Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle Trailer Vore Scene

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle Trailer Vore Scene


This is why you don't turn your back on hippos. They may look like gentle giants. But they'll devour you at the best opportunity. Beware.


Hippos are not carnivorous. They are herbivores. They don't even eat fish that swim willingly into their mouths! This bugs me more than it should!


its not nessicarilytrying to eat him though, hippos will chomp on things to just kil lthem as they are extremely territorial. there is also an actual account of a man being chomped on and partly swallowed by an agressive hippo but he was saved by the other peopel on the boat. 


Actually, they are omnivorish. True, most of their diet involves plants, but I have seen a documentary, can't remember if it was Discovery Channel or National Geographic, but it did show a hippo eating meat off of one of the animal carcasases near a river in africa, so yeah, they are not herbavores, their omnivores. 

It would be awesome if it was the WOMAN who dove in to save the dude. But, as is, I am NOT looking forward to this so-called "reboot".