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For a while now I've been thinking about developing my very own tabletop RPG system. I've also wanted to run a vorish tabletop style game for a long time but I was too timid and unsure of myself to really talk about it. So now I've decided to come out and see who would be interested and maybe get a discussion going on the finer points of the system I had in mind for it.

The system: Basically what I had in mind was a d12 system. Its simple, you roll a d12, add your bonus and then compare it to the difficulty class (DC) to see if you succeed or not. The more difficult something is, the higher the DC you have to beat. If you beat the DC by 5 points or more you get a super success, if you beat it by 10 points or more then you get a mega success ( I know it sounds kinda cheesy,...
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Posted by eatmeplease 1 month ago

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You're welcome! Poke me on Skype sometime! It's broken so it shows me invisible, just poke I will get it.


Posted by Jessi_Roo 1 month ago

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Thanks! And you're very welcome. :)


Posted by rainbowdasher 2 months ago

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I'll pray for you my dear friend <3


Posted by rainbowdasher 2 months ago

hey, i read your bio and was like "damn!" i hope your feeling better friend :)


Posted by RubySnoot 3 months ago

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Haha, thanks a bunch man, always happy to hear people enjoy the stuff~!


Posted by SnowPandor 4 months ago

heya there how it going?


Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 5 months ago

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Hello... any reason you chose to post a shout?


Posted by voreluver 11 months ago

Don't do it man! Don't kill yourself!


Posted by Baz 11 months ago

Don't do it, dude.People here care.


Posted by Matsuda 1 year ago

How are you?


Posted by drdarkmetal 1 year ago

hi you seem to be on here a lot, or at least your char is, your cool


Posted by Shryland 1 year ago

Thanks for the Watch :)

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