October 2009

Eka's Portal Writing Group - October 2009 - thread - 6 submissions!

  • Black-Boo
Title/Summary: Goddess of the Desert. When an outcast Gerudo finds a Twili artifact, she'll go on a power trip and claim she's a goddess, which will lead to human sacrifice!
Rating and Classification: Will contain F/M oral vore. Later on there may be one hard vore scene, though I tend to stick away from it, so I'm mainly planning soft oral.
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  • Jacquelope
Title/Summary: The Many Journeys of Ian Scranton, Chapter 3: Captive Audience. Ian boldly goes where no man has gone before - or, at least, come back from. This is a major experiment in "fan service".
Rating and Classification: Fairy extra soft vore and some FFM sex.
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  • KavenBach
Title/Summary: Ambassadors of the Flesh Part Two: Meating the council. The ambassadors from Amazoria are led to the palace to meet the ruling grenoil council. Once there, clothing and restraint become superfluous due to the grenoil pheromones in the air. "First contact" between the two countries takes on a whole new meaning.
Rating and Classification: Multiple references to Frogman/human woman vore. Multiple refeences to pheromone-enduced lust. Frogman-woman/human woman semi-molestation sex, lots of peripheral frogman/human woman sex, and one detailed frogman/human woman vore instance. Also a post-cooking scene of human women as roasts, and the carving of their meat for consumption.
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  • Kruft
Title/Summary: The Tale of Miss Foxfire. Non-sexual story I wrote for a friend of mine Murrie. Vixen who punishes naughty children by eating them. There was a major Roald Dahl influence on this one.
Rating and Classification: Pretty much PG. Non-sexual furry F/M underage prey.
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  • Mirukani
Title/Summary: Poetic Justice. Seishak is tired of being sexually harassed by one of his superiors, and finds a unique way to get some peace and quiet while still giving his harasser what he wants... sort of.
Rating and Classification: Er, soft vore. M/M, unwilling, implied fatal digestion. PG? PG-13, tops.
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  • 4ofSwords
Title/Summary: The Many Deaths of Samish, Chapter 4. For those of you getting tired of a repetitive storyline, Sam is half-way intelligent in this one and asks questions and even gets answers! Hooray!
Rating and Classification: There is nudity without genitalia - what is that worth? PG13, or NC17 for disturbingness? F/m Soul Vore.
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