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Happy Thanksgiving from Jamie and Derek!
Story (c) Go-Tee
Thanksgiving was always such a fun time for the Jones family. Theyd get everyone together, two sets of grandparents, for starters, Uncle Ash and his wife Julie, Auntie Debra, Auntie Kylie, Cousin Toby and his wife and kids, and that wasnt even including Garfield Jones, his wife Belle, and their kids Harry, Irwin, and Mable.
And of course, with such a large gathering they of course had to prepare quite a feast. This year was no exception. Pumpkin pies, the fattest turkey they could hope to find, enough cranberry sauce to drown in, a mountain worth of the fluffiest mashed potatoes they had ever laid eyes on, ham, ham, and more ham, rolls enough to fill a ball pit, three bean casserole, and just for good measure, two mighty turduckens.
And that wasnt even naming the Non-Thanksgiving treats that they had thrown in on a whim, such as the deep fried chips. Oh yes, this was a feast the Joness would remember!
The time had come. They all sat around the table, smiling and eager to sink their teeth into this magnificent feast, and Garfield would be damned if he let his family suffer the temptation any longer! Taking the carving knife and leaning in, it was time to fill their bellies!
Oh, you guys are going to love this!
The tip of the blade had barely pierced the meat when a loud noise echoed from down stairs.
Oh yeah! Mmmm! I can smell it!
Julie was the first to speak. Umyou invite someone you forgot to mention?
No, no everyone's here replied Belle, putting a confused finger to her lip.
Garfield put the knife down and headed over to the stairs, but before her could traverse even a step, he was met with the perpetrator of this distraction. Or rather, perpetrators.
It smells so good! I cant wait!
Standing before him were a pair of smiling faces, certainly no younger than ten years old, and no older than twelve. A boy clad in a red shirt and bearing short brown hair, as well as a young girl in purple My Little Pony shirt with red hair. Strange enough that these two would suddenly appear in his house, but it was also a little odd that they got up the stairs so quickly, considering the rather impressive waistlines on the two.
They were about equal in weight, but it was certainly noticeable on both of them. Both of their shirts rode up over their belly buttons, and in the girls case, looked like it was soon to become a makeshift bra. They were the kind of guts youd initially think were just basketballs hidden under their shirts, if they had fit. The rest of them were no slouches either, though. Their faces were pudgy enough to form double chins if they looked down, and the boys pants, which from the looks of it were once baggy shorts, looked ready to burst. The girl instead wore jeans. Ones that seemed a few sizes too small, that squeaked as she moved, knowing they, like the boys , were not long for this world.
Um, can I help you two? Honey, I think one of us forgot to lock the door!
Oh no, we unlocked it ourselves! said the boy in a chipper tone.
Ibeg your pardon?
Yeah! said the girl, rubbing her hands happily. The food smelled so good, we just couldnt resist!
They shoved past him and ran for the table, leaving the man quite confused.
Excuse me? Excuse me! Hey! The two stopped just as the family threw their attention on them. What exactly do you think youre doing?
Oh! Sorry. Haha! Thats so rude of us! laughed the girl. My names Jamie, and the hunk of handsome over there is Derek. she reached over and patted his stomach lovingly, a favor he quickly returned.
Not as handsome as you are pretty!
Youre pretty too; PRETTY FAT!
They shared a good laugh, slapping each other on their fat stomachs, before the both of them turned around and charged, attacking the feast.
Thats not what I meant
The family watched on, their jaws dropping. The two fat kids began their assault simply by reaching over, grabbing the turkey, and then ripping it to pieces with their hands and mouths. Their Thanksgiving turkey, one of the fattest they had seen; the PERFECT thanksgiving turkey, and out of nowhere, these two barge in and start devouring it like a pair of savages.
Hey! Stop! Belles mother leaned in, angrily.
Huh? Why?" Asked Jamie, her mouth stuffed with turkey breast.
Youre eating our turkey! she angrily yelled at the two.
Nope! Thish ish our-CHOMP-turkey! Derek replied, going to work on a drumstick.
