Belly Movement

Hisss Belly Movement - Medium Quality

Watch this video!

Thanks to Madness for uploading the Hisss video, didn't know about the movie before.

I've been looking for a higher quality version - here it is, just the belly movement scene.

Hisss Vore Scene - Low Quality

Watch this video!

I dont know if anyone else has posted this but I found it on another website today.

I hope you all enjoy it :D

Good vore with a little bit of stuggling later on and I really enjoyed it.

Full Tour

Full tour vore may be recognized to be a subcategory of soft vore, and is generally understood to be non-fatal in nature. The basic process involves the prey being ingested but not digested (in the traditional sense). Rather, the prey passes through the predator's digestive track alive and whole, and is then expelled through the anus. Scat may or may not be involved in this process, and may include chyme encasement, a filmy covering of fecal matter, or diarrhea, among others. Most logically, full tour is a form of oral vore, although reversals of the process are not unheard of.

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