Hazama Swallows Egg

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had to do this as soon as i saw the dubbed version

mostly just object vore

Preview of Shinshoku Gakuen: xx of the Dead

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Found a preview of what looks to be a vore-centered hentai animation and thought people here would be interested.

Foosa Vore

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This is why King Julian should not try to make peace with the Foosa.

Feel free to comment.

Girls turning into food

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A video with a visual novel style of various girls from anime and idolmaster turning into various food by Buu.

I thought of a second part ! Any suggestions ?

The day when Valentine was executed

This visual novel has been created by TOKI, but I've translated it in english !

It involves a lot of girls/womens turning into chocolate statues, in various way. There is a good ending, and a bad ending, and some bonus level (one bonus level hasn't been translated yet)

The english isn't perfect, but still very understandable. So, I hope you'll enjoy !

Platform : Windows

Size : 15MB


Dino Bird Vores Granny (With Sound)

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Well, that's what happens when you gobble up old sloths like Granny Sloth. (Now with sound.)

Cell Girl Vore

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I stumbled across this on a site called pornhub...or somthing like that. I believe the video itself was made using MMD, but I'm not 100% sure. Here we have a female counterpart of the infamous Cell from Dragon Ball Z, having "absorbed" some unknown prey. I'm not sure if it's just tail vore or unbirth (hell, it could be a combination of both.) Judging by her facial expression, and the way she rubs her heavily distended belly, she's obviously enjoying the feeling of whatever's squirming around in there.

Giantess eats a dude

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Bit of animation I did experimenting with the latest version of Animestudio

Rex Vore..... Almost

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This is why you have to be careful when offering Brain Grain to a dinosaur, espcially if it's the famous rex.

Sterie-Stumpie Unbirth

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This is what happens when you drink a Sterie-Stumpie with your mom and your not even 10 years old yet.

Herons Swallowing Live Prey pt1

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The first in a series of compilations taken from nature videos. Feel free to PM me for recommendations re: the theme and musical soundtrack of the next one.

Cow Gobbles Tom Thumb

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Tom Thumb is going on so many adventures, even into the belly of a cow.

Original video found on youtube. Here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qcuJ7iAZtmA

Cowplant eats my sim P-1

The Critic Vore

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This is a really funny and good vore scene from the really underated mid 1990s animated comedy series The Critic

Shake, Rattle & Roll XV 2014

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This is a really good vore scene from the 2014 Filipinohorror movie /Shake, Rattle & Roll XV/

Jack in the Box Vore (Krampus 2015)

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Youtube recently removed this video, so I thought I'd throw you guys a bone and upload it here. I haven't seen a decent mainstream vore scene in a while.

belly vore girl swallowingalive remix2016 ( old anim1)

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 belly vore girl swallowingalive remix2016     ( old anim1)

( version long 5x reboot) http://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph56b61b77094f8

Skeletor Dies

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So when I was a kid I alwyas loved He-man, but one particular episode always made me feel funny.  With this in mind, I tried to edit a few scenes to make it sexy instead.  Don't be too critical as I whipped it up fairly quick.  ^_^  Enjoy.



Anal Vore with Scat

Starfire eats Mr. Wolf

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I found this vore clip from Teen Titans Go from Cartoon Network, Episode: "Grube’s Fairytales"

Simmin Cat Commercial Vore

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A human challenges the lazing of a cat one too many times and the cat decides to bite back.

Outer Limits: Ripper - Vore Possession

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From the Outer Limits episode "Ripper". Jack, an alcoholic doctor in 1850's England, stumbles upon 2 women making out in an otherwise empty warehouse. He watches them for a bit, but the blond starts spitting up green liquid and convolsing. Since he's a doctor, Jack rushes over to help her, but is shocked when her chest begins to split open... The possessed woman accusses Jack of murdering the former host (who died after transfering the parasite), and begins to torment him. It transfers to a few other women (mostly prostitutes), but as far as I recall, the rest happen off screen

Snake and Naga vore scenes compilation

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Various snake and naga vore scenes from several movies (all listed in video) Some have been slowed down then had framerate boosted for a smoother playback. I've also edited each scene, and made some minor sound edits. If anyone knows of any more good scenes from any other movie, feel free to comment and I'll edit and add it.

The Simpsons - Luca$

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Lisa dates a boy named, Lucas Bortner, who wants to be a competitive eater.Marge becomes concerned that Lisa is trying to marry a boy that’s just likeHomer

Unbirth Motherly

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This is a video that i found on the site years ago but I have not bin able to find the video latelly so I decided to upload it back to the site just in case I hope taht you IL like it

Brother bear: No Fish were harmed

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Koda being the good little bear he is informs the audience of the laws relating to fish and how they took extra precautions to make sure non were harmed in the making of the film.

However, things after the movie don't go quite as well.


This is the demo of a new RPG Maker game I'm currently working on. It has full CG images and it contains many, many fetishes, including (but not limited to): vore, scat, fulltour, crush, insertion, unbirth, goldenshower, etc.

I would really appreciate if you left some feedback on one of the pages below. I will use to improve my work at the best of my capabilities. Thanks you very much!


For more informations, please check the following links:

Watch those pages for updates on the game! I'll try to do my best to release new content frequently. Please enjoy!


Dr Lolipop/Mr Rawr diet

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Animation from Cartoon hangover. The whole clip is pretty vore centered so I won't be clipping things out this time. It deals with a "MrRawr" having a bit of trouble adapting to a new lifestyle and old diets becoming a problem subsequently leading to visiting the titled character, Dr Lolipop(or LOL on the weekends).

Copyright goes to Cartoon Hangover

Sonic Boom: Tails pet octopus

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Scene from the end of Episode 4 "Buster", in which tails asks the gang if he can keep an octopus he found promptly before it devours him and regurgitates his googles.

Midna vore

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porly audio edited

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