Um actually yes it is!
No! It was just sitting there; nobody else was eating it! Dont be so rude. Especially not after Jamie was so polite to you! Jamie smiled gratefully, her teeth still sunk into the flesh of the bird.
Youre the best boyfriend ever! she said, though it sounded more like MMorph mestmooorph, nom!
Listen here, you! We arent going to tolerate...
OH YUMMO! Jamie let go of the turkey, letting what was left rest on Dereks gut as he held it (and soon finished it; it was mostly a skeleton by now anyway). The fat little girl zoomed around the table to the area where the kids sat. It just so happened that Harry, aged 7, was a bit hungrier than the rest of the Jones's and while they were distracted by the two new arrivals, had plopped some pumpkin pie and mashed potatoes on his plate. And now that plate was in the hands of Jamie, who practically dropped her face on top of it, trying to get the food in her mouth.
Mmmm! Oh Derek, you HAVE to try these potatoes! These are the best! Seriously, THE BEST!
Oh yeah? he reached right over and stuffed his hands in the mountain of mash, shoving what he could bring from it into his mouth. Youre right! So good!
Oh this is justurh! Uncle Ash stood up and ushered his wife away from the sight. Everyone quickly followed suite, though Belle was a little hesitant.
Garf! All my hard work! Theyre-theyre ruining it!
Youre an awesome cook, lady! Derek said, meaning every word, as he shoved handful after handful of mashed potatoes into his mouth. Had he been older, Belle would have been angry enough to slap him right in the face.
GARF! she stormed after her husband, grumbling angrily. Get them away from our food!
But this evacuation of the dining room was not as good of a plan as it seemed. Without those pesky people in the way, the two had much easier access to their food.
WOW! Derek, this was the best idea ever! Jamie laughed, taking a large bite out of a slice of pumpkin pie and shoving a whole dinner roll in her mouth, ballooning out her cheek.
Aw, it was nuthin he blushed, his mouth full of mashed potatoes, and shoving a hand of cranberry sauce into it.
Nope! Youre a genius, and thats all there is to it! She waddled over to him and blanked a big pumpkin filled kiss on his cheek. She in return got a cranberry potato kiss on the cheek. And then both got a very messy kiss on the lips. Short, but very, VERY sweet.
The two rampaged through the meal together with amazing speed. Derek wasted no time sinking his teeth into a turducken once the potatoes were gone, while Jamie scarfed down what was left of the cranberry sauce, stuffed another pair of rolls in her mouth, and went to war against the pumpkin pie, no longer worrying about slices.
And as they ate, their fat guts, of course, grew fatter and fuller. It seemed that with each gluttonous gulp, their shirts rode up a little more, until it looked very much like the both of them were wearing bras (Derek briefly tried to tug his shirt down, but gave up quickly, instead deciding to laugh about it while chewing down more turducken).
Hes eating the Birdstravaganza! Irwin wept (his mother gave it that name as a joke).
Dont worry hon, well get rid of them before theyre all gone, reassured his dad, though he of course was not planning on feeding his family half eaten food.
He stepped into the kitchen; hed get rid of those damned kids if he had to carry them out himself!
No! Hes eating it up so quickly! I wanted some! Irwin ran in angrily, intent on stopping the chunky, food stuffed lad who was so obviously more than a match for him with about four years of extra life experience, and a rather sturdy frame. Plus he was far too engrossed in eating to look behind him at the charging young man.
Mmm! Derek, you need to get some of these dinner rolls! Theyre scrumptious!
And you need to eat this turkey thing! Its making my belly all gurgly! And as though his stomach needed to explain itself, on cue, PpppfffffffffffffFRTTTTTTTTTTTTT roared a gust of foul smelling flatulence from his backside. A big goofy grin grew upon his face as he did this; both he and Jamie loved getting gassy. Really, they loved anything that had to do with their disgusting manners, eating habits and round bodies.
Unfortunately, Irwin had to be standing almost right behind him, ready to try and tackle. Now he instead lay motionless on the floor, knocked right out by the sudden fart. Derek paid no attention, finishing off the Turducken until it was just three sets of bones.
