Tikal Finds a Bug (Video Version

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An animation I recently did.




Tikal belongs to Sega.

The Locker Room Giantess Vore

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I just found this really good animated vore movie online enjoy

Giantess eats a dude

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Bit of animation I did experimenting with the latest version of Animestudio

Witching And Bitching - Godess Eats Boy

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A condensed edit from the spanish film 'Witching and Bitching' which shows a young boy selected to be sacrificed to an Earth Godess

Dude Where's My Car? 2000 Alien Giantess Vore

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This is a really sweet vore scene from the 2000 movie Dude Where's My Car?

Anal Vore with Scat

Goddess Kinne's Room

Work-in-Progress RPG-Maker VX Ace game.

All about Kinne ( )

 This game contains: Shrinking, F/m, sex, unwilling vore, willing vore, UB, feral, and various other fetish material to-be-added.


Use at your own risk. Updates will be at irregular interval.


-Lucky / Clover


Elizabeth vore

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my first ever vore video.

i'm bored and have nothing to do. do not be afraid too PM me and ask for request :D

i don't bite.... hard.


Poptart Adventure Demo ver. 1.1

A demo to my game "Poptart Adventure", containing micro/macro scenes, sex, smothering, and vore.

Currently, only 1/4th of the game is complete, and a lot of the images are placeholders, but it is fully functional for what it is.

Requires ability to launch RPG Maker VX Ace games to play.

See here for discussion


Shrink School/High Exploring Narue's Body Part 2

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This is a second part when you can explore Narue's body again....but she has plans for you this time. 

Shrink School/High Exploring Narues Body.

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This is based on a game called "Shrink School/High" This scene of the game is where you get to explore your partners body unaware of what they are doing, Enjoy. 

The consequences of swallowing - Macro/Micro oral vore -

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An idea I though of whilst having a mood for some micro/macro.

The animation itself is choppy, but a place to start. With this, I was more concerned to get it finished than smooth. To make a proof of concept, at least. A total of 75-80 unique frames were used (excluding those with just text). Some of the frames are repeated.

Let me know what you think of this!

All animation is done by me. The frames are drawn in Photoshop and the animation is done in windows movie maker.

Gulp Quest 1.05


RPGMaker game with F/m vore with the hero as prey, sex, digestion and some (skippable) scat.   See this [1] thread for installation instructions, screenshots and more details.



Jaoying Pikunthong 44

Thumbnail unavailable

This came from a thai movie. These two boys get caught by a giantess and eaten. You seen them go down to her stomach and they find out that they wasn't the only ones that she has eaten and digested and walks in town to find more to eat. It's in their own language. I don't understand nor do I have the translation for it. I wish I did, but you can use your own imagenation. If anyone can translate this, that would be awsome!

MMD POV Shrunken Vore

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This is an animation made by eskoz56 on YouTube.  It's one of the best giantess vore animations I've ever seen!

CG Blonde Giantess Swallows Man

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I have no idea who made this, it's not mine. I can't find it anywhere else on this site. It's just an awesome flash animation and it's a shame not to have it here so I'm gonna upload it. If I'm breaching some code of conduct or something, let me know. If not, enjoy hot, sexy vore!

Live action partial UB from "All Nude Giant Girl"

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The giant pussy scenes from the film "All Nude Giant Girl" from 2008. No real UB, just some shallow diving here.

First there's a forced scene for those who's into that, then there's a fully willing.

As usual with Japanese exploitation, the genitals are blurred out.

Spooky Giantess Vore

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Giantess Spooky swallows you


縮小学園 is a freeware Japanese RPG created using Enterbrain's engine. The author is A.S., and the game was specifically created for the macrophile community and thus has a lot of macrophile crush content, as well as some vore and insertion. Neither the author nor the game have an official homepage. Downloads of the game have been available via download storages, but there is currently no active download.

The major update was 1.40, and there had been a minor bug fix called version 1.41 which has been up for only a very short time. Both have been taken down as they are extremely buggy. The author is working on fixing the bugs and plans to do eventually a new release. However, there is no release date for that fixed version.

The game itself is very long and very difficult (even if rushing things, you probably need a few hours just to reach the beginning of the shrink part). There are a lot of side scenes/bonus quests you can do and the game is full of references and inside jokes of the macrophile community. While there is a lot of crush content, there are also several vore scenes, including a vore dungeon. The characters who get shrunk are the main character, who is a high school detective, a male student who can be chosen between two characters taken from Haruhi no yuuutsu, and a male cat from that same novel.

While the game is freeware, please DO NOT DISTRIBUTE THE IMAGES from the game! The author has explicitly said that you shouldn't do that and we should respect the artists' and authors' wishes in such cases. Should you come across such distribution, then they are taking place against the wishes of the team.


  • Further information:*

General Advice/Hints/not so Secret Secrets

Walkthrough (with spoilers/secrets)

Known Bugs

Vore games

Vore games

There is an active vore gaming community on the portal and this page is here to help keep track of them. Please update it with games not listed yet, new games and revisions of the existing ones.

If you want to publish a game to the portal, please read Eka's guide.

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Latest version: 2.0 (26 March 2009) Download

Forum topic

Type: RPG
Requirements: RPG Maker XP RTP

Description: An RPG set in a fantasy world where you take on the role of a shrunk girl on her quest to return back to her original size. An impressive amount of macro F/f vore with rare same-size and absorption scenes. 


Latest version: 1.3 (16 April 2009) Download

Forum topic

Type: RPG
Requirements: RPG Maker XP RTP

Description: (as written by Dokudoku in the forum thread) As the name suggests it is a role playing game made for the sole purpose to cater to a good amount of vore styles and genres. 
Basically you are looking for a job and get one as a body guard because people are getting scared of recent disappearings going around. The game will have multiple endings and vore related scenes. You will also have a choice to choose between a male or female hero.

The following format is suggested for adding projects to this page:


Latest version: (version number, release date and a download link or a link to the Vore downloads game page)

Forum topic (Link to the forum topic, if any)
Wiki page (Link to the Wiki page, if any)

Type: (RPG, action, strategy?)
Requirements: (software and libraries which have to be installed to run the game, like RPG RT, links to official sites are encouraged; also special requirements if there are any)

Description: (a paragraph or two about the game, the game authors are encouraged to write it)

Alien Goddess

Markie's "Alien godess" series. It is a basic point and click game with 3D rendered graphic and surprising story. Similar to the style of "Myst 3D". Heavily involved with Macro and micro vore. Runs in windows. A total of 8 games

Tips: If you are using Vista, try right click on the game and runs as Administrator.



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