Idol of Darkness assimilation scene

Idol of Darkness assimilation scene


Thanks go to Ethranoch [1] for giving me this clip to upload. This is a re-upload of a previous video I have uploaded on here in better quality. I hope you guys enjoy. This is a composite video of the deleted scene from the hentai Idol of darkness where the monster assimilates the woman it's having sex with. 



What happens after this vid ends? Aftermath?

I think she is just a part of the monster after that. Like the monster attacks the main character and that's about it if I remember it correctly. I don't think the assimilated woman shows up again.

this was cutt from the uk release.

Yeah I've come to realize that a lot of old hentai seem to have content cut based upon their region and such. Some really nice scenes have been lost due to that like that famous tentacle hentai, whose name I can't pronounce, having some good tentacle scenes cut/censored. How porn get's censored I will never understand lol.