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40 minutes ago
I've been on the portal for 3 years now. That's a long time. Thank you to everyone who helped...
1 hour ago
So it took a while but the last list was finished in time for July which means that it's time for a...
4 hours ago
When does being horny become being too horny? Where does the line lay in this website? Do you cross...
6 hours ago
I'm making a quick lil announcement. I know compared to when I first started, I've been... well......
7 hours ago
Yeah, I’m doing a bit better now. Had a few root canals since I was last here, and not nearly enough...
9 hours ago
# All in the Family

The day had been long and hard. Work continued as the gameskeepers of...
10 hours ago
Wash your hands for 30 seconds.

Greetings, and welcome to Clean Filthy Friday~.
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1 year ago
I've always liked Ricky Raccoon's (Noctivagus on Eka's Portal) stories, but now he's got some big medical bills.
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6 years ago
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6 years ago
Hello, yes, I am going to AC this year. I thought I should mention this stuff, since I never do it ahead of time. Even if I am a bit late....
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8 years ago
Hello, I am at Furfright now! ...
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8 years ago
I am going to be at Anthrocon until Monday, so that means I won't be here except randomly....
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in The big 1-9 1 hour ago
Rachael stopped to think for a moment before saying. "No not really, Ben has been up playing...
in Daily Survival 3 hours ago
Roland would suddenly bring his arms around Rachael as best as he could, seeming to lock them in...
in Daily Survival 3 hours ago
Suddenly coming from deep within Rachael;s stomach would emit a deep gurgle. It would cause Rachael...
in Daily Survival 4 hours ago
The next slide shows another video. This video has no title, but Roland proceeds to say, "Here...
in Daily Survival 4 hours ago
Rachael would sit there on her bed, her belly filled with Roland in between her legs. She would then...
in The big 1-9 4 hours ago
"I'll go with the unbirth route." You say, blushing a bit. Abigail smiles before...
in Pokemon Vore Adventure 7 hours ago
You see a Mienshao making his way inside. He seems to be in a hurry. He quickly steps on and holds...
in Pokemon Vore Adventure 7 hours ago
You move back into your den to warn the others and hear something behind you. You expect to see one...
in The big 1-9 21 hours ago
"I choose swallow." You say. She crossed her arms and said "Lame. Though I guess...
You accept that there is no way out and let the glaceon digest you. Over the next several hours your...
While a couple seem okay with the Glaceon's idea, not all of them agree. Then suddenly the Leafeon...
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