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F.U.B.N vs Princesses Game Over screen

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Game Over screens when you are absorbed by the bosses of the game

I used different aborption type codes to reflect the princess as a bonus


Bacteria Monster Eats Dr. Zyme

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From the SWAT Kats episode The Giant Bacteria. Antibiotics used by Dr. N. Zyme against the final bacteria monster seem to work, until Dr. Viper informs everyone that his monsters are immune! The creatures then recovers and eats Zyme.

SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron is © Hanna-Barbera.

Elizabeth vore 2

Mosasaur Eats Plesser

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A dinosaur gobbles up sailor Plesser in The Land That Time Forgot.

Bacteria Monster Eats a Subway Train

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From the /SWAT Kats/ episode /The Giant Bacteria/. One of the creatures eats an entire subway train full of innocent cats, including a woman and an elderly man.

/SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron/ is © Hanna-Barbera.

Danganrompa Another Episode - Monokuma Vore

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This enemy appear in the chapter 4 of danganronpa another episode.

Its a monokuma normal without paint.

Saved with my cellphone.

Radu Molasar Eats Two Einsatzkommando's Souls

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From The Keep. Two Einsatzkommando (SS terror troops) try to rape Dr. Cuza's daughter Eva, and, in an effort to earn the Jewish scientist's trust, Radu Molasar in mist form kills the Nazis by sucking their souls out through their eyes and mouths and stops the rape.

Bacteria Monsters Eat a Limo

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From the /SWAT Kats/ episode /The Giant Bacteria/. The bacteria monster divides in half and eats Mayor Manx's limo, unfortunately without him and Callie Briggs inside!

/SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron/ is © Hanna-Barberia.

Elizabeth vore

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this is my first vore video.

please give feedback so i can be better making vore animation.

Monster Mouth Eats the Sergeant

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In The Lost Continent, the principal villains are a group of stranded Conquistadors led by a little boy named El Supremo and his advisor, the Grand Inquisitor. When a group of their minions fail to capture Captain Lansen's crew and report back, El Supremo is... less than pleased, and orders the sergeant commanding them to be fed to a Sarlacc-like beast living underneath the floor.

Yog-Sothoth Eats Amos Hackshaw

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Evil warlock Amos Hackshaw gets gobbled up by Yog-Sothoth at the end of the movie /Cast a Deadly Spell/.

/Cast a Deadly Spell/ is © HBO.

Elizabeth vore

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my first ever vore video.

i'm bored and have nothing to do. do not be afraid too PM me and ask for request :D

i don't bite.... hard.


Seaweed Eats Hurri Curri

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The cast adrift crew in the movie The Lost Continent find themselves trapped in a tangle of flesh-eating seadweed. After Captain Lansen almost falls victim to the hungry weed himself when he gets a little too curious, cook Hurri Curri, delirious from a head injury, suffers a freakout, falls overboard and is doomed.

Bacteria Monster Eats a Cow and a Farmer

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Sequence from the /SWAT Kats/ episode /The Giant Bacteria/. Dr. Viper's bacteria monster gobbles up a cow, and then when her owner tries to fend the creature off, Viper feeds him to it.

/SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron/ is © Hanna-Barbera.

Haitai Nanafa episode21

The Mogdaan Eats Jacko

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In yet another scene from Warlords of Atlantis, the stranded crew of the good ship Texas Rose are attempting to escape the realm of Atlantis when they run into a little problem (okay a BIG problem) called the Mogdaan, a big, fishlike monster that promptly gobbles up crew member Jacko after he proves too clumsy for his own good.


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This is Tina, she's a tigress, Tina just got a new hairdo and feels pretty just don't stare to long she really hates that.

Tokyo Pig Edit

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Just a small edit I created of the Tokyo Pig clip posted earlier today. Just added a few sound effects and gave it a happier ending.

A Zaarg Eats Captain Briggs

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From the 1978 movie Warlords of Atlantis. A monster called a Zaarg gobbles up the beautiful Delphine's father Captain Briggs, as he leads the defense of the mythical lost city of Atlantis.

Tokyo Pig

The Brain Eats Vivian

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From the 1988 horror movie /The Brain/. Dr. Blake's assistant Vivian disagrees about his experiments involving a monstrous brain, so the brain comes alive and gobbles her up.

Being Cocky will get you Nowhere Fast!

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They get sucked in so fast~

(Animation by CleverDerpy, 2014)