In vore, there are a many abbreviations used, so it might be a good idea to learn a few of them.

The most useful ones to learn are the ones used to define content: most often stories, threads, albums, and so on. These will be marked with what they contain so that people won't have to read or watch things that might disgust them and also so that people will more easily find things that interest them.

The most common way of marking content is with the predator/prey abbreviation. This is used as might be understood. First the predator is stated, then the prey. These are separated with a slash. This is mostly used for gender purposes, so because there are large variations in preferred predator and prey in other aspects than gender, that can be added to the gender of the predator/prey or added afterward.

Let me try to give an example, but first list what is commonly used:

f = female

m = male

a = ambiguous

h = hermaphrodite

? = unknown

Those are the genders. Now for some of the types.






and so on

One can be very specific too, like:

Anthromorphic fox

Bewinged Naga


And so on

Also, capitalization can be used to indicate size difference.

So now for the example:

f/f would be understood that both predator and prey are females.

F/m would indicate that the predator is larger than the prey and that it is a female and that the prey is a male. It could be giantess vore.

Now, there are a few different ways of showing what type of creatures are in the vore.

f/m human would indicate that it is same size vore and that both the female predator and the male prey are humans.

furry/m human would indicate that both are the same size and the female predator is a furry, could be anthromorphic or not, but the male prey is human. That much we know.

?/m furry/human? would indicate the same thing as the previous example.

But, this is not all that can be put into a description. There are the issues of willing participants and orifice used as well as how far the vore goes.

NC = Non consensual, meaning that either the prey or the predator, or both, are unwilling participants.

Consensual = all participants are willing

Orifices used:

AV = Anal Vore Meaning that the prey goes in the anus and up the rectum and

CV = Cock vore, or phallic vore. Yup, that is the male penis doing the eating.

Nipple Vore = Breast vore, also referred to as ?it vore? UB = Unbirth, One of the versions of the female vagina doing the eating. (Would be harmful or harmless sort of.)

Vaginal Vore = One of the versions of the female vagina doing the eating. (Not so harmless if you don? get out in time.)

End results, so to speak:

No digestion = Speaks for itself really, usually that means the prey is either regurgitated out of the pred, goes a full pass through of the pred's digestive system without harm, teleported out, or perhaps other creative ways. The story could always just end after the prey is inside the pred fully, leaving the reader to figure out what will happen next.

Reformation = The prey is reformed somehow upon being digested. It could be by magical means, scientific means, or any means really.

Full digestion = The prey becomes feces and we get to see/read it in a role play/author sense.

In addition, there are also certain abbreviations denoting specific sub communities or overlaps with other communities:

GTS : "giantess". Also used to refere to "giantess lovers"/macrophiles.

WE: "woman eaters". Refers to those interested in situations with female prey.