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Cell Absorbs 18

Adventure time Jake eats PB

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I want to get rid of as much on my comp as possible so I'm trying to edit vides I have on my comp to delete the full ones and keep the pieces I personally like. So anyways here is some vore from Adventure time. Short, sweet, and nothing comes of it lol. Enjoy.

Skyrim Vore

Chomper eats crawlers

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After having difficulty finding sufficient food, and after a near scare involving Petrie's mother and a landslide(in which petrie's siblings believed chomper was eating their mother), Chomper manages to find groundcrawlers in the mud and proceeds to exclaim his happiness at being able to feed.

Episode 8 Season 1: The Days of Rising water

From the land before time animated series.

Koutetsu no Majo Annerose - 04

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Heh I bet some of you missed me XD. So I'm back with another upload. This comes from a hentai that just came out yesterday. I had been looking forward to it since tentacles hentai seems to be falling out of style and wouldn't I know it, that is came with a side dish of vore. We are still a long ways from human on human soft vore in hentai with f/f but until then we'll take what we can get.

Now originally I was going to upload a higher quality file, but the size came out to 143 mb which was above the limit for this site. So instead you'll have to get norm quality version which will probably come out crappy on this site. I suck with this upload vid stuff apparently. Anyways I editted this one myself as most of the time I do, and hope you guys enjoy. If I can do another one or two I might since I'm for a pm. 

Also to answer some questions, no there aren't any other vore scenes in this hentai series as far as I know; this only had vore since it was a "bad end" hentai. 

F.U.B.N vs Princesses Game Over screen

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Game Over screens when you are absorbed by the bosses of the game

I used different aborption type codes to reflect the princess as a bonus

Bleach episode 314 Tapeworm Hollow vore

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So this is a surprise. I apparently skipped over this episode or something and completely missed this nice little piece from the anime Bleach. I know there are several accounts of vore on that show including one scene I can't remember all that well that shows a hollow eating a young girl I believe. Anyways this one was shown to me by SaixHinata and I'd like to thank them for the share! Thank ya. So enjoy peeps! The scene contains a Hollow that apparently forces it's way into people and then drains their spiritual energy (life force as well) to increase it's own power. While inside it possesses it's host and can feed on them as quickly or slowly as they wanr. Might be a bit dark for some considering the episode's plot and things that happen, but nothing that should bother many. I do wish they fully showed the forced possession here, but it would of been hard to do I suppose considering the situation. Still I might make a gif of the scene. I enjoyed the sounds and visuals that much.

First Person Unbirth view

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Quick animation I made with the Character from Feed My Kittteh

What you see from his point of view XD

Elizabeth vore 2

Monster Princess episode 8 parasite post-vore

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So here's the post vore scene of woman after the parasite monster had gotten into her having drained most of , if not all over life force. Also the characters themselves talk about the previous female victim as well. Enjoy I suppose. Might be my last vid for tonight. Uploading these is boring.


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Quicky animation I made with the girl from Omnomnom on the beach.


Muff diving.  For REALZ XD

Danganrompa Another Episode - Monokuma Vore

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This enemy appear in the chapter 4 of danganronpa another episode.

Its a monokuma normal without paint.

Saved with my cellphone.

Monster Princess episode 8 parasite vore

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Yhe episode of the anime itself says it drains the life of it's victims once it inhabits them and several cases are shown. 

Also this series does have other instances of vore in it, at least one I remember involving a dream episode where the (wolf?) girl gets swallowed by a whale or shark or something. Actually it might be in the video media section on this site.

Sonic Boom: Tails pet octopus

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Scene from the end of Episode 4 "Buster", in which tails asks the gang if he can keep an octopus he found promptly before it devours him and regurgitates his googles.

Elizabeth vore

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this is my first vore video.

please give feedback so i can be better making vore animation.

Friday the 13th Jason goes to Hell dead unbirth possession

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I haven't seen this thing in a while. Anyways I'm sure there's plenty of scenes with possession vore in them, where I assume Jason is literally eating his hosts' souls from within (or so I assume with the possesion thing) , but I'm only interested in this one so there ya go. Enjoy. Too bad she's dead :/ .

Gruffalo: Brown mouse encounters

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A brown mouse searching for food, encounters several predatory creatures along his journey seeking to make a meal of him, including one creature he though he would never encounter. Contains many near, and a few actual vore scenes.

A great little british short, Credit goes to Jacktherabbit for pointing me in its direction with some recent uploads!

Resolution should be original, but I did have to compress the file size a bit. I tested on my own computer, and it doesn't differ, so I hope you all get similar results.

Elizabeth vore

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my first ever vore video.

i'm bored and have nothing to do. do not be afraid too PM me and ask for request :D

i don't bite.... hard.


Buzzlight year of Star Command Opposites Attract Gravatina

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Alright so this may not technically be vore, but I know some people like this scene so I decided to find and upload it here. I'm not sure since I got it a while ago, but I think this was really annoying to find.

Midna vore

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porly audio edited

Haitai Nanafa episode21

Battle Royal High school hard vore

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I honestly don't remember too much on this video, but I'm sure it's from some anime. Regardless enjoy. I found it on my comp and just converted the file type.

Itchy and Scratchy: Butter off Dead(Itchy feeds Scratchy to cow)

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Just itchy continuing to forever tarnish the name of good mice with extra insult to injury via Amish.

Tokyo Pig Edit

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Just a small edit I created of the Tokyo Pig clip posted earlier today. Just added a few sound effects and gave it a happier ending.