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I dont usualy do blogs like this but considering i have a rather healthy amount of followers i grab the chance and post a video about our trash

just take a look at this video (warning strong guts needed)
An entier sraw stuck up a sea turtles nose

that straw was thrown in to the ocean by a human or taken in to the ocean with the wind or a canalization from a city or whatever place
My brother throws his trash along side the road or wherever he is right at the moment just because he is lazy to atleast take that little efort and
store his trash inside his pockets or idk where to borrow that stuff and throw it in to a trash can ... (if i m not there to...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by imalive4ever 2 weeks ago

Thanks for watching :) im a huge fan


Posted by Aces 4 weeks ago

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Hope it serves to give some art ideas if you find yourself short of inspiration! :D

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Posted by Aces 4 weeks ago It's just conspiracy theory nonsense, but I thought you might appreciate the idea given your recent post about the Primeval giantess. :O

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Posted by Grimlock417 1 month ago

Hey would would want to play league of legends some time?


Posted by deckdeck 1 month ago

Great art and characters :3


Posted by Aces 1 month ago

What font do you use in your comics?

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Posted by bbwbinger423 1 month ago

hi ive been a fan of ur work for a while wanted to ask if can do a pic where it shows zuzana eating all the other preds


Posted by DoctorLucy 1 month ago

Takes a look at bigbig's profile. Sees something about me favorated. Internally screams. :I

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Posted by Slimeman64 1 month ago

Thanks for the fav!


Posted by ZaaZaa 2 months ago



Posted by Xenenderson11 2 months ago

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Well : / Whatever you say. Just weird that people who are actually relevant notice my writing. Well, check out my VSIBWO if you wanna see what I'll be working on in the future xD

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Posted by Xenenderson11 2 months ago

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Why though o.o you're a well-known artist and I'm a mediocre writer.

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