Balloon Vixen

Balloon vixens are vixen-shaped balloons, unsurprisingly. Around five feet tall and proportioned like a healthy curvy human woman, the balloon vixens tend to look a bit cartoonish due to the rubber's inability to express fine details. Magical in nature, balloon vixens lubricate sexually like human women when aroused, move, think and speak autonomously. Their diet includes rubber/latex products which are melted down in a 'stomach' and distributed evenly along the inner surface of the vixen to strengthen her rubber skin. Balloon vixens have the ability to melt down living beings as well, after engulfing them through one of their three orifices. Engulfed beings can be melted down into liquid latex. Balloon vixens can either assimilate this liquid as they do with the rubber/latex items they eat for sustenance, or they can blow a bubble out of the liquid that shapes itself into the form the melted-down creature once effect making a balloon version of the meal. The resulting balloon retains all memories and personality, and gains the abilities of the balloon vixens. !--pagebreak--! Balloon vixens can be popped, and in fact often enjoy the experience, likening it to an orgasm. The more rubber they assimilate, the more flexibility the balloon vixens have over their shape, size, and appearance. Vixens have a certain reputation, and in that, the balloon versions are no departure; they're extremely horny. The balloon vixen concept detailed here was developed through a collaboration between Anima [1] the panther and Morphy the balloon panther.