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Hey there everyone.

I've been working on that vorish tabletop RPG I've been talking about, decided to call it "hunger of the gods" I've made a thread on eka's portal about it, this is where I'm going to post most of the updates for the system:


I've posted the map there as well as the first version of a character sheet. Looking at the character sheet alone will give you somewhat of an idea on the system it, about combat and such.

Today I've worked a lot on the weapons and combat system, in fact I've been working on it so much I'm a little burned out right now X3 So yeah, the updates to the system will be posted on that thread, its a...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by KriegJohnson 2 weeks ago

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That's what friends are for! /)^~^(\ *huggles*


Posted by KriegJohnson 1 month ago

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Dawww~... No thanks needed! Your adorable smile is thanks enough, little dragon. /)^~^(\


Posted by KriegJohnson 1 month ago

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But of course! You are, after all... *looks around to make sure no one is listening before continuing in a silent whisper* My favorite Vore story writer.


Posted by Voidlex 1 month ago

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I understand love, got to get stories done first ^^


Posted by SizzleAndMelt 1 month ago

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Oh, rad! I've been meaning to say, I haven't been able to contact you over skype. Did you remove me as a contact?


Posted by Sukanar 1 month ago

ty for the favs


Posted by Redpod 1 month ago



Posted by CutenessOverlord 1 month ago

Kyah! Nice character and art! ♪
Here, have a watch! ♫


Posted by RoyceFox 1 month ago

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Thanks for the watch


Posted by Shinnigami 1 month ago

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Doing pretty well, though pretty busy all around from work. How have you been Kernac? It has been too long!


Posted by eatmeplease 3 months ago

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You're welcome! Poke me on Skype sometime! It's broken so it shows me invisible, just poke I will get it.


Posted by Jessi_Roo 3 months ago

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Thanks! And you're very welcome. :)

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