If (and that’s a big if) I understood the upload instructions right than above is a download for my complete mod for Forge a digital clone of a collectable card game.

In it you can: play a randomly generated deck of two colours, try to construct the best possible deck, construct a deck from a limited pool of cards, and draft your own card pool.

What you can’t do yet (causes crashes): generate decks other than “2 colour original", play quest mode.

I hope you enjoy and check out the original Forge program

I think I may have used some art from this sight but could not find the artist name, if anyone can tell me the names I'll update. Same goes if you manage to fix any of the small bugs. 


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I can’t get online very often so I hope this works strait off, if it does my next project is giving it a more distinct feel so its less of a new block and more a completely different game: reinventing the colour wheal, making new mechanics different “mana” etc.

BABcard1.zip20.5 MB