Do you back artists on

Yes, it is great value for money!
6% (83 votes)
Yes, it is great helping fund artist to create the stuff I enjoy
24% (316 votes)
Yes, Although I stopped because I wasn't getting much in return
4% (48 votes)
WTF is Patreon????
9% (122 votes)
No, but I might if I find an artist that makes the sort of stuff I'm into
28% (375 votes)
No, seems like a waste of money
12% (164 votes)
No, and leave a money trail to my home, are you serious!?
12% (167 votes)
I'm an artist using Patreon, and it's greatly rewarding!
3% (43 votes)
I'm an artist using Patreon, and it blows!
2% (22 votes)
Total votes: 1340


I don't like patreon

I don't want to support patreon. It deleted some youtuber I liked because of hate speech.

I also don't want to use fiat money in the internet nor support the fiat money system at all.

I'd like to pay artists using crypto currencies, preferably IGNIS.

I'd also like to be paid in crypto currencies, when someone likes my works.


I wish there were a way to

I wish there were a way to see what my own vote was. It's been a while.

New Answer Suggestion

The only reason I voted "WTF is Patron????" is I don't have any money, so none of the "No" answers appealed to me. So I have a new answer for the poll to suggest!


"No, because I don't have any money to support them with."

no never again.

when patreon first started i was a huge supporter, but as time went on it became less of a way to show my support, and more of a pay wall. i quickly canceled all my pledges, it depresses me to see how such a great tool has been used for greed, and forces people to either pay out money or deal with scraps and adds for the patron content.


Yeah sorry but I can't hardly

Yeah sorry but I can't hardly scrape mony in to keep me afloat never mind giving it to someone else.


Not worth it so much.

I mean it would be worth it if I actually had enough money to just donate to peoples with awesome artwork.

But I don't ;-;...


If you must have a fucking credit card to use it, it is pointless because not everyone can actually acquire a credit card, nor do they necessarily have the desire to have one.


I fall under both of those categories.


So yeah, bullshit.

You don't need a credit card

You don't need a credit card for patreon

You DO need a Credit-Card for

You DO need a Credit-Card for 18 Stuff, I geuss its all 18+-Stuff here so yes you DO need a CC =/

I want donate but I don't wanna use Patreon!