FemCell Absorbs Sion

FemCell Absorbs Sion



A Vore MMD I have made using Sion from Melty Blood and 57mm's FemCell model.


Not bad! Aside from some clipping issues, it was pretty good! The pacing felt a little slow but that can be good for some people, nothing wrong with it, and that belly buldge! The thing I always look forward to with same size tail vore(well, same size regardless XD ), and it looked GREAT!!

The animations are a bit stiff, but the sound effects are top notch! I also like the slow pacing of the swallowing part, though I'd like it if Sion took longer to travel down her tail. You've got some talent for this, that's for sure.

Nice video, but you're using a rather outdated version of 57mm's FemCell model. Check out 57mm's Twitter account, and you'll see he's made adjustments to the model over the last few years.

He's hesitant about sharing the updated version, though, so we, as a community, have to try and convince him to share it, so we can keep making good content for other viewers to watch.

As much as that would be nice. I wouldn’t hold my breath for him to release his updated one. He probably be worried someone would take it and credit to themselves. Unless we have a poll for him to release it in public or give it to someone who’s willing to animate it. Otherwise, this is pretty much the best they can offer

It sucks, I know...no pun intended. And the fact that he lives in Japan doesn't neccessarily make it that much easier on us, because there aren't enough of us that know Japanese, myself included.

Good work, I look forward to seeing more from you.

Not a big fan of belly bulge. (Doesn't scream Cell to me) but I love the rest. You're the first to make a FemCell vore video and I thank you for that. Make more please!

Normal Cell maybe, but this "FemCell" is technically an OC by the artist 57mm(the model is 1 to 1), and they give her a belly in their vore works.

Here's a prime example: https://e-hentai.org/g/848935/b27ab30ad2/ [1]

[1] https://e-hentai.org/g/848935/b27ab30ad2/