Oviposition is the process of laying eggs by oviparous animals. A character can lay his or her eggs into the body of another, either keeping them incubated or drawing energy from the victim as they grow. Typically, this is done by the use of an ovipositor, a long, hollow appendage designed to implant the eggs into the body of the victim. When the eggs hatch, they can either exit the body through non invasive means, or tear and chew through the body from the inside out. Oviposition can create a type of bond between the victim and the young, and through it even the mother, much as if they were intimate partners, but this is not always the case. If the creature intends to continually use the host for its young, it may be more inclined to treat the host tenderly. Whether the host will survive or be consumed by the young, the parent creature will often supply some sort of nourishment to the host to ensure that it survives throughout most of the process, if for no other reason than to keep the young warm and their food fresh until they emerge.

The 'mother' of the creature may insert her young as eggs into the victim. Many times, in the case of insects, they will insert the larvae of their children into their victim, where they will often slowly chew through the body of their 'incubator,' growing bigger the more they consume.

When actually inserting the young into another creature, it is typically done to through one of the available bodily orfices, like the vagina if the victim is a female, but this can vary by preference and character. Some may have a sharpened end to their ovipositor to pierce the skin and implant the young deep into the body. Others may be designed to implant their young only in a certain gender or creature, and may have ridges or bumps along their ovipositor in order to stimulate the body of the victim.

In some cases, the eggs are actually implanted by sexual intercourse with an egglaying species, such as a dragon or other 'scaley'. In this case, impregnation usually takes place in the usual manner, and are laid by the mother. The mother can be of any species, whether an egglaying one or not, as long as the male is of the proper species. For example, if a dragon male mated with a human female, the human could either give birth to live young or eggs, sometimes a combination of both.

Plants are also used occasionally as ovipositers, their vines serving to implant their seeds into the victim, where the seeds develop until they can handle outside life on their own. This also falls under the 'tentacle' fetish, due to the fact that the vines fall under the classification of tentacles rather than normal sexual appendages.

Aliens are also used sometimes in this fetish, as they are completely up to the artist/writer. They have no restrictions and can fall under any category, reproducing any way the artist or writer deems fit. Insectoid and reptilian aliens are the most commonly used for tentacle and oviposition fetishes.


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