How do you like your vore material?

27% (215 votes)
In Stories
16% (125 votes)
In Role Play
8% (65 votes)
In Video
12% (96 votes)
In Interactive Stories
8% (60 votes)
Drawn in Comic Form
24% (187 votes)
Other, see comment
5% (38 votes)
Total votes: 786


all of them as long as it's

all of them as long as it's good I don't mind.


Video games

It's my all time favourite. Something is just really nice about the interactivity and tiny bit of personalization. 


all of the above

You need an "all" option. 

You need an "all" option. Not to metion videogames, foreplay, and toys! 

in game form maybe an RPG or

in game form maybe an RPG or a platformer or a rogue like as in vrogue

I am into the open source fighting game engine Mugen

on a side note I also love 3D animations particularly ampliude frequency on youtube

Drawn, Story, Role Play,

Drawn, Story, Role Play, Videos, Interactive, Comics...

All of the above man :3

Drawn. Story would be second,

Drawn. Story would be second, since my attention span can drop at times and prevent it from being first.


Depends and varies once again.

Other, see comment

I like them all equally, except for video. I like vore video, but not as much as other formats.

I'm really surprised that

I'm really surprised that there aren't more votes for video. I imagined more people would like to see the act of vore carried out in real time. Anyone have any input as to why that isn't the case?

Re: I'm really surprised that

I think it's because the quality of vore videos available happens to be very poor, and does not suit everyone's needs. Some such complications are finding hard vore that's not totally unattractive, vore for furries, vore that is incidental but not poor quality, vore that involves mercy (such as non-completion and release), etc. There just isn't enough video material out there to suit the majority of needs and the general quality happens to be lacking.

i agree

they need higher quality vore video...most of it is crap because none of it is made on a budget. all the high budget anime porn is focused into conventional hentai...groan...we gotta start sending emails to them peoples and say "read up on vore" not really an oral vore kinda guy but i think an unbirth or anal vore hentai would be awesome-sauce


I did other, because even though there are precious few, I like vore games the best :D


I wanted to choose both role play and stories :( I enjoy reading about someone getting eatened, the description of how it feels and what sensations roll through your very being of the contact, roleplays are fun to because your the one getting eatened! Or eating >.> you have the freedom to do whatever you want with your prey/pred.

i really hate the way polls

i really hate the way polls work, you can't choose more than one


Its amazing the few people who actually prefer it in roleplay vs the ones who like it drawn in one way or another

That explains a lot the lack of imagination of a lot of rpers

It is amazing how some people

It is amazing how some people think they can prejudge one's ability to imagines simply by looking at what they like.


That has nothing to do with lack of imagination. It is always about personal preferences. While I do enjoy RP, my favourite work has always been drawn in some fashion, with a good story afterwards.