Irwin! Garfield exclaimed, backed up by his family. He was ready to charge in and get rid of them now, but Belle and Toby ran in, fuming angrily.
Alrighty Fat Guts, I think youve done quite enough!
Hmmm? Jamie turned her head to them, followed by Derek, though he didnt say Hmmm due to his mouth being stuffed with Turducken, dinner rolls and gravy.
Okay, first of all, what the hell do you think youre doing?!
I think Im gonna have some of that gravy! Jamie took the gravy boat and poured it into her mouth. Delicious; she just wished Derek had left some Mash for her to have it with!
You barge into our house and start eating our dinner? Youwhat are you thinking!?
Welpoo habbag-SCHLOORP ULPULPULP!-BUuuuuuuuuuuuurp!-SCOFFNOM!-ated it, Derek replied, unbuttoning his pants and sighing happily.
Toby paused. could you repeat that?
He said, Well, you hadnt touched it yet, so we thought it would be eaten by two people who would appreciate it!
Belle had a reasonable response to this; grab Jamie from under the arms and try to haul her off the chair. GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!
Oh God! immediately dropping her (causing one of the chair legs to snap, but miraculously not fall over). She stumbled backwards into the wall, desperately trying to cover her mouth. Immediately Garfield ran to her side.
Oh I hope you kids are happy!
Yep yep! This is the best thanksgiving dinner weve ever had!
But we wont be soon; were almost done!
And it was no wonder! The two had eaten so voraciously and so relentlessly it was almost impossible to tell there had been a feast there moments ago. For every bite of turkey, they seemed to eat three smaller foods. It was almost inhuman; not a one of the Jones family could honestly say they had seen a fellow human being eat just so much! Thank goodness there were two of them; theyd have thought themselves crazy if just one of them had polished all that off.
Obviously having quite enough with the two gluttons, the entire family began to advance.
Oh no! Derek, all we have left a slice of pie
Ha! Dont worry, I know how to solve this! he said reassuringly, before shoving the pie in his mouth.
Hey! You greedy pig!
Thank you! they both shared a laugh for a moment as they rubbed their gorged stomachs. They had accomplished such a task in such little time! A feast intended for such a huge family, that would have resulted in enough leftovers to last for weeks, completely consumed to the last giblet by two greedy ten year olds.
It was then they noticed the family looming around them, not looking particularly happy. In fact it was safe to say they were quite furious with the duo; aside from the kids anyway, they were more off to the side watching on in confusion.
Oh hi there! Jamie waved to them happily. Oh boy, you guys sure know how to celebrate Thanksgiving! Me and Derek will have to come back every year if youre gonna keep cooking like this!
For sure! Derek laughed, gripping his fat stomach.
Both their tummies had grown exponentially. Their shirts still formed little bras, but their stomachs had bulged out much further! It was sage to say they were bigger than the kids themselves! They both rested their swollen stomachs on the table, which creaked under the new weight. Really, it was quite astounding how big they were; they had of course entered the house looking quite fat, and as they ate both managed to look like a pair of pregnant fatties, but now it was more like they had strapped large bean bags to their stomachs! Large, gurgling bean bags. One would instantly draw resemblance between their guts and beach balls, but they were hardly perfect spheres, squishing up against the tables, they were more like deflating beach balls; and they was most certainly NOTHING deflated about the two porkers.
Its time you left.
You came out of nowhere to ruin Thanksgiving, your job is over.
This was my first Thanksgiving with this family, and now Ill always remember it for you two.
Get out of this house you fat brats!
Youre lucky you arent old enough for me to kick your pudgy asses!
The Joneses were of course furious with everything Derek and Jamie had done, but they still werent so sure how to handle this. So far the plan was to try and pick them up and literally shove them out the door, but that was almost physical assault. But, the two definitely werent responding to words, so that seemed like the best idea. The girls of the family went for Jamie, while the men went for Derek. However, one moment before they could grab them.
Urp! Alright Jamie, lets go!
Sure thing, Deary.
