Alien Goddess

Markie's "Alien godess" series. It is a basic point and click game with 3D rendered graphic and surprising story. Similar to the style of "Myst 3D". Heavily involved with Macro and micro vore. Runs in windows. A total of 8 games

Tips: If you are using Vista, try right click on the game and runs as Administrator.

[file] Alien Goddess part 1.exe07/01/09 11:19 pm4.57 MB
[file] alien goddess part 2.exe08/01/09 8:16 pm5.86 MB
[file] alien goddess part 3.exe08/01/09 8:18 pm5.45 MB
[file] alien goddess part 4.exe08/01/09 8:20 pm5.87 MB
[file] alien goddess part 5.exe08/01/09 8:22 pm7.07 MB
[file] alien goddess part 6.exe08/01/09 7:40 pm6.97 MB
[file] alien goddess part 7.exe08/01/09 7:40 pm6.55 MB
[file] Alien Goddess part 8.exe08/01/09 7:41 pm3.35 MB



uh, anyone knows how to pass the maze on chapter 5?

why can't iget it to work  

why can't iget it to work


yes,I love it,it's a great

yes,I love it,it's a great game.But they don't have hair.

will there be a mac version

will there be a mac version


Will there ever be a Linux version?


are there any pics?

game window size

is there any way to make the game window any bigger?