Cell Girl Vore

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I stumbled across this on a site called pornhub...or somthing like that. I believe the video itself was made using MMD, but I'm not 100% sure. Here we have a female counterpart of the infamous Cell from Dragon Ball Z, having "absorbed" some unknown prey. I'm not sure if it's just tail vore or unbirth (hell, it could be a combination of both.) Judging by her facial expression, and the way she rubs her heavily distended belly, she's obviously enjoying the feeling of whatever's squirming around in there.

Highschool Ghostbusters - Unbirth Possession

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A Highschool is plagued by spirits. While a group of student ghostbusters tries to find and capture them, a female teacher uses the bathroom. Once locked in the stall, she discovers a horrible worm parasite....  Once possessed, the teacher becomes hyper sexual and seduces a male teacher. The ghostbusters find them having sex, and after a battle, they exorcise the spirit from the teacher's body.

Baby Blood - Unbirth

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One night, a circus animal trainer discovers their new panther has been killed, leaving behind a mutilated corpse. The men think an animal is responsible and search the area. The real culprit is a worm creature that burst out of the panther, and it sneaks onto the trailer where the owner's wife is sleeping...

Later the creature talks to her, forcing her to kill and drink blood to feed itself in her womb. Eventually it grows and she gives birth to a mutant creature, which appears to crawl into the sea.

Lady Terminator - Unbirth and Possession

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The Queen of the South Sea murders men during sex. One man defeats her by reaching into her vagina and pulling out the source of her power; a magical eel. The Queen vows that she'll take her revenge on the man's great granddaughter. A century later, Tania, an anthropologist, goes diving to look for the Queen's lair. A tsunami hits and she awakes in a strange bed... Later in the film she has sex with several men that ends in their deaths; the eel inside her bites off their penises. She eventually goes on a unstoppable machine gun rampage, and is only destroyed thanks to a magic dagger.

Outer Limits: Ripper - Vore Possession

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From the Outer Limits episode "Ripper". Jack, an alcoholic doctor in 1850's England, stumbles upon 2 women making out in an otherwise empty warehouse. He watches them for a bit, but the blond starts spitting up green liquid and convolsing. Since he's a doctor, Jack rushes over to help her, but is shocked when her chest begins to split open... The possessed woman accusses Jack of murdering the former host (who died after transfering the parasite), and begins to torment him. It transfers to a few other women (mostly prostitutes), but as far as I recall, the rest happen off screen

Injyu Kyoushi 3 Unbirth and Possession

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The 3rd from a series of movies involing a tentacle parasite that transfers sexually between hosts and possesses them. Earlier in the film, the parasite jumped from a comatose female patient in the hospital to the nurse in this scene. The nurse then lures the school teacher to this utility room... Later in the movie, the teacher goes to her school, sleeps with and (predictably) kills a male teacher, then torments 2 schoolgirls with her tentacles. Background: in the first film, a male teacher is infected with the parasite, torments several women with his tentacles, and is killed at the end, but not before he transfer the parasite to a lady teacher. In the second film, the teacher brings the parasite to a group of campers, where it jumps from host to host, eventually ending up in the woman who is taken to the hospital at the end.

Small tribute

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Hello, it is small tribute that I wanted to make. Didn't exactly went as I wanted but I had to do it twice. First animation got corrupted... Tribute goes to image that I don't even remember now but I told myself that one day Ill tribute it ;)


Spongebob Squarepants: One Coarse Meal Pearl eats Plankton

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An episode that I have consistently seen top many people's piles of garbage, relative to this site it contains a little scene of interest that I thought I would go find and share.

Plankton's latest plot having been foiled by Pearl due to his fear of whales, and whale's role as a natural predator for plankton, he is beseeched by Pearl(who we learn later is actually Mr. Krabs in disguise) to such a degree that he begins to lose sleep and have intense nightmares.

In this particular nightmare he is chased by a demonized Pearl and seemingly escapes, however instead falls into Pearl's mouth through her blowhole and is subsequently swallowed whole and alive, reunited with his family and even partially digested before screaming in terror and waking up.

Technically since Pearl at that time I believe was only about 16, this may or may not be underage where you live.

Asian hottie inserts chocolate santa claus in her butt and poops him out!

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A video from the now closed Live Fetish website. An Asian girl anal vores a chocolate santa and then poops it back out. (sort of scat warning) 

A Mouse Tale vore scene

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Just a quick little scene from the computer animated movie 'A Mouse Tale'. It involves a couple of hungry bats and one slurpable mouse ^w^ Nice gulp and belly bulge.

Itchy and Scratchy: Butter off Dead(Itchy feeds Scratchy to cow)

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Just itchy continuing to forever tarnish the name of good mice everywhere...now with extra insult to injury via Amish.

Teasing the Food

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Here is a nice video of some consensual vore between a t-rex and female human.


london tasha vore by 11iffy studios.

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One of many custom vore videos, i customed from 11iffy.


Part of are deal he has allowed me personal ownership of these once aggreed time limit is up, as of this moment this video fall under private onwership of me, to do with whatever i like.

On that note i decided share to you the public.


This is best of more less all vore videos he done a same size vore video, involving london a model may some what be familar with voring tasha on a bed in same size vore manner, includes some belly inflation but rather simple straightfoward video, its the best effects wise of all these kinds of vore sadly rest are rather choppy in terms of effects..



How new pokemon are born.

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Needed one blob, one pokemon trainer, and watch the magic happen!


An unbirth-centric game based on the artwork of the same name by Eka's Portal artist Kiyoa, FUbN (short for Flying Unbirth Ninja) requires the player to employ a ninja's stealth and cunning to eliminate the samurai and the princesses who command them.

Updated to version 1.1 on 03/16/2010; some miscellaneous, mostly-invisible bugs were fixed.

Updated to version 1.2 on 04/16/2010:

  • Smoothed the ninja's controls out
  • Added a few cheats
  • Corrected errors in princess's AI
  • Rebalanced some game parameters

Check comments on this thread


Anaconda Swallows a Lady with broken leg

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Taken from the Movie Anaconda 3 - a vehicle tips over and an anaconda of great size swallows whole an injured lady passenger who is on the floor.  

Cthuild eats red shirt guy.

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A short video that make fun of the red shirt guys from Star Trek the ones that always die first in it he attemps interspecies relationship only to end up lunch but, squid type alien girl at the end.

Running time of 1 minute 10 seconds.



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