The two hopped off their chairs and began to head for the stairs.
Wait, thats it? Julie asked, completely flabbergasted.
Of course! You ran out of food. Why else would we need to stick around?
Oh, but it was some good food alright! Were not ungrateful! My compliments to the chef! The two of them both touched their fingers to their lips and blew a kiss, showing their love of the meal. And with that, the they took the other by the hand and resumed walking to the stairs.
Heyhey no! Julie stomped forwards angrily.
Julie... Grandpa tried to interject, but the infuriated young woman wouldnt have any of it.
No! NO! You two barge in here, eat our dinner, ruin Thanksgiving, and now you think you can just leave!?
The two finally stopped, and had a good giggle.
Lady, dont you know true love when you see it?
Yeah! And nothing gets the tummy rumbling like a nice date!
Julie growled in annoyance, What does that have to do with anything!?
Well a rumbly tummy means its time for food you silly lady! explained Derek.
And our tummies are always rumbling. No better feeling!
Except maybe a nice full tummy!
Of course! But we havent had one of those in years. Not a real one. Nice to try though.
Oh! And its Thanksgiving! Food, food and more food! Restraint is a swear word! Haha, man, there is nothing more romantic!
Well,... Derek began to explain quite matter-of-factly. "You know how they say the way to a mans heart is through his stomach?
It works both ways! Jamie added for him, giving his bloated gut a hug, which he appreciated to no end, only wishing he was snuggling hers.
It was unbelievable. The two really saw no problem with what they were doing. No, they were too busy thinking about eating and being on a date to worry about such trivialities. Putting a loved one before complete strangers was understandable, but they were broke into their damn house for this! And such gluttony?
Good God, why are you doing this?
COS WERE HUNGRY! the two shouted excitedly.
I cant believe you two her eyes were wide in disbelief. Is there anything else you can do to ruin today?
Derek put a finger to his fat chin. It was like a game now! Aha! he smiled playfully at his equally fat and stuffed girlfriend, then turned around. The kids stood at the other side of the door, somewhat awkwardly, waiting for the ordeal to be over. They didnt particularly like the way Derek was looking at them.
He took a step towards Harry, shoving his fat belly into him, much to the young lads dismay.
Um that was all Harry got a chance to say before Derek grabbed him and shoved his head into his mouth.
Of course, this took a moment, but with his mouth stretched so wide, and indeed, EATING the poor child, the family could only stand and watch in terror and confusion. They each wanted to rush over and stop what was happening, but really, they werent sure what was happening was even real. Jamie stood there the whole time giggling. Maybe it was just a joke?
Derek turned to the on-looking family. Harrys feet stuck out of his mouth, kicking around furiously, while the shape of the lads body was clearly visible through the fat boys throat. Well that was all they needed to understand it wasnt a joke.
Little Harry! shouted Julie, louder than the other screaming Jones's. Rushing over to her little nephews aide, she grabbed his feet just as Derek began to suck them down and pulled.
Thats my baby! THATS MY BAAAAABY! Belle, too devastated to have acted immediately, rushed over to help, also grabbing Harrys legs and pulling. Now, that was easy enough; boy saved and the final straw to do something about the two fatties.
But no.
Harry, Harry baby it's okay, youre going to beo-kayJulie, hes stuck!
I noticed. How can he be stuck, I just dontohG-God no!
Harry began to sink in regardless of their efforts, and Dereks mouth began to widen. There was no way they were giving up Harrybut they were starting to be pulled in
At first it just seemed that they had slipped and were reaching in deeper to get Harry, but as Derek opened up his mouth and closed it around their heads, it became clear that this was not quite the case.
Thats my wife! Garfield and Ash shouted at the same time, charging forward and grabbing a hold of their respective loved one (Garfield trying even harder seeing as his son was on the line). But Derek just continued to amaze; he had the throat muscles of Hercules! It seemed one something was in his mouth, there was no way of getting it out. The husbands looked on in horror as their wives were sucked up like a pair of flailing noodles, and the boys already obese stomach began to bulge further and further. And finally, their hands were in his mouth.
