CG Blonde Giantess Swallows Man

CG Blonde Giantess Swallows Man


I have no idea who made this, it's not mine. I can't find it anywhere else on this site. It's just an awesome flash animation and it's a shame not to have it here so I'm gonna upload it. If I'm breaching some code of conduct or something, let me know. If not, enjoy hot, sexy vore!


No sorry, it wasen't deleted, never mind, well heres the artists third video

Here is his other video!

Asian giantess vore!!

Ok that's hot, but are you sure it's the same guy? Maybe that one came earlier.

Ya thats the artists older work,

So far he's only made 3 videos,

Two of witch are posted here

My link, and your upload

I'll post a link to the third video in abit


Great work on the upload by the way, it was origionally on dailymotion, but it got deleted, you probberly want to upload his other video from my link onto this site incase the link is destroyed, try using to nab the video off dailymotion and create a copy..

Oooh this one is really good - well animated with a hot female pred :D

Yeah, I know. That's why it's here!

I've been tracking this guy.

Though he makes undisputable masterpieces, he doesnt make alot.

There are 2 more vids like this, one about the same length (also vore) and one alot longer invloving insertion and vore.

Go to , find the user and show all topic he made.

While you're at it you may just as well do the same with femaleteeth, another great artist imo.

the artist is called Eskoz look him up on Giantess

Oh sweet, think he might be mad at me for posting his stuff?

as an animator, the look, feel and, of course, content of this somewhat reminds me of this:

Yeah I see what you mean. But if it is him, he's not saying anything.

Dunno who made it originally but holy hell whoever you are PLEASE MAKE MORE!

My thoughts exactly. Somebody help me find this guy!