london tasha vore by 11iffy studios.

london tasha vore by 11iffy studios.


One of many custom vore videos, i customed from 11iffy.


Part of are deal he has allowed me personal ownership of these once aggreed time limit is up, as of this moment this video fall under private onwership of me, to do with whatever i like.

On that note i decided share to you the public.


This is best of more less all vore videos he done a same size vore video, involving london a model may some what be familar with voring tasha on a bed in same size vore manner, includes some belly inflation but rather simple straightfoward video, its the best effects wise of all these kinds of vore sadly rest are rather choppy in terms of effects..




  Prey-girl is realy mouthwatering ... Very sexy and sweet , with excelent body shapes .

please tell me that prey girl does porn or something as well, because damn! so freaking sexy!

awkward when you watch this an realize you know the predator actress... like very very very well... like your grandmother would die if she knew...



who is the predator actress. do she have a own site?

Obviously you guys have something in common, see if you can get eaten.

Weird this is actually good, one doesn't even have to turn off the sound and for a fat chick the pred is kinda hot, though that prey girl is just O.o Finest girl in these fetish flicks I've seen so far.


I love the chemistry in this one. The predator just feels like she ought to have a full character.

no sound or is it just me?

This one's my favorite, well done :)

I like both the preds and prays manor in this one particualy