Oh, you greedy pig! Jamie crossed her arms and grumbled, though she couldnt deny that her boyfriend looked more handsome than ever with such a meal going into his stomach. You know how much I love tasty parents. Youre hogging them all to yourself!
Derek didnt reply, being in too euphoric of state from eating so much. Before long he was slurping down the mens legs, and finally their time on the world of the undigested came to a close as Ashs shoe popped off as his foot slip into the boys mouth. He quickly reached down and popped it onto his tongue and swallowed it, grinning satisfied at the meal.
Derek! Jamie shouted, pouting.
Huh? he asked, scratching his engorged stomach, which had grown almost twice its original size with five people inside of it, thrashing about, making it wobble and gurgle wildly. He seemed distracted from his beloved plumper of a girlfriend as he rubbed his belly.
Cmon Derek, I thought we agreed to share any of the people we gobbled up.
Oh, Im sorry Jamie, really! But they were pretty much jumping down my throat; what could I do?
She tilted her head, and couldnt help but smile. Aww, thats okay. Id have done the same thing. Ill just take the next five!
Yeah, I want to see your belly all nice and huge! The only size it should ever be! he winked at her, making her blush.
With a nod, she turned to the on looking Jones family, who all stared at her, terrified. Alright! Who wants to be the first to go in MY belly?
That was it. No more standing back while the two terrorized them; the family rushed at Jamie intent to grab her and throw her out of the house, and then contend with her boyfriend before he digested their hosts.
Belles dad lead the charge, but even if he was a little spry for a 69 year old man, he was certainly nowhere near as strong as his daughter, which was very unfortunate, because it seemed Jamie was every bit as strong as her boyfriend. He was just an inch away from her when she reached up and yanked at his shirt, pulling him down and stuffing his head in her mouth.
Goddamn it! growled Toby.
The old man was way too fragile to be pulled and yanked at, and they couldnt very well hurt her while she had him in such a compromising position. They hesitated for just a moment to think of what to do, and before they knew it, his legs were getting slurped up.
MmmMmm! A bit old for me, not very much flavor
But the girl eating him looked excellent! giggled Derek, waddling over to them.
 His stomach jutting out so far, he shoved Debra and Toby face first onto the floor. An excellent distraction that allowed Jamie to grab Belles mother, Kylie, and Garfields dad and shove their heads in her mouth. They of course kicked punched and squirmed, but there truly seemed to be no force to equal the stomachs and bellies of the two gluttonous kids. Jamie giggled and threw her head back, yanking the adults upwards and allowing them to easily slide down her throat.
It was almost comical seeing her stomach bulge out as they entered, their faces smacking against the stomach walls and becoming visible to the world one last time. She was almost as big as Derek now; and his stomach could fill up a hot tub!
Mmmmm, so delicious! she licked her lips, cackling in delight and wobbled her stomach with her hands.
The people inside were thrown around like nothing as the stomach began to churn, tossing them around, as though they were not in fact people with years of live behind them, feelings, emotions, and potential for the future, but a few potato chips the predatory girl had forgotten to chew.
MmmMmm! So good I could just-PFRRRrrrFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFT! Aaaah! There was a thud, and, putting a finger to her lip, Jamie looked behind her. Garfields dad and Tobys wife hit the floor, clutching their noses and mouths. Ha ha, sorry about that! Didnt see you there. Naught bottom! she gave it a playful smack, and then wiggled it as she turned around to face them.
So Jamie, who do you want? Well share these two!
Hmmm she drummed on her stomach and thought. I wantA bigger belly than you! And with that, Jamie rolled forwards on her gut, grabbed both of them, put her lips to their heads, and began inches aling the floor on her gut.
Hey! Now whos the greedy pig? he said with an accusing smile. Jamie ignored him and before long swallowed up the last two adults, getting a good push back onto her feet by Derek. You ate six, I thought it was bad when I ate so many without sharing?
Yep! But I look sooooo much better gobbling people up than you do. You should let me eat ALL the people all the time!
