Do you back artists on

Yes, it is great value for money!
6% (67 votes)
Yes, it is great helping fund artist to create the stuff I enjoy
23% (265 votes)
Yes, Although I stopped because I wasn't getting much in return
4% (45 votes)
WTF is Patreon????
10% (111 votes)
No, but I might if I find an artist that makes the sort of stuff I'm into
28% (324 votes)
No, seems like a waste of money
13% (148 votes)
No, and leave a money trail to my home, are you serious!?
12% (144 votes)
I'm an artist using Patreon, and it's greatly rewarding!
3% (38 votes)
I'm an artist using Patreon, and it blows!
2% (21 votes)
Total votes: 1163


New Answer Suggestion

The only reason I voted "WTF is Patron????" is I don't have any money, so none of the "No" answers appealed to me. So I have a new answer for the poll to suggest!


"No, because I don't have any money to support them with."

no never again.

when patreon first started i was a huge supporter, but as time went on it became less of a way to show my support, and more of a pay wall. i quickly canceled all my pledges, it depresses me to see how such a great tool has been used for greed, and forces people to either pay out money or deal with scraps and adds for the patron content.


Yeah sorry but I can't hardly

Yeah sorry but I can't hardly scrape mony in to keep me afloat never mind giving it to someone else.


Not worth it so much.

I mean it would be worth it if I actually had enough money to just donate to peoples with awesome artwork.

But I don't ;-;...


If you must have a fucking credit card to use it, it is pointless because not everyone can actually acquire a credit card, nor do they necessarily have the desire to have one.


I fall under both of those categories.


So yeah, bullshit.

You don't need a credit card

You don't need a credit card for patreon

You DO need a Credit-Card for

You DO need a Credit-Card for 18 Stuff, I geuss its all 18+-Stuff here so yes you DO need a CC =/

I want donate but I don't wanna use Patreon!