Alien Goddess

Markie's "Alien godess" series. It is a basic point and click game with 3D rendered graphic and surprising story. Similar to the style of "Myst 3D". Heavily involved with Macro and micro vore. Runs in windows. A total of 8 games

Tips: If you are using Vista, try right click on the game and runs as Administrator.

[file] Alien Goddess part 1.exe07/01/09 11:19 pm4.57 MB
[file] alien goddess part 2.exe08/01/09 8:16 pm5.86 MB
[file] alien goddess part 3.exe08/01/09 8:18 pm5.45 MB
[file] alien goddess part 4.exe08/01/09 8:20 pm5.87 MB
[file] alien goddess part 5.exe08/01/09 8:22 pm7.07 MB
[file] alien goddess part 6.exe08/01/09 7:40 pm6.97 MB
[file] alien goddess part 7.exe08/01/09 7:40 pm6.55 MB
[file] Alien Goddess part 8.exe08/01/09 7:41 pm3.35 MB


cannot launcher

i cant launche the game i just keep getting some error code





uh, anyone knows how to pass the maze on chapter 5?

why can't iget it to work  

why can't iget it to work


yes,I love it,it's a great

yes,I love it,it's a great game.But they don't have hair.

will there be a mac version

will there be a mac version


Will there ever be a Linux version?


are there any pics?

game window size

is there any way to make the game window any bigger?