Furry, or simply "fur," is a slang term often used by members within the "furry" fandom. It is most often used to describe an anthromorphic creature, which is a humanized animal or other mystical creature. Furs are usually created for roleplaying purposes or to represent how the "players" wish to be viewed. The term "furry" is often used as an adjective to refer to things related to the furry community; such as "furry art" or "furry roleplay."

The furry community is very strong in the English language fetish communities, which sometimes leads to misconceptions such as that certain fetishes are fetishes that are limited to or derived from the furry community. Such claims - namely that it is a creation of the furry community - have also been made in the past about vore, but there is no real evidence for such a claim. In fact, there are several pieces of information which make such a relationship highly unlikely.

First of all, there are enough non-furry voraphiles in the English language fetish communities. Some of them are very much opposed to the furry community, so that a copying of parts of that culture seems unlikely.

Secondly, while vore, especially women eating, does have an active Japanese community, furries are nearly non-existant on the Japanese internet (they do exist, but their presence is negligable when compared to the whole of the Japanese fetish and erotic community). Especially this latter fact - in combination with the presence of vore and macro- and microphilia on the Japanese internet - can be seen as a strong indicator that the furry community is not as essential to the fetish communities, as a superficial look at the English language community might lead people to believe.

It is also important to realize that 'furry' and Japanese cat girls and Japanese monster girls are quite distinct entities with only little or even no common ground at all. Mixing them up can lead to hard feelings.

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