August 2009

Eka's Portal Writing Group - August 2009 - thread - 7 submissions!

  • AndrewLondon
Title/Summary: This is Wrong. A dreaming man keeps meeting a strange woman. Before long the dream becomes threatening. Has he the will to escape? Why can't he wake up?
Rating and Classification: SV-flavoured F/m. R for brief sexual description and erotic imagery.
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  • Elle
Title/Summary: Of Cheese and Invertebrates. This is a fic of Fromage that I just made. The game was too cool to pass it up making this. =P It's basically about the girl trying to figure out what's happening when she finds herself out of food and ends up on the menu herself. =3
Rating and Classification:PG (So far =P). Contains: Soft Vore, Unwilling prey, Messy gooeyness, Very light digestion, Loss of clothes, Genderless creature preds, Female prey. Doesn't Contain: Death, guro, or pretty much anything objectionable.
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  • Jacquelope
Title/Summary: The Many Journeys of Ian Scranton, Chapter 1: Out of the Frying Pan. This story was chiefly inspired by 4OfSwords' "The Many Deaths of Samish", but with an extra soft vore twist. Ian Scranton is a refugee fleeing compulsory military service, seeking to avoid certain death in some alien's belly. Instead, he winds up in an alien woman's stomach... the first of many. The good news is she has no desire to digest him. This story is my first experimental venture into the nonfatal subgenre.
Rating and Classification: This was my first extra soft vore story. There are also other forms of vore going on, but mainly freshly killed animals and such. There's a plant woman in the story who gets eaten. Essentially: FF/M, fairies and plant women as preds with one human male as prey; soft vore, extra soft vore, unbirth, plus some hetero and lesbian sex. I dunno if this qualifies as scat but Ian is made to relieve himself into the ground. It gets very little mention and no *details*.
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  • jaydee_007
Title/Summary: Kaliopi's way. An exiled young and inexperienced rabbit and a Catgirl, on her own for the first time, meet in a meadow by a pond. Catgirls are NOT nice, and they beleive that while rabbits can be foolish, they do satisfy certain needs.
Rating and Classification: Furry F/m Hard Vore. Current Rating is X for Explicit sexual situations and STRONG language.
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  • KavenBach
Title/Summary: The Snake Stripper. A tavern/showbar owner receives a Warlord passing through, and tries to keep things civil. However his main performer decides to use the dangerous circumstances to blackmail him. He has other plans.
Rating and Classification: Snake/F vore, sex, sensuality, betrayal, constriction, barbaric/drunken soldiers molesting barmaids, "public" vore.
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  • Tobedumped
Title/Summary: Something Better. Brittany has grown tired of sharing an apartment with her maneater of a sister and the constant parade of shallow guys that she sees meeting their doom. When her sister brings home a date that breaks the mold, will Brittany be able to save him from her sister?
Rating and Classification: Same Size F/M soft vore, Rated PG13 for some language and scatological references. The optional epilogue is rated “Pootastic.”
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  • 4ofSwords
Title/Summary: The Many Deaths of Samish, Chapter 3. In which Samish finds out that when one invites over a sexay alligatress who says she wants to eat the said one, she, in fact, does want to eat the said one, no matter how sexay and flirtatious she is about it. Poor Samish. He misses out on the most basic points of logic.
Rating and Classification: This one is rated XXX for inter-species sex, for potty mouths, for idle minds (a devil's playground, don'tchaknow?), and of course for the softly-hard vore. Wait, did I lose you on inter-species sex? That's right, she's an alligator and he's a human dude, and they spend about 2/3 of the story having sex or talking about having sex or remembering having sex or getting some rest so they can have sex some more. But it's NOT bestiality, because she's a sapient creature. It's... scale-iality?
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