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Rick and Morty Vore Scene

Watch this video!

Here is really good post credit vore scene from the Rick and Mort episode Ricksy Business

3D Anal Vore

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Here's a vore clip I found online. I take no credit for the creation of this, as a matter of fact if anyone knows who the make of this is and where to find more of his/her work please leave a comment below.

Eevee's great escape

This is The Saint of Ravens game, uploading it here for both convenience, and to reduce the odds that mega or whatever site will remove it.

Anal Vore with Scat

Goddess Kinne's Room

Work-in-Progress RPG-Maker VX Ace game.

All about Kinne ( )

 This game contains: Shrinking, F/m, sex, unwilling vore, willing vore, UB, feral, and various other fetish material to-be-added.


Use at your own risk. Updates will be at irregular interval.


-Lucky / Clover


Asian hottie inserts chocolate santa claus in her butt and poops him out!

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A video from the now closed Live Fetish website. An Asian girl anal vores a chocolate santa and then poops it back out. (sort of scat warning) 

Ancient Reckoning (Vore RPG / RPG Maker Ace) Version 1.0


Welcome all, to the coming of Ancient Reckoning.

Forum access here: [1] (Comments go here)



Ancient Reckoning is based off a campaign I created in the early 2000’s utilizing D&D 3.0 rules. It was a long an extensive campaign that lasted 2 years. Instead of converting it over to Pathfinder, I decided to turn it into an RPG utilizing RPG Maker Ace.



Of course the campaign wasn’t vore related, but I have a strong liking to the idea of vore… so I decided to mirror the two together. The campaign itself was an emotional feel ride for many of the players, they actually felt what the character was going through, some even cried. I’m not saying that it was a bad thing, but it certainly had the emotional tug factor.


My plan for this RPG is going to be quite extensive in its own right. There will be much more content integrated from this first version up until the final version. What I have here is the first small event, just to whet your appetite. It will be some time before I put the next installment out, and hopefully it will be the only update needed, or I’ll break it down into chapters, so you guys can progress through. But before I do that, I want to ensure that each chapter is fully loaded to the point of not having to go back and correct issues… I hate for you to get all the way to a certain point, only to not be able to reuse your save file on the newer version.


On a mental note, I’ve got no job… I’m a full time student, and is my only means of income (perks of previous military benefits), and since it’s very small, and in order to survive… college is a priority. My undergraduate was easy, but it seems as though graduate courses are a little trickier. With fall semester coming up… there will be some periods that I won’t be able to work on the game.

Unless I find a job… doubtful since I’ve been looking since 2012 and haven’t found anything.


However, I’m serious about this becoming one of the top leading Vore Games on Eka’s Portal. I’m not going to simply let it slip into nothingness… I’m a creative writer so I’m a bit elaborate with my story-line… they’ll get pretty immersive (you've been warned)!



VORE!!! Enough said…

I do not own RPG Maker ACE, it is a program used to create old style video games, and depending on your skill level, and add some serious awesomeness to the game you’re creating. I know I didn’t have to put that, and I’m sure by now everybody knows what RPG maker is… but I’m catering to the minority if they may exist.


Also, I do not have the means to create any art as of right now… my old Wacom died when I left the military (I blamed the movers coming back with my stuff, but they didn’t reimburse me… but it was really their fault). So hopefully when I do manage to get some sort of money flow again, I’ll get another one so I can really put some work into the game… if anything I might commission somebody to do a few additions, like an opening picture instead of the default crap… but I’d rather do the stuff myself. On that note, I used pictures for others I found on the internet with permission to use… however because of the nature I’m using the content, if you see a picture that is yours, and you don’t want it in my game because I didn’t tell you it was a for a vore game (which we’re all vore likers here… but you never know), then PM me and I’ll find something else to fill that spot.


