Favorite type of vore!

Oral vore
46% (1474 votes)
19% (613 votes)
Anal vore
13% (419 votes)
Cock vore
7% (232 votes)
Cooking scenario
3% (103 votes)
Other, read comment
2% (64 votes)
Hard vore
3% (91 votes)
Breast/udder vore
3% (94 votes)
Strictly feeding
1% (22 votes)
Strictly eating food
0% (14 votes)
Mawshot / POV
3% (99 votes)
Total votes: 3225


*lifts my shirt*

navel vore off course, is a little harder to do but nothing is better to see my prey's legs out of my belly as i pull them deeper inside my navel or her/his face disapearing in my slim belly leaving no trace of them as my belly button closes ^^, but only if they are willing to get inside

lol i uploaded it twice

lol i uploaded it twice

*lifts my shirt*

navel vore off course, is a little harder to do but nothing is better to see my prey's legs out of my belly as i pull them deeper inside my navel or her/his face disapearing in my slim belly leaving no trace of them as my belly button closes ^^, but only if they are willing to get inside

No Hard Vore

All of the above except Hard Vore


I Said oral but I would have chosen Cock Vore Too I just don't like hard vore or anal vore

pretty much anything except

pretty much anything except hard vore


Everything because expiriments make a happy person.


Agreed. X3

Oral Vore *gulp*

I absolutely love being swallowed, then of course, digested.

So, lovely ladies, come for me!


This really depends and varies.

i voted av because full tour

i voted av because full tour wasnt on the list.. for shame.

1) Vaginal vore and other

1) Vaginal vore and other types of UB not involving transformation/age regression/pregnancy

2) Tentacle vore, tail vore, breast vore

3) External digestion

4) Oral vore


Soul Vore is my absolute favorite! especially with a kiss. :) They can all be good though, it depends on the little details.

Nose Vore

I love nearly all of them, but Nose Vore is my absolute favorite by far.  It's too bad there's hardly any content for it. =/


Nasal vore is my favorite. It's a real shame no one else likes it though...

I tend to be veeeery picky

I tend to be veeeery picky about my vore outcomes/scenarios, but not types. I like oral, unbirthing (well, actually I'm more into vaginal vore ;) ), anal vore, and occasionally cock vore. I always like digestion and death of the prey (no reformation! Ahh!), but don't really care much what the pred/prey is XDD Cooking and stuffing are out of the question, but I do sometimes get a kick out of hard vore. 


I'll go for a lot of things, it depends on how I feel at the time.

Hard vore, as long as it's

Hard vore, as long as it's more about the pain than the vore.

cock vore

cock vore is best! i want to be eaten by a huge cock so bad!!!

Lets rp then

If you want to rp about it then as long as you rp as a large girl ill be happy to do so


i am new add me

"Strictly eating food" D'aww,

"Strictly eating food" D'aww, I get my own poll answer. I'm loved XD

your not alone... i wish

your not alone... i wish there was a bigger community of artists doing stuffing work.. but there you go

oral and mawshot

i like oral vore most and Mawshot / POV

any of the other categories i would gladly due with out as they tend to be an instant turnoff for me

Have to agree with Vorebunny here

Oral is great, but all the other ones instantly break the deal for me. Call me weird, but that's that.


I like soft vore the most, with unbirth and anal close behind, but I need full tour. I just don't like the idea of death.


I'm mostly into anal vore and I love the fulltour scenarios the best! Because the digestive system is a one way trip, why end it before the fun begins!


I LOVE hard vore. :3 It's graphic and violent and some of us know how to make it sexy~

l love everything about a hot sexy giantess but mostly her mouth

i love the idea of a chicks tongue being bigger than a whole mans body.

I can't pick just one. I like

I can't pick just one. I like oral and cock vore the most, and I love mawshots.

I like absorption and soul

I like absorption and soul vore, just the out of the ordinary stuff.

Call Me Crazy, But . . .

I've always preferred absorbtion/blob vore over anything else.

