April 2009

Eka's Portal Writing Group - April 2009 - thread - 8 submissions!

  • Grick
Title/Summary: Night Hunt. M/F wereowl/human nonconsentual soft: Though this story is not part of my 'Tales of a Werehawk' series (in fact it is the first story I have written for Eka's that I have no present intention of including in the series's storyline), it is based in the same world as it in which there exist 'were-creatures,' or humans with the capacity to transform themselves into anthros at will and devour humans whole. More detailed explanations may be found in the series (the what why and how are to be released as part of the plot; to state them plainly would be to spoil the series).
Rating and Classification: Classic same-size oral vore with little foul language. However, there is an extended stalking scene that may be somewhat frightening in that it attempts to build on the inhuman, predatory aspect of the were-creature mentality.
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  • Jacquelope
Title/Summary: The Sunflower Fairy. This one was inspired by Foxxy_Loxxy's AV, if you would believe that. It's about two humans who discover (the hard way) the odd hunting tactics of the Arari, or the Sunflower Fairy as humans like to call them.
Rating and Classification: R. Contains sexual intercourse, soft vore, F/M, F/F.
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  • JfishSoM
Title/Summary: Mikuru's Foxy Surprise. A simple Haruhi fanfic (done as a commission) that involves Haruhi bringing a foxgirl in, dressing Mikuru in a bunnygirl outfit for something unrelated, and then suddenly realizing she had to do and leaving the room...with fairly appropriate results. X3
Rating and Classification: PG. Contains: Soft Vore, Unwilling prey. Doesn't Contain: Death, guro, or pretty much anything objectionable.
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  • Noctivagus
Title/Summary: Stitches Tale. A remake of an earlier origin story about one of my characters, told from his current perspective. It's the story of how power and greed can turn a man into a monster, quite literally.
Rating and Classification: Rated PG for mild nudity, soft oral vore, soul absorbtion, death. M undead/ F human
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  • pyroboarder69
Title/Summary: Ballad of the Vore fish. Kind of an experiment on how good I can write things I'm not interested in, in this case Yaoi. It involves the character Mikau and Link from the Legend of Zelda game Majora's Mask. It was a request for a fan who already know what the characters look like so I may have gone easy on the descriptions for them, if you need references, check it...
Rating and Classification: Pred's a fish man and Prey is a legendary hero (none of this has anything to do with the story however). Contains: YAOI (AS IN BE WARNED, THERE'S YAOI), Soft vore
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  • Solomon
Title/Summary: The Pirates and the Crocodile. Our story opens with our human antihero (Marvin) on a pleasant yachting expedition with his lackluster date. When the pirates show up, everything that can go wrong does so. This is intended to be a lighthearted tail with a satisfying vorish ending.
Rating and Classification: The predator's sex is ambiguous (you may take it either way). Contains: Pirates, Sexual situations without explicit descriptions, A little violence, A tiny bit of gore, Mutable soft vore scenes, A little digestion, Absurdism, Words I just made up. If you can’t deal with it, don’t read.
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  • Tobedumped
Title/Summary: One-Bedroom Apartments (working title). After two years of a strange acquaintanceship, Stephen’s announcement that he will be moving out triggers a long awaited romance between him and Angela. This is my first vore short story, so I’m trying to find my style. It’s a first draft in that I’ve not decided what to include and not to include, but it has been proofread and edited multiple times.
Rating and Classification: Same Size F/M soft vore, complete with digestion and explicit reference to scat, although it’s nowhere near as scat intensive as my usual work. Contains romantic sexual interaction.
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  • 4ofSwords
Title/Summary: Many Deaths of Samish, Chapter 1. I've posted a version of Chapter 1 before, but now that I've established the complete plot, I'm going back to make many minor and a few major changes, and to adjust the overall tone. Chapter 1 introduces us to Sam, the title character, and shows us his first death at the hands of a sassy pod plant.
Rating and Classification: This chapter is rated R for melodramatic tawdriness, nudity, orgasms, and stuff like that. No gore. F (plant)/M (human).
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