I’ve used multiple scripts, and will proudly mention the script writer for them (there are only two) but only if you want to know who did what script for me. Again, due to the nature of the game, I’d rather them not see their script was used for this… because I’d like to have them make more scripts for me in the future (not saying there is nothing wrong with vore, trust me I love it), it’s just once again I have to cater to the minority in this… got to be PC…


However, I can tell you that all storyline, and vore dialog is in fact, 100% me. And a warning… there is a lot of vore dialog… a lot, I kind of got carried away at times. And later updates will have even more.

Sounds… typical default sounds, a couple sounds were extracted from the sources here on Eka’s… while others I sound tapped from the internet. I’ve got my own mixes… but I gotta get them so there small enough for the game… even the mp3 ones are over 10mb… what can I say, I love compiling and making techno.



You’re Origo… Latin for “True Origin”

1 thousand years ago a dark entity known as the Devourer emerged from where ever he came from, and started to conquer the world utilizing his army of demons. Demons would consume all those weaker than them… if they’re weak, they deserve to be eaten. During the height of his power, the Dark Devourer was confronted by 4 heroes, each one having to go through their own trial of hardship. 

Many have tried, and were consumed by an eternal rage. These four heroes overcame their trial, which made them strong enough to take on and defeat the Dark Devourer.


Some 900 or so years later (if you do an estimation of the Devourer’s emergence and his time spent conquering the world), you wake up in your little house in a town called Carterton. Today is a big day for somebody close to you, and you muster up your gang to start out on your adventure.


Your actions will dictate your future, and the eventual completion of the game. There will be 3 ends for each path. The two paths are to fall into darkness of rage and fail your trial, or stay true to the path of light and overcome your trials. Hmm… 3 endings for each path… why that’s 6 different endings!


You are correct, for you see I’ve segregated each aspect of your desires into the game… meaning, you choose what you want to see.


3 Choices


Softvore /w Digestion

Softvore through Scat


Each one will give you different vore dialog within the game. So naturally when it comes time for you to overcome or fall in your trial, will naturally follow the same path. So yes, all game over dialog as different endings depending on your choice, so the end game should follow suit.


This game has!!!

Shrinking (Micro Only, not a fan of Macro)

Same Size

Oral Vore

Anal Vore


Aware / Unaware Vore

Willing / Unwilling Vore

Player is Prey

Protagonist is Male

Vored by only female characters / female monsters

Can be vored by your own party members…


I hope I’m not missing something.


At any rate, the links below are Mega, and they require or do not require RTP… they’re labeled as such. 

The one without RTP is 20mb while the one with RTP is 206mb. So download whatever works for you.


RTP required…!bk4iWBiS!988XlN6rr8O6GjynxlmqBRWXpbs4SDWoxMqijaZB9zw


With RTP include…!S9ZUxDSY!jt9zOIgpi27w8DK-HHIc2LRauL6glHb6C3Q7cynzDmg


If you need the RTP files, go here…


Please post comments, bugs, or anything else on your mind (don’t flame please) but ensure it is on the appropriate forum… Remember that this is a WIP, and I'm fully aware of some of the spelling and/or grammar issues that may be here and there... there isn't really a whole lot, I've probably played through this demo several times, and on other laptops to ensure it works for you (and the scripts... getting all the conditional scripting written in was the hard part)


Altimos, the Creator



Anal Vore by Big_D (edited)

Watch this video!

All credit goes to Big_D for his recent AV animation- all that is changed is the audio.

Link to original: [1]


Daz 3d Vore 1

Watch this video!

first try at vore using daz3d



Inhaling is a method of vore where the pred uses great suction to pull the prey in. An example of inhaling is the pred opening its mouth and sucking in the prey with vacuum-like suction. A whirlwind may form while the pred is inhaling. Suction into other orifices is also possible.

Dante's Inferno - Cerberus Anal Vore

Watch this video!

Scene from Dante's Inferno - An Animated Epic.

Dante does the whole battle with externalized inner demons thing, inn'er demon... okay, it doesn't work, shaddap.

MST3K: The Gigant Spider Invation (Soft Vore)

Watch this video!

