December 2009

Eka's Portal Writing Group - December 2009 - thread - 6 submissions!

  • AndrewLondon
Title/Summary: Woodstone: Monday. A slightly rambling exploration of a world where vore is accepted according to strict social convention. Set within a British boarding school, follow our hero Cotton as he experiences predatorial mercy, which is no real kindness. Contains no fewer than three catgirls, varying from curious and aloof to psychotic and voracious. (Old story I want to finish, based loosely on's setting.)
Rating and Classification: Very heavy oral vore discussion. F/m onscreen. Underage characters.
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  • Gentle_Grounds
Title/Summary: Peer Pressure. Sam, a confused youth who has recently moved to a new town, looks to a gang for acceptance by going through both rigorous, and dangerous situations. Will he succeed, or fail? This story is one out of four of a series in my "Short Stories Collection 1".
Rating and Classification: M/F, Soft Vore, Same-size, and digestion. Underage characters.
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  • Imrhys
Title/Summary: Tales of the Vampiress, Tale One. Okay this is a rewrite of last month's "Reformation", but the former story is only one scene of this short story about a vampiress making a decision about a young woman that shows promise but life has not been good to.
Rating and Classification: Vampire vore; F/F, F/M; some violence; erotic, no sex; human; and of course: Blood.
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  • Jacquelope
Title/Summary: The Many Journeys of Ian Scranton, Chapter 5: Overkill. A new, powerful enemy launches a genocidal attack on the Silurheans.
Rating and Classification: FFF/M, Soft Vore, Extra Soft Vore, and Unbirth. Mass destruction.
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  • KavenBach
Title/Summary: Ambassadors of the Flesh, Part 4: Smoked Piglet. One of the ambassadors goes to a lesser noble's estate, deliberately to be prepared as a "Smoked Piglet." The experience is of course to be only temporary and non-fatal, just an exciting experience. However something rather more sinister ends up happening... all is not what it seems in Galupados society.
Rating and Classification: M/F sex (quite a bit) and Soft vore, Frogman/woman. Semi-willing. Cooking preparations. (As of this posting there is no vore yet, just preliminaries to the cooking. The cooking itself will be non-fatal and the vore will be non-bloody).
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  • 4ofSwords
Title/Summary: Chapter 5 of The Many Deaths of Samish. In which Lara tries to show Sam a "good time" by taking him to a costume party ...with a twist! For those of you who haven't read any or all of the chapters up to now, the summary is in the spoilers below at the bottom of this post. By the way, each of the Samish chapters are an homage to some vore story or character I've really enjoyed.
Rating and Classification: Oh, this one's the worst one so far. I'm depraved. This one has graphic description of both sex and rip-and-tear hard vore, though the first is smeared across the whole story like too much jam on toast, and the latter is just a couple of paragraphs at the end, like ripping off that band-aid in one pull. If you don't like my similes, you won't like this story. It's rated NC-17 for egregious simile usage.
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