Macross 7 Giantess Vore Scene

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Here is a really sweet scene from Macross 7 where a small kid jumps into the mouth of a sexy giantess sadly she does not swallow :(

George of the Jungle 2007 Soft Vore

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This is a really short but sweet vore scene from the 2007 george of the Jungle animated series 

supernatural vore soul

Amy ate Sonic

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well i did an animation with an old gif from http://ali2002dx.deviantart.com/art/Amy-ate-sawnic-202727363 that was made with sprites from Kaiju in DeviantArt of amy eating sonic (Kaiju probably is not with us anymore because this is a really old submit, that he made in 5 years ago... i think it's more older)

I hope you like it!

Brothers Grimsby elephant unbirth scene

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This is a scene from Brothers grimsby where the two main characters hide inside an elephants snatch after being chased by goons. Before they can get out a male turns up and starts having sex while they are still inside.

Anal Vore with Scat

Spongebob Squarepants: One Coarse Meal Pearl eats Plankton

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An episode that I have consistently seen top many people's piles of garbage, relative to this site it contains a little scene of interest that I thought I would go find and share.

Plankton's latest plot having been foiled by Pearl due to his fear of whales, and whale's role as a natural predator for plankton, he is beseeched by Pearl(who we learn later is actually Mr. Krabs in disguise) to such a degree that he begins to lose sleep and have intense nightmares.

In this particular nightmare he is chased by a demonized Pearl and seemingly escapes, however instead falls into Pearl's mouth through her blowhole and is subsequently swallowed whole and alive, reunited with his family and even partially digested before screaming in terror and waking up.

Technically since Pearl at that time I believe was only about 16, this may or may not be underage where you live.

George of the Jungle F/M vore scene Magnolia swallows George

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Vore scene from George of the Jungle season 2. Found by someone in the "vore in media" thread here on Eka's. Someone asked for it to be uploaded on here so I was like why not.

Asian hottie inserts chocolate santa claus in her butt and poops him out!

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A video from the now closed Live Fetish website. An Asian girl anal vores a chocolate santa and then poops it back out. (sort of scat warning) 

Braindead 13 Vore Death scenes

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Edited and re-pasted together from the 99 ways to die 3 parter of this game on youtube, using FFmpeg.

The game's plot revolved around you being a teenage computer wiz who is forced to fight for his life after making a self referencing joke regarding video games, which turns out to be the reality of the situation(specifically the evil brain wanting world domination). The gameplay is basically Dragon's lair style, full of Quick time events. Apologize for the bit of french voice over in one scene as I could not find that particular scene in the original 3 parter.

Almost all vore is soft in nature, though there are at least 2 cases of dismemberment, the first is not very graphic and the second features no blood regardless.

Battle Royal High school hard vore

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I honestly don't remember too much on this video, but I'm sure it's from some anime. Regardless enjoy. I found it on my comp and just converted the file type.

First Person Unbirth view

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Quick animation I made with the Character from Feed My Kittteh


What you see from his point of view XD


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Quicky animation I made with the girl from Omnomnom on the beach.



Muff diving.  For REALZ XD

Elizabeth vore

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my first ever vore video.

i'm bored and have nothing to do. do not be afraid too PM me and ask for request :D

i don't bite.... hard.


The Devil's rock

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You guys can thank brainstorm for this one. He found it the "nom" scene. I just got the vid and "clipped" it to upload here. This is the only vore scene in the movie, unless you are into hard vore and horror, in which case you should enjoy the movie. If you plan on watching the movie, this vid has spoilers. I did cut out as much of them as I could. I was going to include an extra bit showing the demon girl in human form, but the vid would be closer to 5 minutes and I'm sure everyone wants to see the vore scene. This is from the guy who apparently made Eel girl, so I guess I'm going to have to watch his movies more often. lol. Enjoy. Also, I enjoyed the movie in general. The most suspense was at the beginning and I felt it could have been darker maybe with some more "ahem" scenes, but in general an enjoyable movie. Remember to comment!

Gulp Quest 1.05


RPGMaker game with F/m vore with the hero as prey, sex, digestion and some (skippable) scat.   See this [1] thread for installation instructions, screenshots and more details.

[1] http://aryion.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=30973


MMD POV Shrunken Vore

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This is an animation made by eskoz56 on YouTube.  It's one of the best giantess vore animations I've ever seen!

CG Blonde Giantess Swallows Man

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I have no idea who made this, it's not mine. I can't find it anywhere else on this site. It's just an awesome flash animation and it's a shame not to have it here so I'm gonna upload it. If I'm breaching some code of conduct or something, let me know. If not, enjoy hot, sexy vore!

Is She Really Pregnant

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By request of Dinobinoid, I've reloaded this early edited video I found on YouTube a few years back. The screams and gurglings of a "pregnant" girl's belly.

Hisss Belly Movement - Medium Quality

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Thanks to Madness for uploading the Hisss video, didn't know about the movie before.

I've been looking for a higher quality version - here it is, just the belly movement scene.

Hisss Vore Scene - Low Quality

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I dont know if anyone else has posted this but I found it on another website today.

I hope you all enjoy it :D

Good vore with a little bit of stuggling later on and I really enjoyed it.

The sphagetti dinner

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A couple are having a romantic dinner when they both suck a piece of spaghetti and the man gets slurped up with it straight into his lady partner and then she licks her lips with a nice stuffed tummy.

Earthworm jim vore scene.

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Jim gets eaten by a mutant mother gator of two younger ones he beat up and, fed to one another he manages to escape her bowels though.

The fatal lady.

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Simple video guy aproaches lady to have sex, but gets unexpected surprise when crotch turns into mouth and, gobbles him up then licks. It slurps when it is done.

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