Old comment

Your comment::

Oral, with unbirthing just barely behind it.
<div align=\"left\">I like all except hard or breast/udder, There\'s more vore than are on this list, but I won\'t go into it because I know about 50 others.<br /></div>
<strong>I</strong><strong> love it unwilling with the skeleton being birthed out when done.&nbsp; </strong><br />
1st: Udder
2nd: Cock
3rd: Unbirth
4th: Breast
5th: Oral
6th: Anal
7th: Cooking (rare)
8th: Hardvore (very rare)
Absorption! And the victim\'s traits get added to the pred!
Always fun to go around chasing prey and nomming on them ;P
anal vore is the best
Anal vore is the best :)

Greetings Ranek ^^
back to where they came from ftw (unbirthing)
best part to start with and so soft yet chewy.
Best way to go *grin*
blob vore
Can\'t choose, definately between cooking, cock vore, and anal vore though.
Definently anal vore. It\'s a shame it isn\'t seen much with females involved.<br />
Despite all my vore stories, I still find unbirth more pleasant. After all, I tend to picture it as an ultimate symbol of love and devotion.
Digestion.... mmmmm!
Eatting, being eatten, Unbirth, and LOTS AND LOTS OF SEX!
Female Eats Male, Hard, shred, Cooking is okay too.
get down the stomach slowly by the throat and feeling the drool
hugging the tongue and the uvula that is nice
Hair vore. lol.
harmless hair vore
hmmm with me as pred it has to be normal vore ^_^
I answered hard vore, though I also like softer, swallowing vore, at the condition its realistic, like the predator is many times larger than the prey.
I can\'t pick... I love \'em all, really o_O Though I like Hard and Cooking the least...
I don\'t know why, but even though I mostly like oral vore, I also like a certain very gritty type of anal vore. Like where a giant woman shoves a little person up her ass and tortures them with her bodily functions.

That\'s all for today\'s awkward confession, you may now stop reading my comment. Stop reading NOW dammit!

-CruelAngel (yes I\'m narcissistic enough to put my name on this)
I enjoy CV the most, Unbirth close second...
I like all!
I like both vore and \"stuffing\"
I like oral vore, but i also enjoying eating food as well.. ^_^
I like pretty much all save Hard, Cock, and Cooking (Unless it\'s the kind of cooking where the prey survives, and then I\'m fine. =)
i like seeing a helpless slut getting devoured face first
I love being cooked :3
i love that
I recommend you just post series of vidcaps from your animations and films. they seem to be too hard to download here. I can\'t get them to play. They look good in the stills though.
In some of my fantasies certain objects have been consumed in place of or along with prey, and I\'ve always been into oral soft vore. As a result of this and my fantasization, this is what turns me on. However, I do have a fetish relating to certain foods too.
its rare but worth the hunt
I\'m a big fan of Tail Vore... Though I like just about everything.
living prey ><
love UB
M/F furry pred human prey
Me likes the unhamingness softness of soft vore in which you didn\'t give as a choice.
Me likey UB! Being all nice and snug... :3
Navel vore all the way!
not sure why.
oral vore is my fav although un birth comes in an extremely close second but if there is one type i really dont like its hard dont like messy bloody vore
Oral vore, with slow agonizing digestion, and a casual poop at the end.
Oral. Nom
PLEASE!! We need more ub sources!!
pouch vore
Really, anything that\'ll get me digested is awesome, but good \'ol teeth and tongue, that\'s the way to go. :)
Snake Vore! Love to see the feminine form tight inside a snake.
Soft oral is my favorite by far.
Soft oral vore hands down. More of an experience for the prey if it\'s a soft vore if you ask me, but that\'s just my opinion. As for the oral part, I\'ve just always prefered the idea of sliding across the tongue and down the throat
Soul vore<br />
To me, all types of vore are good, so it\'s hard to pick just one. I perfer hard the most, but am more open-minded tha most people are.
to.....much...good things...to choose from!
UB is first, with breast/udder vore a very close second.
Unbirth (Reverting back to a kid, Or into fem cum.) is the best.
Unbirthing is the best type of vore. I\'ll even throw in a vote for breast/udder vore.
No gore
no blood
no roleplay (well dice needed to roleplay to make it fair)
Vacuum vore
Vore that ends the natural way. Full digestion.
Whatever rocks your boat
Woooot! Hard!
You gotta love the AV


To be honest, I REALLY like the preparation phase before a cooking scenario... the greasing, and the tying, and spicing- a little bit of stuffing...

Cooking and Oral come second, tied. Sometimes I like it with the cooking, sometimes I like it without.

Another one that's good (and not done often enough) is Oviposition. Like wasp and spider eggs. Or other internal preds. =3


Okay. Even trying to test other styles, in the end my absolute favorite is soft vore. And in second place comes unbirthing. Later could come other things like mawshot or cooking scenario.

SV definitely for me.

1)Unbirthing, 2)Anal, 3)Cock,

1)Unbirthing, 2)Anal, 3)Cock, 4)Oral. Not interested in others