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Posted by StickyGlobule 4 days ago

Dayum, BigBig likes my stuff too! Thanks man! Keep filling up those ladies!


Posted by Quant 2 weeks ago

Big you should do a Kate Upton vore pic based off her game of war ads haha


Posted by BooFire 4 weeks ago

<< Reply To bigbig

Well he is your rival now. You and your OCs (they have to come no questions!) will go out and fight and stuff...probably eat him!
Dunno I won't be there! NOW GO BIGBIG COMPELETE YOUR DESTONY. (I meant to misspell though and it's not my phone being a little shit)


Posted by Uxirusu 4 weeks ago

Comrade, why was your account suspended on DA :\


Posted by BooFire 4 weeks ago

Big is there like an alternate you out there who's name is LittleLittle?


Posted by BooFire 1 month ago

<< Reply To bigbig

Porngraphic? Also vore can count as "Prongraphic" but really? After some of the other shit I've seen (and I literally mean shit) You'd think your stuff is just nip slips when compared. Sorry dude. Well at least this site is more flexible.


Posted by BooFire 1 month ago

Yo big long time no see!

Umm why is your devaintart shut down?


Posted by Bucket 1 month ago

I'm really enjoying The Tales of Falus Maximus, it's awesome! Please keep up the good work :)


Posted by cobalionzekrom 1 month ago

Dude you should make a vore thing about school and a guy who didn`t study hope it`s not you ;) good work


Posted by Bright 3 months ago

Happy Birthday man, hope you have a good one. If you want, I can draw something for you.


Posted by leviathin 3 months ago

I'm really glad you liked the story, thanks for letting my use your pic for the thumbnail as well, really appreciated ^^


Posted by 0Anesthetic4u 4 months ago

Your text. It's light grey on a purple bakground. Or is it Light grey on Lighter Grey? Anyways it's vitually illegible unless you highiling the text. The gold for the IDs and the Reply button sticks out just fine though.

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