Soft Vore

Blood-C Griffin Soft Vore

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This is a short but really sweet vore scene from the horror anime Blood-C

Foosa Vore

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This is why King Julian should not try to make peace with the Foosa.

Feel free to comment.

Thumbelina: Blue Fox Swallows Sugar Fairy Whole and Tries to Gobble Up Maya

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From the movie Thumbelina: A Magical Story, A blue fox swallow's Maya's friend Noble the Sugar Fairy, then attempts to gobble up Maya as well.

Amy ate Sonic

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well i did an animation with an old gif from that was made with sprites from Kaiju in DeviantArt of amy eating sonic (Kaiju probably is not with us anymore because this is a really old submit, that he made in 5 years ago... i think it's more older)

I hope you like it!

Dino Bird Vores Granny (With Sound)

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Well, that's what happens when you gobble up old sloths like Granny Sloth. (Now with sound.)

Honeycomb moray vores yellow spotted moray

When a hippo Eats You

Macrophile's Moon Animated M/M Short

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I found this animated M/M vore video a while ago and I just managed to find it again I really hope that you IL like it

Dino Bird Vores Granny Sloth (Ice Age 5 Clip)

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This is a vore clip from the new movie Ice Age Colission Course. Sound has been removed since every line was in Spanish.

Manticore Eats Trixie

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A vore scene from My Little pony season 6 'No Second Prances' in which Trixie is swallowed by a manticore.

Dude Where's My Car? 2000 Alien Giantess Vore

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This is a really sweet vore scene from the 2000 movie Dude Where's My Car?

Starfire eats Mr. Wolf

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I found this vore clip from Teen Titans Go from Cartoon Network, Episode: "Grube’s Fairytales"

Simpsons Halloween Vore

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These are my favorite Vore moments from "The Simpsons", edited and compiled into a video I made myself. It features clips from the "King Homer" "I married a Blob" segments from the Treehouse of Horror Halloween episodes. Enjoy!

Small tribute

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Hello, it is small tribute that I wanted to make. Didn't exactly went as I wanted but I had to do it twice. First animation got corrupted... Tribute goes to image that I don't even remember now but I told myself that one day Ill tribute it ;)


Snake and Naga vore scenes compilation

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Various snake and naga vore scenes from several movies (all listed in video) Some have been slowed down then had framerate boosted for a smoother playback. I've also edited each scene, and made some minor sound edits. If anyone knows of any more good scenes from any other movie, feel free to comment and I'll edit and add it.

Skipper Eats Cat(Penguins of Madagascar Movie)

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After finally turning all the penguins in the world into have been turned into monsters save for private who escaped under the guise of having been killed by the death ray, Private attempts to find his team after hatching up a plan to reverse the effects of the ray. He finds skipper first who is in the middle of consuming a cat and promptly swallows it soon after Private finds him.

The cat is released shortly afterwards, terrified but unharmed.

The Simpsons - Luca$

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Lisa dates a boy named, Lucas Bortner, who wants to be a competitive eater.Marge becomes concerned that Lisa is trying to marry a boy that’s just likeHomer

Men in Black 2 Serleena Vore Scene

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I can't believe that this scene has not bin uploaded to the site yet because in my option it is one of the best vore scenes ever made and one of the main reasons that I got into vore in the first place enjoy

Worm vore - Hoshoku game - Ikita mama Marunomi(Predaxxxor) demo version part1

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a vore oriented game description: A giant worm has escaped the science labs for a girl-swallowing rampage! its uses slimy drug to melt her clothes and Aphrodisiac her,worms to weak her and swallow   With each heroine it eats, it evolves its form. You are the worm! Your goal: find and swallow the researcher who experimented on you!  

George of the Jungle F/M vore scene Magnolia swallows George

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Vore scene from George of the Jungle season 2. Found by someone in the "vore in media" thread here on Eka's. Someone asked for it to be uploaded on here so I was like why not.

A Mouse Tale vore scene

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Just a quick little scene from the computer animated movie 'A Mouse Tale'. It involves a couple of hungry bats and one slurpable mouse ^w^ Nice gulp and belly bulge.

Ratchet and Clank: Swamp Monster

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The Swamp Monster in Ratchet and Clank lives in Oozla...and will, of course, wail on you freely if you're not careful, and chomp on you when you deal enough damage to it. Behold!

Dr Lolipop/Mr Rawr diet

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Animation from Cartoon hangover. The whole clip is pretty vore centered so I won't be clipping things out this time. It deals with a "MrRawr" having a bit of trouble adapting to a new lifestyle and old diets becoming a problem subsequently leading to visiting the titled character, Dr Lolipop(or LOL on the weekends).

Copyright goes to Cartoon Hangover

Adventure time Jake eats PB

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I want to get rid of as much on my comp as possible so I'm trying to edit vides I have on my comp to delete the full ones and keep the pieces I personally like. So anyways here is some vore from Adventure time. Short, sweet, and nothing comes of it lol. Enjoy.

Itchy and Scratchy: Butter off Dead(Itchy feeds Scratchy to cow)

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Just itchy continuing to forever tarnish the name of good mice with extra insult to injury via Amish.


Lynn eats herself

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Lynn Bowshade, my OC, horks down an eager miniature instance of herself.

Model was made using a publicly available base... that I got so long ago I forgot where. >_>

Mascot Eats Cheerleader! NFL

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This Video is of the Tennessee Titans Mascot eating a NFL Cheerleader

Iris Action Mimic vore videogame

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the heroine falls in a trap with a mimic (monster with treasure chest form) and she is mind controlled until cum many times with the tentacles

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