Queen Digestion Process (Fallout 4 mod)

Queen Digestion Process (Fallout 4 mod)


Queen shows off her belly in this Fallout 4 proof of concept. 

If you would like to download the mods, there are links on my userpage.

Disposal implied version to be uploaded.

-Queen https://aryion.com/g4/user/Badfurson


is there any chance you could upload these somewhere else so its a better quality? or at least somewhere we can check your profile since this pat of eka's is not that great to understand what works and what doesn't


Great video.

Is there a download link somewhere?


To hell with the vore mod, I'm more interested in how you got the furries in there!

Can you do a video where you eat 12 people? Which I think is the maximum for the mod...

I suppose... It would certainly take longer to make, if you want good angles-I'll have to do quite a bit of reshooting. And of course I might have to post it somewhere else, the site only allows video uploads under 150MB's. That's why the visual quality on this video is so low. At any rate, if I finish one up; I'll post a link on my userpage.

Also, 6 is the maximum that affects the belly shape-12 is just with Two Prey enabled.