Preferred Apocalypse?

27% (259 votes)
16% (148 votes)
Google Takeover
14% (135 votes)
Bored Deity
14% (129 votes)
Anything from StarWars
9% (87 votes)
Nuclear War
8% (73 votes)
6% (52 votes)
Deady Virus
3% (31 votes)
3% (30 votes)
Total votes: 944


Anything from Star Wars

At least with Star Wars, we could get a rebellion thing going. 


If it was a nuclear war or google takover, I'd just be really disapointed with humanity. However, death by bored deity would be a bit underwhelming and annoying. It's like, "Wait, that's why you killed us? Because your takeaway was taking just a little too long to arrive?


I mean I do get it. But still, what the heck." 


I'm partial to a good robot rebellion or artificial intelligence. 

That's funny

All the fans of vore want a zombeie apocalypse. I bet i can guess why :1


Honestly, this has the most vore potential, the deity might make vore possible, or a variety of other otherworldly shenanigans 

Vore apocalypse?

Why not a vorish apocalypse? I've been thinking of a scenario that involves a mad scientist and a virus that makes people vore-hungry. Making anything from a town to a country start eating each other. How "fun" would that be?

Aww, no EMP?

Crap, my "preferred apocalypse" - an electromagnetic pulse that wipes out all of Earth's electricity - isn't there. I voted for "alien" since such an EMP would likely originate from outer space, but still.

can i pick 2?

A star wars apocalypse would spell certain doom for any band of rebels. BUT!!! A star wars zombie apocalypse. Now that would be "impressive"

Not realy apocalyps

Due to the quantity of zombie apocalyps movies out there, everyone will already know how to deal with it and it will be over fairly quickly.

alternative triumphant return

alternative: triumphant return of the dinosaurs with much vore potential with the dino / human interactions

Preffered apocalypse

I'd have to agree with you there, dinosaurs are the way to go. Not much chance of it happening though, unless some sort of mad scientist goes right for once...:)