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Playing off the same theme as the Down and out on Planet Mongoose comic. This is another Print-and-Play board game.
It is currently in two files that you print, cut out and assemble. Originally it was meant to fit in an altoids tin but I am not sure it will quite fit or not depending on how it prints.

Two 6-sided dice are suggested to track Struggle and Stamina. But they are not needed as I have provided a set of counters for those wanting a more compact game.

Expanded rules will be up later. A few things that didnt fit on the rules summary.

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Posted by captamis 8 days ago

mmmmmm molly says nom

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Posted by Mutton 3 weeks ago

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Posted by Eidolon 3 weeks ago

...Kind of impressed!


Posted by Kaheiyattsu 4 weeks ago

O////////O oh my <3

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Posted by Jessi_Roo 4 weeks ago

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*meep, mmph?!*


Posted by testuser 4 weeks ago

*wafts* >:I

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Posted by philliptheninjawolf 1 month ago

my right eye repels magic as well as cast it.


Posted by philliptheninjawolf 1 month ago

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phillips right crimson eye glows ninja telaport im not that easy to vore ninja fur spikes


Posted by philliptheninjawolf 1 month ago

hi omega im my name is phillip i was human but now im a ninja wolf would you like to spar agenst a ninja wolf (phillips left navy bule eye scans omega)you have amazing stats (phillip puls out a wooden ninja sword im ready when you are


Posted by ohyeahsnakey 3 months ago

hello I'm new, nice colours


Posted by Zetsu-san 6 months ago

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Thanks ^^ You too, i really love that pic


Posted by Zetsu-san 7 months ago

so what do you think? :3

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