All the vaginal vore scenes from Pentration Angst.

All the vaginal vore scenes from Pentration Angst.


As the title says every single vaginal vore scene from horrible movie Pentration Angst.   Most vore scens are off screen but, they is 3 of them that happen on screen enjoy.


Lacuna coil seriously let one of their songs in a movie that shitty?

This reminds me of that movie "teeth" that came out recently. Though I don't think the thing was alive in that film O.o

i agree and i think the one in teeth didn't have a mind of it's own.  it was kinda odd that maybe it was just trying to say that rape in any form is bad.

With several grown men inside her there should have been at least *some* physical change here... I mean, if a 5-12 lbs infant in there causes a woman to look a certain way, multiple 150-220 lbs should have a far more drastic effect. Utter rubbish, this is.

So is her vag a demon or possessed or magical or... what? Or is this a newage feminism fuck up? Case for abstinence with unreal, unbelievable characters?

Don't know but, yeah this whole movie make men appear as evil monsters that need to be dispose of as for vagina I couldn't tell you other than fact it is alive and, has mind of its own now.