On Monday July 11, 2011. Leshana released the second version of our gallery software "G4" and begins public usage.

This is a list of notable different from Gallery 2 and G3

The list is not complete, since it is pretty much a complete rewrite, we do not includes every tiny little thing as there are simply too many to list, only major and noticeable changes are listed.

Listing pages:

  • Gallery artists listing is now mixed, Drawing or Writing are both in the same place
  • You can now sort them by last updated or alphabetical order, default is last updated
  • There is now a Commission list for artists who accept commission

Viewing Pages:

User pages:

  • Completely redesigned, and shows all the information at a glance with tool bar navigation, the look is to keep our code up the date with the latest technology, balancing the best look amoung different resolutions, browsers, and give the most flexibility for artists and users to customizes their user page with theme support.
  • Now randomly shows most favorited, most viewed, most commanded, as well as featured item
  • Now shows all the tags your items been using per artist.
  • Supports a basic reply system, shout that are replying will now have a link to follows the context
  • Shows additiontal Statistics, like number of items, comment made and recieved, blog post, total view counts.
  • Support transparency in any color setting under theme setting for user page and user gallery
  • Provide Comment history, you can see a list of comment you have made for any users
  • Support a basic profile description on the top of your user page. More support for BB code are planned for the future
  • Also support mention that will automatically link to their profile with their avatar. Format here: :iconEka: will show as  Eka 

Gallery pages:

  • Uploading:
    • Supports instant thumbnail cropping on upload
    • Will create video thumbnail with duration time stamp on supported video formats. Like 'avi', 'mpg', 'mpeg', 'flv'. (list of file support is still pending, more may be possible in the future)
    • Will create a scrolling text thumbnail on text file. You can override that with your own image thumbnail
    • Now support more text format, including rtf, txt, doc, and now docx and even xls along with other open document format, a full list is pending after more testing is done
    • Now support Comment permission, you can pick Registered, friends only, block foe, or yourself only
    • Format extensions currently allowed: 'jpg', 'jpeg', 'gif', 'png', 'doc', 'docx', 'xls', 'xlsx', 'swf', 'vsd', 'txt', 'rtf',  avi', 'mpg', 'mpeg', 'mp4', 'pdf' 
    • HTML5 video playback in browser is supported
  • Folders:
    • Now automatically generates Folder thumbnails with image. You can override that with your own supplied image thumbnail
    • Support additional sorting, for artists listing you can sort by last updated (default) and A-Z (selectable)
    • Future support CC Licence (Not completed)
    • Folder views: For owner, allow drag and drop sorting of your own item and folders
    • File type icon, it will now tell you whether it is an image, drawing, media, or a folder
    • Support viewing description before enterting item or folder, simply move your move over the file type icon and a decription of the item will be fetched
    • Folder with other folders inside will use different icon
    • New item presentation mode: Comic mode is a new item display mode where every items in that same folder shares all the comments and show a easily accessable thumbnail underneath each item for easy navigation, designed for collection of sequenced drawings like Comic, Different progress and stages of the same drawing, Different version of the same drawings, tutorial, etc. See here for a show case. Best way to use this feature is to sort by title accending, make sure it is all named correctly and only differes with the page number at the end, then set folder to comic mode. It is entirely possible to change back and forth.

Message page:

  • You can select messages by clicking, buttons, or drags and select with mouse click
  • New support on messages: private message, watched tag, and chat pub
  • Most operation are instantly done and require no refresh
  • Will also notifies reply to your blog post
  • For forum watches, simply subscribe to the forum post or forum, it will generate a PM message, which will be catched by the Message page under Forum PM as well
  • Watched user will also notiifies when they posted in interactive story
  • Essentially all type of event happening on this site should be watchable on Message page now


  • Now support Catagory, kinda like putting folders in your favorites list. Drag and drop to move and remove them from catagory

Personal Settings:

  • Support Tag watching, and black listing ( Black listing only works in tag view. Does not work when viewing artist pages)
  • Support Friend and Blocked model for comment permission, friend and blocked feature are synchronized with forum as well
  • Can describe what type of comment you would like to recieves with Comment Profile, changable in setting. Good for telling people you want critic, or only want encouragement, etc
  • is now supported. Can specifies view count and will automatically record the user name who hit that count.
  • Can select featured item along with most viewed item, most commented, and most favorited item from your folder to be displayed in rotation in your userpage
  • Support avator cropping, it is also synchronized with the forum

Commission page:

  • Completely new feature, artist can now display their commission, provide examples and explaination for each example, track their progress with each work in progress. In additional to providing detail explainations of what type of commission they would like to work on
  • Information on this page will go to the Commission list. They are sorted by latest updated to the gallery, and optionally sorted by Artist name. With Example and slot all displayed and easily available. 


  • Overall Tagging:
    • Tagging have been changed a lot overall. Now it support Catagories, see Tagging Guide for more info
  • Editing:
    • It now support both line break and comma as seperating
    • It will try to auto complete the tag while you type
    • You can now edit the item tag without going into the edit box
    • You can now help artist tags their item
  • Tags Approval:
    • A completley new feature designs for the community to help artist add tags to their item, see Tags Approval Guide for more info
    • Basically, when you edit item tag that are not yours, it will enters into the tag queue, if other people in the community agree with the editing, it will be entered as a new tag
    • Artists can overide, they can still add and remove tag as they wish on their own items
    • All the suggestion are still logged to deters people from adding inapporiate tags to item


  • You can now search filterd by item type. Namely, images, writing, and media
  • You can also narrows it by date range
  • As well as Artist name
  • And Tag, more then one tag is supported
  • Support blacklisting base on tag
  • Finally, search by text, which search descriptions


Removed feature:

  1. Removed seperate writing and drawing listing. We might let people pick what type of artist they are in the future
  2. Removed chronological submission message. We might have a different view mode to allow that later

Known issues:

  1. CC Licence is incompleted


Forum discussion thread here