Aww, but then thered be none left for me!
Ah, but youd have the prettiest girlfriend around!
He waved her off the silly notion, I already do!
There was about fourteen feet of engorged stomach between the two of them, but that didnt stop them trying to climb over the gurgling ball of fat and food to give each other another kiss. Dereks plants split, the floorboards cracked, and their ingested prey was bashed around repeatedly, but their got their kiss, so they were more than happy. They were just so in love; and they hadnt even discovered tongue kisses yet!
Hey, you know, I did kind of hog the food right at the end there.
Thats okay, youre right, you look so much better now! And you looked PERFECT before we even stepped in the door! Derek eyed Jamies stomach, seeing it bulge to such a huge size. He only loved Jamie a little more than he loved to eat himself, but that was without a doubt the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.
Oh, thank you. But hey, theres still something left for us to share, she said with a sly grin and pointed to the door. Derek turned to look; the kids looked on terrified, trying desperately to be brave like they were always told, but too scared to actually try and help.
KOWW! the fat gutted young mans jaw dropped as he realized there was more food to come. Forget about me Jamie, youre the real genius!
Thanboo! she said, swallowing down the still unconscious Irwin.
Oh you beautiful fat pig, you!
Of course the kids ran, and despite the tremendous effort it took, the two fatties gave chase. No matter where they ran, no matter how far they went, and no matter how many bits of furniture they had to knock over with their titanic tummies, once Derek or Jamie wanted to eat you, there would be no escape. Theyd follow you to the ends of the Earth just to have you in their stomach, and the kids were nowhere near that sort of challenge. It took maybe five minutes, maybe less, to get them eaten. And then they spent two extra cleaning out the kitchen of anything remotely edible.
And so there were Jamie and Derek, giggling and smiling as they laid themselves back on the floor, maybe an inch between each others heads.
Oh, Derek you stink! PfrrrrrrrrFkrFfFfFfFfFrorororororshsssssssssssfffffffrRRRRRRffffffffRRRRRT!
Not as badly as you do! Haha! He did his best to lean over and kiss her on the forehead.
She grabbed his face and planted another kiss on his lips before he could. He was so surprised he farted even louder than she had again. Stuffed bellies, belches, and farting up a storm? The most romantic moment in history! They honestly felt disgusted at all those skinny couples for even thinking they were half as in love with each other as they were. It didnt seem like their situation could get any better
Hey Jamie?
Yes, Cutie Tootie?
I need to poo.
Me too.
They both grinned and left grooves in the floor as they tried to pry themselves up and search for the familys bathroom.
They completely demolished the doors trying to shove through, but that just made them giggle more. Oh, wanton destruction was fine, but they just chortled with laughter as Jamie dropped her skirt underwear, while Derek did the same with his pants, and they parked their fat tushs onto the toilet seat, making it creak ever so slightly. It was the small things in life.
FAAAARRRRRRRRRRRUPUPUPUPIPRRRRRRRRRRRRT! their bottoms roared furiously, immediately filling the bowl with a cloud of green smog that began to escape in the small crevices of the toilet that their fat bottoms didnt cover.
FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAART! Oh, its gonna be a big one! I can feel it!
I can smell it! Jamie held her nose, pretending the horrendous smell bothered her, before firing off again herself,
 PFFFffrtoooooooooooot---SSSSSSCCCCCHHHHLOOOOOOOOOOPPPOPOPOP! Aaaaah! The floodgates of her bottom had been opened with that first dump, unleashing Mable's brown smothered skeleton into the toilet, and then just letting the rest begin to gush out afterwards.
My turn! PoooooorppoooooooooooorppoooOOOORFFFFRSLOOOOORRRRRRRRRPSHSLOP! a bile of adult bones dropped out from his butt into the bowl, surrounded by more poop flowing quickly afterwards. These bones belonged to Belle and Garfield, and they were jumbled together as they embraced one last time before their fate was sealed.
Almost as if it were planned, the flow of defecation was suddenly stooped on both of them. They grunted and groaned, and more bones slipped out from their bulging cheeks along with even more rancid poop.
