62% (575 votes)
31% (293 votes)
Other : See Comment
7% (66 votes)
Total votes: 934


Digestion? Of course!

There's only one reason to be swallowed down into a predator's stomach. To be digested. I love it. It is what really gets me going.


Depends... not usually a big fan.

I only like digestion if it's

I only like digestion if it's not described. Pain and agony aren't my thing.


to me, digestion turns me on, but i would hate to be the one digested, ilike to see it though

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Absolutely, it's one of my favorite things about this fetish.  I don't mind reading the varied ways people here like digestion, but, if I'm the prey, it has to be painless.  Also, I have a double kink.  Basically my fantasy is to be shrunk and swallowed by an AB (Adult Baby) girl.  Eventually I end up as a huge mushy bulge in her diaper.  Not sure why, but that's a big turn-on for me.



I much prefer digestion, but

I much prefer digestion, but not digeting is ok to.

Old comment


80% I prefer no digestion, but I still get the mood of digestion now and then. :)
a little, as long as it\'s relatively painless
Absorption, no digestion
As long as it is painless and enjoyable
as long as the tummy gets bigger in a comic
At least painless and soft digestion... or just keep me in the belly! XP
Being digested ish fun! :D
And feeling one digest within you is just....*murrs*....watching your belly get small or dozing off and seeing that it had shrunk is great!
Better to be unharmed while comfy inside a belly
Can\'t send the prey to the pred\'s stomach without some digestion.
can\'t stand reforming-- victims have to at some point, just not so fast! :)
definatly, I love digestion^_^
Definitely yes, but not in graphic detail.
Depends on my mood
Depends on situation for me whether should digest or not, I prefer they not digest right away if at all, so they spend some time in the belly instead of instantly being killed.
Digestion but no pain and pooping
Digestion is great. :D
Digestion is killing, and IMHO, killing is just plain wrong, even if its only in art or rps.
Digestion is part of the vore expereance it completes the package
digestion is the best thing ever, i don\'t think a simple yes would suffice. I prefer full digestion, i want whoever eats me to laugh as thet look at what\'s left of me floating in their toilet. I would still like vore if i couldn\'t be digested, just not nearly as much, i\'d probably go back to gtscity and look at pics of guys being turned to jelly under some chick\'s butt lol.
dpends on the partner
Either way is perfectly fine with me
Er... I like the whole stomach thing, but what happens in there is not for my eyes. I like to see a victem sqirm in the stomach instead of being digested.
Fer sure.
I dont mind Digestion that much,but i\'m not a fan of fatal vore.
I like being digested sometimes, but i normally prefer being held there, let out, and being eaten again. Also, sometimes just being orally vored and then painlessly absorbed to nourish and become one with the pred.
I like doing it again and again. ^-^
I like going through the digestive system, but. No actual dying/melting/etc from the acids/etc. >.o
i like realizm, which is why i\'m into vore XD
I like the \"swallow\" just i dont like to carry it out once they get almost skelital its kinda crap
I like to see how girls are eated, no digested
I prefer the girl to pass through completely unharmed, except with the fear of going through that experience again and the sexual exillaration of being inside another female\'s body.
I said yes, but depends how you look at it. I don\'t enjoy SEEING it, but I like the prey to be utterly digested, not just swallowed and kept alive and comfortable inside the belly.
I suppose it would be yes, it\'s the natual following of vore.


There may be times to avoid it (and it dosn\'t really turn me on, so meh.)
I think that helps with the Vore. That may be just me but depending on the person. How could you not eat something then wow
I would not like to be digested, but that doesn\'t mean that I don\'t want to be pushed out with \"digested food\" (aka scat)...
if its not painful and there is reforming involved.
if the prey isn\'t turned into poop, it\'s not food vore in my book
im an odd one on this.. diguestion only painless and with a loved one. i like the idea of being diguested and becoming one with them.
In a non-painful way
Is it really \"vore\" without digestion or just mouth-play? ^.^
It happens.
It is so nice to get to fully enjoy what you eat :P
It really depends on mood with me, bbut I\'m easy either way. It makes life so much easier to be flexible
It\'s better when you see inside the stomach but if they manage to get out, it\'s way better than digestion.
It\'s Dispicable, mild digestion im ok with.
I\'d mostly say no, 90% of the time anyway, though sometimes I\'m in the mood to see the prey be digested (if they\'re unwilling especially, but I prefer willing prey so, non-lethal it is) ^^
I\'ll leave it up to my prey.
I\'m all up for swallowing/being swallowed. But Digestion and digesting others isn\'t something I like. If you don\'t get digested, you can be swallowed over and over again, the way I see it =)
I\'ve always felt the predator should gain nutrition from it\'s meal, so that requires the prey being digested. Whether the prey is awake or alive for this stage is unimportant, as long as they wind up as a fulfilling meal.
Kinda depends more on my mood at the time. The only real prerequisite I\'d need to oppose digestion would be if it had to be painful. Otherwise, I\'m wishy-washy.
maybe as a sideeffect...like the prey tries to escape digestive liquid
Maybe if the prey doesn´t feel any pain, and if the prey can reform. If it´s painful, and the prey dies I don´t like it. But usually I don´t like
Maybe I\'m cruel, but it just isn\'t the same if the prey doesn\'t get digested, or at least threatened with digestion. It makes the whole struggle to escape much more intense if the prey is fighting for her life. I do like it to be more implied than explicit though.
na i dont realy like digestion it BURNS! but then again that is is job but then again.... well i dont care about digestion really
nop xD i like to stay there for a looong time!
Not sure but that sounds more like a \"STATEMENT\".
What is the Question?
Not unless I can get reformed...and even then the digestion has to be painless...
Only if reincarnation.
Only the beginnings, otherwise it gets too gross.
Only way.... myyrrr.....
Only when the prey gets to live on as a part of their predator, consciously as whatever it was that they were consumed by.
Personally, I think digestion is sort of fun, but using it immediately when the prey hits the stomach kinda turns me off. Again, I\'m a bit of that endosomatiphile *or whatever that word is*. :)
Possibly, depending on what\'s going on to begin with.
so I could be vore several times
that is the point. isn\'t it?
The act of absorbing and sloshing around in thick sticky juices is enough for me. Desolving is unnessasary.
Very much so; I love a vore scene to end in digestion. Even if it\'s not played out, I like it to at least be implied. Having the prey being swallowed and \"stored\" doesn\'t have much appeal to me.

--Tabatha Cat
vore without digestion is like a cake without frosting
What\'s the point in eating someone if you\'re not going to get nutrition out of it? Friendship? :P
When it\'s me? Nope. When it\'s someone else in a story? YES PLEASE.
When the prey is being digested, I assume its consciousness has left the body or wathever is left of it, so there is no point in describing a normal metabolic fonction like digestion.
Why end the fun at the belly
With disposal on top, plz. :o
without digestion, it isn`t eating
Woot you know it!
Yes but Im not a huge fan of pain. A bit of stinging is ok.
Yes for oral. No for anything else.
yes with much pain and the end result!
Yes, but not explicit.
Yes, but only if my spirit can survive...
Yes, but only if the digested prey is absorbed completely by the predator; i.e. no scat.
Yes, but only if the prey can reform (or come back in some other way without leaving the pred without food)
Yes, that\'s the best part!
Yes... and only if it involves a trip to the bathroom! XD

No because once you digested

No because once your digested your just dead if your unbirthed you come out younger