Carotvore 2 Beta 1

Finally got the frickin' Cartovore 2 Beta ready. The Beta set (which are cards that I made) contains about 180 playable cards. I'm hoping the release set will be 300 cards or more, and that's where you guys come in. As many of you have probably already heard, Cartovore 2 has a built-in card editor that is fairly elaborate. I'm hoping y'all will use it to help me make the game better.

There's two ways to contribute to the game. You can either make a basic contributor set, or you can make a faction set. Both are around 24-28 cards. A contributor set is a basic assortment of cards that will bolster the card base as a whole. A faction set is for the ambitious, where you actually add a new faction to the game. You can make a set for one of the canon factions that doesn't have one (the Firebelly clan, the Gorgune Tribe etc.) but I have also decided to allow those who wish to to make up their own factions. (Rather than try to do all the factions at once, I decided early on it would be easier to tackle them a few at a time. The beginning set currently focuses on the Girlyburp Clan, the Gurglemeister Clan, the Blood Fane and the Whitefeather Tribe.)

Here's what should be in a Contributor Set:
3 Girls (At least one should be Girlyburp Clan or Gurglemeister Clan)
3 Magical Creatures (Magical creatures include angels, demons, elementals etc. At least one should be a Blood Fane demoness)
3 Monsters (At least one should be a Whitefeather Tribe monster)
4 Heart Actions/Cards
4 Monster Actions/Cards
4 Mana Actions/Cards
1 Gene
1 Building
1 Gem
Optional Extras:
1 Weapon with 4 levels
1 Player card (Any existing faction)

Here's what should be in a Faction Set:
18 Characters from the faction
7 Other cards that go with faction theme
3 Player cards from faction

I don't have a lot of rules when it comes to cards, but there's a few guidelines:

First: You may have noticed that I'm using art and images kleptoed from a variety of sources. This is because there is no other way it can possibly be done. As such, you're free to do the same thing. That being said, I follow certain rules about who I ruthlessly steal from:
1. If I actually know the artist, I will ask first. Unfortunately, the vast majority of my vore stuff has no names on it, so I don't know who the hell did what.
2. If an artist notices, gets miffed, and wants me to stop using their images, I will. (This goes for anybody, but includes you guys. If I lifted something of yours unknowingly and you didn't want me to use it, tell me and I'll put a different image on the card.)

Beyond that, I'm running with the "tis better to ask forgiveness than permission" policy, because making 180 images on my own means there would be no game. (Incidentally, that's the policy the law takes too--you can't get sued for copyright infringement unless they've asked you to stop using their stuff first.) Thus, that is the official policy for contributors: You are allowed and encouraged to use kleptoed art from any source you can find, provided they don't say "DON'T COPY OR REPRODUCE THIS DAMMIT" right off the bat. If you know the artist, ask them first. If somebody gets pissed at you, I'll deal with it. (They'd likely yell at me first anyway, since I'm the one who made the game.)

Second: Try to keep the quality at least reasonably high. Ideally, each card should add something new to the game or should enrich an existing strategy or playstyle (I say "Enrich," not necessarily "Power-up.") The card editor has a built-in graphics generator that can take any image file you've got, so there's no excuse for your cards not to look at least as good as mine. When you're writing the captions for cards and such, put some thought into them and make them interesting. Follow the normal rules: Spell words right and punctuate correctly. And put at least some thought into making sure the card is priced according to it's power level.

Third: Follow the basic canon for the game universe. You don't need to verify every detail (Ishara is pretty diverse, after all) but make sure you at least know how things work there. Beyond that, there's no stylistic requirements--feel free to make your cards reflect your own particular preferences. This isn't just a way to make sure the game is extra-awesome; it's also a way to diversify the card set so it appeals to more people's tastes than just mine.

I can't offer a lot of rewards for contributing (I'm not getting paid here) but here's what you will get if you contribute:

Assorted cards: Bragging rights. Any card you make, you can put "Made by (YOUR EFFING NAME)" at the bottom of the card description.
1 Contributor/Faction Set: Bragging rights, plus you get your name in a special credits section of the Cartovore help file and webpage.
2 or more Contributor/Faction Sets: All of the above, plus you get the Badge of Ultimate Awesome placed next to your name, along with your avatar, if any.

I will declare the game finished and release the final version when two things happen:

1. The game is stable and more or less bug-free.
2. There are 300 or more cards in the basic set.

I'm going to be busy squashing bugs, so #2 is up to you guys.

Anyways, I'm sure there's a lot more information that you guys would find helpful, but I can only put so much right here. There's info in the game's help files, some online help in the editor, and universe info all over my website. Even so, there's probably something big that I left out somewhere. Any questions can be posted here, the VRPG discussion group, or e-mailed to me at theduamutef AT gmail DOT com. (Ha ha! The allies will never crack THAT code!)

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You guys do know that Duamutef is dead right, that is why he never replies to any emails. I dont know how long ago it happened all i know is alot of people have been saying Rest In Peace to him on forums and on youtube.

Still Bugs

I really appreciate the gameplay additions. However there are several things wrong with it. First off, (worst one by far) the card editor is screwed up. It will not load any cards at all. I know the cards exist, because I can play the game and manage my deck, but according to the card editor, there are 0 cards in EVERY deck.

Next, land cards do not seem to be compatible in this version. Is this because you are replacing them with the training cards?

i still want to know

i emailed duamutef quite some time ago asking if fallen is beatable and if so how. i love this game but i make a point of beating every game i come in contact with ( i have no life). its bugging the hell out of me!


This game is really dangerous for me.

I like card games a lot, and this one adds the fetish that effects me the most AND a lot of hot pictures.

If I don't burn out on this soon, I'm going to have to delete it, for my sanity's sake.


That is to say, it's really fun, sexy, and challenging.

Cartomancer - vote

I have given this game an awsome score (the best). I am just writing a quick review on what i think. At first i tried the game and was eager to play it - it took me a couple of days to figure out how it works and it is a brilliant game when it gets going. The only fault is like the creator has told - it has got bugs. It crashes sometimes with runtime error or other different errors if you try to do certain things with it. It is not too bad on the game itself but it does crash part way through some of the games. I love the idea and wish that the world had many vore games such as these - they should be installed on PCs instead of solitaire!. I also like the pictures - i was glad for the pictures alone before i sussed how to create players and enemies. Those gurglemeister women are hot ! Would you not like to do one with female enemies and the main player to be a picture of yourself or the ability for the player to do that? I like the pictures but as a man i always want women as preditors but i notice allot of women eating other women on here - it is still good though. Will you be making more games like this one - it keeps me amused for hours. Thankyou Mick (Monkey)