Interactive Stories

An Interactive story (IS) is basically this an entire message board devoted to a story.

All the people behind it are pretty much known as the "writers", and the story owner tends to be known as the "moderator" or "editor".

Now, there is a few basic about IS, but they usually made up of the following

1. Story name

  • This should be a name of the story, it is just a name, it can have a theme in it, like "Micro advanture" or "Unbirth journey". But it should not be too descriptive.

2. Description

  • This should be the description of the story, you should tell people a summery of the theme. You should tell them the major theme, if any, of this story.

Once we finishes with those, we need to write the first page of the story. Which should includes the following:

  • Story detail: If there are any story related information, like the main character name, where it take place, you should list them here.
  • Atmostphere: What planet, country, city, is this story taking place in? Is it a fantasy setting? If so, what is the major different between it and the real world? 
  • Rules: If you only want certain type of situation, like soft vore only, you probably should put it here. Remember, it is the moderator's, which is the owner of the Interactive story responsbility to make sure they follows them and edit / delete them if necessary. Creator of the story is the moderator. 

And that is pretty much it! To recieves publicity and input, it is best to open a forum post in our interactive story forum and discuss it there. It is best to includes the link to the forum topic in your story first page. 

A few thing to pay attention to:

Linking: Due to the nature of interactive story in this site, it is possible create a link that link to existing story.

Permission: You can make it so everyone, or just the page owner, or story owner and page owner, can edit a story. However, everyone can view all pages. 

Deletion: You can remove story that you have permission to edit. 

Watch: If you watch a story, new addition to the interactive story will show up in your userpage. 

PS: Make sure you understand the idea of interactive story before you create one. Don't think of it as a "Story request page". Until you made some effort into your own story, it is unlikely someone will just drop by and add on their own. Also, make sure you specifies any rule that story have on the description or at least on the first story page. Never leave Story Description empty! If you see any problem here, please let us know by feedback!

Also, you will need to login first to make a new story or add to existing story.