Hey, stop tickling my bottom! Were in love, but were still only ten you rude boy!
Ooh, wasnt me! he replied.
They both looked back and found that the toilet was already full to the brim and it was the bones of Ash and Julie tickling their titanic tushies.
Quick! The bath!
They quickly leapt up, their bulk now considerably decreased (but their permanent pudge more than doubled in quantity) and sat down on the edge of the bathtub, edging their fat cheeks right into the tub, just in time for them to drop a pair of logs smothering the leg bones of more of their victims (that was to say, rather long logs).
Much better!
Their sloppy expulsions began to fill the tub, along with the bones of their ingested victims. The sludge of their poop had been emptied quick enough, and now it was time for the more solid stuff, which meant constant grunting and louder and grungier toots as they forced them out of their bowels, so much so that the house began to shake.
Lump after lump, dump after dump, the two kids let out more and more of the family, as well as their Thanksgiving feast. They werent quite halfway through their toilet time yet, so the farts ripping as each lump of dump was released had only grown, rather than quieted down, but it was as normal a sound to them now as birds chirping on the wind. If birds sang the most beautiful songs in the universe.
Aaaah, Derek, this is the best date ever, I cant thank you enough for today.
Youre welcome, my love! You deserve nothing less than the best the world has to offer!
You too! I wish I could feed you every candy bar in the world!
I wish I could feed you every hamburger in the world!
I wish we could turn things into candy so we could eat EVERYTHING!
Derek didnt respond, instead he just began drooling.
Say, what time is it?
Hmmm Derek looked around and spied a clock. Eight past one! he smiled.
Excellent! I told you that you were a genius! You found the only people in town whod have their thanksgiving dinner so early!
Oh, it's nothing. Im just smart 'cause I hang out with you all the time!
She smiled smugly, Well okay then. Super Genius Jamie has an idea then.
Lay it on me!
Well, this has been super fun, of course. Food, living food, smooches, and the best time on the toilet weve ever had, but it does take a little bit too much time, in my opinion. If we had gone to a house at five or so, when EVERYONE was sitting down to eat, we wouldnt get a chance to hit the next house.
Oh you know I planned for that, Ive been keeping my eye out for weeks working out the best houses to it! Ive never used my brain so much in my whole life!
Yeah, but if we wait around for our tummies to melt the food down and then go to the bathroom before moving onto each house, wont we be super late?
Derek paused. He had been quite clever in planning their Thanksgiving Feast of Love, but he had overlooked that small, but crucial fact.
So heres my idea, we waddle on over to each house, gobble it up like we just did, but when we need to let it out we hold it and go on over to and when were done, then we let it ALLLL out.
Dereks jaw dropped. He had twenty five houses planned for them to hit. Their toilet time after that would blow their current one right out of the water! I dont care what you say; you are the biggest genius Ive ever met and Ill never stop lover you, you super smartsmart person!
Okay, but your still the most handsome boy in the world! He seemed accepting enough of that.
With their titles decided and the purest love in their eyes, the two put a hand on each other's obese, fat stomachs, leaned in and had their longest kiss yet, just as their bottoms roared out explosions of defecations, launching slop and skeletal remains all over the wall behind them. They were so busy, they didnt even notice the bath had behind to overflow.
About time, too. Their bowels were almost half empty!
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As part of a trade I'm doing with  go-tee, he did up this amazing story for me! :D

It's a thanksgiving tale of two kids in a puppy love relationship who um....invite themselves to a family's thanksgiving feast. Of course the two tubby kids can't help but gobble up everything they can get their pudgy hands on so you know it will be good :D

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Posted by ZaaZaa 2 years ago

More! About the rest of their Thanksgiving! And the toilet time after!!!


Posted by phrooglevore3 2 years ago

I'm glad you liked it, but that's really there is to this story


Posted by Assimilation 1 year ago

You're my hero, Phroogle.


Posted by phrooglevore3 1 year ago

Thanks, I try to make a difference *Stands in a hero pose* :P