Lesbian Absorption ft. Alexis

Lesbian Absorption ft. Alexis


I thought this vid was incredibly hot (enough for me to want to try this whole adobe after effects thing) and while I do believe it may have been shared on here already, it isn't in our video archive so along with a certain someone bringing the idea to my attention, here it is!


very nice ^^ kinda reminds of modesevens character ami d, able to retain a human shape and form but still mostly made of goo

that's the hottest part about it, the fact that it has a girl merging bodies with another and not being human but maintaining a shape of one to stalk prey...I love it and wish more people explored this fetish.

Can I ask what the original video is called?

It's the same name basically...it was on a site called voretube but morons took it down or something.

I don't know who this "certain someone" is but he sounds like a total nerd. :D

Thanks for uploading this man, this should've been on this site the moment it was made


Hey how do you add tags to a video?

You have to do it when you upload the vid.

so if you upload it and the tags aren't there you're screwed?