Bit of vore from "The Giant Spider Invasion" on Mystery Science Theatre 3000

Also with an AV joke about it as a bonus~

Drawn together season 3 The compilation

Watch this video!

Scenes i edited from Drawn Together season 3 which i guess is last season.

Scenes include toot eating dog, Loc ness chewing a boy to bits, toot eats the wenier mobile with terminator in it by swallowing it whole. Spankey is shown grinding his wifes new born babies into sausages, Foxy's nephew and, who rest male drawn together gang go disappear up toots butt to escape bunch killer deer the never come back though.

IN mexico episode rats and roaches keep barfing up one another ling ling at one point jumped down chickens throat and, blows it up from inside then king mexico turns into giant worm and, was going eat ling ling but, then gets eaten by bunch chickens. 

Toot eats shrunken guy then poops him out some hobo's eat tainted sandwich and, by looks of it gummy worms burst out one their stomach and, they start eating them one gang cuts open toots stomach to sleep in so can stay warm, toot in later episode eats african slave child completely swallowing it.

Common Roleplay Terms

The following is a list of role play terms used in the Eka Portal chat rooms, though they are also commonly found everywhere in the vore community. In the chat room, left means Always / Liked and right means Never / Disliked.

Character Components:

Being Pred (Under the Pred tab)

  • Being the Predator. As in the person who is doing the eating, the hunting. Can also imply being the dominant side in a relationship. The Master/Mistress. Top. Etc.

Being Prey (Under the Prey tab)

  • Prey is the one who get eaten or consumed or otherwise stuffed inside someone else. It also loosely means bottom, slave, or pet in many situations.

Vore Components:


Hard Vore

  • Refers to scenarios where there is significant injury to the prey in the act of being consumed. It is also sometimes referred to as rip and chew. Hard vore usually involves biting, tearing and blood. It does not necessary mean pain will be part of a scenario, though this is often a component. (see Hard vore)

Soft Vore

  • Vore that generally causes no harms prior to ingestion, swallowing someone whole, for example. (see Soft Vore)


  • The act of breaking down food into nutrition. (See Digestion)


  • A fatality is where the prey dies. Fatality can be viewed differently depending on perspective. For some, it is considered fatal if the prey will be digested or absorbed. For others, it is not considered fatal as long as the prey will reform afterward, either on their own, by magical or other means, or by the wish of the predator. (see Fatality)


  • Reforming is a process by which a consumed prey will be reformed outside the predator after being consumed. This gives a player an "out" in which their character will not be killed with finality. Reforming is a method to prevent having to make a new character every time they get eaten. Whether by magic or by other biological or scientific means, they will somehow return to life.


  • Stands for Endosomatophilia, the term is taken from Greek, "endos" (inside) + "soma" (body) + "philos" (love) or literally, loving being inside another's body. Generally understood as vore without digestion or killing. Prey in this case are simply inside the predator with no particular focus on changing the prey. 

Oral Vore

  • Consuming someone orally.


  • Taking someone inside their female genital.

Cock Vore

  • Ingesting someone with their male genital.

Anal Vore

  • Consuming someone anally... literally.

Breast Vore

  • Taking someone into their breast, might or might not imply cleavage, but usually not.

Tail Vore

  • Consuming someone with their tail.

Vampiric Vore

  • Drinking someone's blood.

Soul vore

  • Consuming someone's Soul

Unconventional Vore

  • Vore types that are not listed. Tentacles vore, blob vore, absorption, hair vore, wing vore, finger nail vore, whatever. You might need to specify.


  • Whether this character is intended for situation that involves the use of stretchiness, possibly physics-defying.


  • Whether this character is intended for situations that involve a realistic sense of vore physics.

Anything Goes

  • Surprise me / I will surprise you.


  • Involving cooking, most likely with live ingredient.

Food Related

  • Involving food play. Mainly to treat someone as food, possibly as nothing but food. Put someone together with food, sauce, etc.

