dual vore by 11iffy

dual vore by 11iffy


Another same size vore video, by 11iffy i customed from him

again this, video is under private ownership of me and i allowed to freely distribute it where i please.



This video contains two vore scenes, one female on male and other female on female, i can add this video isn't impressive in terms of effects so just keep that in mind when watch this the vore effects are very choppy, and sex scenes not very good but regardless here you go, you can enjoy.


I still can't tell if I'm hearing the guy in this right. The effects, and the clipping "what the?!" reaction when he's sucked up are kind of a mood breaker. But I play the first part repeatedly listening to him literally ask for it. "So uh, wanna give me a little blowjob?" "How do you want me to finish you?" "Just uh, all consuming." It seems like a really weird way to ask her to swallow, but I love the way she asks him casually, and then does what he asks.

How come I've never seen this before?

You are awesome for having this made!

Is there supposed to be an animation at the "you just ate" scene? Cuz there isn't.

You sir are a gentleman, and a scholar