Oral vore

Konosuda S2 E2 Frog Vore

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I seen this on facebook, had to share it here.

Macross 7 Giantess Vore Scene

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Here is a really sweet scene from Macross 7 where a small kid jumps into the mouth of a sexy giantess sadly she does not swallow :(

Dream Hunter Rem Vore

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Here is a vore scene from to old anime series Dream Hunter Rem

Thumbelina: Blue Fox Swallows Sugar Fairy Whole and Tries to Gobble Up Maya

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From the movie Thumbelina: A Magical Story, A blue fox swallow's Maya's friend Noble the Sugar Fairy, then attempts to gobble up Maya as well.

Dino Bird Vores Granny (With Sound)

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Well, that's what happens when you gobble up old sloths like Granny Sloth. (Now with sound.)

Rex Vore..... Almost

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This is why you have to be careful when offering Brain Grain to a dinosaur, espcially if it's the famous rex.

Dino Bird Vores Granny Sloth (Ice Age 5 Clip)

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This is a vore clip from the new movie Ice Age Colission Course. Sound has been removed since every line was in Spanish.

Cow Gobbles Tom Thumb

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Tom Thumb is going on so many adventures, even into the belly of a cow.

Original video found on youtube. Here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qcuJ7iAZtmA

Hyakki Yakoushou vore

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a chapter from the tv version of the manga "Hyakki Yakoshou".

Haley Smith swallows live octopus

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What to say about this scene lol. I had decided to try and catch up on some missed episodes of some cartoon sitcoms came across this one when watching American dad. Quite a nice scene. Ain't person eating person, but the way she describes it and the struggle,mmmm, hits all the spots for me. Heck when I was watching it frame by frame it hit my parasite possession spot too. Gotta say I love the scene and decided to share it. Enjoy.

Eevee's great escape

This is The Saint of Ravens game, uploading it here for both convenience, and to reduce the odds that mega or whatever site will remove it.

Starfire eats Mr. Wolf

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I found this vore clip from Teen Titans Go from Cartoon Network, Episode: "Grube’s Fairytales"

The Icky Licky Plant - test

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A test animation for a project im working on called 'Dark Yard' 

The Icky Licky Plant is commmon in the Dark Yard. It sits patiently for unsuspecting prey to wonder below then strikes.


Created in Blender. All 3D models are original creations by me.

The Simpsons - Luca$

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Lisa dates a boy named, Lucas Bortner, who wants to be a competitive eater.Marge becomes concerned that Lisa is trying to marry a boy that’s just likeHomer

Ratchet and Clank: Swamp Monster

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The Swamp Monster in Ratchet and Clank lives in Oozla...and will, of course, wail on you freely if you're not careful, and chomp on you when you deal enough damage to it. Behold!

Dr Lolipop/Mr Rawr diet

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Animation from Cartoon hangover. The whole clip is pretty vore centered so I won't be clipping things out this time. It deals with a "MrRawr" having a bit of trouble adapting to a new lifestyle and old diets becoming a problem subsequently leading to visiting the titled character, Dr Lolipop(or LOL on the weekends).

Copyright goes to Cartoon Hangover

Mosasaur Eats Plesser

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A dinosaur gobbles up sailor Plesser in The Land That Time Forgot.

The Mogdaan Eats Jacko

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In yet another scene from Warlords of Atlantis, the stranded crew of the good ship Texas Rose are attempting to escape the realm of Atlantis when they run into a little problem (okay a BIG problem) called the Mogdaan, a big, fishlike monster that promptly gobbles up crew member Jacko after he proves too clumsy for his own good.

A Zaarg Eats Captain Briggs

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From the 1978 movie Warlords of Atlantis. A monster called a Zaarg gobbles up the beautiful Delphine's father Captain Briggs, as he leads the defense of the mythical lost city of Atlantis.

Yog-Sothoth Eats Amos Hackshaw

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Evil warlock Amos Hackshaw gets gobbled up by Yog-Sothoth at the end of the movie /Cast a Deadly Spell/.

/Cast a Deadly Spell/ is © HBO.

Bacteria Monster Eats a Cow and a Farmer

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Sequence from the /SWAT Kats/ episode /The Giant Bacteria/. Dr. Viper's bacteria monster gobbles up a cow, and then when her owner tries to fend the creature off, Viper feeds him to it.

/SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron/ is © Hanna-Barbera.

Lynn eats herself

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Lynn Bowshade, my OC, horks down an eager miniature instance of herself.

Model was made using a publicly available base... that I got so long ago I forgot where. >_>

Teasing the Food

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Here is a nice video of some consensual vore between a t-rex and female human.


Daz 3d Vore 2

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My second stab at it this time they have hair, and clothes

Tales from the Darkside

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A clip from Tales from the Darkside the movie. Not too much here. I just uh know now not to piss of cats. Maybe some of you have seen the movie. Regardless enjoy the clip and all it's impossibility...I hope.

dual vore by 11iffy

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Another same size vore video, by 11iffy i customed from him

again this, video is under private ownership of me and i allowed to freely distribute it where i please.



This video contains two vore scenes, one female on male and other female on female, i can add this video isn't impressive in terms of effects so just keep that in mind when watch this the vore effects are very choppy, and sex scenes not very good but regardless here you go, you can enjoy.

Gulp Quest 1.05


RPGMaker game with F/m vore with the hero as prey, sex, digestion and some (skippable) scat.   See this [1] thread for installation instructions, screenshots and more details.

[1] http://aryion.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=30973


Jaoying Pikunthong 44

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This came from a thai movie. These two boys get caught by a giantess and eaten. You seen them go down to her stomach and they find out that they wasn't the only ones that she has eaten and digested and walks in town to find more to eat. It's in their own language. I don't understand nor do I have the translation for it. I wish I did, but you can use your own imagenation. If anyone can translate this, that would be awsome!

Blackfire vored by her kids

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I thought this would be a nice addition.I'm actually very surprised at the vid myself. I hadn't expected for whoever put this up on tv to actually allow it, considering the implications, but who cares. Note the vore isn't on screen and is only implied, but I think bone crunching has been said to be heard. That and I think the screams give it away.

Inyouchuu Shoku vol. 1 bug oral vore and unbirth

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I'm uploading this vid again in higher quality because someone asked. That's pretty much it. Warning it does have some weirdness in it with belly inflation, and I included a little more in this vid to differ it from the other vid. You can see the girl the bugs were entering at the end with her mind apparently broken.I'll be entering in a few more vids today,although I'm not sure which ones are allowed or not. I'll try if possible to upload just the vorish scenes, but for things like voreaphilia, for those who know the series, I don't know if I can upload the vore scenes or not considering a majority of the vid is about vore.There's a few others that are iffy, but I'll upload them and see what happens.

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