Genital Vore

Genital Vore

Genital vore is a form of vore in which the prey is consumed through the use of the preditor's genitals, either the vagina or the penis.

If a male genitals are the main vore componant, the act is referred to as Cock Vore, or CV.  The victim is usually digested ortransformed, at least partially, in the scrotum, but sometimes in the stomach, depending upon which way the writer/artist chooses to turn the victim. (See Rarer types of vores for variations of cock vore)

If the female genitals are the main vore componant, it is either referred to as Vaginal Vore or Unbirthing (UB).  In Vaginal Vore, the victim is digested either in the uterus (womb) or in the stomach. It is left to each individual writer/artist to explain (or not) how the victim gets into the stomach. The term unbirthing may or may not include true vore, as the term "unbirthing" can refer simply to the act of drawing someone up through the female genitals into the womb, where things other than digestion or absorbtion may occur (such as transformation, etc.).

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