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Currently trying plan some customs with thanatos while has model deanna availble was wondering if anybody like go half and half with me on idea like this as could be very fun one.

A role reverse or such same size vore situation, where two girls who may be witches, or something or one picks wrong person eat, with one girl suprising other gobbling her down, head, or ass first really quick teasing and tormenting her in belly enjoying squirming around have some internal shots and shots on outside moving around.

Girl inside gets pissed and lays beating on stomach ways of her host maybe using magic who knows but eventually girl who ate her, spazzes out lays unconcious, the girl in belly uses this as opportunity to escape moving up stomach, she heaves open girls mouth and escapes worming way...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by TheEldritchPrince 2 days ago

October's around the corner! Any new previews for the film? Not necroing your thread.


Posted by 93Mickle 2 months ago

If it exists, where's the continuation of Venus eats Jupiter?


Posted by Zeldabronypizzahat 5 months ago

Can you post all of suck and grow?


Posted by whitehowl13 8 months ago

is there ever going to be a growing hunger 3


Posted by Wierdost 1 year ago

Hey, sorry to bother you, was just wondering if there was any word on that same size video Isabelle Shy was doing?


Posted by mrd456 1 year ago

love your comics was wondering if you took requests


Posted by darkspriter 1 year ago

Sorry man but i`m out on watching your channle there are few limts i have on vore and your mom comic is one of the rare few so sorry but I`m out


Posted by 2groovey 1 year ago

On an uploading benge? XD


Posted by 0Anesthetic4u 1 year ago

Hey. This guy on DA is stealing your Groing Hunger animations.


Posted by wrl003tmp 1 year ago

<< Reply To brainstorm

makes sense, just glad I figured out what happened


Posted by wrl003tmp 1 year ago

when/why did you make your gomu stuff only available to logged in users?

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