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Hello~ My name is Kernac, I'm a vore artist /writer, although my art isn't very good. I'm pretty much exclusively into vore, I don't care much for sex in real life.

My vore preferences are as follow:
-I'm almost exclusively pred, very rarely prey.
-I like big, dominant preds, be they male or female.
-I prefer soft oral vore.
-I prefer when the pred is slightly larger than the prey, although I may also venture into macro/micro from time to time.
-I am obsessed with digestion. Graphic, implied, painful, painless, long, short... I'm into it! Also love digestion noises.
-Love fatality in vore. Don't particularly care for reformation.
-Really like soul vore too, from soul digestion to soul entrapment, its all good!
-I also really like permavore.
-I love disposal, be it with bones or with post-vore scat.
-Unwilling preys are a must. Sorry, not into willing prey much.
-I'm not picky about my prey! Male, female, furry, human, its all the same once its in a stomach!
-I'm not often in the mood to RP, most of the time I'd rather just work on a pic or a story. You may ask, but the answer will likely be no.
-Finally, I love bellies, big, round, bulged, gurgling bellies!

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Yep, today this old dwaggy is 29 years old. I'd say I feel old but I know some of you are older so I won't. I'm taking the resolution to be more social, especially in real life where I have been neglecting my friends. Recently I started drawing again after more than a year of not drawing... its great because I finally feel like I'm improving somehow. I got lots of work to do, I have so many project I wanna do! So many pictures ideas in my head, yet I have as much story ideas in my head still! Its gonna be hard to find a balance between drawing and writing and satisfy both fans of pics and fans of stories. Alright, I'm just finishing one drawing project and than I'm going back to writing for a little while.

I also wanted to share something with all of you, found back a very old animation...
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Posted by SukiiK 3 weeks ago

Thanks for the watch!


Posted by mouth111 1 month ago

Hi, please send me your commission info.


Posted by FoolyFox 2 months ago

<< Reply To kernac

Hmhm... understood. I'm glad you enjoy what I do. *hugs and grins at you widely* Though I wouldn't suggest showing an evil creature like me such physical interaction. I've seen how your dates tend to go. You'd probably want to be cautious, Kernac. -\w/-


Posted by FoolyFox 2 months ago

Kernac? You're watching me? I have the feeling as though you had already been watching me a while ago. x3 Perhaps it's just my imagination. Thank you very much! It's greatly appreciated.


Posted by KriegJohnson 4 months ago

<< Reply To kernac

That's what friends are for! /)^~^(\ *huggles*


Posted by KriegJohnson 4 months ago

<< Reply To kernac

Dawww~... No thanks needed! Your adorable smile is thanks enough, little dragon. /)^~^(\


Posted by KriegJohnson 4 months ago

<< Reply To kernac

But of course! You are, after all... *looks around to make sure no one is listening before continuing in a silent whisper* My favorite Vore story writer.


Posted by Voidlex 4 months ago

<< Reply To kernac

I understand love, got to get stories done first ^^


Posted by SizzleAndMelt 4 months ago

<< Reply To kernac

Oh, rad! I've been meaning to say, I haven't been able to contact you over skype. Did you remove me as a contact?


Posted by Sukanar 5 months ago

ty for the favs

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Posted by Redpod 5 months ago



Posted by CutenessOverlord 5 months ago

Kyah! Nice character and art! ♪
Here, have a watch! ♫

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