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This is Tina, she's a tigress, Tina just got a new hairdo and feels pretty just don't stare to long she really hates that.

Splatter beach (snake vore)

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A game with some of gore but i like me some vore scenes


Lynn eats herself

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Lynn Bowshade, my OC, horks down an eager miniature instance of herself.

Model was made using a publicly available base... that I got so long ago I forgot where. >_>


Being Cocky will get you Nowhere Fast!

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They get sucked in so fast~

(Animation by CleverDerpy, 2014)

Emi VORAPHILM STUDIO "RePlay" feat. Ray (M/f)

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Giant smacks and swallows girl!


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from ep 18 of season 1 of beast master.


Some poor guy becomes tasty snack for capuiria.


Far as know this final scene where she ever ate anybody in the first season.

Power Rangers Turbo Divatox Quotes

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Primal Carnage Rex Vore

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Primal Carnage T-Rex vore.

Because I couldn't find it anywhere else.


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From ep 11 of season 1 of beast master tv series.


Capuiriua devours, a over zealous hunter, sucking him dry.

Godzilla fiat commercial edit

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Red cars are so much cooler!

Mascot Eats Cheerleader! NFL

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This Video is of the Tennessee Titans Mascot eating a NFL Cheerleader


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From ep 9 of season 1 of beastmaster the tv series.

Little midget bastard from ep 7 returns from dead to seak revenge on cupirua and her beastmaster, only end up dinner 2nd time going lol.



Lynn Eats a Lolly

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Wasn't gonna put up a vid till I made my own base, but then this idea came along, and stuff.

Lynn Bowshade, my OC, comes down from a daydream ta find a cat dancing on her nose.  The obvious result happens.  Don't worry, she'll let her out... eventually.

-2 weeks later-


"cough" "hack" "gluBLORK"


"...About time, bonbon!"

Lolly is from Animal Crossing

Teasing the Food

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Here is a nice video of some consensual vore between a t-rex and female human.


BeastMaster.S01E07.The_Umpatra vore scenes

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scene from ep 7 of season 1 of beast master.


Nothing much here, but capiruira devouring her rival, at end enjoy.

Modified ninja Unbirth. complete.

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Mod of another video on here. Makes it lookm like the person has been completely unbirthed. Ish.

Hope you like.

Witch girl (videogame)

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a game (not finish yet) this is the tree scene,instead of vore plant scene ,but will contain many vore scenes when the game is over

BeastMaster.S01E06.The_Demon_Curupira vore scenes.

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Scene, from ep 6 of season one of beast master tv series.


Most vore scenes involves pre teen female demoness curupira who love animals but hates humans, those tresspass on domain or cross her, she hunts down sucks them dry leaving nothing but deflated empty husks.


She introduced in this ep and upload rest eps where she does suction vore as well.

VO re, new vore monster gets a practice meal of a male in tights and converse shoes

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There is a new vore monster in Town, VO re . It is hungry for anything it can find on this planet. When it first arrived on our planet, it first ate the students at a ballet school, so VO re has an affinity for dancers and tights. Vo re eats boys and girls alike. He chooses his meal based upon their wardrobe more than anything else. He likes the taste and feel of prey in tights or compression wear, so he tends to eat more girls as they are more likely to be wearing this sort of clothing, but he gobbles up male joggers or dancers or what have you when they are in tights or running leggings too. 

FUbN stage 1 demo

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showing of the gameplay of Kiyoa's game Flying Unbirth Ninja which I thought was pretty great work and fun to play

Hayley Smith Belly Button Vore Loop Animation

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I frowned a picture of  hayley smith from American Dad and edited it and animated it fore a belly button vore animation enjoy.