November 2009

Eka's Portal Writing Group - November 2009 - thread - 5 submissions!

  • Imrhys
Title/Summary: Reformation. A young vampire begins to learn just what Age can bring when an old vampire "shows" off just how hard they can be to destroy permanently.
Rating and Classification: PG, vampires, no explicit blood, "happily ever after" climax, F/M.
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  • Jacquelope
Title/Summary: The Many Journeys of Ian Scranton, Chapter 4: Four Days of Boredom. Playtime's over! Roshana discovers some really bad news. And then worse news.
Rating and Classification: FFF/M, Extra Soft Vore, unbirth, and plant vore fail.
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  • KavenBach
Title/Summary: Sucked In. A 21-year-old guy found his missing best friend's diary and discovers she developed an addiction just before disappearing. Now he must set aside his own disbelief to try to save her... from inside a video game.
Rating and Classification: Fatal Plant/F vore; the vore is soft, but there's a quick constriction/crushing scene with blood (no Scat though). A few sexual references, and female nudity. A guy gets a painful hard-on.
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  • Mirukani
Title/Summary: Sacrifices. A cult of naga-worshipers brings in a human sacrifice to feed the deity they keep trapped.
Rating and Classification: PG-13; M/F soft vore, large naga pred, implied digestion/fatality, and a bit of blood.
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  • 4ofSwords
Title/Summary: The Corner of H & L. A morality tale in which we learn that if it looks like a succubus and quacks like a succubus and waddles like a succubus, it might be a succubus!
Rating and Classification: Rated NC-17 for Sex, bondage, dirty-talk, morality, and unbirthing.
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