Rarer types of vores

Absorption:  Since in normal digestion the digested nutrients are absorbed into the intestinal and stomach walls, Absorption Vore should be seen as an alternative method to ingestion and digestion. Absorption comes in two general varieties: First and least scientific, the prey is drawn into the pred right through the skin or body surface, and is wholly merged into the pred. No digestion at all and most of the time painless since acids are missing. Second, the prey is "infected" cell by cell and literally becomes more of the pred. Thus the prey is absorbed like how a virus spreads. This too is painless most of the time, if terrifying for conscious prey. A final note: Absorption is a more efficient means of digestion as the whole body is utilized, little waste is ever released later *scat*.

Armpit Vore: A style of vore in which the predator, typically a macro, traps the prey beneath their underarm. The prey is trapped in the hot sticky space and held until the predator chooses to digest them. At this time the arm secretes a corrosive musk to digest the prey. Once they are properly dissolved by the mist, the resulting soup will be absorbed into the predators pores. Leaving the underarm empty as they release the grip upon it.

Bell-bottom Vore: The act of being devoured by the bell of a pair of bell-bottoms, an idea believed to have been originated by HipHuggerHippie, and she is widely credited for being the originator of this type of vore. This is a type of soft vore in which wearer of the bell-bottoms devours the victim through the pant leg, or bell, of the trousers, pulling them in for digestion. Whether the bell-bottoms form a symbiosis with the wearer is unclear, but the bell typically seals the victim into the pant leg and secretes acids that dissolve the victims without damaging the wearer. Nutrients are then absorbed into both the wearer and the bell-bottoms, making the bells bigger while enhancing the appearance of the wearer. On occasions, the bell-bottoms have been known to turn on the wearer and digest them instead, although in this case it would be more a case of an inanimate object/mimic vore.

Cummification: During cummification, the victim is usually digested or transformed into cum by the predator.  This is usually done internally as an addition to cock vore and unbirth, though occasionally it is done external of the predator's body. This may be through ejaculating inside the prey and the prey being digested from the inside out, or simply ejaculating on the victim themselves, after which they are digested by the semen that covers their body.

Hand vore: instances that include where the hand opens up, hole-like, and swallows the person, as seen in Inuyasha as the primary attack of Miroku. This, however, is vore in theory only, since his hand opens up a wormhole that draws in anyone or anything nearby into oblivion.

Navel Vore: This fairly rare vore includes a predator ingesting someone through their navel, either willingly or unwillingly. Many "vorers" of this type tend to have their navels act like a throat, pulling any curious, attracted, or unwilling prey inside once they reach a certain point of licking or pushing/being pushed down into the predator's bellybutton. As the prey is consumed, the inside of their bellybutton stretches into a large sac, unless the navel ties directly to the stomach. Different ways of role playing continue from there. Some just keep the prey alive but cocooned in their navels, whereas others may gradually transfer them to their stomachs or force the prey to break through. Still others may just digest them in their navels.

Reduction Vore: More typically used with oral soft vore, although can be used with other types to. In this type, when digestion begins taking its toll on the victim, rather than the skin flaking off and the skin reddening, the prey shrinks instead. The victim is still being liquefied, but his solid mass stays together as one, leaving him alive as he is digested. Once reaching microscopic levels, the victim will be absorbed into the bloodstream where a red blood cell will envelope him like a glob of slime, although the character will still be alive and able to breathe, and even try to escape, but will be unable to. This can also be thought as an alternative to soul vore, since it also halts the victims aging process and keeps him trapped inside the cell forever, destined to slide through the predators bloodstream with the rest of the red blood cells. If a predator has done this before, it is possible that the entrapped victim will see others through the transparent red mass sharing the same fate. Typically, only one occupant may inhabit a single blood cell, so a couple will be pulled apart to be absorbed by two different cells and doomed to only watch one another from their own cell-prison. That isn't set in stone though, it varies based on the preference of the player.

Sheath vore: An alternative to standard Cock vore, sheath vore involves the use of a predator's sheath (which often has the predator's penis strangely missing from it) to consume prey.  In such scenarios, the sheath may take a passive role, where the sheath remains passive as the prey is shoved into it (or the prey climbs in), or an active role, where the sheath actively assists in consuming the prey by moving or swallowing like a throat. Once fully swallowed by the sheath, the prey is sent to the predator's testicles to be converted into cum, sometimes with the predator's penis emerging afterward to ejaculate them out. An alternate scenario has the prey simply being digested within the sheath itself, as if it were simply another stomach. Sheath vore is sometimes used in scenarios where the predator wishes to trick the prey into being consumed, through getting them to attempt to fish out their cock, etc.  It  is also sometimes used in cock transformation, where prey is drawn into the sheath and while there transformed into a new cock for the predator.

Soul Vore: The act of consuming the soul of a creature, for a gain of energy, or even stealing their memories or life. Predators that soul vore are often called 'keepers'. The most famous creature known for performing soul vore are succubi and incubus, or known by their singular forms succubus and incubus.  Soul vore is sometimes done during copulation, with the prey's soul being swallowed as they climax, or alternately, a predator may simply kill the prey outright and consume their soul as it escapes the dying body. Soul vore often has two specific outcomes: The soul is absorbed entirely by the predator which essentially means that the prey is still alive but bound to the pred's body. The other is total destruction of the soul where not only has the prey died, they lose the ability to pass into the afterlife which essentially means that they stop existing altogether.

Life Force Vore: A subcategory of soul vore, wherein the pred does not eat the prey's soul but instead consumes the life energies that give the creature/being life. Easy way to differentiate between the two is: souls are what make the individual unique and free will bearing sentient; their life force is generated by their organic processes from being alive and having life itself. If you take a being's soul, the body can continue, but not as they were before, the uniqueness gone. But if you take a being's life force, the body, if not destroyed wholly by that process, is left lifeless and any soul within moves on normally.

Tail Vore:  This type of vore is where the pred eats the prey with their tail. The tail normally opens up either by splitting into parts like a banana at the end or opening up at the tip to form a mouth-like head. The long tail is normally like a throat during the trip down. The tail might lead into the stomach or a tail-sac. The prey might just be held in the tail-sac before being let out or they could be absorbed or digested.

Tentacle Vore: Though in most ways this resembles Tail Vore, tentacles are a means for non tail bearing creatures to ingest prey: demons, slime/ooze/blob creatures, and purely alien creatures. Albeit usually after much sexing or other means of pred abuse of prey. Additionally, it is possible for preds with tentacles to employ them as a means to absorb/envelop prey whole. By literally full body wrapping up prey and pulling this bulge into the pred whole and thus depositing the prey whole into the pred's stomach or just pure absorption of prey.

Wing Vore: For a creature that possesses large enough wings, a cocoon is formed with the prey trapped inside of their wings. Digestive juices are secreted by the inside lining that do not harm the eater and digest the person right then and there. The movie "Beastmaster" has one of the very first ideas of wing vore.

Bell Vore: This type of vore is usually found with nekos who wear bells around their necks or their tails. In this particular case, the bell that the neko/other creature is wearing becomes a cage around the victim. Then the bell heats up to melt the prey within, and they either get absorbed through the skin or the tail. 

Crushing: This sort of vore can be either hard or soft depending on the perspective. Crushing involves the prey entering the stomach of the predator (Usually alive). Then through some means the confines of the stomach become much tighter over time. This ultimately involves the prey's bones breaking, organs rupturing, and death if they were alive when they entered. For living prey the process is typicaly extremely painful.