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Okay as guys know i custom number of live video concepts.

The only problem is, i only so creative and really only few ways to work story around vore concept, so with that said i starting open up entries where you members can shoot some scenairos my way, and if possible, i might be able implement them as idea for custom live video, i use that word maybe.

If guys got any good ideas for some live video scenairos i love to hear them.

some rules.

NO. 1 Keep this strictly to oral vore, namely same size vore, micro and macro vore meaning very small pred, 5 inches or foot or something eating big prey, or suction type vore, or something girl inhaling mass stuff or person or persons.

Also person being stuffed, to be eaten, with some objects, going on eating binge, of force fed fatten...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by 93Mickle 1 month ago

If it exists, where's the continuation of Venus eats Jupiter?


Posted by Zeldabronypizzahat 4 months ago

Can you post all of suck and grow?


Posted by whitehowl13 7 months ago

is there ever going to be a growing hunger 3


Posted by Wierdost 1 year ago

Hey, sorry to bother you, was just wondering if there was any word on that same size video Isabelle Shy was doing?


Posted by mrd456 1 year ago

love your comics was wondering if you took requests


Posted by darkspriter 1 year ago

Sorry man but i`m out on watching your channle there are few limts i have on vore and your mom comic is one of the rare few so sorry but I`m out


Posted by 2groovey 1 year ago

On an uploading benge? XD


Posted by 0Anesthetic4u 1 year ago

Hey. This guy on DA is stealing your Groing Hunger animations.


Posted by wrl003tmp 1 year ago

<< Reply To brainstorm

makes sense, just glad I figured out what happened


Posted by wrl003tmp 1 year ago

when/why did you make your gomu stuff only available to logged in users?


Posted by 24gh12 1 year ago

what happend to the crossover of gomu and that artist that draws medivial style and the main char is a girl who absorbs water

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