Fetish Components:


  • Situation that involves being rough.


  • Situation that involves being gentle.


  • If you don't know what sex is, consult your parents.


  • Situation that involves pain.


  • Situation that involves transformation, whether gender, appearance, species, or anything else about the character, can be changed.


  • Situation that involves causing loss of blood by various means. (see Blood)


  • Situation that involves solid byproducts of the digestion system, shit, crap, whatever you want to call it.


  • Situation that involves fluid byproducts of the digestion system, urine.


  • Disposal vs. Scat - Its the difference between post vore disposal of remains (Including means other than scat) vs. scat in circumstances other than just post-vore.


  • Situation that involves somebody being tied up, by ropes, chains, or other attachments. Not necessary tentacles.


  • Situation that involves no scientific sense. Basically, Magic.

Partner Components:


  • This refers to whether a character is willing to engage in vore or not. Some character find the idea of being eaten attractive and may actively seek it in character.


  • This refers to whether a character enjoy being taken against their will. Whether to be eaten, or in some case even being an unwilling predator.


  • Whether this character is intended for interaction with vast size different between characters.

Same Size

  • Whether this character is intended for interaction with similarly-sized characters.

Male Partner

  • Whether this character is intended for interaction with males.

Female Partner

  • Whether this character is intended for interaction with females.

Herm Partner

  • Whether this character is intended for interaction with hermaphrodite; characters with both sets of sexual genitals from male and female at the same time. (see Hermaphrodite)

Human Partner

  • Whether this character is intended for interaction with humans.

Demi partner

  • Whether this character is intended for interaction with half-humans, like a catgirl, for example.

Fur Partner

  • Whether this character is intended for interaction with furries 

Scaly Partner

  • Whether this character is intended for interaction with scaled characters 

Feathered Partner

  • Whether this character is intended for interaction with feathered characters 


  • Whether this character is intended for interaction with plant lifeforms.

Animal / non-morphic Partner

  • Whether this character is intended for interaction with animal, non-humanoid, or generally non-morphic characters.

Non-intelligent character Partner

  • Whether this character is intended for interaction with non-sentient characters. Similar to animal. Generally, a character that can not grasp the understanding of speech and culture.

Underage Character*

  • Roleplay that involves underage character. Note: Drawing of underage character with indecent exposure are not allowed in profile. Real life photo of any underage person are not allowed. Real life photo in profile must have expressed permission.


Roleplay Components:

Verbose post

  • Someone who likes to fill their post with more words. 5 lines or more on a 1024*768 windows with standard font size is generally considered to be on the "verbose" side. However, there is no real upper limit.

Quick post

  • Some people prefer exchanges in actions with smaller posts instead of a large posts.

Evolving character

  • This character is interested in developing and changing after roleplay events.

Break 4th wall** ( Out of chat world / Out of Character)

  • Character knowing something that only the player should know about, or react upon them. This character might make fun or fool around with the fact that himself/herself is a character. This does not mean the character will behave out of its normal characteristic, since such a behavior is still part of a character's characteristics.

Staying in character** ( In Chat world / In Character )

  • Character does not know he/she is a character, does not break 4th wall. Does not obtain information only accessible by the player.

Surprise me**

  • It is okay to surprise this character, possibly with something unconventional. This usually does not mean doing something they normally don't like.

Multi session

  • Character design for a long term roleplay, possibly a story.

Group roleplay

  • This character would like to play with more then one people at the same time.

Vore game*

  • Vore battle, Truth or Dare, Werewolf, or any other type of game that might involve dice or seem closer to a game rather than a roleplay.

Grab and Gulp

  • Character designed for jumping straight into action.


  • Whether it is okay to whisper this person.


  • Whether roleplay in public is acceptable.


  • Whether roleplay in private is preferred.

* = New sliders as of March 09th 2014

CelebrityDeathmatch - LucyLawlessvsCalistaFlockhart_rm.MPG

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