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growing hunger 2 part 2, final. By brainstorm

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Tags: Absorption adult. Anal Vore animation Belch Breast Expansion Breast Vore evil girl expansion F/F F/M growth Sex Soft Vore vaginal vore Vore Edit

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Part 2 of animation comissioned from boris alien.

Well guys here 2nd half, i not going spoil much but as it continues on, we find out where story go from here.

What happen to jennifers friend, will she get to bottom of this, will she put end to this monster or will things take another turn watch and find out.

Oh yeah i forgot mention but most persons jennifer has sex with this time, are male.

Again after this i cutting seriously back on adult material as just taking up to much of animation time.

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Posted by Firstfate 1 year ago

I thought Jen's friend would try to betray her, but it seems now there's one more thing to fear bumping into at night lol XD


Posted by brainstorm 1 year ago

the power be unstoppable and retain beauty is quite thing, granted formula she took is more refined as may noticed jennifer is bit uneven some times when she absorbs.

besides i had always plnned for it go that way as have bit of rivarly later lead on to bigger things.


Posted by Firstfate 1 year ago

hehe, competition is good for us, bad for all the witless prey :)


Posted by 91buster 1 year ago

well worth waiting for


Posted by BiggerTheBetter 1 year ago

Please say there is going to be more


Posted by brainstorm 1 year ago

yeah but as to when depends on people willing help fund the next one these things are cheap going over 10 minutes and using mulitple chracters hell this one cost 1500 bucks.

If some people can come on board help with cost the next part come out sooner, if not guys just going half wait they be at least two more parts.

After that sticking to animations with just two parts and no more or just one.


Posted by MrSinister1990 1 year ago

Looking forward to part 3 now she's getting huge!


Posted by Agl1431 1 year ago

yay finally!


Posted by darc22005 1 year ago

great animation, and on the side i would help but im broke and jobless so ive got no money at all :(


Posted by darc22005 3 months ago

Update to this. i do have a job now lol


Posted by spion13 1 year ago

great story :-)


Posted by rayman21 1 year ago

Continued ...


Posted by Ahmed7x 1 year ago

Amazing story , it need giantess's heavy earthstep fx when she walks


Posted by animanster 1 year ago

When is part 3 going to come out?


Posted by MississippiPimp98 11 months ago

When part 3 Coming


Posted by darc22005 3 months ago

Whens part 3 coming for this


Posted by whitehowl13 2 weeks ago

was a 3rd part of this ever done?


Posted by darc22005 5 days ago

nope, ive been asking about if its ever going to be


Posted by whitehowl13 4 days ago

i talked to brainstorm and provided he's cool with it im considering trying to get some people to help fund a part 3


Posted by darc22005 10 hours ago

oh sweet


Posted by whitehowl13 7 hours ago

yep. gonna need quite a bit of funds though i'd assume