful i have this place.

I do have meny supporting friends, and they do mean the world to me, but as for fixing the "problem" is not something they can fix, but for meny years i seem to never even take a step or get any closer to fixing it, it feels so easy to just give up.

I usually just look around at the fandom, both the furry and pony one, and i see alot of pretty pictures with social...
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Posted by NyxSparkle 3 weeks ago

Hey, mind if I add you on Skype, even if I don't know you that much. Ya know, just to talk about whatever stuff that comes to mind. I'm all ears to anything =)


Posted by CottonCandy 2 months ago



Posted by tails105 3 months ago

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Your very welcome.

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Posted by tails105 3 months ago

Awesome Works GTSdev! I used to be a lurker of this site but i decided to make a account so i can watch for more great stuff from you. Keep up the good work!

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Posted by Eragoneater 3 months ago

Thanks for the watch? I haven't posted anything but thanks ^^


Posted by justanothermeal 3 months ago

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Posted by scootaloorulez1997 3 months ago

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no prob m8.~ :3


Posted by scootaloorulez1997 3 months ago

keep up that sweg m8


Posted by opheliaisalunatic 4 months ago

You should draw more manga! But I respect that you are doing MLP now! Your stuff is awesome!


Posted by AugustBebel 4 months ago

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You welcome ^_^


Posted by Easymeal21 4 months ago

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Thanks. <3 Aren't ponies just the best. <3


Posted by CookieLicious 4 months ago

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Well thank you for the compliment on Cookie! c: Really makes me happy! And I must say the same for your character Retchet as well as she's a cute and lovely one ^^;

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